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  2. Sandro seems crazily expensive, £60m for a LWB? only thing I can think of is maybe Conte wants to play more like Juve. They play more of a 3-4-3 with the 2 WB setting up in line with the midfielders and seem to spend 80%+ of their time playing from mid to att and only dropping back when they need to. I wonder if Conte was forced into a defensive minded 5-2-3 because of Alonsos pace and trying to save the season. Still, £60m is still a lot for a WB, shame we couldn't get Dani Alves in that deal too. Another interesting battle next season could be who gets the best buy, us with Bakayoko or Man U with Fabinho (if that happens). I'm still hoping we take 35-40m and dump Matic on them. Manolas is a bizarre one, on the verge of signing for Zenit for about 30m whilst we're looking at 60m for Van Dijk, seems a no brainer, Manolas is one of the best and most consistent defenders in Italy, I really hope we do submit a 35m bid for him, only 26 too, no brainer.
  3. I wouldn't mind if the squad ended up looking like this: Courtois Caballero (New Buy) Eduardo Cahilll Luiz Christensen Manolas (New Buy) Alonso Sandro (New Buy) Azpilicueta Moses Kante Chalobah Fabregas Bakayoko (New Buy) Hazard Pedro Willian Traore A. (New Buy) Lukaku (New Buy) Batsuayi Sanchez (New Buy) Probably a tad fanciful with a couple of names there, but you never know.
  4. I agree, Matt - terrific player imo. Can't see that he's on our radar though.
  5. In regards to Ake-I imagine it's a case of how Lukaku felt before he left in that he's got Cahill, Luiz, Dave, Zouma and the returning Christensen to compete with and he feels that he can get more game time elsewhere. And like Lukaku, I'll be disappointed that he hasn't decided to stay to fight for a place, but I can understand his reasoning. I'm sure that we'll insert a buy back clause this time round.
  6. Oh wait....hang on there:
  7. I'd like to see Martial at our place. Weren't we in for him then United made some crazy offer?
  8. Musonda's been with us since January anyway mate I think. Would be surprised if he didn't go out on loan as he needs gametime. Be gutted if we sold Ake and even a bit disappointed if we loan Zouma out tbh. He's a beast on his day, and with a good pre-season, under Conte's guidance, he could yet become the monster CB he looked like he could be. Also interested in what we do with the more established loanees such as Baker, Van Ginkel, Pasalic, Brown, Rahman etc. A few of these could be used to pad the squad out.
  9. We'll sign 6 players IMO, plus Christensen and possibly Musonda coming in from loan too. Sandro, Bakayoko, a CB, two strikers/one striker one right sided forward, and Calibero. Costa, Matic, JT, Zouma, Ake and Begovic out. RLC probably out on loan. I suspect other loan players might come into the squad as Moses did last year. Maybe Van Ginkel. Possibly Hector or one of our other CB's on loan, or a youth player promoted. But we'll see.
  10. Just a thought, but the transfer window opens 1st July and doesn't close until 31st August...Chelsea historically don't discuss transfers until they're done so I think it's a bit premature to think we will only make 3 signings.
  11. Arsenal targetting Martial. We should be doing that as an addition of just Lukaku isn't sufficient if Bats is still going to be playing a peripheral role. Martial can play as a wing forward when needed as well.
  12. We can only presume that Chalobah will be given a larger role to play. No talk of him moving him with a sale or loan. Perhaps it'll be Kante and Bakayoko in the league and europe. With Nathaniel playing all of the cup games.
  13. Exactly that we should be buying different types of players than what we already have. That is, adding to the squad. But at this time we are only replacing players, especially on costa and Matic. If anything we should be keeping Matic. We need depth next season. Otherwise, we need more than just lukaku and Bakayoko in those positions. Should be adding players, but we sre currently still net zero even with addition of these players.
  14. Please forgive my stupidity and ignorance but it would appear we are going into the new season with even fewer players than this last one, even if we sign Lukaku, Sandro and Bakayoko as they seem like replacements rather than additions.
  15. In my opinion Alonso wasn't found wanting in defence last season and Hazard didn't do badly as a result (in my opinion).
  16. The issue with an oval is that there isn't a defined home end. At least our new stadium is more of a rectangle. With a little planning we can avoid the mistakes made by Arsenal, West Ham and Man City. People who want to stand and sing for 90 minutes should be placed together behind the goal. Anyone offended by swearing should sit on the sides. Fans' initiatives are very important nowadays.
  17. So it appears that in the next two weeks or so we can reasonably expect Bakayoko and Sandro through the door. Increasingly it appears Bakayoko could actually be a direct replacement for Matic rather than an addition, which makes me feel a little more confortable with his signing as I feel he will have a similar impact on the pitch and that hopefully we will go after another CM. Please let it be Veratti. As for Sandro, I am in the camp of £50m to upgrade Alonso, at this moment in time, seems a little indulgent when we have other areas that need work - see CF, AM and CM. Admittedly, I have not really watched him enough to form a solid opinion so I could be wrong. Indeed, as lots of people around here appear to view him as some sort of Roberto Carlos reincarnated maybe he could actually turn out to be a bargain.
  18. Yep, agree absolutely. Ake has always looked relaxed in his role.
  19. More importantly, he is not good at atyacking open space. Alonso may be slow but he is very aware of how to use space. Probably gained a lot from his time in Italy.
  20. No, he's terrible on the ball. Certainly not good enough going forward to play RWB.
  21. I agree that LWB shouldn't be a priority. But I see why we are pushing hard for it as Sandro looks like a better defender in isolation than Alonso and would give our left side attack a new dimension by freeing up Hazard even more.
  22. Not for me. He could do the defensive CM role that Matic has been given very easily. Though I think the system would still need to be tweaked to find space for Fabregas. Azpi is quick for a defender, can turn and gets very tight to the oppo without committing himself. Great in a defensive situation. And he plays the sensible balls. But no great creativity, and can't beat a competent FB with either trickery of pace. This may be controversial, but for me, if a new mega CB arrives, it will be Luiz not Cahill or Azpi who gets squeezed out. (At least so long as Fabregas is getting regular starts).
  23. Do you guys think Dave can do the job at rwb?
  24. Bakayoko appears to be a done deal-€40m in a 4 year deal.
  25. Where has there been a lack of faith or gratitude shown towards him? If anything, the faith shown by us to buy him in the first place should be good enough. These men are professionals - they know the score regarding the squad game nowadays. Tell me who we put in Alonso's place if he were to do a ligament 30 mins into a game without it disrupting the formation? We went to pieces when Alonso didn't play against Utd at OT. Id much rather have Alonso be an able deputy to Sandro (if the transfer happens) so we have two excellent players for that position. Agree about needing a better player for the RWB position.
  26. Florenzi has wingback in a Conte system written all over him, but the guy picks up more injures than a vacuum picks up dust particles.
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