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  2. Chelsea vs Watford

    I think I'd be tempted to play Kenedy , Ampadu and Christensen for this one and drop Alonso and Azpillicueta who are running on empty.
  3. Conte: No Fear NEWSSAT 21 OCT 2017 Antonio Conte says his long career in football has taught him plenty but that does not stop him learning all the time. The boss leads the Blues against Watford today seeking a first league victory since the success at Stoke City last month. Though recent weeks have not been plain sailing, Conte is able to draw on his past as he seeks to find solutions for the present. ‘I have a lot of experience as a player and a coach to face these type of situations,’ he pointed out. ‘My history speaks very clearly. I am a person who is not afraid to face difficulties. I fought in the relegation zone. I started my career very badly in my first experience, but I understood and learned a lot from this. ‘You learn every day. You must be open to learn from your experiences. This is very important. If we think it’s impossible to learn something, we are stupid people. I learn every day and I want to learn every day. ‘For sure you hope to not have problems in your season, but I stay here to work and to put all myself for this club, for the players, me and my staff.’ Conte’s background in the game, dating back to the start of his professional career in the 1980s, tells him that getting concerned about title races at this early juncture is futile, and the fact we are nine points behind league leaders Manchester City is not in his thinking right now. ‘We are in October. We have just started our season. We have to think about improving the present. Now we have to try and stay and face all the competitions with all our strength. ‘The most important thing is to put ourselves in our work during the game and every day. We can’t find excuses. I don’t like to speak about other teams. It’s very important to look at ourselves. We have to try to do our best. That’s the most important thing. We must be focused on ourselves to try to improve and to try to have a good season.’
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  5. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    Thanks for the recommendation, Bob, best page turner for a while.
  7. Conte asked for more players in the summer. He and the club both knew who was going, they both knew what as needed. He made it public many times we didn't have enough players and needed to buy more. I'm not blaming Conte for this at all. This isn't 15/16 when we had a squad strong enough to finish top 3 easy but were in the relegation zone - that was 100% the managers fault, and no one will convince me otherwise. No way this situation is Conte's fault at all. The board 100% failed to back him with the number and quality of players we needed, despite his protestations. What is Conte's fault is pushing his players so hard in training as to cause all these injuries. As a manager it's his job to adapt to the circumstances. Frankly, as our next permanent manager, I'd like a manager who has a track record of building young, successful sides and blooding academy players. Tammy Abraham is ready for our first team squad. He's actually better than Bats IMO. Next season he has to be part of the main squad, or there's no point having an academy. If RLC keeps making progress he'll be ready. Zouma will come back. That's three signings we can make next summer in key positions without spending a penny. Carlo isn't that type of manager, but the problem is, there aren't many manager most people here would find acceptable who are. Pochettino is the type of manager I'd like to see (one who also wins trophies) - not him of course, that'll never happen. But someone in that mould, who bloods young players and gives them a chance, and can still produce trophies and good football. I like Carlo. If we end up with him when Conte goes, I'd be content with that. But I hope next time we risk a little, and go for someone who will actually blood young players. We'll see. (by the way, I don't want Conte to go - but it's patently obvious he will be).
  8. Chelsea vs Watford

    Will Chelsea stop the rot and avoid falling further adrift? With Manchester United away at Huddersfield, and their rivals Manchester City at home to Burnley, Chelsea are in desperate need of a victory against in-form Watford to stay in touch with their title rivals. Chelsea's Italian head coach Antonio Conte.Source: AFP City are currently nine points ahead of Chelsea, and if Watford continue riding the wave, it could be 12 come Saturday evening. The Blues have lost their last two Premier League games, but the last time they did that in September 2016, they went on to win their next 13 games on the way to winning the title. Chelsea have not lost three on the trot in the top flight since October and November in Jose Mourinho’s disastrous 2015/16 campaign, and with the title contenders looking stronger than last season, Antonio Conte can’t afford to slip up again. Luiz's world class stunner 0:46 Watford, who are fourth after eight games, will have other ideas. However, they have not won at Stamford Bridge since 1986.
  9. @OthmaNation و أنت بتصدق الكلام دا بردو؟؟

  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    My point was the club requires a short tearm fix, a player with PL or Championship experiance who has is prepared to sit on the bench be used as a back-up or alternative attacking option to Morata. The last thing the club needs in Emenalo bring another Falcal or Kaka to the club. Also I doubt Dzenko would come to bench warn, he would cost an arm and leg want a stupid contract at 31, Also does he fit the bill of a bullying CF
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  12. Heroes @OfficialBHAFC ⚽️

  13. RT @DeadStockGrimeT: More man have spoke up about Yizzy than Solo45s rape allegations. I see your priorities

  14. Musical Tastes

    Anything with Brian Tatler's influence will do me , good stuff Roberto.
  15. That's my take on it , that the board sold the dead wood on and did not replace them to teach Conte a lesson , so he'd know his place . Imho were caught in the middle of a pissing competition between Conte and Marina . I've said many times on here , the board honestly think winning the league is easy given the wealth of top class athletes they are providing. They remain sadly wrong.
  16. Chelsea 3 Roma 3

    Lads , lads , lads , the PGMOL have barely started with us at the moment , I'm expecting wins to evaporate into draws and draws to be transformed into losses by dreadful , biased refereeing the moment they smell blood. The unholy trinity of The Premier League , SKY TV and the PGMOL have turned the game we love into a soap opera where hero's are lauded for the same things the villains are condemned for. I'm still waiting for someone in the "media" to speak up about Manchester City buying the league . Suddenly the League is all about who's got the most expensive superstars.
  17. Being devil's advocate you could argue he was just clearing out the dead wood, something many people have been pressing for for about 5 years now.
  18. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    Read both , both different , both excellent , just finished the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb , excellent fantasy recommended for fans of George RR Martin.
  19. Very good post. When you read out loud that list of players we have sold or loaned out it is completely hilarious. Is our "reason d'etre" as a club to strengthen the rest of world football? I'd kill for Zouma, Ake, Chalobah, Abrahams to be here right now.
  20. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    Sat through the hurricane on Monday and have been without electricity for a day (on and off all week), water for 2 days and no internet until now. Still, had a good excuse to re-read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Wonderful. Just started to re-read American Gods. Always find something new every time I read his books. Wish I could say the same about this site, I'm just about to jump in and catch up with a weeks worth of CFCnet. Wish me luck.😬
  21. Chelsea vs Watford

    Well I certainly wouldn't bet against that certainly.
  22. ...and come to think of it, doesn't Emenalo look a bit like the old Huggy Bear? It's the lethal combo.
  23. Chelsea 3 Roma 3

    Your're right. And if you add some of the desperate bad luck that we had 2015/16 season (particularly the start) we would be in a very similar position. A combo of bad refs, bad form, bad player attitude and bad luck will take down even the most confident of Champions. Maybe the refs and the bad luck to come?
  24. Chelsea vs Watford

    I think that Hazard coming back into form can really help turn this season around. Lets be fair here, Costa and Hazard scoring goals during games where we werent very impressive really helped propel us to the title last season. If Hazard and Morata can go on a run of goals then we can very well gain enough points to at least push for Champions League football. Watford is where it starts I hope...
  25. Chelsea 3 Roma 3

    Hear hear. Similarities: Followed a great season, 2 great great managers, fantastic set of about 9 players, half a dozen more and nothing else. Differences: Refereeing. A run of largely unfortunate defeats early on (think 4 Burnley games instead of 1, losing 2-1 to Palace, at home, in August) and a press that celebrated our difficulties (so far they have largely ignored us - given us the Leicester treatment) So in 15/16 it started early, and just carried on. This time round we have had just 3 games of a bad run. A bad moment or a bad season. Like Dave I am still predicting the latter.
  26. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    I really have not heard the quotes. A few comments in August that we needed a few more players - and then we got more. He has discussed injuries recently - we have had injuries lately. But I have heard no complaints. You think the squad is ridiculously small - so do I. Personally I think Conte is partly to blame - and you are right he has been too keen to remove players (or perhaps players ignored have been quick to leave). But I don't see he can be accused of moaning about it in public. There were louder claims of conflict at the start of the season which disappeared because of some good results. But it is guesswork, not based on any quotes.
  27. Chelsea 3 Roma 3

    You can blame the anti-Chelsea PGMOL campaign for that. Imagine if we had to add such disastrous referee calls like we had to endure in 2015-16? I actually trhink we looked better in 2015-16 in terms of how well we played. Fatigue and ref performances derailed us. This season the refs doesn't even have to give us mutiple bad calls each game for us to falter.
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