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  2. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Thoughts and prayers for Mrs VVD and the family and friends of the late VVD.
  3. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Text from my Scouse mate on Sunday referring to Dave being half-strangled and no punishment - "Welcome to our world". Reminded him of Ovrebo, Cech, Batshuayi ... when I'd stopped laughing. Took a while.
  4. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Sums it up for me. I expect the appeal will be frivilous My biggest gripe is that after the week long vigil we had for the death of VvD, Everton then get a red from VAR......... they were itching to get redemption for the poor Liverpool lad who became the first injured player in history.
  5. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    One of the most annoying things I have had to listen to for many years is how "soft" footballers are as compared to Rugby..and now NFL....the point always missed is that to take and absorb any sort of blow or tackle around the upper body( or legs grabbed in a tackle) is far easier..if admittingly painful..than a kick, tackle or lunge with studs anywhere on the legs whilst in full flight. Shrugging off and pushing on with an opponent holding on is a strength thing....crashing to the ground from a wayward or even legal tackle is a balance, speed, issue. The incident in question was to my mind..questionable! is often stated.."Seen'em given..or got away with" Dave's affectionate hug from slab head is another matter....I wonder sometimes if there is an automatic "blackout" on VAR for a Chelsea Blue shirt? Just as an aside..the sneer here.."Soccer is a soft game etc" reply is usually "It is the way you play it."
  6. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Having had some studs in my achilles, I'd never accuse him of acting. It was horrendous, even if it was not 100% intentional.
  7. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Off topic can I just ask people on here about the Everton sending off if anyone else saw it. I've just seen a replay of the incident, I don't believe it was intentional, but I can understand why the ref sent him off. my beef with it is the players reaction..if you watch it again, when he is fouled and goes down, he looks up at the referee puts his hands out at his side as if to say what was that, then decides to curl up into a ball and roll around three times, blatant cheating at its best. some may say it's a delayed reaction, but it definitely made it easier to dismiss the Everton player.
  8. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Giroud/Tammy, Ziyech, Mount and Kova should all be starting. Start Silva unless he still has a knock. Surely we don’t need 2 DM’s for this one. We need to see a game with just 1 DM. We will get a better balance imo.
  9. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Don't think Frank has the luxury of messing up this one. Good chance Roman will be their in person, and he will not want his Chelsea machine become a cropper in his home country. "Ruskies are very proud people and don't take embarrassment very well"
  10. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Quite - so I guess it doesn't matter. An opportunity to get in an extra pre-season game, one with all the key players now fit? Or a rest for the key players and an opportunity for the back up. Maybe a trial out of an English speaking back 4 (that is a back 4 that is forced to speak English). For whatever reason, Rudiger seems to be emerging from under the muck. So I am guessing he starts.
  11. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Frank play 3 CBs again. Thinking it would be good to rest Werner and also Chilwell so the latter is fresh for Burnley away on Saturday. Abraham with an option for Giroud later on would be good. I would like to see Pulisic again as want to see him getting a goal sooner rather than later.
  12. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    No idea what happens here. Do you put your strongest team out, and try and secure the win as early as possible, or do you take the view that a slightly weakened time can win this anyway and we save one or two for the weekend? pass.
  13. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I expect to see a few players rested for this one, but we can't risk any dropped points, so don't expect too many changes. I also think it will (hopefully) be a good game to get some more goals under Werner's belt, so I'd probably let him play the first 50 mins or so. Let Silva have a rest for this one and James too. Mendy Azpi - Tomori - Zouma - Chilwell Kovacic - Jorginho Ziyech - Havertz - Pulisic Werner We have the 5 substitutions, so hopefully, we can get comfortable by half time and then look to give Werner, Havertz, Pulisic, Chilwell and Zouma/Jorginho a rest.
  14. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I'd start Giroud and see if he can strike something up with Werner. Then I'd put Havertz on the bench for this one and start Ziyech and (probably) Hudson-Odoi.
  15. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I do not see SFL dropping many of the big names for this. CL qualification out of the group is a priority for the club and if he loses this he is going to be under a lot of pressure. Mendy Dave AC Zouma Chilwell Kova Kante/Jorgi Ziyech Harvetz Puli Werner Subs - Willy, Rudi, James, Alonso, Jorgi/Kante, Mount, CHO, Giroud, Tammy Silva is the only one I see not travelling, I also see Kova and Ziyech coming in as a little bit of rotation but I do not see it going much further. I also see us sticking to 4231 and not reverting to 433 even though I am not a fan of 4231.
  16. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I like the look of that. Same defence for stability and continuity. New midfield because Kanté has been awful for ages now. I'd also give rests to Havertz, Werner and Pulisic. Perhaps one interesting tweak could be; Mendy Azpilicueta Silva Zouma Chilwell James Jorginho Kovacic Mount Abraham Hudson-Odoi If Ziyech isn't ready to play 45 mins +.
  17. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Le Tiss is a good shout (though I suspect Ziyech has the shooting skills). I can see him playing CF in years to come as he gets stronger. But in a creative flair way that used to be much more common once upon a time - Osgood, Marsh, Bowles, and more recently just Cantona and Ibrahimovic. Quite a few of them played alongside a 2nd striker, like Hutchinson while claiming to be the No 9.
  18. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Mendy James , Silva , Zouma, Chilwell Kova (holding) Ziyech Havertz Mount Werner , Pulisic We can get the back 4 plus 1 to stay fairly conservative if needed and get the attacking 5 to attack . If we cannot absolutely wallop these we have no business being in the competition Lets start imposing our game (if we have one) on the opposition and stop farting around at the back.
  19. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Frank need to play his strongest team from the start and hopefully have the job done by HT. Frank cannot afford to drop points in the CL to fodder opposition "if they are fodder"
  20. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    IMO from what I have seen, the team should be built around Havertz, His touches at times are sublime, has the ability to pick a pass and ghost into goal scoring positions. maybe he is a modern day Matt Le Tissier? Pulisic like Hazard best position is driving into the 18 yard box with the ball at his feet "defences cannot touch him without giving away a penalty when he is in full flow"
  21. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I think I would go with something like that. We need stability in defence, Ziyech needs a runout and we need to rest Pulisic, Havertz and Werner.
  22. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I would retain the same defence but make changes in midfield and attack, trying to make it easier to get the ball from front to back: Mendy James Silva Zouma Chilwell Kovacic Jorginho Mount Ziyech Abraham Hudson-Odoi
  23. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    I had it as a choice between him & Giroud tbh. I gave Werner the nod as I’d like to see him get a couple more goals under his belt
  24. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    ^ Agree with all of this with the exception of Werner. I would start Tammy.
  25. FK Krasnodar vs Chelsea

    Mendy Azpi Rudiger Tomori Chilwell Kovacic Mount Havertz CHO Werner Pulisic
  26. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I agree that poor coaching is our biggest problem, over and above the selection of players that we currently have. And we do have a good selection of attacking talents. I should have added, of too similar mould. However, simply grouping them as wingers and AM us a bit crude. Between Pedro, Willian and Hazard we had a broader selection of abilities and skills than between our current five. Pedro was direct and best at receiving the ball on the run. The faster the play, the better for such players - ask Solomon Kalou or Son Heung-min at Spurs.. Willian and Hazard had no problem dealing with the ball either way. They'd take a dead ball, go past one or two, turn around and do it again. That helps you to dictated the game. When the game gets sticky, or if you decide to slow the game and ride it through, you need that slow ball skill, that ability to graft, mixed with the ability to explode with speed when the chance comes. I just don't see that in this crop of attackers. I still consider Pulisic our best true forward. He'd instinctively seek to attack a defence. But he and the other 4 lack that total control of what to do with the ball from a dead position. With better coaching, we could make better use of their skills. But I just don't see Havertz and co taking a dead ball, dribbling past two defenders and picking a team mates, at will. I may be wrong.
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