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  2. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Good post Bob...agree about producing very good players who back in the day would have featured for Chelsea but the game has moved on so much that only the very best will stay at SB. For all that I don't think we can look back and say we made a mistake in letting any academy player move on. Mancienne at Forest at 30'ish? Good example of good playing career but no real glory.
  3. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Double bummer...flying out tonight from Denver for family wedding in Cambridge...was hoping for a midweek home game and/or Sunday EPL.....probably will get to hotel too late for the AM game and unreasonably expected to be at 3.00pm Ceremony on Saturday. Just can't get a break sometimes!!!!
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  5. RT @ThatUnitedLady: Help Rishi who was hit by a rock and umbrella rod for playing football. via @milaapdotorg

  6. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Playing it around the back is mostly boring, frankly, but we have been mostly successful with it to date. I agree the main risk is against teams that both dare to press AND have competent defenders which allows them to do it. I do think though that Cahill has composure on the ball, more so than Rudiger. And while Rudiger has a lovely cross-field right footed ball that gifts the ball to our LWB or Hazard, he can only use that from RWB.
  7. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Anyone else on her going?
  8. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Very good point. The insistence on playing out from the back has handed the initiative to the opposition on many occasions. Watching teams like Spurs, United and even Arsenal hunt in packs and pressure Cahill has put us on the back foot. I like Cahill and he gives us many qualities but composure on the ball is not one of those. Conte is not going to budge on this passing out from the back so it makes sense to play either Christensen or Rudiger who are far more comfortable in possession. Alternatively play Cahill but play to his strengths and play the ball longer to mix it up.
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  10. Media / Press

    A rare moment of clarity from the SkySports muppets. That goal was top. top class. World class even.
  11. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    That's generally how wingbacks work anyway, they stay wide to keep the width and push forward to overlap the AM's/ST and become wingers. We're always going to be outnumbered on the flank because that's the point of the system. It allows the opposition space in the wider areas where it's harder for them to create and removes them from having the ball in the central corridor. Even then, having a LCM and RCM means that either can cover their respective WB if needed and cover that gap, while we still have a body in them middle occupying space. This tends to lead the opposition into favouring the cross to get the ball into the box. Which, we then have 3 CB's waiting to make a clearance. We also have the advantage in this because generally the position is only going to have a single forward upfront, possible two. So, we still have that extra man advantage. We'd essentially be making the opposition play the way we want them to play. This is the foundation of what Conte did at Juventus and why they were so formidable defensively.
  12. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    A 3-5-2 will need our wingbacks to operate as auxiliary wingers when we have the ball. That's about the only way we can get the ball forward. The problem is, with 2 upfront, it leaves us vulnerable to getting outnumbered on a flank. It's no doubt a tricky balance. I'd rather we start conservatively - sacrificing creativity for control. I'd be happy with a point considering it's a away fixture to a team that has done very well in Europe recently.
  13. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Atletico under Simeone's tenure have arguably been the best "pressers" in European football, at least top 3. We have struggled against sides who do it even remotely well. Spurs, Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool have all squeezed us from the front the last 14 months, and has caused us problems. I'm aware we won a fair few of theses encounters regardless, though I'd argue often due to individual moments of quality, which in turn changes the dynamic of an opponents game plan, rather than us coming to terms with such tactics. We don't hold possession well against top sides, haven't for years. If we think we can employ our tactic of rolling the ball to a defender, who's already penned in to a corner, and think it'll be easy to play out from there, we're on a hiding to nothing. We'll need all the players we have who are comfortable in possession, namely Christensen and Fabregas. As most have said, 352 with Cesc supported by Kante and Bak will be crucial if we're to get a meaningful foothold on the game. Morata is sure to be pelted with abuse from the off, being a Real boy, I hope it fires him up (even in his own demure way). Excited for the game, missed occasions such as these last season.
  14. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Thanks Blues brother. Any idea how far that is from where I stay.
  15. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Courtois Azpilicueta Luiz Rudiger Moses Kanta Bakayoko Alonso Cesc Hazard Morata
  16. Media / Press

    A rare, insightful dissection of Morata's second against Stoke:
  17. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Also , you could argue that winning against City is of a higher priority than winning this , therefore , give Hazard a run out half way through the second half so he's ready for City.
  18. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Have to disagree a little. I think this is the perfect game for Fabregas because of how well drilled defensively Atletico Madrid are. It's going to be tough to break them down and create openings for our attackers, so having someone like Fabregas and his vision and passing ability is something that provides us a bit extra in that final third. To combat the issue you have with their strength and speed, I'd look more towards a 352 system and having that extra CM body. This still gives us legs and protection in Kante and Bakayoko, while not losing that craft we get with Fabregas, while limiting his defensive weak spots. Upfront we can go with Pedro just off Morata, then call upon Hazard or Willian later on. With Man City coming up, for me, Hazard is more valuable for that fixture and there's no chance he starts both games. If he starts this one, he'll have a more limited role on the weekend.
  19. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    I don't prefer Cesc for a game like this. Atletico have a team that is strong, athletic and quick. Cesc will end up being anonymous. This game needs a midfielder like Makelele who will hold his position in the centre, or Mikel or Matic. I would want Baka to start alongside Kante. Willian and Hazard to play behind Morata. In central defence, I would like the composure of Christensen in the centre. Rudiger to play LCB. If we set out to play low block, Cahill will be a good call; else I want Rudiger. Our defence works best when our wingbacks are marking the opposition full back. That means our LCB will need to attend to Griezmann. Cahill and Alonso next to each other will struggle against the agility of Atletico. For this game, I'd like to see Azpi as the RWB. I expect us to get few chances. I'd rather have Dave crossing into the box than Moses. Luiz to take the RCB spot. So - Courtois Azpi - Luiz - Christensen - Rudiger - Alonso Kante - Bakayoko Willian - Morata - Hazard Bench: Caballero, Zappacosta, Cahill, Moses, Pedro, Cesc, Batshuayi
  20. Media / Press

    Sadly , we are the only people drawing the comparisons. Nobody cares because it's Chelsea the cheating , racist , nouveau rich , destroyers of the Russian economy club.
  21. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    This is real test.Atletico would make top three in our league but we are better.Pack the midfield and have Hazard and Morata in forward positions for the entire game and we will punish them on the break Atletico are not a footballing side,they rely on hard work and grinding teams down. We will get a draw at there's and win at the bridge no danger.
  22. Stoke City 0 Chelsea 4

    Incompetence maybe, but it's amazing how incompetent you can get when no one ever pulls you up on your incompetence.
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  24. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Kickers Sports Bar would be a good place, enjoy your vacation buddy.
  25. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Chalobah himself has said that, while he was indeed offered a new contract, he was also told by Conte that he would then be sent out on loan again. He was never going to have the chance to break through against Kanté or Bakayoko because he wasn't going to be here, whatever happened. Good player though Aké is, he was always going to be 5th or 6th choice centre-back, 5th or 6th choice central midfielder and 3rd choice left wing-back with us. There would need to be a hell of a lot of medium to long-term injuries for him to get a run of games. The simple fact is that the academy are turning out a lot of very good players who will have decent futures in football; however, it was always going to be a near-impossible task to bring through a young player who could get in ahead of the world class and near world class talent we have. Christensen currently has the best chance. Tammy Abraham may join him. As for Musonda Jr., he's in that category of player who has been out on loan, and is now in the squad, not so much as to 'make up the numbers' as some claim, but in order to see if he has the capacity to push on and become a truly meaningful squad player. If he takes his chances, he'll be here again next season. If not... well, we know how that story ends.
  26. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    If they wanted him and rated him that much, he'd have got more games, especially over someone that was going to leave at the end of the season. He wasn't even a squad player, he was making up numbers; so was Ake and RLC. Surely if Musonda is then so were they. We became well stocked, we didn't have to buy Rudiger if we kept Zouma, my point was to those who were claiming that our on loan players are rated as future first team players yet a young player who stays behind is not good enough and making up the numbers. It's either last season's young players just made up the numbers or they were given a fair chance and didn't make the cut; which to be fair none of them did make the cut, if Musonda doesn't then that's fine but our fans need to start actually seeing that he'll be given a fair chance which means he is rated by Conte at the moment.
  27. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Still waiting for my apology for the insults from last week when you completely misread a point I made. What was it? Liar and coward? Here's one for you in lieu of the apology. Hypocritical, self-satisfied bore with too much time on his hands. There. We're quits 😊
  28. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Apropos of nothing, you need this as your avatar. Goes with the username.
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