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  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Fankaty Dabo at Vitesse scored one hell of a goal at the wrongend weekend. You don't see many like that. From a different postcode as they say.
  3. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    I'm not sure we do have 7 untouchables right now. Not on current form. 4 or 5. Except for the fact that we only have about 4 fit players on the bench :)
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm pretty sure Mourinho managed to get Fabregas and hazard to thrive. You are right Conte is managing his limited resources well and we are doing OK. But we are only on game 1 of 15 in 7 weeks. It still seems right to be cautious about our prospects. And unless you think Zappaosta is a great deal better than Moses and Christensen a massive step up on Luiz, it is hard to see how Morata and Bakayoko are comparable with last years Costa and Pedro or Willian. Last years first team (with Fabregas picked) was a lot better than this seasons. Last seasons bench was a hell of a lot stronger too.
  5. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    Not surprised, but very impressed so far. Apart from the few games after his hamstring injury, he has been magnificent. Both in terms of performances and numbers. Been as important to us so far, as Costa was last season. Not giving us the same in terms of one man show, but certainly contributing more to the team and our tactical approach. 8 goals and 4 assists in 11 PL games, meaning a goal or assist every 67 minutes. And he has just about started to get his Hazard partnership going. Only injuries will hold him back from 25 PL goals this season. The club really needs to get some credit for managing to buy 4 year younger Morata for approximately the same as we sold the already gone Costa.
  6. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    If Hazard does not sign an extension between now and the summer when he has two years left, it means the club has failed with their attempts to tie him down to a new deal. Which won't be a matter of money. He will be all over the rumour mill. It effectively means we will be forced to sell - perhaps already in the summer. 200mp is crazy of course, but it is what the price is going to be for one of only a few obtainable world class players. Our problem, as mentioned, is that despite that we can buy 3-4 great players for that kind of money we are not going to replace a world class player. A contract extension to Hazard would be as important to us as any new world class signing is.
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  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    What are you on about? We just beat WBA 4-0 - our best result at the Hawthorns in ages, and have 4 PL wins in a row. We have finally found a formation and style that allows our two most important attacking players, Fabregas and Hazard, to thrive and have impact without being defensive liabilities. Something Mourinho failed to properly manage. We have been extremely solid defensively with this set-up, not conceding and barely having a shot on Courtois in our last three PL matches. We have the best first XI since 09-10, and once we get this one going we are arguably even better. This is not the time to rant.
  9. Qarabag vs Chelsea

    It's difficult to say who those 3 players are. Hazard, Fabregas, Kanté? Hazard, Kanté, Morata? Hazard, Azpilicueta, Alonso? We have at least 7 untouchables now and they're all going to need some rests during this marathon run of games up until mid-January.
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    If he was English the press would be all over him, just like they were with RLC recently.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    What are you talking about? Why do I need to grow up? Because I'm not happy seeing 7 defensive players line up at the moment and put the blame 100% on Conte? It has nothing to do with our club, other clubs or other players . He is quite blatantly showing that he wants to play with an ultra defensive formation. We could have bought any number of attacking options in the summer, or kept the ones we already have. Instead we bought in two more defensive midfielders and zero, ZERO, attacking midfielders. It's not the boards fault, it's not other club's falut, it's not other players fault. It is the managers fault. If we had ended up with sub standard players the blame could be laid elsewhere. We bought zero attacking players, other than a forward who replaced a forward, ZERO!!!! The board can be held responsible for many things but I refuse to believe that they could not get ONE attacking player through the door if the manager asked for one. He was quite happy seeing Traore, Oscar, Costa, Loftus Cheek, Abraham, Baker, Remy, Cuadrado, Atsu, Solanke, Salah and probably more all leave. Yes, I know there is various reasons why they all left and not all his fault, but the fact is all of those attacking players have left since he has come in. We have bought Morata and Bastshuayi. That's it in terms of attacking reinforcements. It says it all really. It's a fairly obvious trend. It's not something I'm overly happy with but I need to grow up? Please explain why.
  12. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    Madrid will happily cough up 200 mill in a NY minute. The problem for us is not whether anyone will buy but how do you replace him AND improve your team after selling. What is the point selling and becoming worse? That would be an Arsenal thing to do.
  13. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    Well I'm pretty sure he knew he was about to depart, so I doubt the presence of the owner had anything to do with it. Keeping it to 3-0 was probably his main goal. And like it or not, bringing on a thug to intimidate is not unusual for managers in any league. Especially when you have 8 or 9 out there afraid to put in a tackle.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    No - just the opposite, we just recognise that what happened pre-season limits the club. I know you desperately want to disagree with us, or at least me, but re-imagining our posts is not the way to do it. Out of order.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, blame Conte for some clubs not being willing to sell, some players not being willing to move, and others preferring moves to other clubs. When you've decided to grow up, I might consider reading your posts again.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ah, I see... you and Droy are playing Fantasy Football Manager where all the players we want sign without question.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've not agreed with you at all. Still waiting for the list of players sat on the bench that you'd prefer to see start in order to be vastly more attacking than a team scoring 4 in the first hour or so, and then taking their foot off the gas with one eye on games to come.
  18. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    I was merely sarcastically demonstrating that , when you're 0-3 down at home , in a game being attended by the clubs owner , deciding to bring on Yacob to kick Hazard some more was foolish in the extreme , what was he hoping for , that chastised, Hazard would unwittingly boot the ball into his own net four times ?
  19. RT @guardian: Fourth death at Lincoln immigration removal centre prompts inquiry

  20. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    That flick was something else. He's a pretty clever player and is building something very nice with Hazard.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    And there Bob is the problem. I personally would not blame Conte for having such a small squad but he 100% takes the blame for having such few attacking options.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    At the moment, that is the best thing he can do. Play with as few attcking players as possible and have five and a half players for the front two (front three if we add attacking players later in the game) - Hazard, Morata, Pedro, Willian, Bats, Musonda Jr. Then we have four and a half players for the middle three. Kante, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Drinkwater and Ampadu. For the front five we have 9 players. Then we have Cahill, Luiz, Christensen, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Moses, Zappcosta, Alonso and Kenedy for the CB and WB positions. That's also nine players for five positions. Unbalanced and severely lacking attacking numbers.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    And that Bob, is the problem in a nutshell.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quite. You seem to have just agreed with me again, but called it conflict. To add, Willian (29) and Pedro (30) are at exactly the age where Chelsea usually try to move players on. Willian's form this season has been woeful, and he looks unwell (I see no point in speculating why). So yes we really do have few options. But lets be honest, we have recently won 2 PLs largely on the basis of the immense efforts put in by our AMs. Changing from a team based on AM power play to one based on defenders who can get forward is not smart tactics. Just a reaction to the ludicrously small AND Unbalanced squad. To be fair to Conte, it might be the best thing he can do.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Please name all the "attacking" players we could choose instead of all these defenders. I can think of Pedro, and that's about it. Willian might notionally be called an attacking midfielder, but we all know that given the option of trying to get past a player or slowing things down and then passing backward, Willian will invariably chose the latter. Mussonda Jr is just there to help put the cones out, according to you, so I doubt you would include him in the list of attacking players who ought to be playing but aren't. So come on, Droy, name them.
  26. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    It's been the biggest change from last season. Teams didn't get many chances, but with Bravo in goal, they didn't need many to score. The number of chances created against City this season hasn't changed much over last season, but the goals have been fewer due to a keeper who can actually keep goal.
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well yes - where players play on grass as opposed to paper is based on how much possession you have, what your opponents are doing and who is winning the 50/50s. The written formation has little influence on that. The real issue as Martin says is if you fill up your team sheet with players good at defending and have few who are good at attacking, you have a defensive team. If you have Valencia and Young at FBs, or Walker and Delph, and have Pogba or Silva and De Bruyne in your central midfield you can have a very attacking 352. Or you could have Bertrand playing LW in 433 and have a defensive team. Roma at home - 10 the same, Luiz instead of Bakayoko. But it is still a good point. Exactly. The big question is do we play a lot of defensive players because Conte wants that style? Or do we play so few attacking players because we have so few and such overworked AMs. Probably the latter. Funny you should create such a position for me that is so contrary to everything I have posted. Perhaps you need to confrontation. Yes - if had more attacking players being picked in stead of so many players that excel in defence, we would have a more attacking team irrespective of the system. I think we all agree on that. We shipped a lot of goals because on grass too many of our players (actually almost all but Costa) were playing in our box and not challenging opponents outside of it. Psychologically, picking 3 CBs and telling everyone else to chase down players anywhere in our half might have been an inspired move. As regards tactics it was irrelevant.
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