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  2. 45 mil for sigurdsson is very steep IMO.. he is a poor man's Erickson .. glad to see Everton blowing away the lukaku cash esp with them. Being c**ts with us over stones and lukaku.. the team they building lot of above average players but lacks star quality..if Coleman was not injured we could have looked at him.. always looked a decent player..
  3. From what I could see as an AM in the first half, and then at CM when Milivojevic was subbed off at half time.
  4. Yuppz I think by now folks should realise that only the club can decide to buy sell.. so after a time constant / repeated themes do get a bit boring and spreads negativity.. something we need to avoid..
  5. Dan Levene on the Costa situation. Must-read.
  6. We have the money ✔️ Net spend not much ✔️ Number of weeks left in window ✔️ We are an embarrassment ✔️ Conte will leave ✔️ Incompetent board ✔️ All of these have been noted. You need not mention any of them again if it is just to remind us of your point of view.
  7. Forget the billionaire owner. We have the money for winning the league, we have the Sky TV money and we have the Nike sponsorship money. Where is this being put? Are we becoming Arsenal because we've got a stadium to develop?
  8. We are Chelsea. We have hundreds of millions to spend. We have a billionaire owner. Our net spend this summer is £19 million. There are just over two weeks left of the window and we've had months. This is nothing less than an embarrassment. Keep this up and we can stop calling ourselves a big and ambitious club. No big manager or player will choose us. Deals could and should have been done weeks ago. Owner and board not learned a thing. So dissapointing.
  9. Still enough time of the window that selling clubs remain calm. Right now, nobody is for sale, which is just ridiculous. It is a waiting game of course, clubs trying to get the best position before things suddenly start to move. I expect at least another week to pass without many significant signings, and in the last few days of the window it will be a frenzy. Clubs will be desperate to sell and desperate to buy. Agents will be working overtime, and players will have to make impulsive decisions. We have been trying to hedge our bets, hence the handful different RWBs we are reportedly after. The fact that there has been so few LWBs under consideration indicate we still believe the Sandro deal is possible. Which we wouldn't have unless his agent or another representative kept it alive. I wouldn't put my house on it, but I still expect us to get him. We are waiting for a transfer request, the nail in the coffin for a contract renewal, and Juventus eventually accepting our gigantic bid. His agent has played the game magnificently, and is sitting with all the good cards. Sandro is going to get a good deal, and the ones with the deepest pockets is not Juventus.
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  11. This surprised me a bit, I always thought Robben left after a bit of animosity, obviously wrong. Thought he was a great player for us, shame about the injuries and what he says about John Terry can bring a tear to your eye.
  12. That's a good sign I guess
  13. Maybe we did long ago... just that the papers haven't caught up yet? Who knows? Certainly nobody on this forum (not even James!!!) and certainly nobody in the press.
  14. Just a thought not saying ox is the same caliber.. When we signed Lamps most thought we overpaid and were underwhelmed.. In football it's very difficult to guess potential (moneyball). Look at Keita Kante Eva etc.. Started where ended where Point is we need to take punts and Ox is as good a punt we have..
  15. this coming from a failed manager
  16. Possible loan deals until Jan? Our starting XI is strong, and a few bench players, if we get some gap fillers it might work until Jan; where we can go for our targets again.
  17. Ox, Sandro, VDV. All not for sale. When are we going to move on?
  18. He'd have certainly at least given the midfield a kick up the backside in terms of competition for places, at the moment(even with the players we are linked with) Kante and Baka walk it; Cesc doesn't count because in our original tactical setup he doesn't really fit.
  19. Yeah...way off yet, I'll let you know once I'm there ;)
  20. I think it's more about you noticing your own paranoia, you should go see someone about that. It can get out of control, we might see you end up protesting to change foreign policy; for Luiz's work permit to be revoked. We all know English players are overpriced, the players we are linked with (Rose, Ox, Drinkwater, Barkley) have zero leadership skills, so a potential cheaper foreign player is fine. If a JT, Lamps or even A.Cole came along, I'd be more than happy for us to pay more; but not for already developed average players who can't lead a team. The English players that some on here dream about (Kane, Alli) are unattainable, so there's no point in saying they would be targets; we can't even get an Arse player to join us anymore, let alone a Spud. But seeing as we need more English players, I say we forget someone like Van Djik and go for Shawcross. I reckon we'd do well if we drape him in an England flag. So our next targets should be Shawcross, Milner, Henderson, Drinkwater, Ox, Walcott, Vardy; I reckon the treble would be on with those lot ;)
  21. Long term, Christiansen probably will be - he looks so composed on the ball. Even in a side of 9 men. I don't think we will strengthen that position for a second. Despite the press scatter-gun link frenzy and the prevalent melt-down of faith, hope and confidence on this forum, I think we will, by the end of the transfer window, strengthen where we need to. But then, I'm a recovering optimist.
  22. You might want to go back over the countless examples where others have been just as adamant and ultimately lost the player. There are more of those than cases where the player stayed. Still also 100% certain that Christensen is Chelsea's best CB - it's not even close - and he'll prove that this season. Wasting limited funds on strengthening the club's deepest position would be a huge cockup.
  23. Hmm over bakayako.. not so sure.. been in a slump recently.
  24. Such a wonderful memoir from a great player! Bestevan geluk, Arjen Robben! P.S. Always wondered whether THAT extra time penalty miss by Robben in THAT final in Munich was.... Nah! It can't be intentional!
  25. Personally, I believe that given time, Christensen, Luis and Rudiger will keep Cahill out of the team - lovely guy but no JT imho.
  26. Southampton Chairman just come out and said Van Dijk is not for sale at any price, and 'its the statement we need to make'. So, that's that then. Good thing is, Van Dijk isn't a priority. We need wing backs and a CM before we go for him. (I'd still take him though). I too have high hopes for Christensen - would be better seeing him come through and do well than buying Van Dijk (though there's room for both IMO).
  27. Both Van Dijk and Barkley are Chelsea players IMO. Keen on both. Need to get moving, though.
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