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  2. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Now now NB.....FC Lotzofshiten have been my only "second" team since I were a mere lad..and the Bulgarian Arsevipen League has a standing all of it's own....diversity of style is the way forward...look outside the box and smell the shiten from the river there.
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    I felt for him to be honest then remembered everything he says has to be filtered through "THAT NIGHT IN BARCELONA" He's more partizan than Partizan Belgrade. And Sam does support Chelsea so......
  5. Media / Press

    No wonder he is upset.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    So historically transfers were done on a 50% now, 50% in 12 months time basis and I presume that is still the norm (though a loan and sale like Morata might be different). So long as all deals are done that way, it means money in can go straight on the same basis. Chelsea used to offer 100% up front, because we could and because some clubs liked that. I should think right now, when clubs are selling to pay 75% of the wages rather than to spend on other players, a cash up front offer sounds good. But I'd be wary of treating any money rumour too seriously right now. Easy to interpret anything as a cash flow issue now, and even easier to invent a cash flow issue as fake evidence for a false rumour too.
  7. Media / Press

    he will swap places with Matterface on talksh*t
  8. Media / Press

    I saw his video on Twitter. Seems genuinely upset, and hasn't been given a reason. Shame. Seems like a really nice bloke.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah some some reports have said AM are struggling financially but I don’t see them lowering price for Oblak. There’s many others they can sell rather than him. I think we are just testing them , it would take the full £120M release clause to get Oblak. They do have other players such as Partey, Lodi and Gimenez that would be big upgrades to this team.
  10. Media / Press
  11. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    I didn't know they did homes under the hammer. Brian paid £24k at auction, spent £8k on the renovation and today has had it valued by two independent agents at £42k. Take a boooooooowwwwww son.
  12. VAR and Chelsea

    Man Utd never needed VAR to get those decisions, it's been happening for the whole 26 odd years I've been watching football. VAR has just ensured they're getting more coverage on TV.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    There was something months ago about them trying to negotiate the fee down and Marina refusing point-blank wasn't there. I had always put that down to Chelsea being unimpressed by Morata and his comments in the press about "always wanting to be there" but as you say, could definitely help our cause now.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Could very well be something in this. I dont think Werner was a player we had any chance of signing before, Havertz even less so. Oblak? Never in a million years. There will be so many clubs that struggle financially after this, so many. We appear not to be one of them, we must be one of the best propositions for any player right now, I bet Marina is dealing with clubs and agents on a daily basis asking for us to take them.
  15. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    don't worry, we can be the team that beats them
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Heard a rumour Atletico are struggling to find a cash for an instalment on the Morata transfer (whatever that amount is) ..........would only help our cause
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    RA's dreams, not yours or mine. Which makes them achievable. Or it might be Marina has told a lot of clubs that if they are in trouble and need to sell, then we are the club with the cash. Oblak for example. Generally when a club says openly it's player is being bid for, the best explanation is that it has turned a bid down. FFP - yes dead for now, as all clubs will be showing massive losses, even selling clubs. It is an opportunity. I'm enjoying it now while I can.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willing to accept 120M + Kepa 😂
  19. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    He makes me yearn for a return to the days of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^ "The Slovenia international has a release clause of £108m in his contract, which Chelsea are very unlikely to pay, although they may look to bring down the price by offering Kepa in exchange as part of the deal, but it is not clear that the La Liga side want him." Should have thought that would increase the price, rather than decrease it ...
  21. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    You're right.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Link here
  23. And who can blame him? I dismissed the idea when it popped up a few weeks back, now I'm not so sure it's as silly as I first thought.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Might be a case of Roman striking while the iron is hot (for him anyway). The apparent relaxation of FFP presumably plays a part too. It means he can invest a bit more if he sees fit. And he and the board may be looking at things and thinking the market could be disrupted for a year or two, so why not get in now? Lets face it, Liverpool have won the league with ease, City have massively dropped off (and have a fair bit of rebuilding to do, plus losing Silva and Kompany in consecutive summers), maybe the club have spied what they think is their chance to really pull us back into contention? I know we're spending big (even if we were to only add Havertz and no one else), but Liverpool have been gung-ho for three seasons, City have dropped off, United are very much in a building cycle, Arsenal & Spurs are well off it - now could be a great chance for Chelsea. We obviously won't get the fees we wanted for outgoing players (excluding Jorginho maybe), but we're likely to recoup some cash and free up budget for wages with 5-7 sales. It'll be big spending, but not so big as it first appears (and lets face it, Roman has the money). Chelsea ruining football again. You love to see it.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oblak would be beyond ridiculous, we would be signing the best goalkeeper in the world. With the Havertz rumours still going around and now this, yes I know they are only rumours, I can't help thinking the club believe that if we go big, really big, like another £200m+ we would become one of the top teams in Europe again, almost overnight. It could well be the perfect time and we may never get another chance like this. Adding Ziyech and Werner was huge, two players that if you asked me who would I like to sign this summer they would have been right up there at the very top of the list. If we then added Oblak, a top quality centre half and a left back which is probably doable for around £200m then we would be right up there. It would be the stuff of dreams. I'm not sure we have even touched this years budget yet, with us not buying for two windows you have to assume there was some money there and then if we had budgeted around £100-£150m for this summer anyway, with what's going on in the world, maybe Roman thinks now is the time and we could do it without massively overspending. Maybe we dont sign anyone else and it's all bollox but there is some signs pointing to us going for it again. It's a nice thought if nothing else.
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