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  2. The players also have the security of earning millions for a set number of years and the bonus of a huge signing on fee and higher wages if they leave on a free transfer. Maybe it would make sense if every player had a buy out clause or if transfers were calculated on a multiple of wages or buying out contracts so that if players were rated by clubs they would be paid accordingly eg Juve claim Sandro is indispensable yet they 'only' pay him £60k a week and we are willing to offer him better terms than they are willing to renew him on.
  3. I think you're right - although another way of seeing transfers is that clubs 'compensate' each other for concluding a player's contract prematurely. Looked at that way it's a bit less of a 'flesh trade'.
  4. Bellotti, Verratti, Sandro and a couple of other duds! A grinning Conte who has bleached his hair Bakayoko style - the price Roman demanded for compliance with his requests. There should be more of that at Chelsea - Roman going a bit Caligula and demanding bonkers behaviour from his minions imo.
  5. I certainly think that the Costa situation, along with the stupid prices clubs are paying for ordinary players (forget the £200m for Neymar; Sigurdsson is decent enough, but £45m???) may yet get the ball rolling toward seeing the end of transfers altogether. The Bosman ruling, far from being a final act in 'player freedom' was just a catalyst. It will be a while yet, but as you say, in what other industry are employees traded in this way?
  6. Oh perhaps I just didn't understand the analogy then! We seem to agree:) Well I certainly hope you'll be less wrong then me! But please let you be wrong as the club surprises us all on deadline day with five new players lined up next to a grinning Conte.
  7. I've seen Conte give press conferences when angry and/or 'down'. Today he was quite jovial. I'm not saying he's 100% happy with everything that has happened/not happened, but ffs quit the doom and gloom!
  8. I think we'll get three, not sure why I arrive at that number. I'd say one new WB, one CM and possibly a forward. As I type it I realise I'll probably be 100% wrong on the positions - but feel confident that three will come.
  9. I'd say we need more than four in reality. GK: Courtois, Caballero, Eduardo DF: Azpilcueta, Christensen, Luiz, Rudiger, Cahill WB: Alonso, Moses, New RWB, New LWB CM: Kante, Bakayoko, Fabregas, New CM AM: Hazard, Willian, Pedro, New AM, Musonda Jr. S: Morata, New S, Batshuayi One could even argue that would be the bare minimum one should find acceptable. There's an argument to have 22 senior outfielders - I.e two more taking the total up to seven new players. Optimally it should perhaps be seven, bare minimum five with the most likely scenario for me right now being one or two new players. That would mean we'd end up with 16-17 senior outfielders. Last season we started out with 19 (incl Chalobah).
  10. Hey We're all either angry, bemused, irritated, frustrated or losing our innate optimistic confidence with every day - I'm in the last camp. But, seriously, as this is a forum of 'friends' (in the sense that we presumably share the same interest in Chelsea and hopes for the club) I do wonder whether 'venting' your anger so often and vociferously helps you. I'm not being ironic or sarcastic at all, here. I had anger/anxiety problems for years and a key to stopping them was resisting the temptation to indulge in 'reinforcing behaviours' - e.g when angry, do not continuously express the anger - tolerate the feeling, do nothing, it will subside. Again, I stress, this is a fellow Chelsea fan expressing genuine concern for another - not a joke, not facetious. my comment comes from the heart.
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  12. Maybe I am better than that. I'm just angry at the club. If we had a stronger squad, then we might not need more players, and if that were the case I'd be fine with that. But right now to have a basic, quality squad, we need about 4 more players to be really competitive in four competitions this season. And Conte, Cahill and Dave have all publicly spoken out about our squad being too small and inexperienced. And the board seem to be silent, and happy for us to go through the season with this squad. It's just sad for the club I love to keep talking about their ambition, but not backing it up with actions, and not giving us the chance to reach our potential as a club, is just tragic and painful. There's definitely more important things than football - but it's definitely frustrating to see us in this situation and the club not seeming to care.
  13. Ths is pretty sad James, you're better than that. How can you pick out one season's spending by a club way beneath our standing who just happen to now have some serious backing after many years of frugality. Squad value is cumulative, it isn't reset at each window. Citeh spent loads last year as they always have and always will, yet we've won the title in two of the last three seasons (3 in 4 had we not imploded at villa). Last season's team of the year included 4 of ours and 4 from Spuds (not known for large fees). It really isn't about how much is spent, but how well it's spent and managed. BTW Everton won't improve on last seasons 7th.
  14. Obviously my point was badly made, because I meant to say exactly what you say above! I really think, seeing Conte laugh in the press conference, that it's time to give up hope of a reconciliation - although they say laughter is the best way to get anyone into bed. Who knows, perhaps Conte will think - he's mad, but he's useful and give him a call, send flowers (but definitely not chocolates as he's a lard-arse)
  15. It's a funny clip but he does seem somewhat agitated to me. Maybe I'm over -thinking the situation? In any case, seems like the man sitting next to Conte had to step in before he said too much towards the end?
  16. This is just brilliant.
  17. Hi mate. I must admit that I have a bit of a hard time following that analogy. It is not in Chelsea's power to decide where Costa has to move. They can decline offers, but thy can't accept one and force Costa to move there against his will. The club should have known there was an actual market of one club and one club only. The man himself has stated so publicly on a number of occasions consistently over time. You've said as much yourself. We're in a situation where we either make up with the man (foolishly I haven't given up completely) or sell him to Atletico for the offers that's on the table. The third option is the worst case scenario for all parties - we let him rot in Brazil and fine him his wages along the way. This would be a rather silly route to take out of spite.
  18. While true that he has no other central mid, I think he'll have a plan; but won't want Spurs practicing on how to exploit a player who will be out of position. I think Christensen will be picked to fill the void, I'd prefer us to lose than risk Baka being out for a few months. I think he said next question because it's probably irrelevant, he has answered it before and doesn't like repeating himself; especially over something that is done and dusted, it's clear by now that he is a manager who likes to focus on what he has at that particular moment. Of course, we have massive problems with our squad size, and it's hugely baffling that we haven't signed anyone especially after last weekend; however I'm sure our club(as crazy as they are) won't let us go into a season in it's current state.
  19. Conte said in press conference he doesn't see Luiz as a midfielder, and might have to play Bakayoko even though he's not 100% ready yet, because he has no one else in midfield. So looks like Bakayoko might start. No way he lasts the 90 minutes though. Hope he doesn't make the injury worse - if he does, 100% of the blame is on the club, for not getting another midfielder in sooner. Just pathetic by the club. Interesting he refused to answer questions about this thoughts on letting Chalobah and RLC go. Suspect he wanted to keep them.
  20. Just saw Conte on SSN when asked about Costa's comments in press conference. He literally laughed out loud for about 2 minutes. Never seen him smile so much, like ever. He could barely speak he was laughing so much. Eventually he stopped laughing and said: "I can tell you everyone at Chelsea knows what happened with him last season. It's great, it's great (the interview). I prefer to laugh. It's funny. His interview."
  21. Seems like a problematic sort of guy to be honest, but if Pep can patch things up with Yaya Toure I suppose that there is still hope for Conte and Costa.
  22. Conte saying in press conference that because he has no players, it might force him to make a difficult decision on Bakayoko, despite him not being match ready. (he literally said 'no players'). "Bakayoko is in contention because I don't have other players available but is a big risk" - basically he has no other players in midfield. Hazard unlikely to make it Saturday, but a half fit Bakayoko might have to make it, and risk making his injury worse, because this board won't get deals done to support our squad. Goodness me. He did say "I have to work with my players but at the end of the transfer market we will see what will happen" Hope that means we'll get some players. He also said the prices of players doesn't help. Because it's not like we have another £150 million to get 3/4 players is it? Ugh. Seriously concerned the board are going to let us go into this season with this squad. Conte clearly has no control or influence over transfers whatsoever. He was asked his opinion on RLC and Chalobah leaving and his and just said 'next question please'. Clearly didn't want them to go, certainly until replacements were brought in.
  23. Summed up well by Football365. I don't understand those who are sympathising with Costa. He has been angling for a move since the end of his first season, then after being told he can go, he's thrown a strop about it. Mediawatch expects to reiterate this point on a few more occasions this summer, but Costa’s teammates can avoid the ‘worry’ about being ‘placed in a similar situation’ by following these simple steps… 1) Start by not telling your new manager on his first day that you want to leave the club on his first day in charge: “On Conte’s first day, I told him that I wanted to join Atlético and he was upset with me and didn’t even look at me. Luckily, I started to score goals.” 2) Next, don’t try and blatantly engineer a move throughout that first summer. “I did all that I could to return but it didn’t happen. When Atlético had to wait for me, they didn’t wait.” 3) After that, don’t then try and engineer a move away from the club again in January. 4) When that move fails to materialise, don’t have a blazing row with the manager in training. 5) Having been told that you are no longer wanted at the club at the end of the season, having spent 18 months telling them you want to leave, don’t effectively go on strike and refuse to come back to England until your club agree to sell you to the one club you want to join, despite being under contract and Chelsea having no obligation to sell to a specific club. Particularly when that club is banned from registering players.
  24. nicely put.
  25. This seems to be an example of a player trying to force a club to sell him to a club of his choice (not theirs) even though that club may be unwilling to match the valuation the selling club places on his services. More like me going to my boss and insisting he sends me to Russia in a role I've decided I want.
  26. This. Lets not overlook the fact that Costa has flirted with leaving over at least the past two transfer windows. This simply boils down to Chelsea not accepting a cut price offer from Athletico, and Diego getting the hump. He made his bed....
  27. The club (Conte and the media guy) have both publicly stated that Costa and his agent were told he could leave the club, following numerous requests to do so, around Christmas 2016 - so not sure the 'cowards way' (which reads very mildly to me) is much more than a thanks, good luck, but there's no going back. If you keep asking to leave, then you're told you can leave then I'm not sure you can be too disappointed when the coach makes plans that don't involve you.
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