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    Guardian last summer Match day income was £66m out of £368m turnover, so about 18%. It is not mission critical. If the price were still £500mn I'd agree. At £1billion I don't thing it really matters what the government thinks of RA (though I think the later figure was manipulated up, to explain away why the club pulled out)
  3. New Stadium Plans

    He didn't become a multi-billionaire by building white elephants or selling stuff cheap. The idea that he just chucks money at projects and doesn't care is just wrong. Indeed he has stuck to FFP since it was introduced (which suits him, because he already owns one of the status quo leading clubs). Payback time is notoriously easy to oversimplify. I think RA would simply look to see if he could boost income from the ground by 4-5% of the investment (allowing the investment a few years to bed down, and assuming growth with inflation after that). That would mean £40 to £50 million of extra revenue (after tax, so a bit more pre-tax). That would raise the market value (EV for the nerds) of the club, by £1 billion+ which would be his goal. That would be a massive increase on the £66m match day revenues of 16/17 when we won the league, reached FA cup final (but were not in the CL or EL) Of course he could just raise seat prices, but that would be a lot easier in a 40K stadium than a 60k stadium,
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  5. New Stadium Plans

    I think that it's a political stance (anti-Putin) that the UK Govt is holding, and Chelsea FC is reacting to.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    Not been to a game for a while. So with the Burnley game falling on my day off (Monday) and on general sale thought I'd see if I get a ticket. Bloody £60! Hypothetically speaking how much money are the club making on home ticket sales over a season and where is that reinvested into? With sponsorship deals becoming even more extravagant I'm pretty sure cost is a moot point. If Roman was in the country we'd get started building now imo. This is all a political stance the club is now holding.
  7. New Stadium Plans

    Would it have to? That would be a very 'un-Roman' approach, surely? Over what period do you think that it would have to pay for itself (if that's even an issue)?
  8. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Now that is something we can agree on.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    This. Although, rightly or wrongly, I will say that I think he should have been given more starting time with us.
  10. I see. To my defence it’s not always obvious what is sarcasm or a joke these days;) As for European success, CA was knocked out in the CL group stages whereas Sarri won the CL group one of two seasons (knocked out in round of 16) and was knocked out in the group stages the other (reached round of 32 in the EL). The season he took over Napoli they were knocked out in round of 32 in the EL. Sure, they have made the quarters now but it’s such a small sample I’m not sure one can draw any conclusions at all.
  11. New Stadium Plans

    Yeah. I was thinking a bit and the only way a £1 billion investment makes senses is if you can put a lot of other events there. The biggest music venue in the world is 02 - that is it outsells everyone else with about 1.4mn tickets sold a year (which is only third of its capacity of 20k seats a night). I'm not sure using a football stadium makes any sense with less than 20k tickets so I don't really see a lot of scope outside sport. On the other hand a joint Chelsea/Fulham and perhaps QPR ground makes a lot of sense now that pitch care is so much better. And I presume it would be easy to get the borough on board with the same amount of games but just in one place. And the Tube station, a real handicap for a 60k ground is still a big asset for a 43k ground. It is even called Fulham Broadway. If we move out, we'd need to find a very big Green/brownfield site with a tube station about to be build besides it. I don't think those opportunities come around more than once a decade, and take 10 years to go through. And I don't think anyone right now wants to begin talks right now with a Russian co-investor. Just random thoughts as I type, but it looks like we are staying put.
  12. New Stadium Plans

    Don’t do it in SW6?
  13. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I am less confident, they have a different person in charge now and he seems to want to make it this way going forward. I was worried about this from the start as English teams never get treated the same as the Spanish teams.
  14. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Kante has three times more skills than Jorginho to play in the middle. He's got impeccable awareness of position. He can read the flow odd the game more than any other player in the team. He can win balls. He can run with the ball. He can chase down any player in the PL. Kante is already playing in the middle, doubling up as a defensive cover for Jorginho. Playing there without the added role of right sided AM would be child's play for Kante. You spent so much time ridiculing Matic as a donkey. When did he become the player without which Kante could not play in the middle?
  15. New Stadium Plans

    If I recall in round terms there was a leak that the budget had jumped from Half a £billion to a Whole £billion. My thoughts at the time were that this was a) exaggerated, for effect b) preparing the fan base for a no build decision in the future, c) could pretty much be taken as "forget about it". I can't imagine how the project can be made to pay for itself. I can't really see how or why a new owner would want the full rebuild either.
  16. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I think it unlikely too - but it was implicit in the comment I was replying to. I'd like to think a lot can be done this summer Last time we were like this was 2011/12 when we really were at rock bottom player wise but had just started put a lot of money into new ones (Cahill and Ramires being the start). The CL title (deserved but not then, kind of like a Nobel Prize for previous services) made it a lot easier to cover up for a crap PL year and still encourage players to arrive - like Hazard that summer. My main concerns now are Far too many on their way out players clogging up the dressing room (quite contrary to standard Chelsea practice - I almost always complain that rhe dressing room is bare). Much too much pressure on the kids. Kids are like watched kettles. Rely on them to perform and they won't. Pretend you are not watching and (if they are really good enough) they will breakthrough regardless. We need players like Kepa, Jorginho, Kante, Rudiger who are pretty good and ready to start playing from day one. Fortunately it seems to me that board policy it precisely to buy these types of players and only these types. Money not tightened but with much better focus. See above, not so sure about Pulisic, we'll see. But in the last 12 months the buying policy has been much much smarter than before. We can all guess why.
  17. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    We've spent loads of money recently. Pulisic deal already agreed. Nothing to suggest the purse strings are being tightened.
  18. New Stadium Plans

    ^ Probably similar to my thoughts on ... the 'B' word: It's taking forever Someone should have put in more thought at the outset, will it ever happen? Do I actually want it (very emotionally attached to the old home, although granted the new roost looks fabulous, will it attract the wrong types)? Can we really afford it?
  19. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    The idea behind the POV is that , lets be honest , we're not pulling any trees up at the moment , we can give the marginalised players the opportunity to have a go and if it all goes horribly wrong ( I'm kinda with you on that ) at least we can say , " Well , you had your opportunity , off you pop " and then fill our boots after the ban is up. We're writing a season off in effect but in all honesty I can't see Sarri magically getting blood from a stone or the board actually putting their money where their mouth is anyway even if the ban is not upheld .
  20. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I agree, however, I don't think we will enter the ban without a window first. The precedent argues against FIFA being able to make it stick. We must have some recourse to appeal (e.g CAS - before any ban comes into force) and I think it will be successful - so I anticipate one window before the ban if the ban ever happens.
  21. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I know this is a long repeated argument, but the idea of Kante playing in a midfield without Matic or Fabregas or Jorginho besides or behind him, terrifies me. I think hisa game would fall apart rapidly. Well yes but we are not struggling anymore than last year with older players and Conte's plan B (Fabregas) sold. But I agree, we need 4 or 5 first team contributors to come in soon. I just don't get this pov. Yes what we need is 5 guys to step up and play regularly, and they don't have to be PL winners, just more committed that all but 5 or 6 that we have right now. And yes if Tammy comes in and performs that would be perfect - for the performances and for the mood (especially in the stands). But I just don't see many actually doing that. Tammy (40% chance of breaking in as our new No 9). RLC (20% to reach levels as advertised, not this season's). James 10%. Christensen (60% but to replace Luiz who has been good this year and might have the legs for another). Pulsilic (40% - who knows) Emerson (perhaps - unless we are already counting him as in). Expected total - 1 or 2. I do see dozens of back up players. Most of whom are going to be trying to get out, and are furious if they can't leave, furious if they don't play, and totally disinterested if they do play. You mention Giroud, but there are plenty more now, and there could be 15 or 20 "Boogaards" next season with a transfer ban including 5 or 6 not even PL or EL registered. Sounds a complete disaster to me. The transfer ban could be dragging the club by the ankles at the bottom of the down wave. We could drown instead of rising on the next wave.
  22. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I am considering whether that is meant to be ironic or not. A short streak of disappointing results and he would be in the Sackwatch bin, as usual.
  23. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    I think that's where the "work with what you have , not what you want to have" option comes in , Conte ( I know , I know ) said he simply didn't have the players to play an expansive attacking game and win so chose to be much more defensive minded , Sarri is being stubborn and trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear with in my opinion a squad without any real and tangible quality in it , bar one or two players , and one of them has had his game tweaked and is suffering because of it. Without a proper rebuild , any coach would struggle. At this point in time I honestly believe the transfer ban could be the catalyst for real change , the dissatisfied youth players and loan army can all try and stake a claim for game time , the more mature members of the squad will either sign one year extensions or be off ( Giroud is already making rumblings ) and with a transfer ban in place and the squad decimated , surely even the media would cut the man in charge some slack ?
  24. Or indeed when was the last time you made a comment I understood - not for 2 or 3 months I'd guess.
  25. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    The question is, with our current squad is any coach good enough?
  26. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    That’s a good case for the defence. However as it’s stands there is a transfer ban for next season therefore the desired players are not available. So the question is whether the coach is good enough to ride the storm of no transfers next season and can get the club in a position to qualify for the CL?
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    He only cost a million a month without his wages.
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