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  2. @JoeySalads All she did was repeat his own quote at him you piss drinking cretin.

  3. Morgen 💥 Aflevering 2 van De Kleedkamer op @canvastv. Twee van de snelste mensen ooit op deze planeet, eentje op de…

  4. New Stadium Plans

    State aid to the man they won't give a visa to??? The state aid has already been applied for and spent, irrespective of how much the economy collapses. The rail and air industries need to be bailed out, the defence industries, and the banks.
  5. New Stadium Plans

    Well if the market/economy collapses as you predict then it is likely state aid will be available, so there could be that.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    Should have explained, so "expert" whose name I forgot used it recently. G Naught as in not gate, not G7 or not even G1 (USA). Nobody is leading the world. Not just UK = Johnny no mates, but there is no gang in the playground at all. I like your GO sense of limbo though, doing nothing while waiting for something else.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Massively reduced service, around 52% at the moment but they are trying to reduce it to 25% by the end of this week. Most services, even during peak times are ridiculously quiet, which is a good thing as people seem to be finally listening and staying at home as much as possible. The trains are now getting thoroughly cleaned before entering service every day. Whenever there is such a reduced service, normally weekend engineering works, we have an awful lot of crew sitting 'spare' at the depot, which basically means you are on standby, in case of disruption or people going sick etc. Due to the sheer number of 'spares' at the moment we are now staying at home unless called in.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    G0? The G0 phase or resting phase is a period in the cell cycle in which cells exist in a quiescent state. G0 phase is viewed as either an extended G1 phase, where the cell is neither dividing nor preparing to divide, or a distinct quiescent stage that occurs outside of the cell cycle. Or did you mean something else? Like a smaller version of the gate (UK as Johnny no-mates?). Not getting political, just curious.
  9. RT @Blue_Footy: Gabriel's transfer from Lille to Chelsea is almost done. {@ManuLonjon}

  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Linked to Lille Brazilian CB Gabriel.
  11. Media / Press

    There are many players at lower levels with modest pay cheques semi-pro or lower division players who are/will suffer the same as others in the non sporting world...even if the income is just to compliment a family income...Not just football of course...and the "Above Everyone" crowd are worrying about the big clubs? Keep safe....
  12. RT @barisatay: Bakanlık süreci “çok iyi” yönetiyor.

  13. Media / Press

    Absolutely right...give Liverpool the title..who really cares anymore?.....sort out what cash awards should or shouldn't be and just start again when it is feasible..not rocket science.....the complicated financial aspects can be sorted out by the FA/League bureaucrats....not as if they have anything else to do. The GAME isn't just EPL....reaches down to the real grassroots..without that there is no game.......and thank you for brining a brave man to my/our attention.....
  14. New Stadium Plans

    It would still be a full construction price in a collapsed market. And unless you can find another football club that wants the Bridge, any buyer of that site will have to have a nightmare construction task with access from one side only. Easiest is to not construct full stop. Whatever happens no one is signing any major commitment for a year. Exactly
  15. New Stadium Plans

    It would be much easier, and cheaper, to build a stadium at EC. SB isn't really big enough for a stadium but plenty big enough for housing/retail/leisure.
  16. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    :) That'll be why Liverpool bought Cisse, Alonso, Morientes and Luis Garcia too, while we had to take Drogba, Robben, Cech, Carvalho, Tiago and Ferreira as second choice then. Winning? Yup. Stroppy pre-match conferences with personal comments about other managers? No.
  17. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar) Thanks for that Jamie. Jose won 3 Premier League Titles with us but of course that's not the 'Liverpool way of doing things' :-)
  18. Media / Press My local team owned by a very brave young man. He has a point. Everyone should be treated the same. It has to be null and void now.
  19. New Stadium Plans

    What kind of overseas buyer are you thinking of? Oil money? Chinese money? Money is very definitely staying at home for a few years now. But construction prices won't have fallen much at all. Which makes a rebuild of both EC into a stadium and SB into a housing project equally problematic. This I certainly get. We can't wish for a 6-0 win and a Giroud hat-trick this weekend.
  20. New Stadium Plans

    The EC project has stalled badly and I believe that the site on Fulham road is far more prestigious to an overseas buyer. Whilst land values will have taken a hit, it's all relative of course. EC and SB would be equally affected. I'm sure it's all just wishful thinking on my part as I'd personally like to see a symmetrical version of the plans built on a larger site and EC is the only viable alternative.
  21. New Stadium Plans

    Why would the Earl's Court site suddenly be in a buyer's market but the Stamford Bridge site still firmly in the seller's? We're all guessing really, but I think the move/redevelopment is over and has been for nigh-on a year. And I think we can count ourselves lucky; imagine if we'd started work and Stamford Bridge was now just a hole in the ground. I don't think we can assume that property development and consumer behaviour is going to go back to what it was in January 2020, either quickly or ever again. Not in a 'doomsday' sense, more that every so often something happens that changes the way we do things.
  22. New Stadium Plans

    Personally I think it would be good if poor old london was connected to the more prosperous regions ;) On a more serious note, we ought to be getting international co-ordination to tax aircraft fuel in the same way car fuel is taxed. But we are clearly in G0 now, and nothing like that will happen.
  23. New Stadium Plans

    And the argument for HS2 disappears in a puff of it own poor logic. Well, every cloud .... etc.
  24. New Stadium Plans

    Yeah, it is going to be easy to do a great deal at EC. But selling SB will be near impossible.
  25. New Stadium Plans

    Playing Devil's Advocate the overall size of the ground is not so important if looking at match day revenue, as the real money comes from corporate boxes. If the increase is just for extra pleb seats then building a new ground is an insane idea. Further, if the economy goes into a deep recession the corporate seat sales will dry up (although by the time the stadium is built the worst of it should be over.) However, matchday is just one revenue stream. The other is hiring it out and this is where the capacity and location becomes important. If the club could move to the EC site, they would have the best situated stadium in the country bar none. Further, depending on the size of the plot they could aquire, they could potentially build something that doubles up as a exhibition centre like the old EC was. This would be something that I think would be worth exploring as the old EC was worth something like £2bn a year to the economy and was why so many people where strongly against knocking it down (something which I am always amazed at it should've been listed.) If that is a possibility then I think they would be able to hire it out whenever there wasn't a game fairly easily (this is obviously on the proviso the council do not put a low limit to the number of events held.) As for your comments about the SB site, I have to agree. SB is a prime piece of land no matter what the economy or if people want to move out of London. However, whilst I do not agree with Droy's predictions of everyone moving out, the luxury apartment market has been oversaturated and has had the bottom fall out of it due to over development of such types of property, the Stamp Duty changes and foreign investors seeking to put their money in different asset classes. Therefore, any development at SB would have to be careful not to go for the Battersea model otherwise it could be a disaster for who ever develops it.
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  27. New Stadium Plans

    1) The problem with having a 40k ground is that we'd struggle to squeeze 60k into it for a big game. I disagree that's it's a decent 40k ground too. There's no cohesion between any of the 4 stands, the East stand is hopefully inadequate and outdated. The shed end is horrible and small. The West looks like a shopping centre from the outside. MHL is ok. 2) For this particular piece of real estate I don't think any of that would be relevant.
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