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  2. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    When have I ever done that - complain. Except in extreme examples. I'd have no time to post about anything else. Certainly WHU fans didn't rate him much - (and the attempt to compare RLC's hype with a comment from Harry 23 years ago that no one knew about till Lampard had left Chelsea has fallen flat.) They also thought losing Joe Cole for just Rb6.6m was daylight robbery. But I'm willing to bet that with the benefit of hindsight they now admit they were wrong.
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  4. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    You complain about people being rude all the time. You're the worst culprit on here. Go ask West Ham fans what they thought of him before he joined us. They thought they'd robbed us of £11m.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    But if these players are the core part of your squad then you have to be pragmatic and change. As a coach you have to find a system that fits your players until you have enough to players to play your preffered system. Otherwise as a team your become very predictable and not very good at what you are attempting.
  6. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Weasel words - he was £11m of cash out of Bates's grubby mitts. They were the last pennies Bates spent at the club, Almost double what RA paid for WHU club captain 2 years later. He was a massive purchase by us. WHU had just kicked his Dad and Uncle out, and WHU could not have kept him if they wanted, so £11m was cheap. He was a star already. You might as well say JT was pretty ordinary until 2004 when he suddenly improved.
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    The problem with Lamps at West Ham wasn’t performance or potential but cries of nepotism. But of course, Lampard was not the same player then as the player we enjoyed from 2004-2010. That player was one of the best in the world. So clearly, whatever he had pre-2004 was unrealised potential and not actual ability. Which makes your talk about hindsight and some being wrong to point out he wasn’t as good back then as later somewhat moot. You are essentially saying players can’t improve which is clearly incorrect. I’ve watched Lamps live for basically 80%+ of his games for us and I saw with my own eyes how he grew into the role and the club and how he worked hard every freaking game to improve and be a better player than he was last week. THAT was his greatness and the key to why he became so good. Not that he was world class coming here at 23 - that’s history revision and does a huge disservice to his character.
  8. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Indeed - but you'll note that the fans all thought Scottie Canham was the future. There was no media hype about Lampard at 17, it was just something the manager knew. And I don't think that clip was available on youtube back in 1996 or even 2001 when he arrived. Precisely the reverse here where fans have been telling the various managers to pick RLC more than they have done right from the age of 17. No - Hindsight does mean observations made earlier were wrong. That is the whole point of it. It also generally means admitting to the mistakes.
  9. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    This - there’s a lot of re-writing going on. I’d say Lampard was bang on average in his first season with the exception of March-May when he started to come into it. Second season decent to good and from there on he just exploded. Not really. I’ve never heard a senior manager talk about RLC like this at 17. Precisely. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean observations made earlier is wrong because someone improved and was better later. Thats why it’s called improvement! To even claim Lampard was world class when he arrived is not only grossly exaggerated, it’s downright bonkers! In my opinion Lampard didn’t become world class until José arrived and Lamps was 26.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me the sticking point is mostly Kovacic or Barkley with some coming from Hazard. They all want 3 touches to look up and around, with nothing happening afterwards from the first two. The big plus of RLC is that he keeps moving the ball on, mostly first touch. So does Kante though that is more an unwillingness to take control than speed things up - but that works too.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    A lot of the frustrations were that if you don't have the players to fit the system then change up the system a bit or give other players a go. At present most of the players you mentioned will probably play a majority of our games next season so something is going to have to change if we wish to progress.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I must say that a lot of the slow and square is down to the likes of Alonso, Cesar, Hazard, Kovacic and Willian. To a certain extent Kante. These players don't play the ball forward and into space quickly enough.
  13. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Brilliant for 3 years at WHU. Bought for a massive fee. Started in 34+3 games (suspended once) in his first year under tinkerman Ranieri (in a season where only 5 or 6 players played had 20+ starts and just the three acronyms, SFL, JT & JFH started over 30, and then brilliant for the next 12 and a half years. You just were expecting something else.
  14. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Nobody got it wrong. He wasn't very good in that initial period. The fact he went on to be our greatest ever player doesn't make the first sentance not true, he simply improved immeasurably year on year.
  15. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    so what - that is the whole point - he never was a No10 who put a little light duty in midfield. He was always a midfield warrior first and foremost. It's ok, we all get players wrong in their first six months. In 5 years time people will still be arguing Jorginho was crap in his first year.
  16. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    But his record in that tournament since not having Messi at his disposal, is poor. Failed at Bayern, and has been beaten twice in a row by English teams who have finished 25 points behind City in the league. That is what I mean by having doubts
  17. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I get 3 days at sliverstone with the family watching F1 for half the of a ticket to Baku.
  18. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    He ain’t going anywhere. CL with chity is the goal. I am sure the owners will give Sheikh Pep his own oil field if he delivers the cup with the big ears
  19. Nope Assuming the club does not appeal the transfer ban. Let see how good Sarri is at improving the same squad as last season “less Hazzard” and the pick of the academy and the 40 odd loan players available to him. Plus a full pre-season.
  20. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Not really. Those first six months, he was bang ordinary. Didn't score a league goal until 23 December.
  21. Hughton's got a lot more experience than SFL and is available. Just saying.
  22. Irrespective of the EL rules and the registered squad, you can't play for two teams in the same transfer window, which is why in the summer, of all Chelsea's outbound loans are either 6 or 12 months.
  23. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    The EL Final host selection controversy talk is so boring and it comes across as very Anglocentric. * Azerbaijan are in UEFA and have every right to host as any other country. Other countries didn’t express interest in hosting so it defaulted to Baku. * Mkhitaryan is choosing not to go. He isn’t banned from going. * Azerbaijan people are football centric people. Turkish league and Turkish national team have followers from there, in addition to their own football which stretches back to Soviet times. The linesman/referee from England’s 1966 World Cup win was Azerbaijani. * Criticisms of governments can be levied to our own governments, just as much as theirs. And why should Azerbaijani football fans be punished due to politics? The only valid criticism I accept is re: price of airline tickets and scarcity of airline routes to Azerbaijan.
  24. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    People say that about a lot of players who they get wrong. Drogba most famously who went from Mega star at Marseilles to a nobody but then learnt his trade at Chelsea - apparently. Most of us got SFL wrong, me too. That in 2001 Ranieri splashed out £11m on him from a club that had to get rid given that they had just sacked his uncle and father, is a prima facie case that he was never ordinary. That it was Bates money makes it even less likely (Bates, not RA's, 3 years later we paid that kind of money for Duff, Maka and just £6.6m on the WHU wunderkind and captain Joe Cole). That for 10 1/2 of the next 11 years he was a monster makes the case even stronger that he was always a monster player, just some of us were unable to see it. RLC was hyped a lot earlier than SFL ever was at Westham, yet has not produced anything like SFL's performances there. But true - Right now RLC's career has barely started. :) They say nuclear fusion will be a real commercial opportunity in 50 years. They have been saying the same for 70 years now. RLC will be a megastar in 6 months time.
  25. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Well, six months time.
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