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    I guess that makes me Irish/Scottish/French/Belgian then. You've been a bit trigger happy on the ctrl+v on a very different conversation. The Ghost at least accepts that AC would have preferred other players, before making bizarre false claims that one of them was ditched, and the other only ever had a half decent season. That we would have been far worse off signing them. I was more than happy to point that out as BS. If, rather than trying to drown out any logic with your 'duh they're from Italy' comments, you want to join the conversation and make some coherent arguement as to why you think Baka, DD and Zappa (2nd-4th choice) were better signings than the two 1st choices mentioned would have been, then go ahead. IMO the 1st choices would have made more appearances and out performed the others on the pitch. IMO despite the 1st choices being older and losing value we would be financially better off because a) the others will go on loan and leave for peanuts b) between the two of them they could have made up the appearances of the other 3, who collectively were a greater financial outlay, by being not injured and good enough c) the on field contribution would have got the extra few points for champions league the following season, making us more money in the process d) we might have saved £9m compensation by keeping our manager on board (cue ctrl+v baseless RM job conspiracy theory) e) this ones just hypothetical- we might have put the Jorginho & Kovacic money to better use in other positions. Given how terrible the drop off was from 1st to 2nd/4th choice has been I can't see any possible scenario where we are better off. Your ctrl+v theory is the equivalent of Frank asking us to sign Harry Maguire, us signing Calum Chambers (younger and cheaper), then saying they are both English so he must have wanted them, then blaming Frank when Chambers is pants.
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  4. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Well I won't. Give the guy a break. He's just started, he's doing his best on and off the field and he's Frank Lampard 💙 Stop finding fault everywhere 😡
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think you can count players at Monaco and recently at Juve as pretty much from Italy. Summer 2017 6 from Monaco/Italy, a panic buy Brit, GK2 and 2 kids.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    You know you have me onside for this arguement but for your own sanity, leave this one here. Facts like during Conte's time we signed 4 players from Italy but 6 from England and 3 from France do not wash as it is totally obvious he most definitely was in control as he had some unidentified Serie A scout working as a proxy, whilst negotiating with Real at the same time.
  7. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Very very professional - the complete opposite of Sarri. (One of the things about talking in a newly learned language is that it is very hard to stop oneself telling the truth). But it is getting a bit cheesy for me. My guess is that plenty will get bored with the Lampard patter by Christmas. We will see.
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    I think there are several things going on. 1. VAR means you can't grab hold of players, you actually have to out jump them, which means a 5'11" defender like Azpi has it a lot lot harder 2. We might get better at blocking runs, especially as we discover what refs will and won't accept, but there is still going to be a lot of standing defenders competing with running/jumping attackers. The keeper is the only one with an advantage over a running jump. Brave keepers that come out for the ball will make a big difference now. Ball playing keepers are just so 2018.:) 3. It isn't just our tallest player. We have swapped Emerson for Alonso, and are down to 3 players over 6' and Azpi. The team being shorter is probably more of an issue than the CBs being shorter. A lot of goals will be scored from corners this season. At both ends one hopes. Step 1 is to get our own corners right. One of them from a club virtually in Italy and just under 100 miles from Turin. The other from Torino - which is guess where. Drinkwater is curious. Bought last minute when the manager was telling the press he didn't have enough players. But it seems to me there is some specific issue with Drinkwater which we are not being told about. The club have been very cautious in saying anything and there has not been a word of criticism. This is not a Bates/Boogaard situation. My guess is that he has some problems which may be physical, mental or family/external. And that may be his fault or nobody's fault - and that we probably shouldn't be told. Certainly a bad buy, but that is what inevitably happens when managers and clubs communication becomes so poor.
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    Burnley reserves midfielder Danny Drinkwater says hi
  10. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    How exactly?
  11. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    I see what you did there 😉
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    To be fair 3 of those are players we borrowed, not paid for. They stiffed him and got him Kante instead who he never wanted...
  13. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    I appreciated your efforts! It's The Wonder of You :-) (In The Ghetto still gives me goosebumps). Lovely post. Ask me what I think of Lamps as manager after one season, or even two. As long as we finish in a respectable position, I couldn't care less. I was watching him yesterday on the sidelines willing us to win for him but it wasn't to be. Frank's his own man, he'll do things his way and will undoubtedly make mistakes but I'm 100% signed up to that. It was so exciting watching Mason Mount, that's one excellent decision he's made. I haven't felt so protective of a manager since, well, never. THE ONLY FAILURE IS NOT TO TRY
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    Naingollan has returned to Cagliari on loan because his wife is from there and is currently battling cancer, pretty decent of Inter to allow it. Good thing we signed Baka and Zappa instead, both have contributed massively and really took our team to the next level. God forbid we should spend an extra 5-10m for a midfielder that can tackle, dribble, score goals and even make a 5 yard pass. Who would dream of spending 5m extra on a RB who is actually good enough to play at all, let alone get 8 assists following their 'half decent' season where they got 10 assists and 6 goals. We really played a blinder there.
  15. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Very weird as Luiz seems a good fit for the way Lampard wants to play. Much better on the ball than Zouma for example. We got worse by selling him. Arsenal got better. But the dressing room effect is hard to predict. Lampard knows that better than us.
  16. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    I think we need to go back to 3 in the middle, we looked so lightweight in the middle of the park yesterday. I think Lampard got it wrong when he swapped Kovacic for Jorginho, it should have been Kovacic for Pulisic and moving to a 433, IMO. Emerson was excellent I thought, I think he'll only get better this season the more he plays. Mount, what a player. Tammy, looking out of his depth at the moment, as I thought would be the case. Christensen and Zouma better, but still not amazing. Azpi... reminds me of Ivanovic's last season. Improvements to be made and they will come, we will get better. We must stay behind this team, they need us!
  17. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Good first half, but we really struggled for most of the second half. Dave was poor again at right back, but Zappacosta is certainly not the answer. Emmerson was good again, I think the left back spot is now his own, Christeansen And Zouma could do with an experienced partner (Rudiger) with them. Kante was as per usual excellent, Jorginho was OK, Pulisic had his moments, Mount - what a star, he could be the new Lamps. Pedro started well but faded, Giroud was good and unfortunate to be subbed, and Abraham tried his heart out but still very raw. As for Willian, he seemsto have lost the ability to even kick a ball straight. Despite this slow start, I am still fully behind Frank, hopefully we'll take our frustration out on on Norwich this Saturday. COME ON YOU BLUES!
  18. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Oh, do not get me wrong. I am not saying keep him on as CF1 for the next 3 years and then all would be good. I mean that really he should have been loaned again this summer and probably next and then we should've been looking at integrating him into the side. My worry with Tammy is that he will struggle this year then be sold/loaned, never to return again. My real issue with him is with the club in that we knew last Jan we were in dire straights at CF and they sat on their hands and only got Higs on a 6 month loan, which was always looked like a bad call. For me, they should have got someone in at that point in preparation for this Summer.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thing is with Tomori is not just his height, it is also that he is not that great in the air either, at least what I saw from Derby last season and the couple of games that he played for the youth teams that I saw. In fact, when he was playing development football he got moved to RB because of it, although I think he was also smaller and had a delayed growth spurt (I say this as I have memories of him being 5'9" at 17/18, although happy to be corrected). For me, I would actually be interested to see him given a go at RB as when playing development football at RB he was quite similar to Bane. As for physicality I totally agree. I think there are a couple of players that should be told to bulk a little - Christensen in particular and then Mount and Pulisic, although with the latter two age and position causes this to be less necessary. Going back to the CB's in general. I would agree that 6'1" is not that much of an issue if the player is good in the air, strong and has a dominating keeper behind them. The problem is that Kepa is not a dominating keeper and as a result we need to think more about the make up of our defensive in terms of height and aerial ability.
  20. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    He will be very handy but we can't wait 5 years. The reality this season is that it's him or Bats. Next season that will not be the case. He is big, he's quick, he's mobile but he needs to show very quickly that he can hack it at a club like Chelsea. CHO has done it , Mount will do it, RLC although 22 has shown he can do it and I reckon Ampedu will be back one day as a regular. Tammy has a whole season to show us and it's a luxury not many young players get.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    That’s a good point well made. I’d agree that Arrizabalaga isn’t the best at commanding his area in terms of picking corners/crosses. And yes, that puts our defense under extra pressure no doubt. But even so, to return to Tomori and the disagreement we had, 185cm is quite tall considering that there isn’t that many attacking players who are 185+. If he indeed is 185cm (one can’t be too sure given the unreliable numbers for height). Overall I’d say that our team is not as physical as it once was. I’m not only thinking of height here, but also physical strength - something I think is just as important as height.
  22. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    1. Our whole side is lightweight which is an issue I have brought up on various occassions. Rudi will help a lot in this regards but we should be looking to beef up Christensen, who I think will turn into a great defender, as his main draw back is his physicality atm and then Mount. Mount to be fair, is only 20 so some of this should come in time. Also, I am taking about a half a stone/a stone of lean muscle and not turning them into beefcakes before anyone starts complaining about speed. 2. Problem with have with corners/set pieces is that Kepa is the first GK with have had in 15 years that is a shot stopper rather than a GK that dominates the box and collects the ball. For me, we really need the defenders to step up here as he is not going to do the work Cech and Courtios did which was esstentially own the box in these situations. 3. He is. Zappa is really going to have to be tried as it is starting to get very obvious now. The problem is that the club/SFL seem to have decided that it is Dave/James which means we will not see Dave being replaced for a month or so which is a bit of a worry if he cannot get any form back. 4. I think that is a bit harsh on Tammy. I have always maintained that this year was too early for him and he should have had another loan. For me, there is hardly any examples for CF playing the lone CF role to a high level consistently until they are in their mid-20's. I for one hope he does not get cut loose based on this season as in 2-3 years time I reckon he will be a very handy player.
  23. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Good points on Emerson and Mount. I think by the end of the season they could be established players who are players that we can relie on. I think Mount has the most work to do atm as he still needs to work on tactical discipline but I think this will come with experience. However, at the same time he needs to be managed. As you said, midfield started to give the ball away a lot and I think this was due to both Giroud running out of puff/being subbed as he is the backboard and because Mount was getting caught out of position. As for Emerson, I have said it elsewhere but this is his season. He is 24 now and been here for 18 months, if he wants to establish himself he needs to do it this season which it does look like he is doing atm. The only issue I really have with him atm is his recovery runs as yesterday he was laboured in the second half, hopefully this is just a fitness issue and he can get better at this as the season progresses.
  24. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    I spent the afternoon watching an Elvis Tribute Show anxiously wondering what was going on at the Bridge but managed to avoid the score as I wanted to watch the game after. I had turned of my phone and radio and drove home in silence with the remains of Elvis still buzzing in my ear. Well the first 25 mins I couldn't believe we were only one nil up. However the following hour left me a bit All Shook up. It was like we hit a metaphorical wall. I Just Can't Help Believing that once the initial adrenaline of our first home game had dissipated , we had nothing but an empty tank. A combo of several not fully fit players , some coming back from injuries, 120 mins plus pens in stifling heat and a 12 hour plane journey will take its toll. The disappointment of losing the Super Cup after such an effort must also have its own psychological damage. Kante had the temerity to play like he was one player and not two, the midfield generally looks very lightweight and were too easily brushed off the ball as the game progressed. It was Always On My Mind that if we give a team that many corners while zonal marking, sooner or later a good delivery will come in, a player will make a well timed, unchallenged run and jump and Kepa will be picking the ball out of the back of the net. I'm saying to myself 'Don't Be Cruel ' but Dave is looking a real liability. I hope he re-finds some form soon. And so to our forward line. I like Giroud but this is a massively long season with cup comps, CL ties, umpteen Premier league games and he's 32. Tammy is going to get lots of chances soon but he needs to realise that It's Now or Never. If he doesn't make a serious impression this season, next year we are going to spend a lot of dough and probably on a forward. But I'm still keeping the faith. On the plus side I Can't Help Falling in Love with Mason Mount. A bit more bulk, a bit more experience and we have a little gem on our hands. And when RLC comes back it will stiffen the midfield and when CHO is back we will at least have someone who can cross a ball. As for Lamps, this has been a real baptism of fire. United, Liverpool and a gritty well drilled Leicester. Two draws and a defeat is something to work on. I like hearing his interviews and his honest assessments. Such a pleasure not to have have it in broken English with ultra strong Italian accent as we have had for 3 years. But now it's time for Little Less Conversation and a Little More Action. He's on a steep learning curve but I think he will be just fine. I imagine him coming back out to the empty stadium when everyone had gone home and just looking around him. Remembering all those games that he won for us with his silky skills, dedication and unerring eye for a goal. The echoes of the crowd chanting his name. The illustrious team mates he played with. Everyone these days seems a pale imitation wearing a white cat suit, shades and a dodgy wig. But lets give them time. SFL now faces probably the biggest challenge of all and the learning curve is a steep one. I imagine as he walked away, someone turned the lights out and announced "Lamps has left the building". He'll be back for an encore or's in his blood.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Big difference is that they had a goalkeeper that could come out and collect the ball, Kepa does not/cannot do that. I have said it elsewhere, but there are two types of keepers, big ones that dominate there boxes and shot stoppers. Some keepers can do both but they are rare and normally still have their strengths lie to one side. Anyhow, the difference with previous defences in the Roman era is that they had Cech and Courtios who would come out and collect the ball in dead piece situations with a high rate of success. This is something that I feel was always overlooked a little as this takes a lot of pressure off the defence. Kepa on the other hand does not/cannot do this, which is why we have started to defend set pieces like the keystone cops. As a result, it is vital that in CB we have bigger defenders/defenders excellent in the air as the GK is no longer taking the pressure off. Furthermore, I have not said that shorter defenders are poor, I have just said that we need bigger defenders due to the strenghts/weaknesses of our keeper.
  26. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting to see Nainggolan wasn't really wanted by Conte in the end... Imagine if the club would have obliged to the rumoured interest from Conte and paid up the £50m for him... Yet another one to add to the list of absolute disastrous signings. Candreva is another one. Had a half-decent campaign the eyar before never to be heard of again in any meaningful fashion yet the club ****ed Conte over?
  27. Transfer Talk Topic We were/are involved in 6 of the top 9 in this article, which says a lot about some of our shocking transfer deals.
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