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  2. Truly Bonkers. I don't remember that clearly - but I guess it is a pretty good reason to allow 5 or 10 seconds play if you do blow for a foul.
  3. You don't remember Clive Thomas in the 1978 world cup? One of the more bonkers decisions in world cup history. Allowed the corner to be taken but blew for full time about 1 second later, while the ball was in mid air, about to be headed in.
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  5. Roman's not said anything to me.
  6. I would have to bloody homesick for his monumental salary not to take the edge off even slightly. I could see why Klopp might start claiming a yearning to return to the fatherland but then he has to live in and around Liverpool.
  7. I think one can over analyse the situation...against Leicester...Claudio issue...empowered players...etc. Fortunately you can't gloss over the fact that this result is hilarious and the reaction of the Scum on various media outlets even more so. Sigh, happy days.
  8. Sure - the fans lost the plot a bit. It was the same 13 players before and afterwards, and apart from Hazard who got an extended break after we exited the CL, none of them really recovered their form that season. Which given how they were knackered with no proper alternatives, was not surprising. :)
  9. Quite. I can't remember a single occasion in any game where a ref has given a foul or corner (or even a throw-in) and not allowed 5 to 10 seconds play afterwards.
  10. Whatever it is, this certainly seems pretty unlikely.
  11. wouldn't disagree with that. Pedro and Willian to come on in the second half to wreak havoc. Couple of years ago, Jose did a similar thing at Stoke, playing Matic and Mikel with Fab in the 10.
  12. I would love to see the 352 from the start. Harsh on Pedro but he has been quiet in the majority of away games and Cesc is undroppable at the moment. Conte usually changes to 352 to close out games and every time he has made this switch it has resulted in the end of opposition attacks. The three world class attackers we have should be enough to beat a West Ham side without a genuine right back and Kante, Matic and Fabregas should dominate any combination they put forward in midfield. For us in 2014/15 and Leicester last year both teams had to change to a more rigid style half way through the season as sides began to adapt to the style of play. This slight change for certain games should keep the opposition scouts on their toes whilst reverting to the side we played vs Swansea for lesser sides. West Ham away on Monday will no doubt be tough which is why I would want to retain both Matic and Kante in midfield. If the game does not go as planned we then have the option of a fresh Pedro to attack tired legs.
  13. But every ref will let a free kick be taken if it was before the end of time and, then, if it is put into the box and headed into the goal it will be given. Happens every match. If the time runs out whilst a team is attacking the goal, the ref will wait til the initial thrust has stopped. We would have been livid if he'd blown up against us before we'd taken the free. I have no problem with the ref just with our defence of said kick
  14. The Beeb has stations coming out of its ears these days . The one I really hate is Radio London Sport when they do football with Bradley effing Allen.
  15. Other reports say he is on the verge of a new contract until 2020, some say a 'monster new contract'... and that he is planning to open a restaurant in London. There's always a top manager is about to leave headline at some point.
  16. Any news at all?
  17. If we beat West Ham, Watford (when rearranged), Stoke and Palace then we're champions. No one will come back from that far behind with those few games to go. We win it in March. No need to change a thing - strongest XI with Pedro and Matic although Cesc can feel a little hard-done after his weekend performance. But I think that for West Ham - being a derby game away from home and with Obiang and Fegouli in the middle of the park - that extra mobility in midfield would be prudent.
  18. I'm guessing that the reference was to the stupid media nonsense about Conte being homesick and Inter are his escape route back to Italy in the summer. There are other links to this rubbish.
  19. 31st December 2016: “They won 13 games in a row. Not bad. Can you imagine how annoying it is when you win 13 games in a row and there is still one team only six points behind?” 27th February 2017:
  20. Whether you think that penalty was "soft" or not, we were already 2-0 up and battering Sunderland This came 2 weeks after a meek home defeat to Bournemouth.
  21. Why, what have you read that is laughable? not seen anything?
  22. If we are going to avoid making tackles in a bid to not concede free kicks, we will concede more from open play.
  23. Thank you Droy. Yes 'found' was a poor choice of words. 'Recommended' would have been better.
  24. There wasn't. Not a stoppage that warrants additional time at any rate. A regular free kick with no talking to, or booking doesn't result in added time. If you added 30 seconds for every free kick, the game would take forever.
  25. Exactly. Every team has its key players.
  26. I wonder what the Liverpool board feel having given Klopp a six-year deal.
  27. The car, fortunately has a DAB radio, it's great - makes listening to Test Match Special clear and easy :-) I'll give Radio 6 a listen. Never really listened that much to music radio following Radio London (I think?) getting shot of Tony Blackburn!!
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