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  2. Waarom heeft @MarcLooverbosch geen politieke late night talkshow? #deafspraak

  3. CyberPunk

    Who loves CyberPunk ? Swarm Queen
  4. 5 Chelsea Questions

    I am actually a bit gutted that we didn't get Aguero. He scored against us in the CL and I thought it was a done deal he would come to us.
  5. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Yes thanks Paul. I hadn't seen that before and it's really interesting. I think years ago the England team didn't have that problem, but now club rivalry is so intense that it must be difficult to leave it behind. For that reason I have to confess I can't really get excited about the England Internationals.
  6. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Lovely clip. Look at the body language - icy. For some reason nobody chooses to mention the elephant in the room - JT (and in particular Rio's feelings about him).
  7. 5 Chelsea Questions

    I don't think England had a player, or chose to pick a player, like Makelele. The criticism of those 2 playing together for England was often becasue they were playing as the 2, in a flat 4. Had Jose got them clicking for Chelsea, who knows what effect that could have had on the various England managers. There is an interesting youtube video, originally on BT sport, where Lampard and Gerrard defend their England record, and refer to being outnumbered in midfield when playing better teams. Think it is this one
  8. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Ha ha yes indeed!! Although who knows? It might not actually have worked terribly well, it never did for England. Bit like Torres coming, seemed too good to be true and it was :-( And if it had been successful, you can be sure it would have been spun as Gerrard improving Lampard etc. etc. I am very happy that Frank wrote his own legacy without any help from you know who. Even after all this time, it still p***** me off that some people see Gerrard as the better midfielder. He wasn't. He was good at doing the spectacular but was surrounded by a lesser talented team. It wasn't easy to look miles better than them, and also as captain, well you couldn't get any more prestige than that. But how many titles did he win, zilch. Frothing at the mouth and the rest!! Hero to Zero in no time. Well we all know why he didn't leave in the end anyway.....
  9. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I think we all watched the next 4 PL games. 7 goals conceded - all while we were in front. I agree it wouldn't happen now - that is what Frank has learnt slowly.
  10. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    That's ridiculous. If we go in front, or equalise, the game changes completely. The notion that the rest of the game pans out EXACTLY the same is laughable.
  11. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I think Frank will go for Dave. He’s had couple of weeks off and Reece has played two internationals.
  12. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    It really was a naive and foolish performance. And given the way we played for the first few games, if both posts had gone in we'd still have lost 4-2. Against City we had our chances, same as against Man U. And of course against City at home we did actually play and win it. The good thing though is that Lampard does seem to have learnt from that experience and the next few games.
  13. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I leave work at 4pm on Sundays. I was rushing out the door when I heard in the background ''City already 1-0 up''. Obviously already feeling peeved off, I barge through the door, turn on the match, my face when I saw 4-0...
  14. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    It was nothing like that. At Old Trafford, we hit the post twice (once at 0-0, seocnd at 1-0), then went in at HT 1-0 down. City, we had our pants pulled down from minute 1.
  15. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Be interesting who will play RB. James or Azpi. Any other coach it would be Azpi but with Franks confidence in the youth I wouldn't be surprised to see James against Sterling.
  16. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Yeah it was much like the Man U game this year, where we looked good but had our pants pulled down by a smarter team. We had a real go both games, got whalloped in the 2nd but won 2-0 at home. The year before we were ultra negative twice and lost 1-0 twice. I'm not against having a go per se. But I think this year's team gets overexposed very easily. Perhaps that is the coaching priorities, perhaps it is just the younger players. I hope we are not too ambitious. But the good news is that we are back to proper football again! City in PL, big CL game at Valencia, and London PL Derby home to WHU, all in 1 week.
  17. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I'd go something like this: Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori Emerson Jorginho Kante Kovacic Willian Tammy Pulisic I'd be aiming to put Kante or Kovacic tight on De Bruyne and work on breaking their play down and countering quickly. Kante, Jorgi & Kova being nice and compact to stop them playing through us when we don't have the ball would be good. I'd have them hunting as pack rather than spread out across the pitch all of the time. Their back four look vulnerable at the moment, so quick transitions that put pressure on Fernandinho being out of position and not being able to make those tactical fouls at CB could be really useful. Tammy's height could be useful if we can play direct and Emerson could be very dangerous overlapping & getting in behind Walker down our left. I think quick counters and playing the ball into their area very directly from crosses and pull-backs could be really useful for us.
  18. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Last year we were 3-0 down after 20 minutes and ended up 6-0. Please God, not again.
  19. RT @ThimGoodchild: don't do Mondays

  20. 5 Chelsea Questions

    Very good shout. I remember thinking if we had signed Gerrard and he was playing alongside Lampard, with Makelele covering behind, it would have been tountamount to cheating. That said, we'll never know if he would have been as good playing for us as he was for the dippers.......but it would have been fun to see, if for no other reason than to see their fans frothing at the mouth.
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  22. Media / Press

    And not showing any signs of slowing down. Bit odd indeed that he isn't in a manager's role. Seems generally sharper than most of the guys out there managing at the moment.
  23. Media / Press

    Perhaps not 'always' but often enough to be a worry. He's been with us since he was 8, and his 'potential' is surely wearing a bit thin by now? Hopefully he'll get himself fit and back to his best form in the not-too-distant future.
  24. Media / Press

    Lets hope so because I think the next 6-12 months are going to be make or break for him here as he is nearly 24 and he cannot keep playing the potential card. Do not great me wrong on the ball he is very good but his off the ball work is poor and he is always injured. At this moment in time I have Mount and Kova ahead of him so he has a task just to get back into the first XI.
  25. RT @Goal_India: വേറെവർ യൂ ഗോ, ഐ ആം ദേർ 🤷‍♂️ ഗാഥാ ജാം ❌ മഞ്ഞപ്പട ✅ #BackTheBlue #KBFC @kbfc_manjappada

  26. Media / Press

    Sarri - all I can find is that he came from a strongly communist area (Tuscany) and identifies with the community. Besides in Italian politics what former Prime minister and Billionaire Berlusconi would call "Communist" is not what you or I would call communist. On RLC - good to see him out and about to be honest - it is not as though footballers not currently with the England squad are short on time. Just so long as he isn't moaning in public about his injuries.
  27. Media / Press

    Crikey, that was never mentioned when he was with us 😳 Changing the subject completely, I see Ruben Loftus-Cheek has been doing some modelling whilst out injured. I'm probably overreacting but I hope he doesn't get his head turned by this sort of thing. He needs to concentrate on getting fit and fulfilling his undoubted potential as a footballer.
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