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  2. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Surely Sarri should start making HT subs or making subs earlier if we keep playing like this at the start of every 2nd half. I think it has become so predictable and the players are only going to become more nervous and panicking from 45th min.
  3. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    There’s taking your foot off the pedal. And there’s running out of gas, losing control of the wheel and crashing into a tree. At least we’re still alive.
  4. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Didn't they blame that on Conte too? Precious little snowflakes.
  5. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    How a team that has been as inconsistent as we have been this season can be so complacent is beyond me. You have to lay the blame at the manager's door when a team almost snatches defeat from the jaws of victory after the half time interval. Surely his only job at that point was to ensure the players kept their concentration?
  6. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I find it hard to even turn the tv on to watch us - Sarri is giving Mourhino a run for his money in the most shocking football we have ever played.
  7. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    As I said the other day, even if we somehow manage top 4 and the EL, Sarri is gone. We literally play like a team that has a) not beem given a strategy, b) been run into the ground.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are you sure about that?
  9. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Well... that was closer than it should have been!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Got more fight than anybody in our squad.
  11. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    We can only play for 45 mins, the players have said that Sarri makes them train in the morning when we play a night match
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sign him up!!
  13. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Well we got through - I predict we will not win the el or get top four because of Marlboro man.
  14. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I think tonight showed what could have been in the first leg. They caused us problems but this time took some of the chances. With the style we play we start to run out of steam on the hour mark or there abouts and it can be exploited
  15. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I agree these players have been totally shocking tonight especially in defense, its like they have never met or played together before.
  16. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Frankfurt will wipe the floor with us
  17. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    We won both games and go through but I'm left absolutely despising the idiots masquerading as professional footballers. Rip it up and start again . James, Ampadu, Mount, Abraham cannot possibly be worse than these shysters.
  18. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Until we have tactics and a back 4 that is protected by a proper DM this defence will never be solid no matter who plays. Constant theme this season has been how exposed this back 4 looks in quick transitions and high balls.
  19. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    It’s a weird feeling should be happy about getting through to a semi final but the way we played in the 2nd half was shocking has me pissed off because we have done it so many times this season
  20. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Luiz has been shocking tonight.
  21. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    The whole back 5 are a joke, even if we somehow get to the final we haven't a chance in hell of winning it
  22. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    What happened at halftime did someone spike the oranges with some dimazpam we’ve been asleep this whole 2nd half
  23. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    At least Pedro can hold his head high tonight.
  24. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Luiz clearly has no confidence in Kepa-why isn’t he shouting for the ball!
  25. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    We are a laughing stock, this team can only play 45 mins,even when we are 3 goals in front at halftime, we still come out in the second half and run out of steam. the players are knackered, stop all this passing around at the back and get the ball forward
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