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  2. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Kev, which of these clubs employ zonal marking? Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool? Not a trick question, by the way.
  3. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Zonal marking has the same status as playing out from the back - purveyors of either system should be sacked on the spot.
  4. I know people have these feelings about every manager after any disappointing game. But we are all able to judge objectively as well. Sarri is doing a good job.
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  6. Seems the thoughts are "Sarri is to blame".."the players are to blame" or "They are all to blame". For me bottom line is can Sarri carry/lead Chelsea forward?....from what I see I don't believe he can. Given a complete change of squad would his approach be different? and would that work in the EPL? If the Transfer ban is in place next window and the likes of Tammy James Mount Zouma are recalled is Sarri capable of integrating any returnees into a successful squad? I view Sarri like a journeyman squad player who puts in a good shift when picked but is not quite good enough to play every week. Such a player is an asset to be use as needed but a manager/coach has to be much much more. I don't have the answers but do have the questions.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't imagine we will go into next season with Giroud and Tammy as the only CF options so the extension is an indication he will go on loan again and come back as 2nd choice the following year
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    The key seems to be a PL loan to a club good enough not to be relegated in the same season. That is actually pretty tricky, the most secure clubs aren't looking to start a loaned player for the whole season, and if guessing who will be relegated was easy we could all make a fortune at the bookies. Come on, it isn't as though Lampard has done particularly well this season, and there is absolutely no reason to think he'd be any better are bringing in young players more than any other manager we have had (of whom Sarri is undoubtedly the best). What is this obsession with Lampard except as Sarri bashing in disguise.
  9. There is an irony in calling Sarri an ideologue. Whether he is any good is I suppose is a matter of opinion. That he is stubborn or inflexible is just weird; we've changed it up loads of times this season.
  10. He tried a different formation less than a week ago. Formation that involved not using kovacic OR higuain.
  11. Sarri is an ideologue, which means he has to be either great at what he does (Pep) or he becomes very easy to beat (see Keegan and Wenger); and even then Pep is beatable, but just has fantastic players in virtually every position. For me, Sarii is most definitely in the Keegan/Wenger camp as he will not even consider changing players let alone formations and he will stick his neck out on the line for players such as Higuain and Kovacic. As a result, even if the Saudi state buy Roman out and bank roll us to the tune of £500m+ and we can buy Mbappe, Neymar, Harvtz, Lewandowski et el, I would still not have Sarri in charge as he would only try and make them play the way we are playing now, buy poorly and run the players into the ground.
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Do not get me wrong, I like Tammy a lot, however I feel that coming back to Chelsea next season is not the best for him as I can see him not being given a chance and having to sit most of it on the bench; unless we appoint someone like Lampard next season to manage us. For me, the step between the top end of the Championship to the PL is massive for a CF and in my opinion, Tammy should have been loaned again to Bristol last season and given a PL loan this season. However, what is done is done. As for James, I think he is in the same position, however if we do sell Zappa, he could potentially put in as 2nd choice RB as Dave is very reliable and fit, so if he struggles we could depend on Dave until Jan.
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Agreed. Or at least torn between very much wanting to see James and Abraham in a Chelsea shirt, and looking after their best long term interests. His loan this season was very last minute, and perhaps there was talk of Higuain for Morata earlier and thoughts of keeping a younger striker as well, and then PL opportunities were missed. But then his PL loan to a relegated club last season did not work out well, and I think Villa has been a good option for him this season. As for other Championship high scorers, very few have been 21, and very few have been high scorers in he Championship twice in their career already, and very few of them already have some PL experience. And none of them had Abraham's talent. So I agree the step up is significant, but I still have high hopes Tammy will make it sooner or later. Besides if there is one thing this team is missing it is a 6 yard box finisher, who really makes an effort. We all know how this one ends up with Girioud, Higuain or Morata in the same position
  14. I'm on from 10pm tonight on @influxradio. Great line up of tunes all night.

  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Apparently, Chelsea have taken the option to sign Giroud for another year. That for me makes sense as we do not know where we are with the ban and he is a good 2/3 choice CF. For me, we are currently at the following squad for next season: GK - Kepa, Willy, Green FB - Dave, Alonso, Emerson CB - Luiz, Christensen, Rudi, Zouma CM - Jorginho, Kante, RLC, Barkley AM - Willian, CHO, Pulisic, Pedro CF - Giroud Looking at that squad, it is vital that we get in another CF, CM and AM. Also, I could see Barkley being sold if we get a half decent offer.
  16. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    A zonal marking system will have that sort of effect. We routinely look all over the shop when it comes time to defend a set piece of any sort. Opposition players barely have to fight to get free or find a bit of space to make or an attack on the ball - as showcased once again in this match. Has been an ongoing issue since the start of the season and is still yet to be addressed.
  17. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I doubt it, there has not been a Championship striker to take there goal scoring record from that level to the Premier League since Kevin Phillips and he was in his mid-20's when he did that. For me, Abraham will be out on loan against next season at a PL club, alongside Ampadu and Mount. People may think that is unfair, but I would rather that than have him come back here next season, kick his heels on the bench and then insist on a transfer away. Additionally, I think it is crazy that he did not get loaned to a Cardiff or Huddersfield this season as he would have started every game for those clubs. That said, if we do not get our ban lifted then I fully expect him back.
  18. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Not sure. We spent most of the season complaining about not getting midfielders into our front line, and if we put aside the City game, we have conceded slightly less this season than last. Now we win 4-3 and conceding 2 when it doesn't matter much, and suddenly we need to get extra midfielders amongst our back line. I'm much more worried about 3 recent goals being scored from the edge of our box in places where CMs and not DMs should be closing them down.
  19. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    You're correctly identifying the lack of "defense" for our defenders and I think that in a nutshell is the issue. The back four aren't as terrible as many suggest (especially when Rudiger is in there), it is just that often there are only three of them there as one of the fullbacks will invariably be upfield and no-one from midfield has slotted back properly. All too often it is a ball in behind and the defenders are chasing back alongside the attackers rather than being in a position to give themselves a yard or two on the opposition. It is bizarre that an Italian finds it so difficult to construct a solid defense that is also very weak at defending set plays. Prague's goal from the corner was the result of Barkley defending fresh air rather than the player coming in for a free header. It's ironic that a midfield that is almost entirely devoid of any attacking capability is also so rubbish at defending.
  20. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Our referees are all very good. As determined by what Mavis wants them to achieve.
  21. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    So what's the excuse our referees use?
  22. There is no doubt that Sarri shouldn't get a "pass" he's desperately rigid in his approach and his insistence that his philosophy is the only way is holding him back . What particularly annoys me about it all is , if he utilised his philosophy but with Contes formation we'd probably be harder to beat and wouldn't lose much going forwards anyway given how useless our strikers and midfield are in the goal scoring stakes . As I've said throughout the season I'm generally conflicted about the whole thing , although I've come to realise the players are pathetic in general and the mindset is skewed against hard work and learning anything that doesn't suit them, I'm still not certain how good Sarri is , if at all .
  23. @Bwgster How much for a cut and blow dry 😉

  24. 1. The rumours came from the Conte camp, nothing leaks at all in the club under normal conditions. 2. The "I don't buy the players" was never even meant to be taken seriously - just a joke to duck out of saying who was arriving at the end of the transfer window. We bought 5 players out of Serie A - it is pretty clear that last season Conte had more control over who we buy than any manager we have had since 2006. He also spent a lot more than any manager has ever spent before, twice as much as any recent manager. 3. So what clearly went wrong last season is that we gave the manager scope to buy the players and it went disastrously wrong. We should all be greatful if control has returned to Marina 4. Marina has actually been at the club a long time, during some remarkable successes (more remarkable than the first few years, because for 10 years we have been far behind the 2 Mancs in terms of spending). 5. Conte signed a massively bigger contract in July 2017. If he had any demands to be made, that was the time to make them. Within 2 months he was agitating to leave. If you think Marina was tough with him, I can only imagine what RA thought. At considerable cost to us, we have prevented him from working this year - I think that indicates the anger the whole club feels about him
  25. Which is the difference between Kovacic/Barkley and RLC/Kante. The first two are always looking up to choose the best pass. The last two, unless the pass is obvious, just move it on and play Sarriball. Kovacic/Barkley just end up stopping play. Life for both (and Kante) would be a lot easier if we had Drogba or Hasselbaink up front - screaming and pointing exactly where they demand the ball to be put. But we have static CFs and the movement comes out wide (if at all) so the final passes need vision (or to be made from so deep, that (Luiz) the player can see all). Aha. Your reply this morning was to a post over 24 hours old - that is why I misread it. On Pep I agree with you.
  26. Rudiger said in an interview recently that RLC is the hard man in the squad. Not sure if said in jest, but if not it's a good indication of the mental strength of the squad. Thing is last night we had Kepa, Luiz, Kovacic, Emerson, Barkley all barely played last season under Conte, or weren't here. That's half the team switched with the same issue prevailing. I think it goes further than players, it's actually a culture that has crept into the club. First team affairs are (mis)managed from board level, the manager has little authority and the players know it. Especually if the rumours about last season are true that a title winning manager was put in his box by Marina who knows little about football. City and Liverpool are geared up to get the best from their manager, giving them the players they want. At Spurs they know they have a budget and expectations are adjusted accordingly. I get the impression the board and Roman expect the best of both worlds. Still I don't think Sarri has, or will, really worked out here due to the above and his own failings.
  27. that book is certainly a mystery as he can't be writing anything about the game
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