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    Climate change supporter eh? Yeah, whatever Dan 🙄
  3. @MorabandMenace This was the man who cried about a vegan sausage roll like he was forced to go to Gregg's every day and buy them

  4. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    I expect Carroll will make an appearance, hopefully we are a couple of goals ahead when he does. I would expect Newcastle to play 4-5-1.
  5. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    I am trying not to.
  6. Olivier Giroud

    Interesting question. I'd have said 6th Prem Serie A La Liga Championship Bundesliga La Ligue If you judge on the bottom half of teams alone, then the Championship would be higher.
  7. Olivier Giroud

    Obviously, if it could happen Werner should be our first choice but he probably off to Munich. I think you're being a little harsh on Dembele, as he is only 10 months older than Tammy, not two years, the French league is probably the 4-5th best league in Europe and his record of scoring 2 in 1 is over a a significant period of time. Dembele or Werner, if they are brought, should not be signed with the idea of replacing Tammy but rather to complement him/the team, give us a 5th option at AM and increase the competition for places which in my book is healthy.
  8. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Can you imagine the collective media hard-on had VVD scored that Tomori goal?
  9. Olivier Giroud

    Dembele is no better than Abraham. Basically has scored 1 in 2 in two p*ss poor divisions, the SPL and Ligue 1. Abraham scored at a better rate in a far more competitive division, and is 2 years younger. He is now scoring a better rate in arguably the toughest division there is.
  10. Last week
  11. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Not just Arsenal. Liverpool fans managed to rig the MOTD goal of the month competition to such an extent that Salah scored a better goal than Fiki Tomori 😆 There's just no point.
  12. Looool wtf is this ****?! #TheApprentice

  13. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Didn't know where best to post this. Mount up for golden boy which can be voted for below. Currently Guendozi winning thanks to Arsenals fans incredible ability to ruin online polls.
  14. Olivier Giroud

    Fair enough. Neither will be cheap, but Aulas at Lyon is notoriously difficult and good at extracting massive fees. Dembele will cost more out of the two and will expect to play, when we already have Tammy doing very well. I think Edourd would accept a squad role and it would be a definite step up for him. I like the way Edouard drops deep and links the play, he reminds me of Kane in that aspect. He us very good at holding the ball up too, very powerful player for a young lad. I suspect Dembele would the better goalscorer of the two. The opposition not much and not in a position to post the link at present, but check out Edouard 2nd goal for France U21 against Azerbaijan last night. Very reminiscent of a certain Didier Drogba.
  15. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

  16. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    I did say two to three, not three. My worry is we come off international break with another set of injuries and not much time to prepare with a big CL game the otherside of it whilst Newcastle have had esstentially two weeks (they only had seven players go out) to prepare. I am not saying Newcastle are fantastic and I expect us to score but the way we have been defending set pieces and with big units like Joelinton and Carroll running about, full prepped for us, I am not seeing a walk over nor a clean sheet.
  17. Olivier Giroud

    Personally, when I have seen Edourd he reminds me a lot of Bony, who was also a player that was effective at a lower level and then when he stepped up to City he was completely out of his depth owing to the lack of space and time he would get in comparison to his time at Vitesse and Swansea. Dembele and Werner for me are better fits for us for a few of reasons. First I think they are more skilful players and can operate in tighter spaces which is important when you play at top clubs. Second, they can both play AM as well as CF, which means that they do not need to do the donkey work which will be covered by Tammy moving forward. Third, both are proven at a level much higher than Edourd and are more experienced. When we go to the market next we do not need yet more potential and inexperience as we have that in bundles, what we need are experienced players who are proven at a high to very high level.
  18. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Thought we defend set pieces well against Soton. Better marking and organisation. I barely see Newcastle crossing over the halfway line often unless we play poorly. I expect a bit of a scrappy post int break game. We will have an eye on the Ajax game but we shouldn’t get too complacent.
  19. Olivier Giroud

    Just out of interest really. I know you were against Edourd when I mentioned him, yet you mention Dembele. Surely Edourd has the higher ceiling out of these two? Eduord’s hold up play and ability to link up play is far better than Dembele. Edourd can play as a modern day No 9 on his own, whilst I’m not sure Dembele could do that role well in the PL. I reckon most Celtic fans would rate Edourd as the better player of the two.
  20. Olivier Giroud

    Indeed. For my money, we need upgrades at CB, AM, CF and probably RB next season. Questions also surround CM, GK2, a second AM (think this could be solved with a Werner/Dembele type CF signing) and LB (I am not convinced we need to upgrade the Emerson/Alonso pairing.)
  21. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    So you think newcastle will score 3 times from set pieces? I admit it is a danger, and our track record this year isn't good, but to concede 3 in one game from set pieces against a poor team would take some doing, even for us.
  22. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    As poor as ours at defending set pieces? Also, Carroll in the air is a nightmare and he is just about fit now.
  23. Olivier Giroud

    After parsing that for a few minutes - yes I agree. But then he is too old to be a first choice striker for 30+ PL starts anyway. He certainly complements Tammy as a big striker to play alongside if we need goals at the end. Or as a big striker to be an out ball if we are hanging on. But not as a starting striker (though Bats offers even less, and in practice Giroud is always going to be the go to alternative if Tammy gets injured). He is a place holder for next year, by when we'll know if we need a starting striker or a back up for Tammy. Actually half the team are place holders, and much or the rest are on trial.
  24. Olivier Giroud

    I don't think he is off, but I can understand why he doesn't necessarily fit into the way SFL wants to play
  25. Olivier Giroud

    Which puts him several strengths ahead of Bats who can't do much at all (though he can finish sometimes). Still we really shouldn't jump to conclusions that Giroud might be off simply because he still does interviews with the NT.
  26. RT @NYCMayorsFund: This is how we feel about 30 neighborhoods across all 5 boroughs now having mini soccer pitches! Last week's #nycsoccer…

  27. Olivier Giroud

    I don't think it is that odd. Frank likes his teams to press. Giroud, for all of his strengths, can't really run.
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