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  2. Out of interest: Hazard - Lukaku - Sanchez or Hazard - Costa - Pedro?
  3. For once, this discussion is actually full of good arguments from both sides. Doesn't happen to often on this forum ;) The diplomatic thing to say is that Lukaku's stats are very impressive, but that nobody really knows for sure how well he would fare for us. I remember I thought Sutton and Torres were great signings, and where underwhelmed by Drogba and Carvalho (when they signed). Lukaku is much more than a player who can attack into space, and I would say he is better than Costa at positioning in the six yard box when crosses are coming from the byline. But do not underestimate how it is leading the line for Chelsea. Mentally, it is draining. You will have the referee against you - no doubt both Costa, Torres and Drogba had that - and the opposition's defence will use that to their advantage. I would never be happy replacing Costa with Lukaku. But if Costa were to leave, what better options do we have? Realistically, Aubameyang and Lewandowski won't be available. Other than that, I can't see many better CF at the moment.
  4. Excellent I hope he breaks through , I really do .
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  6. It might be wortn watching his goals from the last two seasons. I'm failing to see how anyone can come to the conclusion he needs space in behind to score goals. He's very, very good when he does get in behind but there is a lot more to his game than that.
  7. Lukaku is 23 and has played over 350 games already, has a ratio of roughly a goal every other game and is 100% proven in the premier league. He's only going to get better and I don't buy the argument that he would score less goals here as teams sit back agaisnt us and he needs space in behind to score goals. If that was the case then it would actually be a good thing as we do tend to play deep and look to exploit space in behind. It's not though, although he is very good when playing on the counter, most of his goals are scored inside the box after attacking pressure from Everton. He also gets a lot of goals from set pieces and crosses, something that we lack. Does anyone actually watch him and Everton or do people just assume thats the case? I suggest people look at his goals over the last 2 years before answering that as you may be suprised to know that very few of his goals have come because teams are pushing further forward than they would against us and he has loads of space in behind. Saying he is at his bestwhen he had space to run into not only makes him actually quite suitable for us but it is also not true at all, although if enough people say it enough times maybe it will be.
  8. I agree with this. I am also of the opinion that Lukaku does not really fit here regardless of his stats. I say this as he is at his best when he has lots of space to run into, hence why he scores fewer opening goals and more goals after Everton are in the lead (as the other team come out); at Chelsea he will not get this as teams sit deep even when one down. Addittionally, a lot of Costa's key skills that greatly benefit the team but not his stats - his hold up play and his selfless running - are not qualities Lukaku has to a suitable level. Therefore, on a personal level I see Lukaku as a very good striker but a bad fit for us in a 343 or its variations. For me we should only go near him if we are planning on moving to a front 2. However, even then I would still see him as a downgrade on Costa (if he does go) as his game is not as rounded. For me, our best case suutation this summer would be to sign Costa to a new contract and get Morata as a replacement to Bats, as he is able to play as a 2nd CF just off of Costa and has a game more suited to working as a part of a front 3 rather than as the tip of a front three. Furthermore, he will likely cost around 50-60% of Lukaku which means more funds for elsewhere.
  9. Ok ok 1-1 😉
  10. Oh dear! That's torn it!
  11. I hate to say it but I think we will beat them.
  12. H ChelseavCrystal Palace H ChelseavManchester City A BournemouthvChelsea A Manchester UnitedvChelsea H ChelseavSouthampton A EvertonvChelsea H ChelseavMiddlesbrough A West Bromwich AlbionvChelsea H ChelseavSunderland H ChelseavWatford 6H 4A A BurnleyvTottenham Hotspur A Swansea CityvTottenham Hotspur H Tottenham HotspurvWatford H Tottenham HotspurvBournemouth A Leicester City-Tottenham Hotspur A Crystal PalacevTottenham Hotspur H Tottenham HotspurvArsenal A West Ham UnitedvTottenham Hotspur H Tottenham HotspurvManchester United A Hull CityvTottenham Hotspur 4H 6A A ArsenalvManchester City A ChelseavManchester City H Manchester CityvHull City A SouthamptonvManchester City H Manchester City-West Bromwich Albion H Manchester CityvManchester United A MiddlesbroughvManchester City H Manchester CityvCrystal Palace H Manchester CityvLeicester City A WatfordvManchester City 5H 5A H LiverpoolvEverton H LiverpoolvBournemouth A Stoke CityvLiverpool A West Bromwich AlbionvLiverpool H LiverpoolvCrystal Palace A WatfordvLiverpool H LiverpoolvSouthampton A West Ham UnitedvLiverpool H LiverpoolvMiddlesbrough 5H 4A City's season to be decided in next 2 games Arsenal then us away and generally have the toughest run in. Spurs will run us closest but they are home only 4 of their 10 remaining as opposed to us at home for 6 of the 10 and Liverpool have played a game more. Watford and Palace could be influential as they have to play us all!!!
  13. Ok, agree with the last bit, but an example of what I am talking about.... Lukaku scored the 3rd and 4th goals in a 4-0 home win versus Hull last week. Those goals are really nothing more than window dressing, but boost his numbers. Costa's contribution this season, particularly earlier on: Winners in close games versus WH, Watford, Palace, WBA, Boro, WH (again), 2 in the draw with Swansea, equaliser at Man City, opening goals home to Hull and Leicester A striker who regularly scores winners / important goals is in my opinion a better goalscorer than one who bags lots when the team is thrashing their opponent. I don't have Lukaku's stats to hand but I would hazard a guess his goals for Everton (albeit more of them) haven't directly contributed to as many points as Costa's By the way, I am a fan of Lukaku but I can understand those who question that because he has scored more than Costa that makes him a better goalscorer or indeed the right fit for our team.
  14. I still don't understand though. Everton have scored less than us. Looking at the table it would be pretty hard for them to score against most of the top 6. Yet Lukaku has scored more than Costa in a team that scores less than Chelsea. You're pushing an argument a very long way if you think that makes Costa a better goalscorer. (Better contributor to the team perhaps - I'd go with that).
  15. You think Hazard saying "I am staying" will squash the rumours? Ok......... Let's see if there are any more Neymar rumours this summer. I expect there might be.
  16. Indeed, it is a long but worthwhile read.
  17. Think you missed the point. Lukaku does plunder a lot of goals in games that Everton win comfortably which boosts his numbers. Costa scores consistently and when we need it most, which is why we are flying high. To explain the point, Costa has scored in more matches than Lukaku, albeit has less hat tricks and doubles. On a different topic, I don't buy the argument that Lukaku will automatically score more goals by playing in a better team. As pointed out previously, how many teams play for a draw against Everton, compared to approx 2/3 (possibly more) of our league games.
  18. Don't think Ake or RLC will be here next season. Same with Zouma and Musonda. They are currently offering depth without enough quality. Next transfer window we will have to improve the quality of our depth. That hopefully means adding 4-5 players to give our weakest first team players proper competition. We have a fantastic foundation, but if we want to take the next step and be competitive in PL and CL at the same time, players like Cahill, Matic, Pedro and Alonso need to be squad players pushing for starting places. van Dijk, Sanchez, Alaba and Vidal/Nainggolan/Verratti will cost a lot, but the alternative is risking to not build on our momentum. And lose Conte - remember he left Juventus because of their reluctance to spend. Hopefully, we won't do the same mistake, and that would mean that players like Ake, RLC, Zouma plus a few of the promising players on loan like Baker and Abraham should be on loan next season. A squad like this next season? Courtois (+ new back up) Azpilicueta - Luiz - van DIjk (Christensen, Cahill) Moses - Kante - Verratti - Alaba (Alonso, Fabregas, Matic, Chalobah) Sanchez - Costa - Hazard (Pedro, Willian) That is 18 outfield players for 10 positions, of very high quality. With a more congested fixture list, everyone should see a decent amount of game time. We probably need a few more bodies, but that could be players like Traore, Todd Kane, Kenedy etc - we don't need to buy players that barely will play when we have so much talent in the system already.
  19. Huh? Let's just stop this now.
  20. You are welcome to believe that - but I wouldn't repeat it too much if I were you.
  21. You can win a pair of tickets for Saturday's match against Crystal Palace. You can find the full information here:
  22. Good post. RLC is in dire need of regular playing time and therefore a loan next season. The problem is that he's being treated as the jewel of the academy and kept around in the hope that he breaks straight through. As a result, he's arguably stagnated over the past 2 seasons. Yes, RLC is reaching an age now where either he pushes through or falls away. He has all the talent and physique to do the former, but sometimes it doesn't quite work that way. As for the others, surely Ake is more than a bet right now, seeing as a PL team bid £18m for his acquisition?
  23. Yes, the Ronaldo comparison is a relevant one, however, he actively agitated for a move, which I'm not sure Hazard will do. Additionally, if we remember, Fergie refused to let him leave, literally forcing him against his will to stay another year. I'm not saying we'll do that, but sometimes the player doesn't always get his way. As for Ronaldo needing replacing, whilst I agree, he did just sign an extension in November 2016, tying him down to 2021. He's not going anywhere for a while yet. Yes, interesting, but not sure how much truth there is to any of this. We can crave Sanchez as much as we want but I just don't see Arsenal selling to us. Alaba, too, is vital to Bayern and contracted to 2021. Don't see Bayern letting him go. But yes, these are the sort of players we should be targeting. Indeed. For me, quite simply, Lukaku is a natural goalscorer. He's inherently a very good finisher. His movement is very good (he's always looking to find space and gesturing to where he wants the ball), he's strong, and almost impossible to stop once he gets going. He'll score goals wherever he goes and at 23 has plenty of years ahead of him. Seeing as he wants out, and has a connection to us, I think we should be all over this deal.
  24. Wrong. What has that got to do with anything? You claimed Lampard was a star player at 21. We bought a ready PL player, yes, but we bought the potential of a star player. Plus the fact that we overpaid because he was English. This doesn't even qualify as an argument, Droy. Wrong. He had 84 PL appearances at the age of 21. For West Ham. That is not automatically a star player in my book. In comparison: Michael Carrick had 71 PL apps at the age of 21, that was four years before he went to Manchester. He also played a season in the CH at the age of 22. Was he a star player at 21 too?
  25. Long, but well worth the read.
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