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  2. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    I would take Rudiger without any cross-checking sorry, Cahill left us with lots of question marks, on the other hand, christensen showed a very good performance for a while and he should have his chance. Both Faber and Baka are reliable, it can be a tactical question, and we trust Conte's plan. Morata and Hazard starting would make a big impact though. 2/1 for chelsea would make me happy.
  3. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    You are in for a pleasant surprise then.
  4. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Come on, wasn't a trick question, I was genuinely hoping for a bit of insight as to why you feel a dozen players are ahead of Musonda. Instead you simply named 14 players I prefer to judge as I see. Musonda has game-changing abilities. A deadly turn of pace, speed, movement, pressing, intelligence etc. I'm not saying he's the finished article, but he's certainly one of our better prospects.
  5. @JonnyT1977 @BlueBaby67 @vincecable @LibDems Like all politicians then mate 😃

  6. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    Conte confirmed Baka is alright to play. The left side looked badly damaged in the photographs. Looks like it crashed on a tree trunk.
  7. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    Anyone got a spare on this, drop me a message. I live relatively local these days and could not get a ticket. Cheers.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    I read something in the DM that he said "Everyone knows I love the fans" for what it's worth.
  9. Indeed. He posted tons of old Instagram stuff last night from his time with Chelsea. He may have taken it all down again. Some of it was a bit random and there was nothing new. Maybe he'd been drinking 😆🍾 Still no official message to the fans although I expect something once the deal is signed. Personally I could forgive most of the things he has done this summer including failing to turn up for us but it was the photo he deliberately posted in an Atleti shirt that was the killer. No matter what his beef was with Conte, that was an insult to the fans who hero worshipped him. Thanks and good riddance.
  10. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    Think we will play --------------Courtois --Azpi---Christensen--Cahill Moses--Kante--Bakayoko--Alonso ----Willian---Morata--Hazard I think Rudiger will be dropped to avoid the obvious Mike Dean booking and Cecs to come on later to break them down if needed. Hopefully Michy gets a go too.
  11. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Chelsea clearly had the opportunity to watch him testing it up at Betis before his injury and don't need any more evidence that he's a special player. Maybe the jury is still very much out on the others. Who really knows? As an aside, I bet Musonda never thought he'd be described anywhere as the new Matic. I fear he's about to be on here.
  12. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    Cahill vs Rudiger, big call for Conte but think he will go with experience considering the opposition. Fabregas vs Bakayoko, if Hazard does not start I feel pretty certain Cesc will start. Whether that is at the expense of Baka or Pedro, is hard to say. Think we need the presence of Baka on this, and Pedro has not been his usual self so far this season. Hazard to get at least 30 mins as a sub, and then for sure start against Atletico.
  13. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Who said I am not positive about Musonda? I just don't think he is in the first team squad proper or had an exceptional game on Wednesday. I get my kicks from the players the club is looking after - the ones sent out on loan to the Prem or Championship.
  14. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    You're wrong, GURJ SS... he's not looking for the next Messi; he's looking for the next pointless argument that results in people eventually stopping posting so that Droy can claim he 'won'
  15. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Just because you don't rate Musonda, doesn't mean that Conte doesn't and that the club has decided they don't need a 4th AM. Cesc is a better AM than most of the players In the PL, and unless you read minds there's no way of you knowing that Conte rates Moses as a AM/RW(which was his original position). Plus what's the problem with using young players with potential as backup players, best case scenario is you gain a quality player or at least a squad player, worst case is you move them on and bring another kid in; either way it saves spending millions on backup players. You're in a very very small minority that isn't positive about Musonda, sometimes it looks like you're looking for the next Messi, not every young player needs to be a household branded superstar to be a top professional player.
  16. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    That's interesting and sounds feasible. I heard some quote today that Costa has said something like "I've got no issues or problems with anybody or anything at Chelsea". My guess is (and has been for a while) that once he has his move to AM sorted, his head will be sorted too and if Conte wants him for a few months, he will get himself fit.... not for us particularly but for AM and Spain. If he has an ego (which I'm sure he has) he may prefer to go out on a bang rather than a whimper.
  17. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    I was asked - by someone I presumed didn't know, but then claimed he knew better than me. You have no excuse for not knowing. But it doesn't matter - as far as Conte is concerned, Musonda doesn't exist for proper games unless he gets really desperate. The club has decided it doesn't need a 4th AM (or that Fabregas or Moses will do instead). All his peers are off playing elsewhere, this year he has got the boring job of making up the numbers in training.
  18. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    His MO. is to do nothing in the game and then include something spurious in his game report , leading to a retrospective red card for something that had he seen at the time he'd have sent the player off for. That's how the PGMOL weasel out of responsibility.
  19. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    That's because Boga is more physical, and Conte has now been talking about how Musonda has been working on that side of his game and needs to keep on improving. I'd rather have a player like Musonda who works on his physicality than someone like Boga who is already there but lacks the skill set that Musonda has. So what have you been doing by naming all the players out on loan that you feel are ahead of Musonda!? 😂
  20. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    William Hill shows odds for over 6 cards to be shown in the game at 5/1 and Erik Pieters (their left back) and Rudiger to both be carded at 11/1. The latter in particular looks good value, given Rudiger's record of yellows picked up last year.
  21. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    Mike dean is the ref. Won't be putting any money on us finishing with 11 with him at the helm.
  22. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    On pure ability, I'd say Crespo is our most talented centre forward (certainly that I've seen - although my dad says Osgood was better...). Drogba sits at #1 through his legacy, sheer iron will and the fact that Crespo never hit full stride with us. Another highlight in terms of legacy was Vialli, who helped us transition from also-rans to contenders - but just wasn't consistent enough. Costa is similar to Drogba - had he had the inclination I think he could have had a similar impact to Didi but his head is just not screwed on right. But as paulw66 says, his goalscoring record is scarily good and he deserves a place somewhere in our top 5.
  23. Stoke City vs Chelsea

    Of course, absurdly, bearing in mind the way they play, we are far more likely to get a red than they are.
  24. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    First game of the season... maybe it was an issue of fitness rather than talent/ability that ruled Conte's thinking that day?
  25. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Yes Boga started the one PL game when there was a choice between them. Whatever, we aren't arguing opinions here, the club has made its choices already.
  26. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    None of them get ahead of Musonda. Tammy needed games in a top league and he is getting them. Palmer same as Tammy. Same goes for RLC. Can't even count Zouma because he's 's defender, same goes most of the list because they don't play in Musonda's position; it'd be like us keeping Zouma because we haven't got enough strikers. Musonda has a decent number of apps for a team in a top league, and when he was played he impressed; an injury and Poyet is what disrupted Musonda's development. Now he's had a chance and his impressed, he has shown more in one game than RLC showed all season, I rate RLC but Musonda has the hunger and drive to back his talent up. Boga is physically better but that's as far as it goes, Musonda is better in every other way; plus I'll be surprised to see Boga in a Chelsea shirt again, he's at Birmingham City of all places at 20 years old.
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