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  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am not sure anyone said that, but there were plenty who said he was no long term solution, which was and is true.
  3. Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

    As I've said before, clearly a dipper having a bit of a troll.
  4. Chelsea vs Lille

    Cabby/Cummings James Zouma Rudiger Emerson Kante Jorg Willian Mount CHO Tammy Going to be a nervy night. Early goal would help. Would have picked Tomori if he wasn’t injured.
  5. Chelsea vs Lille

    Your kidding yourself again.
  6. Chelsea vs Lille

    The good news - Rudiger in the squad. bad news - It’s likely the same CB pairing as Saturday as Tomori out with hip issue.
  7. Chelsea vs Lille

    I don’t think anyone was kidding themselves on here. People we happy about the positive style of football and how well the academy lads had integrated into the team. We’ve been good to watch with mixed results, generally more positive than negative though. We are a work in progress and everyone accepts that.
  8. Chelsea vs Lille

    Thankyou. Not bad at all considering how gloomy it looked last summer. But not good. And certainly some of the early celebrations have been premature. We've been kidding ourselves because Arsenal, Spurs and Man U have been so poor.
  9. Today
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just like to point out that Vardy is still banging in the goals, and when his name was mentioned as someone we should go for last season, all the know alls on here were saying he was over the hill and past his best
  11. Chelsea vs Lille

    Status, check :) Our 24 first matches this year (PL,CL,Carabao)= 12wins, 5 draw, 7 losses (1 of the draws ended with penalty shootout, lost) Our 24 first matches last year (PL; EL; Carabao) = 17wins, 5 draw, 2 losses PL only, 16 matches: this year: 9 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses last year: 10wins, 4 draws, 2 losses In the race for PL top 4: check In the race for advancement Champions league: check Carabao cup: un-check Not bad for a team weakened by the loss of experienced players like Hazard, Morata, Luiz(okok), Higuain Not bad at all, by our young team. Come on, you blues.
  12. Chelsea vs Lille

    I wouldn't be so sure about an Ajax win. They lost at the weekend and they have not been as good this year. Last time they played Ajax they were still in a funny place because their manager got sacked. I have Valencia getting the win or a draw in that one.
  13. Media / Press

    First club to sack a black manager, First club to sack a lady Physio First club to systematically kick out supporters for being near alleged racists. All a bit like the Mail and the Telegraph accusing Corbyn. Its how the media works page 1 to 32.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I know you can’t believe everything managers say, but Pep was on about he wouldn’t be buying any players in Jan. He also doesn’t seem too keen on CB’s in general, I wouldn’t be too concerned about City for him. I would say if we are interested, then Utd might be our biggest threat, but I just don’t see them splashing 160 million on two CB’s within a few months. Its a lot of money for a 29 year old and not really inline with how we act on transfers. He would be a great addition though.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    which no doubt is why Koulibaly is said to be unhappy.
  16. VAR and Chelsea

    Thought I was the only one to see that. The commentary team said plainly they had no idea what VAR might be looking at. There was no attempt at winning ball, just barging into Christensen - a theme for the game. There was also a barge by Pickford on Tammy Abraham as tried to prevent a defender shadowing the ball for a goal kick. Quite blatant and with the ball still in play (on his bruised hip, he stayed down for a while). Penalty if we are going to VAR stuff and stick to the rules. And for not the first game, there was quite a lot of shoving Chelsea players off onto the sidelines. I presume we now have a reputation for bottling the physical stuff.
  17. VAR and Chelsea

    What's an elbow in the guts between mates ?
  18. Media / Press

    What you dont get is lots of articles and TV comment regarding the incident like the Sterling incident. Has the guys name and address been published like with the incident at Stamford Bridge? We do get treated differently we know that as with the Eva Carneiro thing where suddenly everyone was an expert on the role of a physio and cared deeply about womens rights in the workplace...I don't see many lady physios working in football at the moment by the way...
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thats the standout buy. Unfortunately City also need a defender and they'll probably pip us.
  20. VAR and Chelsea

    That second Everton goal on Saturday had what looked suspisciously like a foul on Christienssen in the build up. For a moment I thought we might get a VAR decision...but no another one goes against us...couldnt really make too much of it after the third went in but it was important. The ref let a lot of over physical stuff go from Everton which assisted their win but we didn't really stand up for ourselves enough
  21. Media / Press

    I think you answer the point. The less he says the sooner the story disappears and the smaller the pressure on his employer or friends to "take a stance". Least said, soonest mended. Delete twitter and FB accounts. Disappear.
  22. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Good points
  23. Media / Press

    Why is that I'll advised if that is what he said he was doing? However I see it's dropping down the news radar very fast..
  24. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Yes. You really were strong on Kovacic and strong against Jorginho last year. I still think you are wrong, but you do seem to have won over a few fans. I would certainly debate that. 4th best this year, 3rd best last year. But he was good last year playing in the deeper roles. Just to clarify - had we had 70% possession and total freedom to play from the "Jorginho" position and lost 3-1 with Jorginho playing, he'd have been rightly crucified. The way Everton set up would have been a wet dream for Jorginho or Fabregas or even Matic.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Saw a rumour today that Koulibaly is unhappy at Napoli.......would be all over that despite his age.
  26. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Agree. SFL had trouble with this last season also. However, I have I think CM is the main issue atm with this as they offer no resistance to the counter attack. For me, we really need to buy a more physical CM/DM that is going to break up play for us. The CB's have been discussed to death and also need sorting. Agree. It is ludicrous. Agree. Agree. However, with Zouma at least we probably can still pull in a decent fee from Everton so if we can find a CB, he will not be here much longer I think. AC is looking like he will also need to improve quickly or move too. Emerson is an ok player. I'd rather him on the left than Dave atm but he probably needs to be replaced and/or made the LB2. CHO got his contract on pure hype. However, he did have a bad injury. For me the jury is out on him atm. Hopefully he comes good but lets hope he starts improving soon. Agree. A new CB is absolutely vital. Romagnoli would be my personal choice but he is very hard to get. Only thing we can hope this season is that Rudi can come back and stay fit. Good question. I think a CB of the right quality is impossible in Jan. Only one may be KK as Napoli are in meltdown but he would be hideously expensive and would be a sunk cost due to his age. I just do not see the club doing it. Personally, I think there is something in the SMS links, I think he is the type of player we need in midfield as he is a CM that can both play and be physical. Questions over his ability to play in the PL and his cost loom large though. In forward positions. Only players I see as possible are Zaha, Werner and Haaland (the last two due to their buyouts.) I would avoid Zaha but would love the latter two but they will have their pick of clubs.
  27. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    If you have a Chelsea defender in your fantasy team, you need to have a word with yourself.
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