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  2. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    'Being the problem'and 'solving the problem'is making it a bit black and white, Kovacic may just have been an improvement. The defensive qualities of players weren't being discussed in relation to the Newcastle game because they weren't needed. Newcastle had no intention of attacking. Tbf myself and a couple of others have pointed our Kantes skillset will be needed in this game against Arsenal, hopefully we won't be discussing the lack of defensive qualities at the end of the game!!
  3. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    no zouma makes me happy
  4. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Kepa in form as always.
  5. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    wtf is kepa doing. he is no ball player and nearly got caught ..
  6. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    4 minutes in , our first corner ends up in a chance for Arsenal because we're clueless and Kepa is feeble .
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Christensen not Zouma and no Mount. I hope Frank has a cunning plan.
  8. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Well, Kovacic offers better attacking qualities than Kante and might have added to our attacking options. But he doesn't cover us defensively as Kante for when we need to win the ball. But did we lack attacking players against Newcastle, when we already had the most offensive lineup in Jorginho, Mount, Willian, CHO? I don't think so. Even Reece James spent a lot of his time attacking, so much that CHO was tucking inside half of the time, to accommodate Reece. I really don't see this lack of attacking players that Kovacic would have solved. This is a typical case of the one that didn't play (who would have solved our problem) If we're going to judge Kante on his attacking contributions then we might as well judge the attacking players on how well they defend.
  9. Chelsea vs Arsenal

  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Joe Cole making the very same points about Kepa. Rooted to his line and falling backwards whilst trying to make the save. A few crosses landed well within the 6 yard box and instead of coming out to catch or punch them he actually ran backwards instead and was off balance. In my opinion he hasn't got the confidence to come out because he's fundamentally short and fragile. I trust Joe Cole's opinion.
  11. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I hate it when Ferdinand starts making intelligent points about Chelsea on TV. Life gets really confusing now that Joe Cole comes across well too. Should our wingers be getting in close to back up Tammy as Ferdinand says - absolutely. Keown's generalisation is smart. "wingers don't really play until they get the ball" . And the clips make it clear that Kante getting into the box is not the problem - rather it is only one quarter of the answer!
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    If any striker is available on a sensible short term deal we will be in competition United, Spuds and Barca, all of their main strikers have long term injuries. Only plus is we mah command a bigger fee for Giroud, but I think we mah be best keeping him for emergencies (arguably should already be ahead of Bats anyway)
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sod's law, window shuts Tammy gets injured, and we have no one to play up front
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're not going to buy anyone . Not happening .
  15. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    There was a time when we had so many potential goal scorers, you never knew who was going to be on the scoresheet in each game. Not only do we miss JT as Captain and all that entailed, but he used to pop up with goals too.
  16. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Thats why I would have started Mount. Best goal threat after Tammy.
  17. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Where's Tomori? 🙁 Very worried about this one 😳
  18. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Kante is being discussed because he is the only one of those players where there is a viable alternative, Kovacic, who has performed well this season. At least it started as a Kante v Kovacic against a park the bus team discussion, following on from the Newcastle game, rather than people just blaming Kante for our lack of creativity. A discussion of replacing any other creative player with the alternative on the bench would be a non starter.
  19. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Shame that Reece isn’t fit enough. I really do look at that 11 and wonder where the goals are going to come from...
  20. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I would have picked Mount over CHO. Good to have Kova back.
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  22. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Team: Arrizabalaga | Emerson, Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta | Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante | Willian, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    But it's looking like we won't
  24. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    If we're looking for who to blame for our lack of creativity, then we have to look far away from Kante, I'm afraid. Every player, from keeper to striker to has a main role and an auxiliary role. Kante is in the team mainly for when we need to win possession. The game can change from minute to minute from possession to chasing the ball. He has a secondary role as attacking midfielder, which he does a decent job of it. The problem is, our attacking midfield is not being creative enough. Instead of blaming Willian, Mount, CHO and Jorginho, who together created next to nothing, we seen to be blaming Kante. The fact that we are not creating goals has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Kante's safe passes. In an ideal world I would like us to have a player who does everything - wins the ball, dribbles, runs with the ball, hits creative passes. There is not that person in the team. And Mount, CHO, Willian saw more than enough of the ball in advanced position and created basically nothing.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    We can but only if we buy to build on our current position
  26. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    He makes good runs off the ball though instead of watching the ball waiting for things to happen.
  27. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I think in a possession based team Kante is less important. The opposition don't seem to mark him he gives mostly safe passes. I noticed he scored that amazing goal against Liverpool early in the season because no-one thought he was a danger. His strength has been in winning the ball back, less useful if you become a possession based team.
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