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    Havertz starting poo poos the idea that deal is simply pending announcement.
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    Well, yes. Hence the 'further' in my initial post. I had in mind one poster's complaint about Ake apparently being good enough for City but not us, when as you say it's increasingly evident it's that we have (for better or worse) CBs and City don't.
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    Talking of comical transfer positions, I had to laugh when I heard that Man Ure had asked BD to drop their price on Sancho because they'd taken a hit on covid19. I used the same logic at Ferrari yesterday but they refused to sell me an F50 for half price.
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    Willian is out of contract. what sort of bargaining chip does that give us? he walks there for nothing.
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    Garcia: City were 2 or 3 CBs short. It is not just them losing one 19 year old who was only playing because the cupboard was bare. Bournemouth - I guess the £41m reference price is the buyback price we had (as it is precisely 2X the price we sold him to Bournemouth). Back pre-Covid it was legitimate to ask if we should pay the £41m to get him back. It seems an absurd price right now. All we know is that Bournemouth said it was a club record sale (ie. > £20m) For reference: from Transfrmarket (all numbers are their best guesses) Player B/S Market Value Transfer value Nathan Ake Bought £25.2m £40.77m Ferran Torres Bought £40.5m £20.7m Leroy Sane Sold £72m £40.5m There is one number that screams out as being suspect. Remember Gallas for Ashley Cole? Perhaps we are doing Willian for Aubameyang But I suspect a lot more clubs are in difficulties with finance than we are being told. Stadium revenue has disappeared for 12 months and probably a lot longer. Commercial deals will largely evaporate. Spurs stand out as they have big stadium debts but no rock concerts or Joshua boxing matches to bring in revenue and no one is going to pay mega bucks for the naming rights of a stadium no one goes to. There is a ton of deals that can't possibly be done right now.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic Doesn't look like it. Offered obscene money to PEA to stay too. The money is always there if they want it to be. Mind you, I was watching a programme a while ago when I'm sure it said Arsenal employs 600 people which seems a huge amount to me buy I presume it would be the same with us. I just wonder what they all do. I feel sorry for those at Arsenal who have lost their jobs. "We're all in this together" NOT. It was ever thus :-(
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    I don't suppose it will change a thing. The Arsenal players aren't happy. They took a pay cut in the understanding this wouldn't happen
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    I can't imagine the furore with Arsenal making 55 workers redundant despite some of the players taking pay cuts is going to help them in offering Willian what he reportedly wants. Maybe he'll stay with us afterall.
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    Garcia wants out at City, so there's your quick £41m move for Ake further explained.
  12. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Sorry! I've done it now and I'll delete my post.
  13. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

  14. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    @FrankLampard8 Please follow the link above in MBIB's post and put your answers there. I know some have posted their answers on here but it's done confidentially, which is the best idea all round, especially when voting in the two categories for cfcnet members of the year!! Also obviously makes it easier for MBIB who is kind enough to do it. Thanks.
  15. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    In the league, we conceded 6 goals in the remaining 12 games, and 6 goals in the remaining 7 Europa league ties; so 12 in 19. Next.
  16. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Good thinking 🙏
  17. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    For anyone who hasn't seen it, the CFCnet Awards voting will close after the Bayern game.
  18. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    I'll post the winners from this on Sunday, just n case anything crazy happens on Saturday and we get some last-minute votes for a new game of the Season!
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    The city of 2 years ago wouldn't have replaced Sane with a kid or gone anywhere near Ake so I suspect you are right.
  21. This guys a glorified nonce ngl

  22. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    He looked pretty decent till the end of the season is my point. For Spain he played his first non-friendly 4 weeks after the LC final and kept his place for 6/7 Euro qualifiers through to the end of 2019 (Spain hasn't played since).
  23. Not sure mocking our own player is cool 🤔
  24. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    Right. Who knows how that situation affected him personally, he looked pretty decent until then..
  25. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    No idea, but there was no particular criticism for him on here on his subsequent performances until he was playing for Fran (hint - about fans not managers). Still think Zola took the blame for that one.
  26. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not seen any estimates I'd trust. Bournemouth I understand say "a non-disclosed club record fee". Assuming they mean a Bournemouth record, not a City record that just means >= £20m. The £41m is just the reference price that people have talked about before (our buy back price?). City have bought a kid and a CB4 when they need CB2 &3 urgently. Either this is just the start of a torrent of purchases or it is the best they can do this summer. The latter I guess.
  27. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

    I'm thinking what his stats are pre Sarri sub incident and after. Anybody knows?
  28. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not that disappointed about Ake going to City. For me, he isn't much of an upgrade on Zouma/Rudi/AC. Further, what we desperately need it a commanding CB where he is a covering CB. To be fair, he will probably do ok next to Laporte but then I think any of our three would also do next to such a player.
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