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    My guess is that you aren't on 250k+ a week. Talking of class, who takes those videos, let alone who forwards them to the press. It seemed there were more people filming the event that participating - like a HK protest.
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    That’s no way for a gentleman to behave. I’m not that old (39), but I’d never treat a woman like that. Let alone hang around women who accept to be treated that way. Just appalling. Where have all the classy gents and ladies gone?
  4. Media / Press

    And I'd say that's being kind 🙄
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  6. @dbuntinx Zou ik zeker doen. Zoals in de NFL een bepaalde max-tijd geven om te herstarten. Of de scheids gevoelsmat…

  7. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Anyone else notice the young Lille winger Amauro last night, he looks a real talent to me
  8. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    I'd have have backed who ever hit him first. Azpi was captain - he should have stepped in. Lampard should have sent a message on. Would never have happened if Luiz or Hazard were on the pitch, not just because one of them would have grabbed it first. JT, Cech, RC, Maka, Drogba, Ivanovic, Cahill, Wise, I can think of a long list of Chelsea players alongside which that would never have happened. I blame Southgate for giving Barkley a false view of himself. Kepa was different - it was clearly a communication thing between medics and manager (seemed pretty obvious to me that medics thought wasting time was the correct strategy - and finding out was why Sarri was so furious when he found out). Blame Zola for that one - communication was very much supposed to be his role.
  9. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    I'm not sure what the senior players around him could have done bar start a fist fight. He grabbed the ball and refused to entertain Willian or Jorginho talking him out of it. Reminded me a bit of Sarri trying to get Keppa off the pitch in last years LC final. Bar walk on the pitch and drag him off what are you supposed to do? Was that lack of leadership?
  10. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Copy paste from twitter doesn't work well on this forum. Lesson learned
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Great goal by SMS last week to help beat Juve. Showed his great ability with both feet. He really is a wonderfully technical gifted player, it’s just whether he could have that impact in PL.
  12. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    (What did you do to that post?) No surprise there. Who else takes on so many opponents in their own half? Do people watch what Kovacic does?
  13. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Highest take-on success-rate among players with 15+ take-ons in the #UCL this season: Mateo Kovacic (80%) Willian (68%) Boubakary Soumaré (67%) Jeff Reine-Adélaïde (63%) Lionel Messi (63%) The Chelsea duo leading the way. Source:
  14. Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

    Yeah, MT can you change the name to Costathedipper?
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    CB is an issue at world level full stop as there are hardly any world class CB's. For me, I would only categorise the following as world class or have the potential to get there on current form and play for clubs where you have any sort of chance of getting them or are too old I.e. no Van Djik, Laporte, Bonnuci etc: Romagnoli Skriniar Kouliably Of those players all three would be hard to get still, whilst KK is now at an age where clubs are probably not going to pay the sort of money you need to get him. Romagnoli is Milan's captain and Skriniar is wanted by Juve, Madrid and Barca. For me, we should target Romagnoli but he will not happen until Summer. For Jan in general, the only players that in all areas that you can get players of the right level are; Werner, Ake, Haaland and Telles. I list those players as the first three have cheap/reasonable buy outs and Telles only has 18 months left and plays for Porto who are a selling club. SMS at Lazio may also be possible at CM but he has questions over his ability to play in a faster league.
  16. Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

    I'd stick with what we had last night, we need to get league form back on track and last night looked strong for the hour they were on the pitch together. We have a week gap between this and the Spurs match, so plenty of time for the players to rest then if needed.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Potentially we could sell Zouma & Christensen and invest that into a top class centre back partner for Rudiger, with Tomori as CB3 and Ampadu as CB4. That would be a well rounded range of quality and experience. It is a shame Ampadu is not getting game time as he will probably have to go on loan again next season now, really needs some games under his belt. Having so many of the youngsters excel has given us the 'good problem' of not wanting to sign people to stunt their growth.
  18. Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

    For me: ----------------------Kepa Azpili----Rudiger---Zouma----Emerson ---------------------Jorginho ---------------Kovacic ---Mount ----Willian------Abraham----CHO At some point I think SFL is gonna have to give CHO a chance to re-capture form. He looks worse than last year as a player and that's usually a sign of a player lacking in confidence. Obviously Pulisic is playing well at the moment but if we can get the both of them (CHO and Pulisic) firing come the end of the season it would leave us in an excellent position moving forward.
  19. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Exactly. Newcastle. Very professional. But I can't remember a good 60+ minutes for him before injury. Promising 18 year old. Promising 19 year old. Ignore the hype and wait till he has played as much as Mount or James or Tomori or Tammy. To be fair, if you bring a guy like CHO on when hanging on to a crucial lead in a crucial game, you don't want him taking on defenders when the ball comes to him. Recycle and maintain possession, take up time. That is what he did and he shouldn't be criticised for it. Barcleys pen miss meant we didn't win it and that is the most frustrating thing. (the two posts covered a lot of other stuff) For me that penalty miss - or rather the way the senior players allowed Barkley to take it - was a good example of lack of leadership.
  20. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    All fair points, but we are way way off from being in the shite. The defence and keeper are huge issues area where we have been barely keeping our heads above water. However.....if you consider that our main kingpin of the defence, Rudiger has only just rejoined us in time for his Christmas dinner, Cahill was pushed out prematurely by the last coach imo, and Luiz was sold at start of season, this is a massive gap for a new coach to deal with. Add to that the loss of Kante for most of this season plus an out of form keeper and something has to got give. We are a fussy lot on here sometimes (me included). Last night wasn't all about Lille reserves , it was about a series of games (in an ultra tough group) that have ensured we are now in the knockout stage of CL. Barcleys pen miss meant we didn't win it and that is the most frustrating thing. But as I said, still 4th in Prem with chance to bring some quality in soon. We need a decent Xmas period and that I admit is going to be tough but at the start of the season none of us could have predicted where we would be right now.
  21. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    I didn’t think CHO have a good game . In fact, can’t remember the last time he did since returning from the injury
  22. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Great to have Rudi back. Besides one bad touch he was excellent and will only get better. Like the Villa game last week Willian and Kante had some quality one touch play in tight areas and Azpi got involved as well. All three were excellent, Willian our best player all season. Pulisic electric just lacking that final decision slightly however proving to be a very good signing. CHO been much better since the hamstring injury and was very good when he came on. Lacking a bit of confidence in front of goal but his winning of fouls and long switches of play released pressure when we were under the cosh. Most importantly Jorginho back in the team. Kovacic has been very good all season and Kante is Kante however unless your playing City/Liverpool, both are unnecessary. Pick one (Kante) with Mount at 10 and Jorginho dictating. That gives us the best balance. Nice confidence boosting win and a great result. A note of caution, they were significantly understrength. Their excellent striker from the first leg replaced by Remy who apart from his goal, was anonymous. Bring on whoever in the next round. Testing yourself against the elite is what it's all about.
  23. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    That's a really nice story to hear. Glad your Dad's collection has ended up somewhere it will be valued and can be enjoyed by others.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    We need an outstanding central defender, I've not been impressed with either Zouma or Christensen, and Tomori has probably had to play more games than was originally planned (but those experiences - good and bad - will help him). Although decent enough, I'd swerve Ake, even with the relatively cheap buy back.
  25. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    We aren’t going to be killing games off until we have better goal scorers and decision makers in the first 11 and on the bench. We can control a game from 1st min as much as we want but if we are not clinical then the opposition will always have a chance. Clean sheets are not really going to be a thing anymore soon for top teams. With the high risk football teams are playing now a days I doubt many would focus on clean sheets but rather how many they can score. We are stuck in between being a high risk team without many goal scorers and a team that can’t shut out opponents. Our last two games we should have scored 3 goals by the 60th min based on chances we created. If we only score 1 or 2 then the opposition will always be in it especially with how fragile the defence is and you can feel the tension at the back. I can understand Lamps frustration when he mentions the final third but the interview he made yesterday I think he realises it is a problem that is not going to change. Cesc and Hazard had a world class level of decision making and final pass. Right now no one in our team has the same level of those two things so it makes sense why we aren’t effective as we should be in the final third.
  26. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Agreed. We didn’t just lose an important player, we lost the best player in the league!
  27. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    I think the big issue is that , take Hazard out of last years team and we would have done much worse , In comparison , although there is still much work to be done , Lampard's done fine . And the football is much easier on the eye , and isn't that what everyone was clamouring for ? There are issues , I'd argue we could be fitter and we definitely need to close out games and bore for a bit when comfortable but I think that will come .
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