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    ^Poor Marina. Now she will be blamed for Sarri not going to Juventus. .
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  4. RT @FootyHumour: Goals at Old Trafford in the last 12 months: Alexis Sanchez - 1 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 1

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    ????? Surely we have a pretty lousy Academy given the money we spend on it and the lack of throughput into real product - transfer fees and value of first team squad usage. Especially if you take a strict definition of what the Academy has done as opposed to young players who spent almost all their time at other Academies or on loan (Bertrand). Southampton's Academy in the last 15 years has been excellent (and they have made probably more use of our Academy than we have). Everton, Liverpool and Man U' have all been better are generating real product as opposed to youth titles than us. Just a nugget - Jack Cork has played 80 PL games for Swansea. Do we have any Chelsea Academy product post RA who has played 80 PL games for us? Christensen (arrived at 16) has 36. RLC has 46 (of which just 12 starts). We kid ourselves about the Academy. I recall a few years ago we took on a Man U released an 18 yo CH simply because we had a weakness in that area and wanted to be competitive. We win youth trophies because we have so many players and no weaknesses. But very few stars.
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    Yes,. Makes sense to me. I'm not saying it's definitely the best or fairest way forward and I've already said that Sarri might well argue that he's done well for us this year, given our achievements. However, bearing in mind the transfer ban and the other facts that you mention here, I agree that it does seem to resemble a coherent, forward looking strategy, despite any associated risks.
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    Italian media I expect. Who got it off a Juve fansite.
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    Marina trying to get money for Sarri from Juve... But the odds are we want him gone anyway, so why not do a deal where he just walks away to Juve without any compensation, and they don't need to pay us
  10. To be fair, I suspect he was watching his Dad and Uncle even before he broke into the team at WHU. Just like JM who was watching his before Dad while waiting for a break. But then so was Darren Ferguson, so it is no guarantee of success.
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    This all makes a lot of sense. Whereas SFL as manager now; ditching Sarri; relying on the youth; taking the ban up front; all seem like wishful thinking based on some distorted ideas. The club has long been well managed, I don't see that changing now.
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    You would like to think that, but that’s about ‘moral justice’ not sports law. No lawyer worth her or his salt will do anything until they have that FIFA explanation.
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    You would like to think that any lawyer worth his salt could have argued the immediate ban away as punishing the club twice by not allowing any time to plan for it particularly where by all accounts we , guided by our own federation believed we were not doing anything underhand .
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    From what I’ve read, I believe we are waiting for the written explanation from FIFA, explaining while our appeal to them failed. Our lawyers cannot make an appeal to CAS without having examined this FIFA explanation in detail. It will be key to their counter-arguments. The delay is the time FIFA are taking to provide the written explanation.
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    I think we are taking the ban this summer, to go for Lampard+youth. Build a new foundation on our only competitive advantage (world’s best academy). Cech in as DoF fits that bill perfectly. Big strategic change if so, Lampard certainly will be given time and will not have the same tough expectations as previous managers. Makes sense to me, think it is our best option going forward. If we succeed with it, it is a brilliant move. If we fail, we can always revert to hire-fire strategy. Not too much risk considering the transfer ban is already there and a big challenge regardless of when it comes in to play. Might as well use it as an opportunity to give chances to the top talent that are breaking through at the moment.
  16. Ready based on what? Success as a player? How is it working out for OGS at United? Management is about training methods, building a squad within a specific philosophy, having the right supporting structure around yourself and the players, and most importantly managing workloads whilst competing in multiple competitions. Lamps has a lot of experience under various top class coaches, competing season after season in different competitions and definitely troubleshooting some really sticky situations at the club.. but we are basically assuming that he absorbed a lot of that experience. What if SFL was like one of the other players who were also top class but didn’t really absorb that much to take it into coaching successfully? I know JT said he was taking notes from very early on. But was SFL taking things that seriously towards a future in coaching? I’m not sure.
  17. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Yes, I can see that Ham, but that males me think that he'll want to leave a positive memory in his last game of all and one which just happens to be a European final.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think timing of the CAS appeal is crucial. As late an appeal as possible will limit their ability to schedule the hearings. As I understand the process, whilst the appeal is applied for and pending the hearing the transfer ban is removed. Which then should give us one window to operate in. This is what the Spanish teams did. The above assumes we want to appeal the ban, although every statement the club has made regarding it have stated they strongly refute the findings.
  19. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    If he is leaving, I agree with Jane here. He is somewhat going out in a bit of a whimper. He's gone missing in the majority of games in the last couple of months.
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    Yes, there is a sense of that going around. Particularly with Jody involved as well. He obviously knows all of the academy and youth team players well and having the 2 of them in charge at a time when we're not able to sign players could have the silver lining benefit of forcing us to change our historical approach to one where we produce our own players. It's a very intriguing and exciting prospect if it comes true, but it is something of a risk of course and, if Sarri does end up seeing his season end with us in 3rd place and winning the Europa, as well as only losing the League Cup on pens to City, then he'd be entitled to feel hard done by I think. Mind you, it seems that it may well be the case that he actually wants to take an offer from his own country anyway. Yes, once tomorrow's play-off final and our Europa final are done and dusted then a lot will become clear, including confirmation of Eden's decision.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Any news on the CAS appeal? I am starting to get the feeling that the club are actually considering giving SFL the job and thinking that the youth/loan players will be enough.
  22. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I heard Kanté picked up a knee injury so looks like he’s out not really confident with the 3 remaining midfielders we have . We have got to 2 finals this year and I can honestly say I’m not confident of winning it like the league cup but as long as we put a performance in like we did against city I will happy
  23. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    No, none of us have I think, but I do have the feeling that he's on his way. Then again I am the world's biggest pessimist!
  24. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I'm not putting him down necessarily and yes I like the way he conducts himself off the pitch, typical of the sort of guy he is. I hope you're right and I haven't seen anything absolutely definite about him going to RM anyway, apart from newspaper gossip.
  25. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Yeh maybe Mark. I'm sure he'd like to leave a positive memory anyway.
  26. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I think he's got a desire to go out as he came in as European Champion (of a sort) Bit of symmetry.
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