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  2. You've totally misunderstood . I'm listing him because he's a left back we've bought , along with the others on the list , spending millions in the process , chasing what appears to be the "holy grail" of left backs across the seasons. I think Alonso was one of the players of the year and we require back up for him , not a replacement. As for what's wrong with him , l can only think his lack of explosive pace , personally.
  3. Can you tell us whats wrong with Alonso? To put him in the same group as you did is shocking. He was what made the formation worked last season and he barely missed a game! Those players you listed can't even play consecutive games.
  4. What about showing some faith and gratitude to a key player. If anything a replacement should be found for Moses not Alonso.
  5. On the one hand we have a thin squad apparently about to get thinner with Akè leaving; on the other we have the loan army, an amazing, trophy-winning youth team and some dead wood. Weird. (In my opinion)
  6. If we do get Romelu paying over the odds is a given,(it looks like even tight wads like Arsenal realise this) one thing I hope we don't see if it happens is his stroppy childish responses when he doesn't receive a pass. New team mates new attitude.
  7. Apparently he's off to Swansea for the season:
  8. It looks like Ake is on his way to Bournemouth:
  9. Totally agree. And from some of the stuff I'm reading, it's already started. Be interesting to see/take a guess at, who Conte sees as expendable. Plenty to chose from: Rahman, Hector, Passaic, Ake, Matc, Cuevas, Kalas, Omeruo, Piazon, Remy, Traore (B), Van Ginkel, Wallace, Aina, Kennedy, etc..
  10. The thing is Michael we have so many players on loan and other players never given a chance when they were bought(Salah,Cuadrado,Batman) to name a few.Let's have a clear out.Again Conte should be the man to take that decision. It's almost like there is no audit to the players we have on our books.
  11. Agree with this. Personally, Kev, I think that Conte is a pretty smart fella. IF we buy Lukaku, then my feeling is that Conte will have a plan of how to get the best out of him, and help him grow at the same time. Also, Lukaku is a seriously big unit, and we really haven't had one of those for a whiie.
  12. I agree with what you say Michael.Will he be ANOTHER striker we lump it up to and expect a different result?...probably not.I expect Conte to use him in a way that suits his vision.The same vision that won us the title.
  13. There is no "disdain" from me.Throw all the statistics at me all you like,I just don't rate him in the long term for us.I think he is predictable and without any flair,however if Conte wants him, it is good enough for me. Nice to see you and James getting along.
  14. According to The Sun, Nathan Ake is off to Bournemouth for more than 20 mill.
  15. These sort of signings make me wonder if Klopp has a plan/knows what he's doing. To me, they just don't seem to fit together.
  16. My guess is that there's a number of reasons. Firstly, many only remember 'Lukaku the kid', when he was at SB first time around - a totally unfinished product. They also remember that Mourinho basically wrote him off for a lack of ambition, and his unwillingness to stay for a fight. I simply can't imagine that many of his most vocal critics here have watched him play much for Everton over the past couple of seasons. He's come on enormously in that time, and there's still more improvement in him. With the likes of Hazard, Pedro and Fabregas feeding him, and coached by Conte, I think that'd he'd be a sensation.
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  18. Yes, this too. A double bonus, if it happens.
  19. Plus having Sandro would strengthen our right side as well by releasing Cahill to the right side (his natural side IMO) giving us Azpilicueta and Moses fighting for RWB.
  20. I loved watching Dorigo and le saux play interchangeable LB, WM for a year or two. And later on Baba and Le Saux doing the same thing. Indeed Malouda and Ash played similarly at times. I say that not just because I think 2 WBs is not an issue, but mostly because I love recalling Tony Dorigo, who was a great player IMO. Looked like Bridge with a lot more pace and a tougher Aussie edge to him.
  21. It may well be, but atm it's only paper talk and we all know how accurate they usually are........:). Irrespective of the actual cost though, Sandro is an outstanding player who would strengthen our left side enormously. Let's not forget while we're discussing this, that both Sandro and Alonso can play more than one position down that side - e.g., I think that Alonso would slot comfortably into the left of a back 3 with his mobility and height. Sandro too could play back and forward as required. It'd be a bonus for us to have both, imo, and adds flexibility, allowing Conte to switch shapes as necessary.
  22. 1. Yes - it is matching needs with opportunities available, while maintaining some kind of long term budget. 2. And it is about creating squads of good players broadly balanced about the park, not about shoe horning identikit players into a pre-planned blueprint.
  23. This was a point I was trying to make the other day. Some here may feel we don't need to upgrade on Alonso because there are more pressing matters elsewhere. However, the real transfer market isn't like some computer management game. If an upgrade to what you have is genuinely available and gettable, do you pass because the position he plays is not where your priority lies, or do you try and sign them because any and all upgrades make you better? I know it's only paper talk, but it looks like we are close to deals for a back-up keeper, a central defender, a central midfielder and a striker. If we still have the funds for further signings beyond these, why not strengthen where we can whilst we can?
  24. The problem is , we never have since Ash , £50m is a snip if we don't need to buy the equivalents of Del Horno , Rahman , Bertrand , Alonso etc. On a never ending quest to get a new one .
  25. I understand the reasoning but I just don't agree with it. I do think competition is vital, but in my opinion spending £50,000,000+ is crazy. Surely we can get competition for the LB/LWB slot for less than that?
  26. I had the same thought. Maybe we will see a return of the 442 experiment from the beginning of last season with Hazard moving uo top when he returns. Expect to see Rahman shipped out permanently if Sandro comes in. A couple years ago we were playing a rb at lb and now we might have 100mil of lb' s in the squad.
  27. In the end if you are at a big club with a big team challenging for honours then you have to be ready for serious competition. If a player does not have the right stuff to fight and expect it to fall in their lap then they have no chance. (this is not aimed at Marcos because I think he is a good pro and offers other options if Sandro comes here).
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