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  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Not sure where to post this, but is showing tickets for sale for the Super Cup, unlike, which says “Ticket details to follow”. Not wishing to sit with Scousers, Orientals waving their bloody iPads in front of my face or Russians endlessly chanting “Roo-sigh-argh” like they did in Prague, I’ll take my chances and wait. Anyone who when we’re likely to be able to buy our allocation?
  3. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    If this summer pans out as it currently appears it will then I feel like the board have become far far too complacent. Complacent in thinking we wouldn't get a transfer ban and preparing the squad for it accordingly. Complacent in not delaying the ban, thinking we can easily get top four next season with current playing squad. Complacent in thinking a man with very little management experience is the man to do that. Complacent in not replacing Emenalo 2+ years after he gave notice. Complacent in trusting Cech with our biggest rebuild of the RA era, he has zero experience and just finished playing. Complacent in thinking Pulisic is an adequate replacement for Hazard. Complacent thinking they know better than the football men and that 3rd 4th 5th choice signings would suffice last time we won the league. I get that all of ths may not happen. I also get that football is an emotional thing and people are excited by the prospect of legends coming home, and don't blame them for that. If Frank, Jody and Petr come I will absolutely get behind them don't get me wrong, and Pulisic. I've always been someone to look at things like this in a more sensible rather than emotional manner. If you put the emotion a side for a sec and look at these decisions collectively on paper, on a footballing and business level, in the cold light of day, you'd think we've lost our marbles. I know people will want to the point the finger at x manager for problem y, but the board were the constant that oversaw their hiring, firing and recruitment. Yet they seem beyond reproach and it seems are never held accountable. If we are going to have a big shake up can we not get rid of some of the higher ups that contributed massively to the quagmire we are in this summer. Crazy to think 2 seasons ago we had just won the league. We have won two more trophies in that time, it's just so frustrating that we could have done so much better. And I don't think this is part of some grand plan to be happy with 6th and nurture our talent for a few years. That doesn't sound like Roman. I think it's just, that word again, complacency. Not trying to dredge up the debate of who else is to blame for xyz that dominate this forum, and probably won't get involved if it does, this post is more borne out of the aforementioned frustration and concern for the direction we've been taken and the boards involvement with that. Bit negative but once the season starts I will try to look on the positives of wherever we are and hope for the best. Promise! It would be exciting to see a team with a few academy products, managed by Frank, once I see those my mood and outlook will change and the excitement will kick in. Atm I just feel its not particularly healthy for a club with our lofty ambitions.
  4. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Engagement party?
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  6. I think he needs more than 5 players to do that. And a budget as big as Man U's or City's or PSGs. Apart from the corner flag goal against Barca, Frank has always been a 100% effort man, never a miracle worker.
  7. I'm imagining a future where Sir Frank , having won the lot as a coach at Chelsea gets the England job.
  8. Sounds like a response to a different post. Or I am missing something.
  9. Well , when you've won the Champions league twice and numerous cups England are bound to come calling sooner or later 😂
  10. All those bad seasons rescued by RA sacking the manager. Not looking forward to a season when Frank has to go.
  11. He's a laid back sort of guy and hopefully is smiling to himself at the absurdity of Sarri. They've both gone now, one will be greatly missed. The other...…won't be.
  12. The clue's in the thread name.
  13. Kawasaki Frontale vs Chelsea FC

    He really isn't a bad player you know , I'm sure we'll get our moneys worth out of him . His failures early on were system failures rather than player failures .
  14. Well , I'm more excited and upbeat than anything else , he's not had an awful lot of experience in fairness , but I like the cut of his jib . The thought of Lamps , Jody , Petr and now even Maka coming back rightly or wrongly give me a frisson of excitement . It would just feel "right" to have a few guys on board with proper Chelsea credentials , meaningless I know but there we are.
  15. Direct quote from him says hazard’s presence caused defensive problems.. How is that not blaming hazard.. ?
  16. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    In other news, there are pictures surfacing over the net of Cech and Marina at the Bridge today. Gee, wonder why...
  17. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    It demonstrates just how detached from the facts some of the youth promoters and most of the media are about Chelsea/ It is good. But is is a B team for a squad that has about 40 B team players already (including many on loan) and only about 5 or 6 A team players. The new manager (sadly Sarri's knowledge of the players has been lost) is going to have to make a lot of decisions in just a few weeks. The PL season closes on August 8th ( 9 weeks today). We desperately need 4 top players in (ideally 6 or 7, but 4 is as much as one can hope for). And about 30 senior pros need to be sold or put out on loan (admittedly the deadline for that is 3 weeks later for moves outside Prem or abroad). At least 3 players start the season with unknown fitness and 4 or 5 over 30 with potentially rapidly declining form. It is one hell of a job for any manager, let alone one with 12 months experience in the Championship preparing for CL and PL. I do hope he ignores all the marginal players and concentrates on the ones like Jorginho and Kepa who will truly make the difference this season and the next. If I were an agent I'd be pushing very hard to get my kid out on loan again.
  18. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    More likely peer pressure.
  19. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    The lad has a serious injury and who knows how long it takes for him to recover, and I doubt the next head coach will have him as the shining light next season. What the next coach has is a pool of ~60 players when you include the loan squad to select a squad of 25 to make the top for by the end of the season. The next real player investment will start in the summer of 2020.
  20. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Particularly Sarri
  21. Don't switch over the the "Next Boss " thread then. Someones suggesting that CHO's injury was down to him being overplayed during the season!
  22. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    What?? Nevermind.
  23. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    The two games in the Europa league are from the period you chose to use as some sort of argument as to why we did well in the cups and not the league. The extra 776 minutes comes from all the games except the premier league, across the whole season so including the league he made a total of 24 appearances for a total of 1167 minutes.
  24. Sarri has left the building lets move on
  25. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    It is very good, and as you point out later, not very common for his age. 😃 Perhaps he wasn’t ready earlier, maybe Sarri had to be sure he fulfilled certain tactical requirements before playing meaningful game time. Anyone who has been involved as a player at a semi-decent level knows what it’s all about. Very, very few players at 17/early 18 are ready to compete physically and tactically with fully grown men. What he’s achieved at a club like Chelsea at his age is actually some of the best news in a long time. Finally we are starting to see some of that academy investment giving us some first team ready players. Next season we have a few very promising players potentially at our disposal who did see some serious game time at at least Championship level. Trevoh Chalobah (20 in July), James (20 in December), Mount (20), Abraham (22 in October). Add Ghuehi (19 in July), McEachran (19 in August), Ampadu (19 in September), Hudson-Odoi (19 in November), Mount (20), Christensen (23) and Loftus-Cheek (23) and that is fairly large HG/academy pool to draw from for a 25 man squad. It could certainly be intriguing to see what Lampard could do with a large group of youngsters spiced up with some top names next summer. For 20/21 (in a 4231); GK: Arrizabalaga RB: Azpilicueta, James CB: Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma, Tomori LB: Emerson, DaSilva CM: Kante, Jorginho, CM (top quality), Ampadu, Chalobah AM: Pulisic, Willian, Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Loftus-Cheek, Barkley, AM (top quality) S: S (top quality), Abraham That would be a good base to start building from. 3 top signings and we are on our way. If we can give the next manager some time to build something long-term and add only top quality signings I think we could be something from 2022. Very, very good points by you both. I wonder if Hudson-Odoi was overplayed/over-trained? Not seen over the full season but very back-loaded in terms of his minutes. Perhaps his body wasn’t ready for that stress?
  26. Jesus I'm not getting involved in this debate or the CHO debate again. It's just a pointless ongoing waste of everyone's time and makes absolutely no difference in the grand scheme of things.
  27. I had a rather laborious debate on another thread when I suggested that Sarri's tenure might have contributed to Hazards departure. Well you can imagine the shite storm that kicked up! But I will say this. If Sarri had some personal conversations with Hazard during the season about his "negative presence in the defensive phase" , I'm surprised Hazard just didn't walk out there and then. I've seen Eden run his feet to bloody stumps this season while pulling Sarri's team through games they didn't deserve to win. Fecing nerve of that bloke.
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