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  2. Alvaro Morata.

    Should sign Costa to replace this guy
  3. Alvaro Morata.

    Given that Chalobah has been more injured than Drinkwater, and RLC plays a role that Conte really doesn't want much of, I'm not sure I can agree with this. Certainly I agree we won't get our money back on the three. But actually I'd suggest that there were plenty of overpriced players around last summer and we should be grateful the club didn't spend a lot lot more.
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  5. Conte, stay or go?

    I gather Sarri is quite a heavy smoker and can often be seen puffing away on the touchline in Italy. However, in this country, the laws regarding smoking means he wouldn't be able to do so inside the stadiums. I'm wondering what the psychological effect would be on him. It may sound trivial, but if it's a 'crutch' of some sort, that helps him get through the 90 minutes... how might not being able to smoke affect his decision-making?
  6. Conte, stay or go?

    Just out of curioosity, how can Sarri have said something racist to Mancini, one ethnic Italian to another?
  7. Alvaro Morata.

    Hah! I reckon you have don't have a business background then. First, Bakayoko and Drinkwater are nowhere near able to recoup their hefty transfer fees. They will be sold at a loss. Second, even if we miraculously managed to get our money back, do you honestly think spending 95m on assets in 2017 and selling those assets for 95m in 2018 is good business? Putting the money in the bank would have given us a better return. Please add the following to equation: 1) they have done nothing more than Chalobah and RLC could have done. 2) The 95m could have been invested in players that gave a positive return either by performances, by increasing in value or both And on Giroud you follow up your horrible understanding of business with an even stranger suggestion, that if a player leaves for less than he was bought he cannot be a good investment. If we spend 18m on a player who leaves for 0 zero a couple of years later, there is of course every chance he can still be a good investment. Goals -> Results -> Increased revenues. Lampard is a great example here. Cost 11mp in 2001, left on a free 13 years later. Good or bad investment?
  8. Conte, stay or go?

    Agree. I don't think anyone could blame the club for going nowhere near him because of this.
  9. Conte, stay or go?

    Have to agree , the headline says one thing the text of the story another . Having said that , I don't think we can dress up calling someone a "poof and a faggot" because "I was angry" in anything other than the most negative of lights , particularly when you're the club everyone is out to get regardless. He sounds ideal for Zenit though .
  10. Conte, stay or go?

    Gives us the key to what is happening though. First report that "Chelsea will hire a racist" will mean the press believe their source enough to do some research. But "Sarri is favourite" is just standard b/s
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes. Especially if we are not planning another real title challenge until say 2022, which would make sense to me. And Man U certainly are planning to push on next season. Still think he is the Valencia replacement who is 33 in August.
  12. Conte, stay or go?

    There seems to be no actual racism though. Just Mancini calling him a racist. Maybe there is more to it but I can't find anything. Maybe it's enough for the club to go nowhere near him anyway.
  13. Conte, stay or go?

    That's OK, we have a whole set of staff and players out of Italy. We won't need his staff.
  14. Conte, stay or go?

    Not convinced by Sarri at all, the baggage that others have mentioned just feels like an unwanted distraction for a club like us, especially a club who is always under so much scrutiny as it is. I also don't think his record is all that special. Yes, what he has done at Napoli over the last few years is impressive, but taking an average Italian club to pushing for the title in what is now a pretty much a one team league is decent and to be applauded, taking a frequent title winning side back in to the top 4 and fighting for the title in a league that has 4/5 teams chasing the title each season and being expected to win that title within a couple of years, is very different. I hope it is a smoke screen for someone else, but I fear it isn't.
  15. Conte, stay or go?

    Interesting. I'd say that rules him out as a Chelsea manager then. We don't take that kind of risk. (Although Conte has some background, it wasn't racism). Why has no one spotted this before - hardly anyone follows Italian football closely when we can watch the PL.
  16. Conte, stay or go?

    Couldn't say , Personally I don't like Mancini myself , if he was made of chocolate he'd eat himself.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I actually agree with you on this. Willian gets a lot of stick, largely unjustified. Mind you, if we got a silly offer for him, a player who turns 30 in August, we would have to look at it.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    In which case my source was wrong - but still the difference between Hazard and Willian on non-penalty goals per start is very very close. And the claim Willian doesn't produce is wrong. Thankyou.
  19. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yes - something that is often not recognised. But only if we get rotation in the PL too. Otherwise these games become the only opportunity for the Zappacostas and Emersons in the squad. Hopefully the next manager will recognise that too. All the same I'd prefer to hope silently for the young talent rather than make predictions.
  20. Conte, stay or go?

    Other than what he allegedly said to Mancini what else has he ever done? I'm not condoning it, far from it, I'm just curious. He apparently called him two homophobic words but nothing racist. Mancini claimed he was racist but as far as I am aware he has never actually said anything racist. What he said, if indeed true, was unquestionably wrong but I'd like to know where the racist element comes from other than Mancini claiming it.
  21. Alvaro Morata.

    Winning the FA Cup is no return on investment?
  22. Eden Hazard

    The way we play. Give him some other attackers to play with, who he can either pass to/from, or at the very least, they can occupy opponents defenders and give Eden more space. When we play 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 whatever you want to call it, when Hazard gets the ball, we generally have 8 players goal side of him, and then only Giroud / Morata in front. His options are: 1. pass the ball backwards. 2. pass the ball to the no.9 or 3. dribble past the opponents entire midfield and defence all by himself All 3 of these options are made all the harder because the opponents midfield and defence have virtually nobody else to mark of worry about because the rest of our players are not much further forward than the halfway line. The obvious direct comparison here is Sterling at City. He is far inferior to Hazard in every way, yet he has bagged 20+ goals this season without taking penalties. When City attack, they attack in numbers, and so each of them are not marked by 3 or 4 players each. Newcastle and Swansea away are classic examples.... trying to counter attack with 2 players, one of whom is Giroud who can't run very fast
  23. Conte, stay or go?

    No , I wrongly thought that , apparently he worked in banking previously and was based in London and accordingly speaks good English , it's his coaching team that have the language issues as I understand it. My worry regarding Sarri is that the press will be smelling blood from day one and almost goading him into saying the wrong thing , he has previous regarding saying inappropriate things and they'll be all over that .
  24. Alvaro Morata.

    Yeah and if they are sold we can probably recoup the 95m, that's good business Giroud is a perfect example. He was given a 18 month contract and cost 18 million basically he cost 1 million a month excluding wages with no chances of any return from the investment. That's Peter Ridsdale business ethics
  25. Conte, stay or go?

    Lets hope its not a smoke screen for the club to hire the highly overrated and overpriced Barca Reject If Sarri becomes the Coach he will be gone by Christmas. I am of the understanding he does not speak a work of English? IMO Enrique and Sarri are No No's
  26. Eden Hazard

    Does he? What 'tools' are you referring to?
  27. Eden Hazard

    Picasso did indeed use pastels. Not sure what brand though.
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