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  2. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Put our feet up after a great start. Second goal was sensational. Might need a third though to kill this off as we look vulnerable and Caballero is having a weird game.
  3. Brighton vs Chelsea

    I don't know what is more enjoyable. Being 2 up or fans of other clubs having a meltdown because Brighton haven't been awarded a penalty. We wanted us to be more attacking which we have been but not so solid as said previously.
  4. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Agreed, players think this is over...ITS NOT
  5. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Hazard and Willian have been a joy to watch , however we still need to be more cutthroat around the goal , I get the feeling that they're trying to get Bats a farewell goal which we simply cannot afford to do . Three up front and the defence looks shonky , who knew ? Conte knew.
  6. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Our movement in front of the defence when our centrebacks have the ball is non existent, our movement in front of the midfield when our mids have the ball in non existent. No clever runs, switching positions or dragging markers away, it's all very rigid.
  7. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Hazard not helping matters by throwing himself to the floor, if he stayed up he was actually in on goal can see Brighton getting something out of this if they get the next goal
  8. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Two up but some of our passing has been woeful.
  9. Brighton vs Chelsea

  10. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Hilariously an inept ref is actually working to our advantage for a one in a million time.
  11. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Conte should be telling the team to push up the pitch and stop ****ing around.. alonso, Rudiger and Baka not helping
  12. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Gone from 2-0 in the first 5 mins to letting them back into the game. Could easily be losing this with the chances they've had. Need to keep hold of the ball and take the sting out the game.
  13. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Defensively the marking has been poor.
  14. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Great save by Willy
  15. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Caballero has been all over the place today. Not sure why he's so jittery.
  16. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Looking good out there. Class 2nd goal.
  17. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Goalkeeper all over the place... why have we decided to sit back already?
  18. Brighton vs Chelsea

    I think we may need a third ....
  19. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Ooh Brighton got a "Chelsea penalty" denied . These things even themselves up over the year . Ahem.
  20. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Fantastic goal and looking slick in their half. Sloppy at the back so far though.
  21. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Best way to deal with the fatigue - get a few goals early on then ease up and make changes in the second half. Better than trying to limp through 90 minutes. Strangely Bats look a lot better when playing with a fresh Hazard.
  22. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Goal of the season
  23. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Oh my goodness 😳
  24. Brighton vs Chelsea

    A thing of beauty that was!
  25. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Great goal Willian
  26. Brighton vs Chelsea

    Great goal Hazard !
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