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  2. Even now you make out like this was a major issue in order to feed the members of the cult of Sarri. I made a suggestion that he made continuous notes as a mechanism to deal with an ongoing 60 a day smoking habit. Not a criticism but an observation. Deal with it. Some didn't take to him. Some did.
  3. I hope Frank doesn't start making too many notes.... They'll soon turn.
  4. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    None of that is drawing conclusions though, is it? Just some observations. My point stands. Nobody should draw too many negative conclusions from our defeat to Kawasaki nomarks, or positive ones from beating a half fit Barcelona. All fairly meaningless at this stage
  5. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    Absolutely necessary? No, and unlike you.
  6. So much wrong with this post. You still haven't explained what was shameful so members can avoid doing it again. On Barkley, he simply isn't crap. He's a premier League footballer who plays for England. On Sarri and Benitez you're a hypocrite. Plain and simple. Step away from the cult of Sarri. It's ridiculous. People are entitled to not rate him as a coach, a person or even both. As Jane says. In spite of, not because of.
  7. You're not getting slaughtered by me for that post. Excellent stuff.
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  9. CHO

  10. CHO

    It could be Chinese whispers, but more likely there are people out there determined to put out a slant on this. The whole CHO story for the past 12 months has been from "anonymous" sources. He needs to hire a proper agent soon. He is the bread winner in that family.
  11. Do you know what? I'd forgotten I'd even done that post and I should have known better than to get involved in a 'discussion' with Droy, The Ghost, Martin and Paul. You're being a little censorious with me I think TVF. All I was saying was that everyone is entitled to an opinion (I'm talking football here, not life and death) and if others disagree that's fine but you can't go around categorically stating that something is definitely wrong just because you think so. Opinions are subjective that's the whole point. And my last words on Sarri? I'm pleased he's gone. Was never keen although I guess another season could possibly have been justified. I think we came 3rd in spite of him not because of him. We have Hazard to thank. He made some bonkers but sadly predictable substitutions at times (not to mention team selections), had not an ounce of charisma, made no effort with the supporters, his interviews were incomprehensible at times, made too many notes (must sort out the defence, must find a striker who can actually score), brought far too many of his own staff with him and the 60 a day smoking habit must have made it difficult for him to sit and concentrate for a full 90 minutes. And was he really 'headhunted'? Makes him sound like some potential gem of a young manager who few had heard of until someone at Juventus spied him and said My God, We've Got To Get This Guy!!! He's Amazing!! Where's He Been Hiding? I'll get slaughtered for saying all that (if anyone cares enough to read it) but it's my humble opinion, shameful, vindictive, lacking in sense or evidence as it might be (in others' opinions).
  12. Actually I was speaking very generally. I was trying to kill off the "It's only an opinion, you can't attack me for an opinion" excuse that comes up from time to time. I tried to explain it next post to Jane: I think enough people do think he is crap while probably being a lovely lad, to make "patently untrue" a big exaggeration. I think you miss the point here. Pretty much everyone finds themselves able to dislike Tubby. Some of us are even quite proud of the fact. But what no one I have ever heard has said is that we dislike Tubby because he was a poor manager at Chelsea. Yes it is pure vindictiveness by me and others, and to be honest it is quite fun. And I feel absolutely no shame or embarrassment in claiming that I dislike him. Nor any need to make up stories to cover up for it. Yet the distaste for Sarri is constantly being backed up by truly bizarre excuses. And everyone claims that there is no dislike, just that Sarri did this wrong or that wrong, or only got that right because players rebelled or he was told what to do by the board. It is the absurdity of the position that grates most of all.
  13. CHO

    Misheard the chatter then.
  14. CHO

    There is no release, just chat from agents and people who hang around Cobham
  15. Formation

    We had the ball in our own half, that is a long way short of dominating like Champions. 30 legs good , 22 legs bad. I look forward to watching it. Sounds very brave, and especially brave against Barca.
  16. Because one had a reputation of entertaining attacking play (although, replicating it here failed miserably). While the other had a reputation of being more cautious and calculated in their approach. More leeway is given apparently based on the level of attacking inten had. Helps brush all the individual imperfections and team problems under the proverbial carpet.
  17. Granted it's all about opinions but I'm still not sure what specifically Droy considered to be shameful aside from one, maybe two posters who went too far, too many times on Sarri. People keep saying Barkley is a crap footballer and that's patently untrue. They don't get hammered by the same people who defend Sarri. My point on Benitez was more to do with the fact that many had poisonous things to say about him and nobody was bothered. After the EL win my opinion softened on him considerably. Many never took to Sarri. Some already had an opinion of him before he arrived because of things he'd said and done in the past. Just like Benitez. Why are the two viewed so differently by so many? Oh boohoo Benitez called us plastic.
  18. No, it isn't. They aren't different things. You're entitled to have a shameful opinion. You're just not entitled to never having that opinion challenged. Bringing up Benitez damages the point I think you're trying to make. No one worth listening to thinks he's a crap manager. That has absolutely no baring on whether or not Chelsea fans like him. Difference is that most Chelsea fans who don't like Benitez will tell you as much and be confident enough in that position to leave it at that.
  19. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    Bit Harsh, not sure Barca are really a whole month behind I accept pre season is only that and its about fitness, managers getting to know players in the case of a new manger but some positives can be taken surely
  20. CHO

    Depending on which report you read, he's agreed a deal at either £100k or £180k a week. Nothing in between 🙄 Someone has very much misread the release.
  21. Formation

    That's what I thought too , we showed some real glimpses of what we are capable of today .
  22. CHO

    Confirmed by the impeccably accurate Carefree Youth an hour or so before the media outlets, followed by CHO cryptically posting a pic of himself playing for us, via his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Pretty safe to say this one is done. Fantastic news and will no doubt help towards the general feel good factor around the place right now.
  23. Formation

    I'm not ignoring anything. If the choice, until RLC and CHO are fit is to play Mount/Barkley as a number 10 or play 5 at the back then the first choice wins for me. Hands down. I genuinely dont think it matters what formation we play, in terms of scoring, we are not going to score many goals this season but I'd like to see us at least have a go rather than playing defensive football with more defenders on the pitch than attackers. I'd like to see us play a high pressing, high tempo game with a fluid front line and solid midfield pairing and I think we saw today that is exactly what we are attempting to do.
  24. Formation

    Four legs good , two legs bad .
  25. Formation

    Last season we dominated possession, didn't play a counter attacking style at all and the defenders cumulatively scored at half the rate of the previous two seasons, when playing counter attack. Seems like the opposite. What you are ignoring is while RLC is out then the only alternative additions to that midfield are Barkley and Mount, while potentially being shaken at the back too. Unless you propose to play Pedro Willian Pulisic together every game which isn't sustainable. Alternatively you play a diamond and replace two wingers with a midfielder who never scores or creates anything and another striker that doesn't score enough. God forbid we should look for goals from elsewhere. Ah we've reached that point of the discussion, and only 3 pages in! I'm out.
  26. I don't think there is anything shameful in thinking Barkley isn't much of a footballer, at least not from his 2nd season here. And there is not much to say to anyone who says "they really don't like Sarri" and leaves it at that. (Or Benitez, we know who you mean). TVF gets it right here, and it is precisely because I hate benitez that you won't find any comments on this forum from me claiming he is a crap manager. Indeed I don't think a single person on this forum has ever said "I have no prejudice against Benitez but I am convinced he is a crap manager". It would be a foolish thing to say and invite derision. The point extends to our recent title winning managers too. Opinions about there quality are subject to the facts of our successes. There is far less real information available about their characters, so people can pretty much say what they like.
  27. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    I was just about to say that I was very impressed with Tomori, Mount, Kovacic, Kepa, Barkley and Jorginho. I would have said that Tomori and Mount didn't look out of place in terms of coolness on the ball or physical stature. I was inclined to say that Kepa looked very commanding and confident. I might have said that Kovacic and Barkley looked less restricted and more confident although that might have had as much to do with no Hazard getting in the way than a new manager. That's what I would have said but I'd better reserve such moronic judgement.
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