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  2. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Morata was never a gamble though, he's just flat out bang average at best and a completely ill advised signing in every sense. It's been plain as day for years, yet he some how still manages to coast by on hype he generated 4 or so years ago and has people fooled that he'll "come good". A gamble would have been signing Morata for £30m as second choice. Signing him for £60m to lead our attack had failure on it from the very beginning. Realistically he should have been sold off in the summer. This will likely now be done at the end of this season and for a significant loss.
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  4. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Rubbish. Did you not see the moment below. Breaking forward ahead of Kante, drawing the defenders and pointing vigourously that Kante had to pass to Pedro who was free in a great position on the right? (2 secs before Kante's poor touch lead to him being clobbered by the keeper) Fast & quick thinking.
  5. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    "Fabregas should have started"? - why do you think we looked worse when he came on?...because he is slow in thought and physicality probably because of age.
  6. Media / Press

    Just too *witty* for your own good 🙄
  7. Media / Press

    Virgo surely in September.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whats going to be interesting is if they'll be replaced by £30m bench warmers or by Ampadu and others.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    So it looks like Cahill is starting to get twichy feet. To be honest, I am not surprised as he should have played against PAOK as risking Rudi for that game was not needed. In addition to Cahill I can see Drinkwater and possibly Moses leaving too.
  10. Media / Press

    Oh I see, sorry!! No, two daughters already, this is the third 🍼 I wanted them to have a son to see if they called him Frank Lampard the III 😂
  11. Media / Press

    Haha. In his previous relationship. I don't think he has. We need a little Frank Lampard the III.
  12. Media / Press

    Err, see above Leo 🙄
  13. West Ham vs Chelsea

    I think we will win though agree this fixture is one that could spring a surprise and one that is not helped by the delay returning from Greece.
  14. Media / Press

    Has he had a boy ?
  15. West Ham vs Chelsea

    Chelsea's preparations for West Ham hit by unexpected blow on return home from Greece, read more on CFCnet:
  16. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    I have to say I tend to agree with Droy. I don't really understand the depth of Jorginho love on these forums. Yes it's nice to have a midfieldfer who doesn't dwell on the ball but he really doesn't provide the incisive through ball the way the Fabregas can and I'm not even that much of a fan of the latter either. I would argue that David Luiz is the best "incisive passer" on the squad although as it tends to be from defense rather than midfield that is highly situational. What you do see now in midfield is one touch passing which can open up the opposition as long as the ball finds its way to Hazard. Whether that is down to Jorginho or Sarri you can argue about all day.
  17. RT @Goal_India: Dear @IndianFootball,🔵 Wherever you go, we are there. 💛 Sincerely, @kbfc_manjappada #IndianFootball #KBFC #BackTheBlue…

  18. West Ham vs Chelsea

    Check out CFCnet's West Ham vs Cardiff live stream guide - how to watch online, what tv channel, head-to-head and more:
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting developments for Barcelona's star midfielder - Chelsea among top clubs on alert, read more on CFCnet:
  20. RT @NiceGuyKenny: Bruce Buck has just turned up offering us all Kinder Buenos the prick.

  21. West Ham vs Chelsea

    I never wish injury on anyone, but would not be sorry to see Arnautovic or Javier Hernandez miss out.
  22. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Disagree completely. He orchestrates everything, not just with his passing but his movement, they way he demands the ball or sometimes not, the way he tells everyone where to move, when to slow it down, when to speed it up, where he wants them to go, when to press, when it to press. We lost all our shape, pressing, quick passing and tempo pretty much the second he went off last night Agree with this though. And this.
  23. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Quite - he didn't stand in line with them, he stood 2m ahead of them, giving the lino a great clear view of how off side he was most of the game I'm nor really sure Jorginho orchestrates much at all. He moves the ball about a lot so pretty soon someone else gets to have time on the ball. His quick action is buying time and opportunities for someone else to use. And this is all very good. But I wouldn't call it orchestration. The $64m question is how a Jorginho pinball game will stand up to a top pressing team like City, Liverpool or Spurs. It looked dodgy at times against Arsenal. I guess we will see. On Fabregas you may be right, he would be best in Kovacic's place. Jorginho and Kante creating time and space for Fabregas would be perfect.
  24. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    I think against teams like this they should both start. Jorginho may lake the killer assist but Fabregas won't orchestrate the team the way he does. Jorginho is the key player in playing the way Sarri wants us to. We are lacking someone to play the final ball and Fabregas is one of the very best at that, I just don't want to see him play at the expense of Jorginho.
  25. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Certainly agree with that. Every time I watch Jorghino I see a massive upgrade on Cesc.
  26. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    In line with the defenders? What's wrong with that? Level with the defender(s) is the best place to be. Or maybe the rule changed and I haven't noticed.
  27. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Or Conte or 99% of fans.
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