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  2. Chelsea vs Southampton

    It's funny how Fabregas probably had his best season for us playing in a two man midfield. We won the league that year too if I remember correctly? It's a myth created by people trying to justify Conte's bizzare decision to start playing the ultra defensive 352.
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  4. Chelsea vs Southampton

    From the expert
  5. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Thanks , it's always nice to be recognized when you try and stop cyber bullying.
  6. Chelsea vs Southampton

    It isn't "him" that does it. it is the back 7 that does it. If you wanted to tell me he couldn't do it in a back 5 or 6, I would listen. Moreover it is precisely Fabregas who stops opponents coming forward in numbers. That much is very clear to anyone. Thought you might say that.
  7. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Not just me that's noticed it then.
  8. Chelsea vs Southampton

    It's not a myth whatsoever , he cannot hack it in a two man midfield , I love the guy but he simply cannot do it. I think you're getting caught up in your haste to automatically gainsay anything Zaffo posts because he had the temerity to actually watch Italian football and offer some real insight into the way Conte achieved so much with Juventus. It's getting more tiresome by the day.
  9. RT @ChelseaFC: Great news! 🙌 Charly Musonda has today signed a new contract with the Blues!

  10. Chelsea vs Southampton

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  12. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    I'd have thought they played us much the same was as they played Spurs when they had 3 at the back or any other team going back to Mikel in front of 2 CBs or Chopper in a similar role in the 1970s. 3CBs and WBs is not original. 532 though is truly original - or at least untried before. Doesn't seem to be troubling opponents though. Just for the record though - no opposing team went 3 at the back because we went 3 at the back. They went 3 at the back because we put 3 at the front Pedro/Willian, Costa & Hazard and they caused mayhem. It wos the players that dunnit.
  13. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Courtois Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger Moses - Drinkwater - Fabregas - Kante - Alonso Hazard - Batshuayi or Courtois Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger Moses - Drinkwater - Kante - Alonso Willian - Hazard - Pedro I'd take the gamble of leaving Morata out of the side and starting Batshuayi in a 352 system. World play neither if we line up with 343 and stick with the trio that started at Huddersfield - although a risk itself. Drinkwater in for Bakayoko on both accounts. Fabregas would need to be dropped unfortunately if we're to play 343 because of his lack of mobility and speed leaving us too exposed. And if the itch of being super bold strikes I'd bring in Zappacosta for Alonso in the 352.
  14. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    It's not so much about playing more attacking per say. Teams simply didn't know at the time how to play us when we shifted to the 343. It took quite some time for teams to work out how to combat us, it also helped significantly that we were largely only playing one game a week. This allowed Conte and his staff to really analyse opposition teams and work out the best way of exploiting any weaknesses, while also allowing our players enough rest where we could field the same players each week for the most part. The other huge factor is that we were more clinical in front of goal and in the final third in general - particularly on the counter-attack. Costa was on fire until January. Hazard looked back to his best. Pedro was regularly contributing with goals or assists. Willian had his best goal return of his career. Alonso and Luiz were a huge factor also, while Fabregas - despite being in and out of the side at one point still managed to reach double figures in assists. When all of our attacking players were positively contributing on a regular enough basis it makes a huge difference. Having the likes of Luiz and Alonso adding to that was the cherry on top. This season has been the complete opposite. We're playing more games, players are getting less rest and we've had injury issues and suspensions. Teams are more aware of how to face up against us and prepare accordingly. Our attacking players haven't been consistent enough, and while we're creating chances we're incredibly wasteful in front of goal. Our play in the final third has largely been disappointing. This is coming from essentially the same group of attacking players as last season baring Morata for Costa. I mean, we've scored 0 goals this season from counter-attacks. An area we were so dangerous with last season and it's not for a lack of opportunity, we've just been careless in the final third overall. Our players aren't taking up great positions at times or making the runs needed to get in behind sides as often either. There's been a huge decline in through balls being played in comparison to last season as well, again caused by our sloppy execution when we enter our attacking phase. Then our defence hasn't been as solid as last season either. We're conceding some real sloppy goals and this puts more pressure on our attack to deliver. We've then tried to change this around formation wise and it's been able to provide us with a bit more solidity overall - which we has previously been lacking. However, it's also not solved the issue in the final third when it comes to our attack. That ultimately rests with the players themselves simply not performing to the levels needed. No doubt we'll switch back to 343 for a period of time but it's going to be important that our attacking players start to perform consistently. Otherwise, we'll likely see a move back to 352 where it at least provides us a more solid foundation and see's us less likely to be overran in midfield - particularly if we're going to field Fabregas. Either way, both systems have pro's and con's at present because of the gaps they still consist of due to a lack of genuine quality and depth. Unless we're going to back the manager accordingly to resolve that, then expect a fairly inconsistent season in comparison to last year. While there's also an array of other variables that play a factor which have differed from last year. That all said and done a top 4 finish is around about where we should be. So in that sense, we're right on par.
  15. Chelsea vs Southampton

    For me, Morata starts on the bench. And I'd have to find a way to include one of Bakayoko or Drinkwater in the starting lineup (probably the latter).
  16. RT @BRlANFC: You deserved to get replaced by Drinkwater just for this ffs

  17. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    That time on the ball issue is only an issue because Bakayoko's very poor at actually bringing the ball under control. As for the bit about criticizing him supposedly for the goal, as Droy said, it's more that he actually missed the goal but it was re-directed in. You should choose to highlight the first touch and the acceleration if you want to defend your point that he has some sort of potential instead IMO.
  18. RT @Goal_India: A first three points of the season for @KeralaBlasters as they downed 10-man @NEUtdFC by a solitary goal at Kochi! #HeroIS…

  19. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Are you saying that Baka scored the goal - if no why bother.
  20. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Technically, the ball went in the net.
  21. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Technically Baka missed a goal.
  22. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    It is more the time, or lack of it in the PL that players need to adjust to. France is a much slower, less competitve enviroment. You're almost criticising Baka for scoring a the top flight DD has managed a career high of 2 in one season in all competitions. Baka is already on 3
  23. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    But he was already playing more attcking football than he does now last season didn't he? I'm not asking for the City 2323. But an attacking version of 343 isn't too much to ask with at least three attackers and Fabregas. How are we supposed to score goals with no scoring players on the pitch? He already changed from what he did last year. I'd have thought it to be easy to change back. Finally - the club buys players yes. But you seem to argue it buys and sells without the managers input. I can't agree with that at all.
  24. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    I don't think Dave is asking for any more than the kind of team we played half this season and 85% of last season. Not even how we started last season off with 4 wins. He certainly isn't arguing that we should play like Arsenal, Spurs, Man U, or Liverpool. And definitely not like City. That is standard manager talk ahead of windows. It is just to pre-empt any questioning on upcoming deals. Ask any manager in February if he controls transfers and they will all say yes absolutely. I'd like 433 or better 4231/424. But I'm prepared to accept 343 +Conte as manager if they come as a package. The trouble is that decisions back in May or earlier limited us to a tiny squad overweight in defenders. I can't imagine us deliberately leaving 4 defenders on the bench, we just don't have enough players for 6 other positions and subs. I doubt net numbers will change in January by more than +1. Mind you it looks more and more like Luiz is being used as a bargaining chip for a January purchase, a decent AM one hopes.
  25. RT @suths96: Closest he'll ever get to winning the prem

  26. Huddersfield Town 1 Chelsea 3

    Oh no, at no point you called for Conte to be fired. However, you have been asking him to change his defensive style of football. You know what? That is not going to happen anytime soon. This is like saying I want my conservative minister to make liberal policy. If you want liberal policies, elect a liberal leader. So, say, if you were playing God at Chelsea, the only solution to your problem is replace Conte with a coach with attacking ideals. In my experience, you cannot change people - especially ones who have been in the industry for as long as Conte has been in football. You pick people based on their experience and hope the perform. Secondly, as Conte has alluded time and again (latest being in the presser that ended minutes ago), the club is in charge of transfers. So, I do not understand why you pin the blame on him for selling attacking players and stacking the squad with defensive ones. Finally, I do not remember the last time when the title was won with a leaky defence. This season might be the first in years. So I suppose I am OK with Conte wanting strengthen from the back. I have quite come to agree with Droy on the formation. Given this squad I would like to see a 3-4-3 as well. Also, I would like us to strengthen the flanks the next time there is an opportunity. We are fairly sorted in midfield, though a player like Nainggolan or Vidal won't hurt.
  27. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Yes. Great first touch, then shot wide and put in for an og.
  28. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Danny has at least demonstrated that he does possess the technical ability when in possession, and discipline when out of possession. He is also able to distribute the ball properly. As for the bit about adjusting to a different league - I honestly dont see how a different league affects the way Baka controls a ball, or how it will affect his ability to complete a simple pass. Even the goal he scored last game looked as though it was a shot off target. I also get the feeling with Bakayoko that he is zoned out most of the time as well and should be a lot stronger that he currently is too.
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