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  2. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Lol!!! I remember reading something about there being a buyback clause in his contract, but I've never come across anything that's confirmed it. I don't doubt that as he matures he will improve, I think he's a great talent, but I don't think we as a club have the patience.
  3. I've heard them and don't believe them . They're going to get Jokanovic and let their star left back to to United apparently . It's all cobblers.
  4. Has anyone heard any rumours about the board being interested in Jokanovic of Fulham?
  5. Chelsea vs Tottenham

    I'm not so sure, it maybe he is just fed up with Conte.
  6. Media / Press

    To be fair, and in the case of wembley games, they are spearheading the "£320 is plenty" campaign.
  7. Eden Hazard

    This snippet is an interview with Xavi on Spanish football I found on ahem. . . red cafe This took my eye, Have used bold on the interesting bit Sorry Eden it just won’t work Q: You don't think the Bernabeu is demanding? A: Both sets of fans are demanding, but the difference is that at the Bernabeu the demand is to give your all. They can't stand lazy players. Their reference is the spirit of Juanito. The culture of Madrid is the spirit of Juanito or Camacho. What's Barcelona's culture? It's not Victor Murioz's, or Caldere's. Barcelona's cultura is Cruyff s cultura. And he would turn, look, understand the game and not lose the ball. Source
  8. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    I see he’s in the re vamped youth orientated Dutch squad for the friendlies Against England and another. Looking forward to seeing how he deals with the threat of Jake Livermore etc Never underestimate competent non superstar players just look at dave.
  9. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Well I’m just going to have to manufacture some synthetic outrage at ‘ somebody being wrong on the internet” :) I guess we will be at odds on how things may have panned out, regarding Ake. Hopefully we may have a buyback clause, That consoles me.
  10. RT @pitchfork: .@Pre_occupations have made their most intimate album to date

  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Congratulations then on seeing something nobody else saw. And seeing it 6 or 7 times too. For the rest of us he never made team of the season. He did make Roma player of the year, but we had already given them an option by then. Btw Schurlle is an excellent example of how some players made it here, some didn't and the likes of Schurrle got very very close.
  12. Eden Hazard

    Maybe he is just out of form. Jan / Feb he was on top of his game.
  13. @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr @SenateDems @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @TheDemCoalition Awww! I'm starting to feel bad for pr…

  14. Eden Hazard

    Being Chelsea player of the year , once twice or a hundred times doesn't mean he likes tracking back , I was going on the reports that he didn't like the constraints on his game under JM and that was why and hence , he no longer tracks back, although despite doing the square root of nothing against Leicester he did actually track back a couple of times, possibly in his haste to get away from an area where he'd have to take responsibility for his (non) actions. The comments about not liking Conte were born out of his behaviour when he was asked to put the teams performance before his own glory against City ( which I thought was poor from Conte) and the ignoring Conte and not trying since. (You may want to read my later comments on Hazard where I do show some sympathy with his plight.) I cannot believe you feel everything is hunky dory on the Hazard front ? He's playing like a ghost at the moment , he's easily the most talented player in the squad but he's simply no longer trying .
  15. Eden Hazard So he was Chelsea POTY twice (out of 2.5 or 3 seasons) under JM, and once (out of one) under AC. But he "apparently" doesn't like it.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    When signed Salah was 21 and Willian 25 . The former a young player of immense talent, the latter a fine player starting his peak years. We signed Salah 6 months after Willian arrived, so why sign him? I saw him 6-7 times and he was absolutely magnificent, including against Spuds when he murdered them. The ability was all there, even after he left us he immediately made Serie A team of the season. Oscar was not a wide player and Hazard plays left. Salah like Willian plays right. You simply cannot defend Jose on Salah, it could not be clearer that he messed up massively. Really? You've made this claim previously and it does not hold water. BTW Schurle was 23 and did not get succesfully integrated during his 18 months here.
  17. RT @TMY_GoldMine: So how y’all day going?

  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Jesus, James, the window isn't even open yet and you are getting annoyed at nonsense speculation. For the sake of your (and our) sanity, perhaps step back from every rumour you care to stumble on?
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    So , if we do sign the players we're rumoured to sign , can we blame the next incumbent of the revolving coach's chair for them being crap , before or after he's been given the job?
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Peter Gulacsi, Toby Alderweireld and Luke Shaw are also in the Sun today. Steady on James the window is a way off yet.
  21. Media / Press

    I see the price hikes for the FA Cup semi final and final have gone down like a lead balloon, and quite rightly. The FA are the biggest bunch of hypocrites going. On the one hand encouraging the £30 away ticket cap, and promoting concessions etc, then the next they are hiking the tickets by £15 and £20 for their own games.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sound more like his agent stirring things to get him a nice fat contract I doubt there will be any movement until the end of the season, when the club will deide on the fate of the current coach Another overated south american is probably the last thing the club needs at this point. DOF and a building a spine of the team is the priority
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    We can't buy but we can sell, if I understand it well, so what happens when a 100m bid comes in for Hazard on Aug 10th. No possibility to buy replacements but players may force the move still.
  24. If it wasn't for a mindless pass by Christensen in the first game to hand Messi a goal on a platter, he'd have had a rather subdue evening overall. While he was more dangerous in the second leg, he was once again gifted two goals on a platter by Courtois. He benefited tremendously by the mistakes our players made, which on another night were all preventable. Individual mistakes cost us, as has been the case throughout the season. A lot of that stems from a drop in individual player quality we now have in defence (and in general) in comparison to prior years. Arguably, the current defensive options we have could well be the weakest we've had since, geez, possibly since our last season under Ranieri or even prior. We've been spoiled over the years with quality defenders who were some of, if not the best going around at the time. Makes a huge difference. Edit: This isn't excusing Conte from playing his part - it all goes hand in hand nonetheless.
  25. Chelsea vs Tottenham

    In essence I would agree with you , however , since the "Man City - False nine" fiasco he's looked crest fallen and uninterested , I think he's going to leave post World Cup and I cannot really blame him , we have not really surrounded him with the quality we should have and he's always been left carrying the side , it's gotten to the stage where he's focusing on not getting injured prior to the forthcoming World cup imho. A sad state of affairs even given he's annoyed me recently with his attitude.
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