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    I agree, we have so many players more interested in getting a shot off rather than getting the ball in the box for some physical striker to force home and it comes from 2 things 1. Since Costa no striker is man enough to get where it hurts and 2 the way we have played we seem not to want to be that kind of team. Love Hazard but he is no target man, he needs to be following a big man in and milking the loose balls
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm glad that you have brought Giroud into the debate. Because Giroud is a different kind of striker from Morata. And yet both suffer the same kind of goal drought. Then someone tells me that one overweight out of form, slowman striker is going to solve that problem. Dream on.
  4. Media / Press

    Well said. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones, I think we can all agree on that. I do wonder though if every one of those families is 100% happy by how this whole tragedy has been hijacked by those with their own agenda. Nothing will bring the dead back to life but if putting a 74 year old man in jail 30 years on makes the bereaved feel better then sobeit. He will never be able to escape what happened wherever he is though. And what happens if they don't get the result they want...….demand a re-trial? It really has to stop at some point. Whatever happens, there will never be any winners here.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic I thought we were dead on signing him. Think there was even a leak somewhere. Penny pinching again I suppose.
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    Morata and Giroud make runs but the crosses never come in so they stop making the movement and get frustrated I rarely see are wide men put a cross in first time Alonso is just bad at crossing Dave isn’t much better either and don’t get me started on are corners
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't get this. Whenever I see a man out wide with the ball, I look to see what his options are. There are almost always none. Morata is standing behind a big CB hoping for a nice looping cross that just goes over the defender - the kind you can only make if you have a lot of time on the ball. Willian, Pedro and Hazard rarely get anywhere near the 6 yard box. Alonso and Kante, if not actually part of the build up are the best hopes of there being a target, but usually there are 4 or 5 defenders too. What should be happening, Morata streaking towards near post (he'll never do that, his marker will always get there first) and at least 2 players attempting to get into the space he should have created far post, just never happens. Except for City of course, where it happens all the time.
  9. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    Hoping it’s a great game like the one at the bridge with the same result . We need to improve on the speed of are passing and more movement because the last couple of months have been really boring football
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    I feel sorry for Morata he likes to be in the box he’s great threat with headers but we are awful at crossing the only one who seems able to put a decent delivery in is odoi . He is a bit weak mentally gets frustrated to easy and seems not strong enough at holding the ball up but can’t see Higuain doing much better he’s to slow and old it will be like schevchenko when he played for us who was a great player in series a but the prem was to fast for him
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    Morata is very good at playing on the shoulder of the defender. We just don't put the balls into the box for him. We're not the club for him, and he isn't the striker for us. We're very into feet and that's not his game.
  12. Media / Press

    The Sun newspaper are very much to blame for the incessant need for Liverpool fans to officially apportion blame elsewhere. They were as quick to judge without evidence as John Smith the then Liverpool chairman.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just as a matter of perspective. I was watching a rerun of some of our games today and, in some cases, he is flagged offside when he isn't. In two cases he was not flagged when he was offside. Mind you, I tend to take the view that a striker in the 6-yard box cannot be said to not be affecting play.
  14. Media / Press

    There is a point at which the seeking of justice becomes a witchhunt. Duckenfield made a decision to open the gates because, in his judgement, there was a danger to public safety. He has admitted that his decisions were a factor in the disaster. It was not irrational. It was not intentional. He was doing his best. We have to accept that sometimes public servants make mistakes. In this case, the mistakes proved to have been catastrophic for 96 people. It's very sad for them and for those they left behind. He will have to live with that for the rest of his life. In a sensible world, we would be encouraging those who lost loved ones to find it in their hearts to forgive, but it seems, in this case, it is impossible. I also find that very sad.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The latest rumour is that Paredes is going to PSG and Barella to Inter. The old JP would go to town at this stage. Let's see 🤔 I've got "penny pinching" in the bingo.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree Morata does get into offside position too often in avoidable situations. This has cost him and us important goals. But I take it that you are saying it tongue-in-cheek that being slower would help Higuain. Quite a few people will be shocked when they see how slow Higuain is.
  17. Media / Press

    The mere sight of hundreds going over the roof of the turnstile block confirms all of the above. If you read the decision made previously it was a nonsense. They checked the blood/alcohol level of the deceased and concluded that excessive alcohol was not a factor in the disaster. That's like saying that the pedestrian victim of a hit and run had not been drinking and so the driver can't have been either.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've been thinking about what really matters: Better beard - Higuain, but not as good as Giroud's Better skin - probably Morata More likely to stick his elbow in an Premier League centre forward's face and get away with it - Higuain Higuain it is!
  19. Media / Press

    Absolutely, I don't think anybody is trying to say Liverpool fans were totally responsible. It is the statement that they have been absolved of any blame that grates as you know it isn't totally true. It was 1989 and a football crowd, in fact the year doesnt matter, people still go to the pub drink beer an push and shove when trying to get into events. To say the whole thing happened because one man opened a gate is simply not true. Had people slowly moved in or stopped when they realised they wernt moving forward into the ground it would not have happened probably. But people dont do that, no set of fans would do that they want to see the match of course. Some are more aggressive than others by nature but all want to view the match, its why they are there. The problem comes from a set of peoples aim to pin the blame on the police and them alone, the motive seems to absolve the fans from any kind of responsibility however small. Of course it's not a nice thought that they may be somehow responsible for the deaths of their own, so I understand their touchiness but if you are going to dish out blame to all parties any ticketless fans whatever the figure are partially responsible. To pin the whole thing on one police chief does not bring the dead back for the families but it will be a convenient scapegoat and assist those that wish not to consider that any fans were perhaps partially culpable.
  20. @CFCCouchCritic I saw someone suggest suspending it for a season or two, but I don't think that'd work...the cat is…

  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Soon as I realised that I gave up - that's just a cheap way of making the stick to beat us with bigger.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree with this completely, but one poster seems to think Higuain is that bad Morata is better than him, hence the debate has revolved around that the last couple of pages. Very difficult to say. He can only start a maximum of 15 league games between now and the end of the season. 7-8 goals would be roughly one in two, which I think would be more than acceptable. It's more than just his goals though. I'd expect us as a team to score more but judging all this over less than half a season when our fixtures were much kinder the first half of the season is going to be very difficult.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thing is being better than Morata is not the only way to view it because they are not the only two players in existence, there are plenty of strikers we could sign at a fraction of the cost that may just be better than Morata, which is a fairly low bar. Would be interested to hear how man goals Higuain has to score before the end of the season to be considered a success. Given the strong opinions on either side I'm sure somebody will be called out at the end of the season, would be good to hear now to avoid any 'yeh buts...'
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    So one is a past it has been, and the other just never was.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    You lost me by here, I'm a simple train driver and have no idea what your talking about.
  26. Transfer Talk Topic

    I write corporate reports (Financial and Sustainability) for a good part of my living - this excuse will not pass muster. Both players have been 'active' for five years, therefore you can provide games played/minutes on pitch/goals scored/relevant percentages and goals per minute data - on my desk by the end of play, today.
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think much shocked 15th century shepherds - now feathery messangers descending on Palestinian Shepherds about 1,500 years earlier, that's another matter - so let's all sing the Osgood Christmas song and live in peace!
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