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    Thanks Juni for the loan goals. Gallagher scores yet again for Charlton - against Fulham. 4 goals and an assist now. A quarter of the way through the season already and he seems to be doing as well as our 4 from last year so far. When the cross goes in you can hear a massive shout by Gallagher for the knock down. Love to hear that.
  3. Petr Cech Appointed Technical and Performance Advisor

    put on a bit of weight hasn't he? :)
  4. Injury News

    Kovacic also went off injured against Wales earlier, Ampadu suffering a suspected concussion in the same game.
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  6. slightly surprised he had the gooners gun on one side..
  7. Injury News

    Yes was going to say this earlier, whilst some of us here might not enjoy the international break other countries are far more fanatical about their national teams. And indeed some other people in England, and the players relish it. Even if that wasn't the case its unlikely Fifa or UEFA are going to change things up on an admission that people aren't that bothered about international football. I do actually enjoy the tournaments, the world cup more than the others.
  8. Injury News

    Already done: Means England will virtually only play friendlies immediately before a major tournament. International football might not be very popular in England, as we have an exciting, high-quality league. In most other countries international football is far more popular. This could also be linked to England not having had a decent team since the 90s, with the premier league become exponentially more popular since then.
  9. Injury News

    They need to expand the Euro nations league so we get rid of international friendlies.
  10. Injury News

    I don't have a problem with "minnows" in competitions but like FA Cup I think they should play in early ko rounds and minimise silly one sided events..let any qualifiers play for glory but not every small side. I played with a couple of Gibralter players way back.Good Sunday morning players and lower semi pro but never World class.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks Droy...just remember a game when pundits talked about Kante's importance and I must have misremembered them talking about his absence. Comes of getting on in years..why I even think Chelsea were European Champions..must be addled memory! Seriously seems he is often getting tweaky injuries with France..I mentioned change of training routines..any thoughts?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think so. The new kid was sub for the first 3 PL games, and then started 34 of the remaining 35. I think it is a lot to do with the type of injury - hamstrings can I gather be really tricky to get over, you never know when they are healed. And I doubt Kante would ever err on the side of caution.
  13. Injury News

    Yes. Very good point. Because Gibraltar and San Marino have a vote each at FIFA and UEFA, same as France and Germany. That is the start of the corruption (and how Jack Warner of Trinidad & Tobago got to be a FIFA superpower by collecting together a block of bribed minnows).
  14. Injury News

    If you condense both the club season and the international season then it means that an injury would rule a player out for a larger proportion of the season. For example Rudiger would have missed another 3 games for Chelsea during this international break, or in the case of internationals a month long injury over the international schedule would rule you out of an entire years worth of games. Harder for players to play their way into the national team and gives the bosses less time to look at players and experiment. Don't get me wrong I'm not a massive fan of international football they need to reduce the number of games. The September games are the worst and need to he scrapped, and really what is the point in Gibraltar, San Marino, faroe islands etc competing in serious competition. Also while it is frustrating to lose momentum with the internationals when you are in a good run, the opposite is also true. Many players have said that when things are really bad then going off with the national team clears your head and there's a couple of weeks without the pressure, I think it was Rashford who said something similar last week.
  15. Injury News

    A lot of negative stuff about Michael Owen recently but didn't his career basically get finished after a really bad injury playing for England?.Remember as much as anything because he came to Colorado to see the then top knee surgeon at that time. I remember the times when certain games were postponed because of International callups and the present set up is better but WC etc gets played after the seasons end and this constant disruption of domestic seasons and players suddenly going into different training routines with the danger of injury pregame is close to CASH induced madness.
  16. Injury News

    Agreed. Weren't there discussions of such a solution going forward? I’d like to remember that suggestion being mentioned before. It would be ideal. Keep the internationals after the season proper!
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kante has not really featured so far this season.In and out with what appear to be niggling injuries. IF and a big IF these injuries are the beginning of an injury spiral with something more serious underlying then Chelsea surely would be looking at getting the best return for an asset they can. I seem to remember him picking up a longish injury at Leicester but I may be misremembering. Hope I am waaay wrong on this as I too love the guy and a fit Kante makes Chelsea a different proposition for other teams. I hope, again,we are not looking at another Essian type story. Sorry to be so pessimistic but I think maybe I am voicing thoughts that others are sort of shying away from.I'm a half full type of guy but life does teach some harsh lessons. Talk of other players needed is fine but Kante is one of those once in a lifetime type players and is not easily replaced.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    I hope you're right.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don’t think they would cash in on Kante. We only sold Hazard because we had no choice. Same with Courtois. I don’t think the board just want to sell these players unless they had 1 year left or really forced a move.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Don't get me wrong, I love Kante and he is probably my favourite player. However, if there were to be a big bid for him, I see the club cashing in as it is kind of what they do now. I also have no doubts he will still be a top player at 34.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Been rushed back every time and has not had a pre season. He needs a proper rest period of 3-4 week otherwise he will keep on getting these injuries. James , Kante and Christensen all picked up knocks on int break and all 3 have just come back from injury. Not the first time this season players have been injured so suddenly after returning from injury.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kante is picking up a lot of injuries just now, it maybe just knocks or it may be more serious. If the latter unlikely we will get big money.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can’t see Kante asking for a move or any club willing to pay the price. He is on a 4 year deal fees will start at £200M. Only club that would come for Kante is Madrid and when he looks over at what is going on there he would rather stay here I think. I really don’t think we can afford to sell Kante at all. No matter how much money we simply can’t replace what he offers us. Even when he gets older and the engine slows down he will still be one of the best ball winners. Look at Fernandinho at 34 and still one of the best in the game. We treat 30+ like grandads in the football world. If they look after themselves they can play at the top level until mid 30’s at least. Kante has at least another 4 years at the top.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sanchez is not a fair comparison. He carries the weight of being a small nations best footballer for the last 10 years. Which means he plays every WC qualifier, every Copa America tournament and qualifier, then World Cup competitions and Confederation Cups on top. Many people expected Sanchez to not be the same player at Utd because his football calendar as been insane for a decade. Zaha has been playing first team senior football for about 10 years, but he has not played anywhere near the amount of minutes that Sanchez has. Yeah he relies on pace, but not all players lose pace as much these days as they did approaching 30 of years ago. We have seen a number of examples of players who are still very quick into their early 30s, probably due to the knowledge that clubs have at their exposure these days in terms of fitness and science. Willian is probably still one of the quickest in terms of acceleration at the club now and he is about 31. Dani Alves is still bombing up the wings at pace at 35. Too my knowledge on Zaha, he has not really suffered from any bad long term injuries either. So he is pretty robust athlete who I can still envisage being pretty quick in 4-5 years time. I think questioning his ability to perform well at a big club is a justified question. I just don’t see any question about the deal due to his age as justified. We get to obsessed with younger players, signing a player who you can get at least 5 years out of for big money is perfectly reasonable.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is pretty much where I think a lot of top teams will stand on Zaha. The only way I see him getting a move is if Palace drop their asking price massively or he takes wages that are similar to lower than he gets at Palace (he is currently on £130k). I mean can anyone really see a club laying out £93m+ for Zaha - £60m fee (which would be £20m less than Palace were asking for this summer) and £130k wages for 5 years? As I and others have said elsewhere, going forward we need to really now just be focusing on top, top players. For the squad next year, I would say we would have something like: Kepa, GK2/3, Willy Rudi, Christensen, Tomori, New CB James, Dave, Emerson, Alonso Jorgi, Kova, Mount, RLC, New CM CHO, Pulisic, Willian, New AM Tammy, CF2, Bats/CF3 Arguements can be made about FB's, particularly RB, but I feel that is a see how we go situation as we do not know where James is at in terms of top level football and I am yet to be convinced that Emerson and Alonso need a massive upgrades with the other holes we have. However, I feel the CB, CM, AM and CF all need to be top class if we want to push on. That is also why I think Willian will probably get a new contract as he is still a decent (even if frustrating player.) Also, before anyone points it out, yes I do see Kante leaving in the Summer as I do not see the club turning down £90m+ for a 29 year old and I think Madrid, PSG and Juve will offer that sort of money for him.
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  28. Transfer Talk Topic

    27 but he's a winger who heavily relies on pace. In addition to the ridiculous fee he would cost I simply can't ses us putting him on a huge salary up until he's 32. Just look at Alexis Sanchez to see just how quickly a fast winger can drop without their electric pace. United signed him at 29.
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