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  2. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    I think I'd play something like: Bettinelli (or Kepa if Mendy is ready for the weekend) Chalobah - Christensen - Azpilicueta James - Kante - Saul - Chilwell Ziyech - Havertz - Werner I'm wary of playing Kante because it would be devastating if he got injured before the weekend so I'd be just as happy to play Kova or Jorginho.
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  4. A Driving Force

    My first car was a VW Beetle, same as the car I learned to drive on. Pale blue in colour, and a dream to drive. Not a huge amount of power, and I couldn't wait to sell it on and buy something better (bigger, faster etc.). :).
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  6. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Maybe. I think Spurs went down hill rapidly from about 30 mins. They gave it their all at first and by the end they gere giving buxxxx all. We would have dominated the second half with 3-1-6. But as a system against say Man city or Juve next week it might suit. Perhaps TT has already been training with it for that reason. Any two of Werner, Havertz and Lukaku up front. Saul, Ziyech and Mount could all play CM roles.
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  8. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    IF that is the case giving the new guy a runout in goal would be a good idea...maybe even if Mendy and Kepa are available.....if Chelsea can't beat AV in a minor cup game with back up players or as it is being written...the deepest squad strength of the top teams...maybe we are not as good as we think. By the way..the better side doesn't always win as we well know.
  9. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Do people think we could see Kova, Jorgi and Kante on the pitch at the same time ? Completely controlled the midfield from then on.
  10. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    An attack which includes any three of Ziyech, Werner, CHO and RLC (which is what almost everyone is suggesting) is about as toothless as it gets, but not sure what the alternatives are. In years gone by I’d always back a Giroud, Tammy, (Demba Ba even!) to grab you a goal, but I don’t get that feeling with any of those three. Tommy T surely has to rest Lukaku though, so I’m going to go with Werner, Ziyech, Havertz for tomorrow with Lukaku, Mount and whoever performs best against Villa to be the three selected for the weekend.
  11. New Stadium Plans

    That’s impressive. He’s got far more patience than me!
  12. New Stadium Plans

    Wow! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  13. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    We are capable of mounting a challenge for all trophies. Our 2nd XI should be beating Villa.
  14. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Mendy still doubtful, also for the ManC game. So therefor I'm skeptical of using Kepa for this match and potentially end up with both and 2.nd choice keeper out for the important "6 point game".
  15. A Driving Force

    A to B works.....passed my test here in a Cadillac De Ville about 3 months old....think the gal passed me because of the car!.....looked great but not a High Country vehicle....(wasn't mine..a leased vehicle to my then late Father in Law taken on by his daughter)... My self indulgence vehicle back in the 80's was a TR7...a bit sneery from some but I loved that car....freshly tuned and trip to Cornwall to "rescue" my much loved step daughter..MWay and unfettered...great run...there and back in a day.
  16. New Stadium Plans

    This is impressing! Roman, hire this guy :)
  17. R.I.P. Tributes only..... we may love to hate other players but all real game supporters appreciate the greats and those who contribute to our game.
  18. ... and when he did make a mistake (the cross he spilled but regathered at Son's feet) he didn't go to pieces as he might have done a few years back. I'm much less concerned about Mendy missing games because of ACoN. I'm sure that - in spite of being behind Mendy - being brought on for the penalty shoot-out (and making the winning save) in the Super Cup did his confidence a power of good.
  19. A Driving Force

    My first car was a turquoise Mini which I called Florence. Very fond memories for all sorts of reasons. Now drive a Peugeot 107. Very boring I know but as long as it gets me from A to B I don't much care. Can't bear people who show off in their flashy cars and think they own the road (not jealous really!!).
  20. R.I.P. Tributes

    I don't see why not. It is the Chelsea Forum but I think we can be a little flexible where other players are concerned. However, if we're talking about people completely outside of the game (unless they were Chelsea supporters of course, such as Sean Lock) then there are the Media/Press and Off Topic (Music, TV etc.) threads.
  21. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Not for me to second guess TT but would be happy to see our real #9 rested....I don't want Chelsea to get so reliant on him that if for any reason he is unavailable there is no plan B to cover and this is as good a game as ever to tweak things...Kepa to play as we need him to back to a semblance of form as a solid backup or replacement if disaster strikes. Hate to see Chelsea lose any game but this is very low down on the priority weekend is a real marker game.
  22. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    I'm conflicted , we don't want any injuries and to be honest this is the least desirable cup we could be up for but on the other hand some players need to find their mojo again so in line with what I mentioned after the Spurs game I think we have to play Havertz , Mount and James to help them get their form back but don't want to risk Lukaku so, is there a point in playing Havertz and Mount behind Werner who offers an entirely different approach to Lukaku? Difficult one .
  23. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Yeah I wonder just who is on the edge of the team - anyone but Kante, Mendy or Pulisic who didn't start yesterday will certainly be hoping to start for this. Otherwise they look really out of TT's eye. So Chilwell, James, Ziyech and Werner will expect to start. CHO Chalobah and Saul will have their fingers crossed. And RLC, Sarr and Barkley are hoping to get very very lucky. Can Anyone think of a young kid who might get a sub appearance? Or have all the likely lads gone on loan. Soonsup-Bell or Harvey Vale (to be honest I just like the names)? As for Villa, whichever stars they rest for this one, they'd be very lucky to get on our bench. 5-1 unless: which would be as weak a team as we could put out. I think that team might struggle to get many and would need a few subs H2 to get a win. On the other hand that is probably the right team to pick - it is not as though we really want to play the next round.
  24. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Rest our first 11 for this, for me the LC is the lowest priority this season and any progression is a bonus to get extra minutes for the second 11 - if we get to the semi's then we can start taking it a bit more seriously. Therefore I would play: Kepa Chalobah - Christensen (C) - Sarr CHO - Saul - Barkley - Chilwell Ziyech - Werner - RLC I don't think this will be the team though, I think Kante may get another runout ahead of City and possibly James too. He may also play Mount to try and get some form back into him.
  25. R.I.P. Tributes

    RIP the RIP threads. Makes sense to me, nice one @JaneB
  26. R.I.P. Tributes

    Makes sense....only thing I would add is there are greats in the game from other clubs who gave and have given us a lot of football joy...can they be included?
  27. Agree with the Kepa observations...I think AC can be included in the player motivation view point....looks a different player from the one we knew could play but never seemed to believe in himself...bit like Kepa as his confidence just drained away...TT seems to have a touch... Yesterday Kepa came out for a high cross to his right towards the front of the box...wouldn't have done that successfully a while back....good to see.....
  28. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Play as many kids as possible. I certainly wouldn’t play Rom, that’s for sure. 🙌🏿🧨
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