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  2. Ajax vs Chelsea

    Rudi did not travel, not sure about Emerson.
  3. Ajax vs Chelsea

    Kante and Barkley are out of this game. Emerson and Rudiger did some light work in this morning's training
  4. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Up until that mistake vs Barcelona Christensen has done really well and was looking a good, solid defender, but after that night he has never been the same player to be honest, mistakes started creeping into his game and the confidence just drained game by game and he never seems to have recovered. Still a good player in there.
  5. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    All that I remember about Christensen in 17/18 is his mistakes - one against Barca being the most memorable one
  6. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    I was just taking it to extremes - as if I were the media. I think all CBs get better at the physical side as they get older. And I think he finds playing his natural ball game was a lot easier in Germany or in a 3 with Conte than in a 2 in the Prem where both CBs and targets get closed down rapidly. He has value. But sure - we have one top class CB (injured), and we should want 2. Tomori is a perhaps only at this stage. The others, Christensen and Zouma are bench players, and frankly neither is old enough to play 10 games a season and be a reliable option from the bench, nor should they want to do that. I have to give credit to Frank/the club. At CB at least we are now in a position where we have a great position going into the next transfer windows. Some quality, some sellables, some space for a top player. That is quite an achievement given where we were 18 months ago. (And it is true in several positions).
  7. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Yeah he doesn’t strike me as someone with great confidence. I was impressed when he played consistently in 17/18. I thought his reading of the game was pretty good. The problem is he does not really have anything that stands out about him. His positioning and anticipation are probably his best qualities but he has too many weaknesses which he probably can get rid off eventually. I do still think he will become a very good defender one day. I am just not sure when that day is going to be.
  8. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    ? I didn’t say he was definitely going to be sold. I said I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some noise about him leaving soon considering we have three CBs that are currently better. Personally I never really took to Christensen. Mentally he feels weak and very hesitant at times. He doesn’t strike me as someone with big hairy balls if you catch my drift.
  9. Burnley vs Chelsea

    Oh I don’t disagree. I do t see much in Christensen either that Zouma, Rudiger or Tomori doesn’t to equally well or better.
  10. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Oh dear, first player to properly breakthrough at Chelsea sold on after 35 PL starts in 30 months.
  11. Ajax vs Chelsea

    It’s going to be a tough game can see it being a cracker though. 2-2 giroud and pulisic with the goals hopefully Lampard makes a couple of changes mount and Tammy to be rested got a bad feeling Tomori is going to make another mistake that gets punished this time
  12. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t some noise regarding Christensen soon. Will be very interesting to see how Lampard handles this!
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  14. Burnley vs Chelsea

    Players with exceptional recovery pace will always take extra chances. Tomori had a couple lapses against Newcastle but we still walked away with a clean sheet. I think its just a matter of time before they drop off though because they are already playing very regularly. That being said, Christensen never looked the part IMO. He made critical errors throughout Conte's second season and generally isn't a standout player in any particular area as far as I'm concerned. Tomori even on a bad day is still stronger and much quicker than Christensen with, at the very least, the same passing range and concentration levels.
  15. Burnley vs Chelsea

    Having watched the game for a very long time I have seen quite a few horrendous injuries...all were bad but every time I think of Burnley now I see Matic's leg bending under the "challenge" from of the most distressing sights of recent times..and Matic getting the red! Mentioned many times by me but Burnley were the first side I saw at SB...a fond memory for many years but now a side I hope fail every week...from a model club with a great youth setup to a bunch of thugs coached by thug..sorry don't often get heated but Mark hit the spot. the days when Senior Amateur Football was enjoyable to watch a Hendon player was carried of with a bone sticking out of his leg. Horrendous as I said.Perhaps that memory makes the Matic incident resonate for me.
  16. RT @Rich_Hammond: As of right now, the get-in-door price for Tuesday's Clippers-Lakers game is $105 (on the secondary market). It's $226 f…

  17. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Yeah, that’s actually how he got that nasty knee ligament injury.
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Big result. Two pt gap.
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Do my eyes deceive me? Arsenal being given a lesson by Sheffield? I’m liking this guy Emery more and more
  20. RT @Clint_tadmata1: No black person is willing to sacrifice themselves to show twitter what happens

  21. Burnley vs Chelsea

    Ha ha!! That's just what Martin Tyler said about him yesterday at Old Trafford! Absolutely. And btw I think if Liverpool had gone on to win that match, Martin Tyler would have fallen off his gantry in blissful ecstasy. He just couldn't wait for them to score again.
  22. Burnley vs Chelsea

    Oh cynical...AND SO RIGHT!!!!!!!
  23. Burnley vs Chelsea

    If Martin Atkinson refs this we'll be lucky to get out alive , they love to give him to us so SKY can praise him for "letting the game flow" as they launch assault upon assault against our players . It's either him or whomever is the biggest "homer" on their books so Jon Moss or Kevin Friend. Expect VAR histrionics.
  24. Ajax vs Chelsea

    Spuds are in a group where they just need to beat Red Star home and away then beat Olympiacos at home or even just get a 0-0 or 1-1 with them. Madrid should get out even after one point from two games. Salzburg may drop but again they can turn it around at this point. That said, this is a pretty moot point as I reckon we will make the last 16 regardless.
  25. Ajax vs Chelsea

    one of these will do on Wednesday
  26. Ajax vs Chelsea

    Spurs will not make top 2 at this rate. Madrid too. Salzburg likely to exit too. Europa will be tricky this year. Definitely harder than last year.
  27. Ajax vs Chelsea

    The only big hitter that may drop into it is Inter but they are dead set on trying to win Serie A and getting top 4 again, which is a lot easier. Therefore, if they drop in I can see them not taking very seriously. After that the other top teams would be Arsenal, Utd and Seville who are already in it. As bad as they have started Spuds should still get out of their group.
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