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  2. Chelsea vs Luton Town

    As a 90s kid that started watching football in 2000/2001, I look back at the football play of this era as purer, more human, more chaotic and free flowing, less robotic, less monotonised, less formulaic and less sterilised as what I watch today and have grown up watching. It might not be better quality or as technical, no sports science, the pitches may be all over the place, but it just looks more exciting to watch, more chaotic and random, and the crowds look more passionate and enthusiastic. What do you elders say? Am I creating a "Golden Era" in my head that didn't really exist? Or am I onto something. I'm not talking about the hooligan and health and safety element, obviously that has improved leaps and bounds. Just the football itself. Also on another point, the disrespect the FA Cup gets these days breaks my heart. I think I was lucky in that I got into football at the tail end of the classic romantic image of the FA Cup, just before the beginning of it being shaped into how it is viewed nowadays and it has stuck with me to this day. Indeed my Dad taking me to the 2000 FA Cup Final may have been what got me into football, even though I recall being bored and wanting to go home during the celebrations haha. But I was very proud to announce to my Arsenal and United supporting friends at Primary School, that Chelsea won something that hundreds of teams were in, not only 20. So we were obviously the true Champions of England. I feel kids growing up these days aren't going to quite feel the same as everything has been hyper focused to the PL and CL, hyper focused on corporate brands and corporate image, the FA Cup feels like it is treated as an afterthought by the teams and broadcasters alike. Almost like it's something people put up with rather than truly care about.
  3. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Huh?.....actually went twice,,,wasn't allowed as I remember but.....
  4. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Wait, what?
  5. Following Chelsea's Loans

    That clarifies absolutely nothing.
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  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    LAMPARD EXPECTS TOMORI TO BECOME 'TOP PLAYER' Frank Lampard has tipped Fikayo Tomori to become a “top player” after the Chelsea defender completed his loan switch to AC Milan. Centre-back Tomori broke into Chelsea’s first team in style last season, blasting a fine long-range strike in a 5-2 win at Wolves to announce his Premier League arrival. The 23-year-old even went on to make his England debut last term, having caught the eye of boss Gareth Southgate, but could not maintain that upward trajectory at Stamford Bridge this season. Many Chelsea fans have expressed frustrations with Tomori’s loan, but Lampard insisted the academy graduate can still flourish in west London in the long-run. Asked to explain to those vexed supporters why Tomori has left temporarily, Lampard said: “Because I have five centre-backs and I can’t do this job and expect to please every fan; that’s football. “What players you should pick or not, whether you are searching for consistency or going on an unbeaten run there are questions. I have to pick two at a time and the numbers don’t always add up. “Fikayo is a developing player, a very good player. He is going to be a top player.” LAMPARD EXPECTS TOMORI TO BE.textClipping
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    For Ham
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Rudiger got fit around Dec 2019 - the same time as Tomori was also eased out of the team. He had barely played after April 2019. If I recall, we also abandoned further trials of 3CBs at the back around the same time.
  10. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    That sounds interesting.....actually been to the Black Museum...the head of Security where I worked way back was an ex job guy at Scotland Yard and he took us.
  11. Following Chelsea's Loans

    His exclusion alone suggests that something happened. He made one or two errors, neither of which led to a goal being conceded. That can't be it. Christine is pregnant..... 🤔 😉
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yes understood, but this wasn't now when he's going but way back when he was mysteriously dropped. Think back Mike, do you remember a point when he was playing where you thought "Jeez this guy is out of his depth"? Meanwhile Christensen is drowning
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    What do you think, out of interest?
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    'Reports' where, and by who? And the people who apparently wrote these 'reports', how would they be likely to know? The press is always full of bollocks written by people looking for an angle. We all know that, don't we?
  15. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    I'm a bit lowbrow compared to you guys but I've just finished a series of really excellent books by Martin Davey. It's high Concept fantasy where Judas Iscariot of thirty pieces of silver fame has been denied heaven by God until he works his penance on Earth where he is in charge of Scotland Yards black museum where the souls of various famous criminals are stored and forced to re live their deaths over and over. Hardly Martin Amis but brilliant none the less.
  16. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Good to see some activity here...will try to follow up on recommendations. A book I enjoyed some time ago was "No Great Mischief' by Alistair MacLeod.....I sent a "must read " to my sister and later received in the mail from her "Island" collected short stories by the same author. On a less book'ish theme have just finished "G-Man" by Stephen the Bob Lee Swagger series....the first two in the series waaay back were excellent and most of the sequels very readable although more like a sequel upgrade on the way "The Magnificent Seven" sequel should have been in our own minds...original characters preventing Yul Brynner overdoing the "man in black" character!.... best of the bunch to my mind "The Third Bullet"...
  17. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I read reports that they had an argument after his last game for us and mysteriously despite showing himself a far safer bet than Christensen, he's never played again. Sounds feasible to me.
  18. Following Chelsea's Loans

    You go for 'guesswork', but I'll stick with 'invention'. Whatever that 'something' may be. Ah well, there's an alternative. i didn't say that it was.
  19. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Obviously it’s guesswork, but given the guy went from pretty much a regular fixture under Lampard for a year and a half (including allowing the sale of Luiz), to completely and utterly banished for the last year, I think *something* has gone on. There were a few reports recently that he doesn’t train the best - so it could be this, but I fail to see that’s it’s been a decision based purely on favouring Christensen and Rudiger.
  20. Chelsea vs Luton Town

    Eddie McCreadie's Blue and White Army. Plenty of my heroes in there too. Finnieston in particular. Well most of them in particular. Funny I was just thinking yesterday how my hair looks exactly the same as it did in 1977 apart from the streaks of grey. Those were the days, underage drinking and the first stirrings of punk. People complain about the schedule now but look at this: 3 games in March, 3 games over Easter Weekend, Friday, Saturday, Monday. This was pretty much THE Eddie mac team of young treasures. I'm sure Kenny Swain would have been 2nd striker / RW as I don't think he moved to RB until after he joined Cloughie. I presumed Mickey Droy was being rested given the rush of games, but I checked and they played almost the same team for all 3 games. Promoted in 2nd place, so not much need for the giant that year. Gary Locke was a monster at that time when the FB pushed the winger down the wing, best foot or not, and then outsprinted him to block the cross. John Sparrow was a real talent, playing 8 games in the first division at 16, in the days when there was only 1 sub for emergencies. But a broken leg meant his career never really went anywhere (I suspect modern surgery would have made a huge difference). David Hay seems to be the one player rested, or perhaps he had lost his contact lenses.
  21. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Sorry Mark, but where did this nonsense come from? You have no idea what (if anything) Tomori has said to Lampard. Seriously, it's pure invention.
  22. Chelsea vs Luton Town

    Yep..but at 1-0 I said if City get one they will get four,,,not far off...once the second one went in it was all over...keep ball and attack when a chance different from having to chase a goal....but well done Cheltenham..played well and fought all the way...class tells once again even if a bit squeeky at one stage. The Romance of T'Coop.... hope that's enough lower side heroics for the weekend!!
  23. Following Chelsea's Loans

    No loan for Alonso yet? Well I don't. Similar to Christensen, not in Rudiger's class. Just as Zouma is a specialist big fella, Tomori is a specialist pace merchant. It really is not in his interest to be spending the next two years like the last 13 months with a single PL start. We brought in Silva, Rudiger got brought in from the cold, and then there is the 20 yo No 5 at Swansea who have conceded 13 goals in 24 games. A £25m option is a long way short of a £25m sale. I really doubt Tomori has a problem with Lampard. Some of the senior players might have had problems with Lampard a year ago for playing his 2 Derby lads so much.
  24. Chelsea vs Luton Town

    Cheltenham - feel sorry for them :)
  25. Chelsea vs Luton Town

    ManCity doing great at Jonny-Rocks Stadium :) :)
  26. Following Chelsea's Loans

    We've seen how good German league players are in England first hand. Not very. Are you seriously saying you don't rate Tomori? From what I've seen of him he's light years ahead of Christensen and Rudiger and easily as good, better in my opinion than Zouma. This looks like one of two things, pound signs in the eyes of the board or Lampard getting rid of a player who talks back questioning his lunacy.
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    You said that anyone stating that the board is responsible for buying players is gullible? I mean, does anyone think that the board is not responsible for signing most, if not close to all, of our signings?
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