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  2. At some point the draw of RM and Barca has to come to an end. Why do some players still see it as their objective. We need to arrive in the same place, I think we are slowly and I think they will slowly struggle for the following reasons. La Liga is not the best league, it certainly does not have the most competitive games The tax breaks sport players are given can not last forever Clubs supported by local councils is anti competitive RM and Barca taking a disproportionate TV money is not logical Eventually some of these tax evasion cases are going to be impossible for RM and Barca and their players to dodge Yes, the names are big and are known all over the world but they really dont deserve it.
  3. £70m Morata and £75m Lukaku sounds a lot better to the Manc loving media than £58m Morata and £100m donkey.
  4. Actually it's very simple. Morata will cost Chelsea £70m because he will trigger all his add-ons Lukaku will cost United £75m because he'll never come close to triggering his add-ons 😂 😂 😂
  5. Technically it's £58 m , that idiot doesn't know what the add ons are or whether they'll ever be triggered. He'll probably have to win the Champions league and Ballon D'or to trigger it.
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  7. Hell yeah!
  8. It's £58 million initial fee, going up to £70 million with add ons. Pretty much everywhere is reporting that including Sky. So it is, technically £70 million if you include add ons (which we'll most likely have to pay if he does well). Either way, it's a club record. At last, after 6 years, Torres is no longer our record signing.
  9. If Jim White says £70m one more time I'm driving to the studio .
  10. It's official. Morata is a Chelsea player on a five-year deal. Get in.
  11. Why does the "best manager in the world" want him? You forgot to answer the only thing he asked.
  12. No - I've never understood that - made no sense - especially after we all saw in 15/16 that he has a much better player on the bench (or not even benched). Or in 16/17 when we saw Fabregas was as effective defensively as Matic. Makes no sense now to anyone. Made no sense from the day Matic returned. I'm assuming you agree with me on that.
  13. If we made a combined 11 of that lot and ours it would have 10 Chelsea players in it.
  14. So why does the "best manager in the world" want him so badly then ? C'mon , you're the expert .
  15. Get your point. For the money they've spent, it's not really good enough Point is, it's still a very talented team, and better than last year's overall.
  16. That team, for the money they have spent is nothing short of embarrassing.
  17. Saints manager saying Van Dijk training on his own because he wants to leave the club. Seems like we were interested before we signed Rudiger - personally, I think as we now have Rudiger and Christensen outside last year's back three who are both good enough to force their way into the first team, and we're buying a RWB of some kind most likely. Plus, he wants to go to Liverpool. So I'd say if he goes, it won't be to us. One to keep an eye on though.
  18. Don't PSG want £88m for Veratti though ? And doesn't he want to go to Barca?
  19. A United team with Matic wouldn't have Carrick, because they're the same type of player. Carrick is club captain, doesn't mean he'll play. I'd imagine De Gea, Darmian, Lindelof, Bailly, Shaw, Matic, Herrera, Mata, Pogba, Martial/Rashford, Lukaku is a pretty good team. Their back up striker is basically Rashford. Fellaini and Rojo or Shaw on the bench. But it's not a team for attacking, stylish, 'Man Utd' football. And if our first team is something like Courtois, Cahill, Luiz, Dave, Alonso/new LWB, Bakayoko, Kante, Moses/new RWB, Pedro, Morata, Hazard, with Willian, Bats/Llorente, Fabregas, Rudiger, new CM/Baker, Christensen and Callibero on the bench, I'd say we are actually stronger. Matic to Juve for £50 million would be the preference, but going to United wouldn't be the 'last piece in the jigsaw' by any means. Still think they're lacking quality strength in depth in a few positions. But they'll be stronger than last season.
  20. Problem is if we don't sell them Matic they will sign Fabinho or Veratti who are both much better players.
  21. And captain Carrick too. Yes I wonder how that could possibly work - which makes me wonder if he is really Man U bound.
  22. That will be an embarrassingly boring team to watch, much worse than we have ever been. Imagine 5 lumbering giants in a team (with Lukaku in noe as well). Hope Utd fans enjoy their ping pong football this season.
  23. So essentially I saw he was slow and immobile right from the start*, and either a) everyone else missed it, or b) somehow he suddenly became slow and immobile 18 months later or c) in fact loads of people noticed but didn't dare post it on this site (but said so elsewhere on a regular basis). You didn't need to pre-judge him on that - it was obvious from that first game against City when he oddly got so much praise on here, and I said so then - very specifically, slow, immobile, unable to change direction and weak in the air. Just what took you so long then? Why didn't you spot it in the first month?
  24. No. You really aren't the best judge of Matic having decided he'd be gone by Xmas two Xmas' ago. To quote you on the enigma that was Jon Obi Mikel , he must be good otherwise why would top managers want to buy him I know you believe Mourinho to be a good manager , surely you must question why he keeps wanting to buy Matic? P.S. I think Matic is horribly overrated but I came to that conclusion over the course of his Chelsea career not before he'd kicked a ball for us . Pogba , Matic , Fellaini , three big units will enable Mourinho to kill games before they start and give Pogba more chance to do what he's actually good at . It'll end in tears. Tears of tedium as United 1-0 themselves to the title.
  25. He's going nowhere. Roman simply won't sell. We don't need the money and won't have time to replace him. Roman is stubborn if he wants to keep a player. No way he goes this summer. Next year might be more difficult....I've said since the day he signed that one day Hazard will end up at Madrid. I'm sure it will happen at some point, but it will be when we choose, at a fee we set (like £120-130 million at least) - nothing less. And only once a replacement has already been signed. Not this summer. Hopefully never, but realistically, we have at least one or two more years.
  26. My concern with this merry go round this summer is that the spanish duo seem to be selling but so far not really buying. They may be cash rich (not that its ever stopped them) by the end of the summer and one or the other may have an eye on Eden
  27. Just been doing some calculations. If and when Morata comes in - for £58 million rising to £70 million as reported - then we'll have spent £144 million on four players this summer so far, with likely two or three more to come. Morata (£70 million), Bakayoko (£40 million), Rudiger (£34 million) and Callibero (free). Plus, we've already made £66 million from incoming transfers, with another potential £80-90 million to come from Matic (if we sell for £50 million) and Costa (£30-40 million) taking us up to £156 million in. Take those into account and we're £12 million in profit this summer so far, with two or three signings to come. Meanwhile, Man Utd could spend £140 million on just Lukaku and Matic, plus £30 million on Lindelof (£170 million), with only £6.7 million for Januzi coming in so far. Gotta say, that's pretty good work by the club. On Matic btw, I still think we can do some kind of deal with Juve for him and Sandro. Surely there's a deal to be done there. Plus gets Matic out of the Prem.
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