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  2. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    More movement than Giroud and more strength than Werner yet those two are on the bench ahead of him. He is clearly the best all-rounder of the three. If you want to make an argument to say that he’s not “world class” and that we should be aiming for better for next season I can accept that, but to not get ahead of Werner and Giroud is outrageous. What do you mean can’t keep giving chances? He’s had two halves of football... Has Werner kicked on? If we’re talking about giving chances, why hasn’t Tammy been given the same chances that he has? Werner can’t trap a bag of cement let alone hit a barn door but keeps getting included yet our top goal scorer can’t get a look in!! Tammy got hooked twice at half time for sub-par performances - has he done the same with Havertz when he’s had quiet games? (Because he’s been pretty inconsistent too)
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    But none of are attacking players have played well under tuchel . We have had good results but in my opinion apart from the palate game we ard far to negative.
  4. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    He hasn't kicked on. When Kane got his chance for Spurs, he was firing from the start and hasn't stopped since. Tammy has had 2 seasons and hasn't lit the World on fire, it's a shame, but you can't keep "giving chances" for years just because it's the virtuous and sentimental thing to do.
  5. RIP Prince Philip

    Wow 🤩 You’re a bit of a legend really aren’t you Chara? 😉
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Why? clearly not in next seasons plans giving the number of names being thrown around. Harsh maybe but he hasnt improved, he just doesnt have the movement or strength.
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Matt Law also reporting this, so I guess this is credible. Just utterly bizarre.
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    I am starting to think he may have a transfer lined up.
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Yet we hear from some here that any manager would have given the chances Lampard did to Abraham, Mount, James and Hudson-Odoi...
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  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    His talent is evident , so is his injury record but to be honest my opposition was really based on over paying on him purely to pay off a chunk of their stadium debt . Let what happened to us with the stand in the 70's happen to them .
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Tammy Abraham OUT of Chelsea's squad for FA Cup semi final with Manchester City | Daily Mail Online Mmm.......
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    I would expect Arrizabalaga to play due to keeping the FA Cup team together. Wondering if Azpi will start too could be up against Sterling.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair, if I were able to play for Chelsea and we were at the level of Spuds, I would prefer a career at Chelsea than move to another club.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wouldnt go anywhere near Harry Kane for multiple reasons but the man is sheer class, as a footballer. He will, without question, look back at his career and think what might have been. A player of his quality should have been playing for the absolute elite, winning major trophies every year and competing for the Ballon d'Or, he should be remembered as one of the greatest players of his generation yet he wont be remembered by anyone other than a few Tottenham fans.
  16. RT @FOXSoccer: The wait is over. Welcome back, @MLS! 🙌

  17. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    We have seen him at LCB play in a style where most of the passing stats went to Azpi and the middle CB. That worked. But I agree, he isn't my choice for City
  18. Media / Press

    But we really aren't. China, probably yes, but any conflict with Russia is invented fiction.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    If we get City in the final, I want to London final. **** going to Turkey.
  21. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Boom. Result tonight was the best we could've asked for. I would say it pretty much rules both Everton and Spuds out of the top 4 as they will need to win every game here on in. Everton's run in is probably the only one worse than ours.
  22. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    If Zouma is playing, I prefer him at RCB, which is where I would play him against Brighton. I also wouldn't be totally against him starting against City there but would prefer Dave.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well this is an issue with him that is only going to get worse as he gets older. Don't get me wrong, great striker, but one with a reoccurring injury problem (ankle) and not in the age demographic we drop money on. Signing him aside, I don't think tonight's injury is a major one.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    2021 Kane in a nutshell.
  25. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Yeah. Silva against City, Zouma against Brighton.
  26. Transfer Talk Topic

    And then on cue, injured.
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absurd tonight. Two half chances, ping. Net bulges.
  28. RIP Prince Philip

    He came to the Island I lived in the the Royal Yacht met by a small group on the dock...very close up and personal..:"This close " as I said to the Patriotic Mrs C...Her Majesty came some time later with him...alas only watched them go by in a limo at the end of the road leading to where I worked...but sorry lovely Caribbean sunshine! (A week of snow as I write..justice!)...Oh and I did meet his Mother-in-Law on one.....
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