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  2. I'm talking about the changes affecting rhythm of play etc. yes, they made a load of change too. The entire game was scrappy and disjointed. It's a great leveller when two teams mess about like that.
  3. On Ziyech - dear oh dear. Yet another bust in an attacking position. I was hoping his delivery and final pass would be a difference maker for us. He is ridiculously lightweight, slow and just too unathletic to ever be a real threat. Set-piece delivery alone isn't going to be enough. This isn't the NFL where we can bring on a specialist kicker and then sub him back out.
  4. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    No sign of a changing system last night, just a complete failure with the one we have used all season. Similar 60+% possession too. Managers are best not taken literally - especially when what they say is clearly different to what is happening on the pitch. My guess is just that he is making excuses for some poor performances (while at the same time quietly recognising just how good the main man of the CL an EC winning teams is). Did you really not see how we missed Jorginho yesterday? I mean what is the point of all that possession if it stays in one place all the time?
  5. The fact that we are sitting nicely top of the table is TT's credit. When we struggle against some middle of the table's team, it's all the players' fault. HOWEVER, If the manager then changes the system and the same players play better in the new system, it's still the manager's credit, and was still the players fault that they didn't do so well in the previous system. You know what really get me chuckling. If TT had said in the post-match interview, "I am working to change the system to address our sluggish transition", you wouldn't be saying, "don't be silly, it's working fine, it's the players' fault" That is, unless the manager was one Antonio Conte. Hilarious, honestly.
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  7. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Well yes it is the players fault. The bold bit I totally don't get. The performances with Rudiger Silva and Jorginho have been excellent (other than against Juve and City and even then there was only a goal in it). This and Brentford were AWFUL in comparison. In between we had 2 great games. CLEARLY it is the players and not the system. BUT TT is doing fine. The sieve is doing its job even as we pick up points and get to the next round. You set 'em up.... Southampton made 9 changes. I wouldn't expect them to have the depth of squad we have. Pretty sure a full Norwich team would have beaten this Southampton starting XI. .
  8. Of course. It is very difficult when you make 8 changes.
  9. I know it's shocking.
  10. Who cares what the performance was with such a makeshift side? The result is the only thing that matters. Players' performances bounce of those around them, and if they've never played together before it's not surprising if it was a bit disjointed.
  11. To cut your long story short, it's all the players' fault. Nothing in your analysis about the fact that TT has played this unimaginative system using different players against different teams and ended up with similar performance, problems, and even results. One example; the system of deploying your attacking players in WB stiffles your transition. That is why we struggle to get numbers up quickly enough after we've won the ball. It's a self-inflicted problem albeit one with its own advantages. It's easily exploited by average teams and decent managers. We didn't have 5 Kovacic's and 5 CHO's out there last night. We had 10 outfield players who were struggling in the same formation that our other players have found hard to create something with. At Chelsea we've been fortunate to see more football and more managers than most other clubs. We are getting close to a classic situation where the manager must come up with modifications to a system that worked but has now been debunked by opponents - a second season syndrome, in my opinion.
  12. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Havertz in a Championship match is how I'd describe the first 60 mins. A Championship match without Havertz for the rest. It was very much I imagine like watching the young Osgood in Div 2. Yes the game was exciting (for Southampton fans) but not for fans of TT's well-organised low risk just enough dominant controlled football. For Ralph Hasenhüttl this was exactly the kind of game that suggests a change in recent results and a move away from his end of the table. For Thomas Tuchel this was exactly the same kind of game. It worried me, much like the Brentford game was very worrying. 16 fouls I understand in first 32 mins, and another 16 in the last 60 mins. Southampton's press (and our response) calmed down after about 25 mins, but they did up their game again at various points of H2. Imagine if either team had exchanged their keeper off 2 mins into injury time. It would have been 2-3 without pens. Hypocrit that I am I pirated a BeIn broadcast for this game. I should never be accepted as a Football Club owner. I like to think TT is using current games to work out which members or the squad he can turn to when necessary and which he can junk by January. If so he has learn a hell of a lot in the last 4 games while winning all 4. Of the players promoted today, Kepa Chalobah, Sarr and Saul all supported their position in the squad while doing nothing to challenge the existing pecking order. Saul looked useable for the first time, Sarr looked a more all round player than against Brentford. CHO did not follow up on his last 2 fine performances. Ziyech showed patches of class few others can match. Barkley again showed he is isn't a 6 or a 10 or an 8. He looks good as long as you don't expect him to fulfill a role while looking good. Kovacic was the real disappointment. At least in the playmaker role. I know it is Jorginho, Rudiger and Silva together that make it work, but without all 3 someone has to step up. Otherwise we get games like today where we are in no more control of the game than say Southampton with half a dozen players out. We got the goal with a fine ball from Saul through to Alonso whose cross lead to a corner and the Havertz header. Yet how did Saul get the ball? Anyone remember? Kovacic went round in circles on the edge of our box beating 4 players before turning into a 5th who part controlled it and then kicked it away to the watching Saul. It was suicide football - you can't play that kind of football there. ironic and very very lucky. Overall Kova is a worker and this season has started running head up so he sees stuff. But once he starts dribbling head goes down and he becomes an accident waiting to happen. Needs Jorginho behind him. It is unfair to say Kovacic was bad. It is fair to say we are not the same team without Jorginho - not by a long long chalk.
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  14. A hip injury but he's expected to be ok for the weekend.
  15. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Barkley has the all the technical ability needed to be a real quality player for us. Such a shame he's lacking in the mental side of the game. The Premier League is just too quick and physical for Ziyech. Defo get rid of asp!
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  17. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Any news on what RLC injury is? Hope its just a minor niggle and nothing to do with his heel.
  18. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    some seem to forget it was 1-1 in PL when it was 11 vs 11 What tonight proved there are members of the squad who will be gone in the Jan window or next summer. CHO is a front line player and is wasted in the WB position Saul seems to be a board loanee and will probably be around until the summer
  19. @TamaraVdc @Fiddler83 @MGoedefroy Dat is een dunne grens. Als jongere denk je vaak dat het wel sfeer is, maar als I…

  20. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Didn't know you play football with your teeth, unless of course your names Suarez
  21. Over and over and over. What a boring tw@ he was. If I had been a Southampton fan I'd have knocked him out.
  22. Energy was there but again poor in the final third. Ziyech especially. CHO was beating the fullback but lacking in decision making once space opened up. Thankfully it'll be rare to see this starting xi again. I really want to win this cup.
  23. From the post match presser “Unfortunately yesterday we lost Azpi with an injury, Andreas told us he could not play because he had tooth surgery and then Ruben. We missed three players that maybe would have started. I liked the energy today, it was a good game."
  24. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Lol is that what he was saying. It was so clearly audible, must have been shouting directly into the mic.
  25. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    I just don't get it with Barkley and Ziyech. They had nice cameos against Norwich. Here's their chance to put on a show and try and push their way into the PL first XI and they squander it.
  26. It was the first match I’ve seen him play - and boy, he was terrible. Had two quite good shots though but aside from that. Don’t know what’s happened to him Ziyech and Barkley weren’t far off either “Tuchel’s hand forced a bit in that regard with Loftus-Cheek, Azpilicueta, Christensen, and Kanté all missing out due to various injury” is this true?
  27. Used to dread them but now you feel confident heading in to them.
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