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  2. Conte, stay or go?

    I dont know what it is about Conte but he seems to fall out with our Brazilians the most. Costa, Luiz & Willian (who I believe should be a manager's delight).
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  4. Official: Chelsea Sign Antonio Rudiger

    Signing of the season with ease. Has performed better than I had anticipated based on his time at Roma. Looks at home in a three man defence and let's him play his natural game more. He's had a couple of questionable moments, which will happen with his more adventurous style, but overall excellent.
  5. Conte, stay or go?

    Vialli has also said that Chelsea should think very carefully about sacking Conte.
  6. Conte, stay or go?

    I'm well aware of what Vialli has had to say. He also gets paid to comment, so I'm not sure that any comparison works. I simply asked what you based your comments on. If you based it on what Vialli said, then fine, so be it.
  7. Conte, stay or go?

    Sarri is gonna be a huge error IMO.
  8. Conte, stay or go?

    And what if Vialli is wrong? He seems to have an opinion on the subject but maybe he should keep his big Chelsea Italian mouth shut and away from the media unless he's sure of his facts. Probably fake news. But Vialli believes his fellow Italian wants out. “Conte can’t wait to leave Chelsea,” the former Chelsea player and manager said on Sky Sport Italia. “He can’t stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him. The truth is, Chelsea would like a manager who is more of a club man.”
  9. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    In 2018, objectively, he finished second only to Manchester City with 80+ points. Only because of who he is we are even talking about whether or not JM needs to adapt. Which team and which manager is more likely to challenge ManCity next year? JM and United or Conte and Chelsea?
  10. Conte, stay or go?

    Antonios tenure from the very start was strange. We lost two games and his job was already on the line according to the papers. While his family stayed in Italy, he did seem to fully immerse himself in Chelsea life. Those stories from the grapevine such as him attending the cobham staff party in person was especially touching. The man wears his heart on his sleeve and for that he has my respect. But that also means he's a prickly character. He put the final nail in the coffin of Costa's Chelsea career, and took no prisoners with David Luiz. I cannot help but imagine the squad started to question Antonio methods and affected squad morale. But as a club we are lacking order; from the top to the bottom. There is no club philosophy, we went from playing good football in the late 90's early 00's to machine like and conservative in the last decade. There's no onus at this club except immediate success. Therefore the focus is always on the present and not the future, as soon as we go into ''a bad moment'' the club has been conditioned to sack the manager to fix it. It's become cultural and ingrained behind the scenes mentality. Do we really believe it's going to be any different with the next manager that's hired ? How do you expect professional footballers to toe the line when they earn just as much if not more than the coach. A stubborn man like Antonio will eventually get to loggerheads with his players. An arm around the shoulder approach as seen by Matteo will lead to lack a of structure. You can't win. Perhaps it takes someone with both attributes. Look at Atletico, Simeone hardly players brilliant football, but from my knowledge the fans nor the players question him. He's a club man so he has their respect, but he's also obviously a very good manager and knows his strengths. His players will die for him and we've seen on more than one occasion that whenever a player leaves, they always reminisce about returning. We need a director of football (for want of a better term) who understands the club to construct an ideology. From there you can then resource players and coaches that fit that philosophy who will be happy to play in that style without annoyance or quarrel. Which is more important than ever now as we cannot splash the cash on the best of the best and just shoehorn them in. Football evolves, 442-433-343, but we need to develop a Chelsea way so everyone is on the same page. At the moment there's a real lack of direction with no sense of pride for the shirt. We won the cup yesterday but it was the most lacklustre win I've ever felt.
  11. Conte, stay or go?

    And what if I am wrong? Is the football world and CFCnet going to grind to a halt? What are we on this forum only state cast iron provable facts? These are the likelyhoods as I see them with my own eyes and ears. If you or other people aren't interested in what I 'think' then no ones forcing you to read my posts. Ok how about this....If that's what he's up to then he's a disgrace. If on the other hand, all he's thinking about is the well being of this club and it's future which he is 100% committed to, then lets give the man another 5 year deal ...(sadly time constraints of a busy life don't always allow me to put these caveats but if it makes me sound less controversial I'll do my very best).
  12. Conte, stay or go?

    Based on what you 'think' Conte wants? And, what if you're wrong?
  13. Conte, stay or go?

    I have no doubt in my mind that Conte wants the sack and 9.5 mill transferred into his bank account forthwith. I have no doubt he has wanted this for some time. I have no doubt that some of his footballing decisions and team selections were knowingly not made in the best interests of this club. In my footballing lifetime I've seen many a player not pull his weight, pull a sicky, stroll around the pitch or just not even bother to play (see Winston Bogard) , but I have never seen a manager of this club or ANY club (particularly one of Conte's stature) wishing...praying to be sacked. He is not a young thrusting, testosterone filled, petulant know it all player, he is the manager for Christ sake. He is a disgrace. Edit: Oh and I'm sure sacking Willian will solve everything... the same as it did for Luiz.
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  15. Conte, stay or go?

    I want Conte to stay, these players need to realise what professionalism is, and now it's time for our club to make a statement. He has won a league and FA Cup in 2 years, he's a winner, anyone else who wants be a winner we keep; let the whiners leave. As for the players behaviour: Hazard - if he knew how to defend and track a full back we wouldn't need extra 'defenders'. Cesc: If he knew how to chase a player and tackle, there would be no need to play an extra CM and CB so there's always someone to hold his hand. If anything Conte has improved his defensive game positionally, something he'll need to continue working on if he wants to play for more than a year longer. Willian: Sack him (remove him from the squad and sell him asap). Man is an attacking mid that plays like a failed winger who ended up as a wingback, and thinks he's good enough to demand a place in the team. Made the club as a whole look like a joke, no class. Edit: The guy gets applauded for hard work rate, when your attackers get the same praise as Johnathan Walters does, it's time for new attackers; we need top elite players not some glorified one good game every 8 games Brazilian James Milner. I watched Villa make it to the final of the play offs, watching JT with that team was like watching us a few years ago; I'd take JT and a few Villa lads over some of our lads right now.
  16. I remember back in the day when Gallas was crying about us not buying enough top players. Until Roman came along and we bought a lot of new players, unfortunately for Gallas some of them were better than him. Then he went on to complain he didn't get to play in his preferred position because there was too much competition. Granted, Gallas wasn't a genius, but then again not many footballers are. Personally there is something about Courtois that makes me properly dislike him. Not sure what it is, but he isn't my favourtite that's for sure.
  17. Conte, stay or go?

    Quite happily see the end of Willian and not cause of this Instagram marlarky. Very petulant and sefish player. Turns up for about 5 games a season in which he looks unstoppable then back to the same old running into blind alleys, not beating the first man from corners/freekicks, shooting like Jonny Wilkinson and throwing his arms around as if he’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Really poor goal return as well.
  18. Conte, stay or go?

    Not at all, it makes a lot of sense to me. That Willian has played as little as he has done over the season is one of our major issues. Last season it was Matic, Costa, Aké and Chalobah. This season we seem to be able to add Luiz, Willian, Zappacosta and Bats. We only have two players that are clearly better . Kanté and Hazard. Then Willian is right up there together with Azpi.
  19. RT @TeleFootball: Antonio Conte says Chelsea need to invest big if they are to improve next season - no matter who's in charge | @Matt_Law_…

  20. Media / Press

    They're not saying he can't have one , he's just caught in the system at the moment.
  21. Media / Press

    Yeh, good point Holy. I thought that too. Or maybe the Chinese? Could be even better for us.
  22. Media / Press

    Maybe he'd be prepared to sell us to an Arab kingdom?
  23. Official: Chelsea Sign Antonio Rudiger

    MotM for me in the Cup final
  24. Conte, stay or go?

  25. Conte, stay or go?
  26. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    Nice one Mr Bartlett, ( I really don't know how else to address you). Really good comment. Thank you.
  27. CFCnet 17/18 Awards

    OK. Sounds good to me.
  28. CFCnet 17/18 Awards

    My opinion doesn't count here , I don't get a say .
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