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  2. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    I have a soft spot for the 2006 Chelsea-West Ham game that ended up 4-1. We started badly conceding a near-post header by James Collins and Maniche was (rightly) sent off for going over the top on Scaloni. Goals from Drogba and Crespo in the first half and Terry and Gallas in the second. The following week (I think) was the game we beat Man United at home 3-0 with goals from Gallas, Cole and Carvalho to clinch the title.
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19

    But ... It clearly is? Because you (and others), take exception to some ways of doing it but not others? I don't think I've missed any point, that is literally what has been happening in this thread; China's way of killing animals bad, 'our' way of killing animals not bad. I mean, I agree the dog markets are absolutely horrific. I'm also enraged and saddened by, for example, Japanese whale and shark fishing. I'm not advocating some form of moral relativism whereby 'culture' explains away these practices. I do think though we need to be critical about how and why narratives about certain countries spread, and especially when those narratives are ones that could easily be applied to 'us' from a different perspective. I'm not sure a featherless chicken that has never seen sunlight and lives in another chicken's excrement would agree that free range or not free range isn't a big deal.
  4. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    4-2 victory over Barcelona in 2005. That opening 20 minutes with us going 3-0 up and absolutely decimating them was like a dream come true. Especially after all the fallout from the 1st leg. Then the tension after they got 2 goals back (one being a famous toe poke goal by Ronaldinho that still gets talked about to this day out of context of the match itself) and were going through on Away Goals. And Terry, of course John Terry, seeing us home with the trademark headed winner. And Mourinho pitch invasion to rub it in to Barcelona faces. Definitely best game I've ever attended and favourite match overall. While the individual results and twists and turns in the 2012 CL Winning run were good, I think it was more a case of the end result being the headline, the games themselves were painful affairs. This game against Barcelona was incredible fast flowing football and is a example to show people to quash any "boring boring Chelsea" or "Park the Bus" slanders and falsehoods that are oft-repeated of that Chelsea team. Just read the thread rules and got rid of my other runners up mentions. Will post those in the days ahead.
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  6. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Excellent idea. Great result - we didn't dominate many teams that CL season, but plenty of grit. 1 goal and 1 penalty award from corners - we used to be able to do that regularly. I loved Ramires. And Ivanovic playing like a right footed Alonso as he did for most of his career. Ham - that game was just so Chelsea for that time. Loved Speedie, the Scottish Dennis the Menace. My contribution is 1 cup final in full (but I only have the replay). I was quite surprised to find this a while ago, I always presumed there was no recording. It may not be the most exciting game we have ever played, but how many times does a team beat Real Madrid in the final of a major European trophy? They say Revie changed the Leeds strip to all white to make them look like Real Madrid. I suspect RM regretted that in 1971.
  7. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    As we are all in lockdown with no football, I thought I would start a thread were we can all post some of our favourite games down the years to rewatch. Here is one of my favourites from the KK vault: The only rules to this thread are that you are only able to list one game per day.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Not from me it wasn’t. I didn’t say the country was evil. I said I don’t agree with how the dog markets operate. If you want to call the individuals who torture the animals evil, then yes we could agree on that point. Can you imagine if Dr Dolittle went on holiday in Yulin and stopped to chat with the dogs whilst they were being skinned alive. Oh the stories he could tell.
  9. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I thought it was an argument that says a country that allows mistreatment of dogs can be described as evil. That is how the animal talk started.
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Funny you say that as I bumped into a propagandist whilst queuing at the butchers a couple of weeks back. Do you think he played a Jedi mind trick on me? By the way try eBay for your cheap second hand books, you’ll get the quality of thriller you’re seeking easily.
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I think you’ve missed the point a little. Its not an argument about the most moral way to kill an animal. Its the fact they will skin a dog alive as they believe the stress it causes the animal releases chemicals that makes the meat taste better. Or how about drowning a big net full of dogs so their lungs fill with water and weigh a little more, so they get a few extra quid. That’s slightly different to the option of buying free range or not. If I’m daft for thinking that then so be it.
  12. Media / Press

    I think Hancock is possibly the last person in Britain who could be pointing the finger right now. Hedge fund managers have already given up the 20%, you want them to give up the 2% too? :)
  13. Media / Press
  14. Media / Press Hate it when politicians use footballers as low hanging fruit. What about hedge fund managers, Matt? Or is it only certain kinds of ludicrously wealthy people you'll dig out?
  15. Media / Press

    Interestingly, Jose was only responsible for 'recruiting' 2 of those players.
  16. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I haven't bought a new book for years. I buy second hand and usually on the basis of recommendations by my lecturers or because I like the style fo the author. I picked up a couple of John Prebbles recently for a couple of quid and a copy of Polis for £3. I probably won't be buying more this summer because I have about 60-70 journal articles to read from JSTOR for my dissertation.
  17. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Ouch - expensive. I find my buy to read ratio on those subjects is about 3:1. Best just to buy thrillers, I can get down to 1.5:1 on those. Better still library and charity shop 2nd hand thrillers. (But you can't get the class of books in charity shops in London that I could in Brighton) You are making me very envious with 10k runs. It is the perfect way to deal with too much time. .
  18. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Capitalism has saved half the planet from absolute poverty. Not to mention it has helped drive the healthcare industry so we now can save the other half from dying from illness. Its far from perfect but a damn sight better than anything we’ve ever had. That’s a fact.
  19. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I had an issue with my car the day before the lockdown started, which was a real pain. The option is a 25 minute walk or 12 minute walk and a train, I don't do buses. I have used Tesco more than other shop not because I like them yet because currently it is more practical being open later. Managed to get substitutes less healthy than my normal fare and you taste it at first though you can get most things barring eggs down my way. I don't think the 2m zone is practical in the aisles either and noticed at both Tescos and a recent trip to Waitrose most people do not seem concerned they just follow the restrictions when asked yet when no-one is there behavior changes.
  20. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I am beginning to get used to the social distancing thing now. It just takes a little thinking ahead. Being retired helps because I am used to organising my own time. Alongside normal activities (playing the guitar, doing housework, food preparation), I have a set of projects for the summer. This includes revision for summer exams and the reading for next year's dissertation. I also want to finish a music album that's been on the go for a couple of years. My book pile is huge, mostly history, economics and politics. I am not reading so many novels at the moment. Since playing football has been cancelled, I need exercise so I am gradually cleaning all kitchen cupboards. I might do the windows or even do a bit of decorating. So I split the day up and do small pieces at a time so I don't get fed up with any individual task. I do it slowly because I am in no rush. My days are long. I have never needed much sleep and as I get older I seem to need less and less. In the evenings I spend a bit of time picking up the news, listening to podcasts or even some youtube. Some things need thinking about. I am putting off trimming the hedge because I have to stand outside on the pavement and in my neighbour's gardens. I am not sure how I will do that yet. I need to drop them a mail. Mostly, social distancing is pretty straight forward if you are used to not going out much. Before I was spending three days a week in the library. Now, on most days, I stay in. However, yesterday was shopping day and I shop locally rather than go to out of town shops. I shop in the afternoon on a weekday to avoid people and after the special times allocated for the vulnerable and 'key' workers. As I said before, my partner is vulnerable and so it is all about getting me and the shopping home uninfected. So, I wrap up in my coat, hat, scarf and gloves so only my eyes are visible. I look a right sight. I place a damp soapy cloth in a plastic bag in my pocket. I walk to town (about 20 minutes). I select shops as much on numbers of customers as anything else. I am much less fussy than I was. I used to avoid particular countries of origin, buy organic and so on. It seems less of a concern. Lidl had a queue but not Sainsbury's so I went there. I use my soapy cloth to wipe the trolley. The shop was well stocked. I only touch things I am buying and when I do I am wearing gloves. I place the goods in my trolley and then use the self checkout facility placing the goods in my bags. I pay with a card so no money changes hands. Then I struggle home regretting that I had got so much - I do it every time proving that I am an idiot. I end up sweating so much carrying the goods that people cross the road to avoid me. Once home, I divide the kitchen surfaces into a 'dirty' counter and a clean counter. I place the shopping bags in dirty. I place my outdoor clothes on a radiator (or in the wash). I thoroughly wash my hands and face. I then work through each item removing or cleaning the packaging and placing them in the clean area. I discard as much packaging as possible mostly to the recycling bin. I clean the shopping bags and put them away and then I repeat the washing ritual (hands and face). Then I put all the shopping away. It sounds like a faff but does not take very long. In the end, it is whatever it takes.
  21. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Doesn't this line just demonstrate how pointless an argument this is? I'm not going to get on anyone's case for eating meat. I did for years, and even now I'm just veggie rather than vegan and can't come even close to claiming I universally make 'ethical' consumer choices, if they are even a thing (they aren't imo, but that doesn't make anyone a bad person). Seems absolutely daft to me though to have an argument about the moral rights and wrongs of how to kill animals on a mass scale to eat, from a starting point of it being morally fine to kill animals on a mass scale to eat. Just shows we're arguing the toss over opinions and nothing even close to practical or objective realities, no matter how much anyone asserts otherwise. I'm sure there are Chinese PETA members aghast at British battery farms, where chickens live in darkness and basically on top of each other. It would suit them to focus on that over their dog markets. On a different topic, changed up my running route this morning to make sure with my own eyes that Stamford Bridge is still standing. It is, as is the Finbourough Arms!
  22. Coronavirus COVID-19

    As far as I can tell, there's only one 'propagandist' on here regarding China or Russia, and that's you. Had enough, and I advise you to stop it now, while you still can.
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  24. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I'm done with this discussion.
  25. Coronavirus COVID-19

    There does seem to have been a big Chinese reaction to the publicity and it seems to have come to an end from the wikipedia article on Yulin. So that is yet another victory for Chinese openness and democracy. Not quite sure how it compares with Yemen. Or veal. Or monkeys being tested with Novichok. Or even lobster eating or that matter. I think some propagandist saw you lot coming and said "I know exactly what'll get them going about China".
  26. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Well said.
  27. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    😂😂😂 That’s brilliant I wish I’d listened to that
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