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  2. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I knew I'd come on here to the majority of people moaning and being negative about this. Personally, I think this is a good result and whilst not a very exciting one, I think it was a decent, organised defensive performance. People moan at Frank and the coaching staff for us being so poor defensively and then he works on fixing that, people moan it's not exciting enough... just have some patience! Cleary, we are working very hard on the defensive side of our game at the moment and being more organised in that area and therefore, inevitably that will reduce our ability to be free-flowing gung-ho in attack, for now at least anyway. As we begin to improve at the back, we can then start to look at getting the balance right in attack, I still have faith in Lampard that he will find this balance. As for the game itself, Silva was absolutely immense, what a player he is, regardless of age. Mendy is actually a keeper and no doubt, if we had Kepa or Caballero yesterday then we lose that game. Having a real keeper will put confidence in those in front of him and also means teams know they can't just take shots against us at any opportunity and get a goal. James was superb again yesterday as well, although clear to see RWB suits him much less than RB. Azpi also had a very solid game, just such a good professional that guy. Jorginho did well again, he's impressed me recently I must say, but him and Kante as the 2 CMs mean we have no real link between defence and attack, I wonder if/when Frank will consider moving Mount back into one of these positions. Felt bad for Pulisic, Werner and Havertz, it felt like they were in a different game as the gap between them and the rest of the team was so big and for me Havertz is not a winger, at least not yet anyway, he looks much better in that no. 10 role and him when him and Werner can interchange and work off each other a bit more. Those worried about Werner, not for me, not at all - clearly he's getting goals in this league, that doesn't worry me at all (at least not yet anyway!). How we didn't get a penalty is beyond me, apparently, VAR did take a quick look at it and deemed the onfield decision to be correct, which if that is the case just makes it worse and then to rub salt into the wound, VAR clearly desperately looking for a way to award Sir Marcus a penalty at the other end for a VERY light touch from Silva. If opposing fans wonder why we get so frustrated a claim 'agenda', watch that whole passage of play and you might see why. will demand So, for me, not the most exciting performance, but I do think it's a good result and I do see the progress being made. Our next run of fixtures will demand that we see more balance, however, as they are very winnable games and I would hope to see us back to 4 at the back and Havertz in the no.10. Krasandor (a), Burnley (a), Rennes (h), Sheff Utd (h) before the next pointless international break and we have to be getting 4 wins IMO.
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  4. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Starting with a 180m front three you might expect a little more, however it would seem the priority is to have everyone behind the ball and hoping for a counter. One shot on target and the inability to turn donkeys like Lindelof and the 80m thug does not fill one with confidence on where the team is going. Pulisic (57m) - was the golden boy during project restart - not seen anything this season, apart from a lot of theatrical rolling around and noises when an opponent challenges him. Werner (54m) - Looks out of sorts today in a system which is not suited to his strengths "some of his facial expression said it all" Havertz (+70m) - you can see he oozes class and the team should be built around him Ziyech (34m) - came on as a sub did nothing, need to see him some more, first impressions are another soft centered winger from the dutch league, who will be loaned out next season Tammy (HG) - Seemed to be constrained to defensive duties, rather than having a go Giroud (18m) - Only another 11 weeks to go before the annual I'm want leave request. "He should have been used today, however today system of everyman and his dog behind the ball was not suitable for a 34 year old"
  5. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I think most have not mentioned the save with his foot that Mendy had on Rashfords shot. That was immense.
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  7. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I am sceptical of how effective he can be in a system like ours where so many players need the ball at their feet. Maybe at can work but to me he seems like a better fit for a team like Liverpool.
  8. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    It feels like management has no plan it believes in. First games we were too reckless. Then we overcompensate by becoming too timid. The balance is not right.
  9. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Very disappointing. Against Seville going for 0-0 had a point. It is an easy group, Seville are the only real rivals, giving up all chance of a win served a purpose at little cost. We might be 6th now, but there are 8 clubs within 2 points who have a game in hand over us. We could be 11th on Monday. We need the points unless we have given up on the season already. This looked like a team going into a long long rebuild after a very poor season. If this was Conte in 16/17 wanting to change the approach entirely I could understand it (actually there are similarities to the ultra defensive first few games where we had 8 in the box before he changed it to 3 CBs only and everyone else goes manhunting). If this were AVB in 11/12 or Sarri in 18/19 I'd understand it. This team looked like either the manager is certain of a 3rd year in 2021, or is uncertain of 3 more games. You'd have thought we had just lost 6-1 to Spurs. If I were a man U fan I'd be even more disappointed. True after half an hour of us on top, they took over for the rest of the game and for the last half hour made a genuine attempt to get a goal. But had they pressed us they might have found us as weak as we were against Southampton or WBA. They barely came within 20 yards of us when we had the ball. Even then Mendy had a shot on goal. Players - the FBs looked good, but then that is rather the point of 3 at the back. Silva looked good and Zouma OK but neither were put under much pressure so easy to be Yip free. Azpi looked terrific I thought, a he generally does at RCB. Whether as a Sheff United style overlapping WCB or stepping into midfield or covering for James, he looked class. He is also the only CB we have had who has not had the yips so far this season. In a game of 2 teams neutralising each other, Kante neutralised more than most. Mendy to date hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself. Here he did make two saves that can genuinely be described as good and boosted my confidence in him. Neither brilliant - comfortable height, plenty of time, but both good. Too early to judge, but positive progress. Next up, can we play all that farting around at the back football Frank likes with Mendy in goal. King Kante - Can't agree at all. Not just the tactics, but Giroud and Kovacic would have added nothing. Kovacic had almost the whole of 18/19 in that No8 role, we know full well how he can play in the Jorginho role pretty well, in the Kante role pretty well, in a double pivot pretty well, but is useless at 8 or with attacking responsibilities. Quite. 2 games now, by the next time we decide to attack and find out, the season may well be over for us.
  10. Media / Press

    We are going thought possibly the most incredible week of "media reaction" across the world I have ever seen. I think media have stopped "reacting" all together. They are entirely about deciding what to create and what to deny. Football is only page 32 of the trend.
  11. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    If Mendy isn’t in goal today I think we’d have lost. Slightly worried about Havertz, far from convinced by him so far and even though I had expected him to start slowly I still had expected more than what he has showed so far. If this is what he can produce now, he’s not in our best starting XI imo. Robbed of a clear penalty and another clean sheet. Onwards and upwards.
  12. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    We look much better with Mendy in goal. The misplaced pass aside, just no fuss making decent saves (didn't think any were spectacular the one at the end was good) adds solidity at the back. I feel like if Frank has the balls to change up formations he should have the balls to drop Havertz. He's not that good unless played in the 10 role or similar. Frank is happy to chop and change things at the back without reason, dropping and promoting players almost randomly. Yet he feels he has to play the record signing despite his formation making them irrelevant. The numerous tweaks available to make us more effective today, with 5 at the back, involved dropping Havertz for Giroud, Tammy or Ziyech. The changes of formation and personnel to me seem a little bizarre, because its just picking our best 11 players and shoehorning them into a formation without any pattern of play. I really think the indecision/fear/lack of clarity is filtering through to the players on the pitch. A point in this fixture isn't bad albeit a boring game. But I feel in general a lot of us on here aren't seeing what we hoped to from Frank's performances.
  13. Media / Press

    Which makes the media reaction all the more appalling. Clearly Liverpool = > England.
  14. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I do. Mendy has conceded 1 goal in his 4 starts for us so far, and Thiago Silva has kept 4 clean sheets out of his 5 starts in total. Other than the two absolutely mental games against West Brom and Southampton, we’ve been very good defensively this season so far.
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  16. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Do you honestly think we would have held on for a 1-0 for over 45 mins?
  17. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    The grounds were it was Chelsea
  18. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Yes. I don’t know on what grounds it wasn’t given. According to Gary Neville, Maguire’s arm was “resting” on Azpi’s shoulder. I don’t think he was being funny.
  19. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Probably told to go easy on Maguire today because he’s been through such a traumatic time recently 🙄 THIRTEEN?!!!!!
  20. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Finally something good to talk about, we got a valuable point away to United, that stops them from getting two extra points. We gained a point on last year. The defence played well, Silva superb, Mendy excellent. The midfield is still a conundrum, I thought Jorginho was good today, Havertz is getting there, there's a fantastic player in there, Kante dreadful again, killed practically every counter that came his way, has no attacking instinct whatsoever. We have to be careful with Werner, he looks miserable and is playing like he doesn't know whether to stick or twist, we have to play to his, strengths which we currently are not. Not a bad day all in all.
  21. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    We would have lost this without Mendy. Or should I say with Kepa. That said we were denied a stonewall penalty. Amazed that nothing was referred. But hey, it was Manure and they always have the extra man.
  22. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I think we all had high hopes pre season with our exciting signings. I think that's why it's hard to watch such a negative but robust display. I think with the signings a lot of us thought we'd be on the front foot take the game to teams like city and Liverpool have been for the past few seasons. However, it's now quite clear that time is needed for the team to gel. Last season was easy to manage, because we had less competition for places and young players eager to impress but, with them also knowing that they were going to get game time. Taking a step back, I think this is a step in the right direction. However, like JFH mentioned, our next games are ones that we should win on paper and if we don't then questions will inevitably follow.
  23. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    With them it never is Jane. Happy with the draw but hoping we can find that balance that works. On another note Ajax scored 13 today.
  24. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    It should have been 1 0 today if justice had been done 😡
  25. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Pretty solid defensive display and when they did get through Mendy made some good saves. Can’t really complain as we pretty much set up for 0-0. Don’t think we deserved more. Maybe it would’ve been interesting to start with Giroud to give James a target for his crosses. It never looked like we were going to find another way through. That’s two nil-nils in a row. Now we need to find a way to convert those into 1-0 wins.
  26. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Exactly. There's no balance, it's either parking the bus or gung-ho. I would hate to think that the coaching staff is pleased with themselves after the last two games (Sevilla lost at home to Eibar today for anybody interested). More important than Lampard's journey is the team's journey. And I can't help but think valuable time may be being wasted.
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