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  2. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I don't quite follow.......I also presume Juve and Ajax might object to the sweeping statement above. Even Monaco not that long ago. I am proposing a reduced CL 4 groups of 4 perhaps. You'd only lose the round of last 16. Go straight into QFs Champions from England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Portugal, and CL holders, then the remaining nations have a play off for CL/EL qualification.
  3. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    But what do you do in the CL with all those games between Prelims and when the 4 teams from England, Spain, Paris and Munich reach the semis? You might as well not have a CL till you get to the Semis.
  4. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I am glad we have missed out. We would be blown away bg any of the top European teams. Not sure I could stomach us getting embarrassed more often than we have this season.
  5. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Alternatively, reduce the CL to just the winners, then the Europa League / UEFA cup becomes a lot stronger and more interesting. Like it used to be.
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  7. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    It's a good point you make here - the top 6 in the PL are easily CL level teams that deserve to be in that competition.
  8. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Incredible atmosphere at last nights Etihad stadium, on top of a wonderful game. I wonder if the atmosphere tonight will match it. Just kidding - there is a massive gap between CL & EL. It really is a great shame that 2 out of the PL top 6 - probably all in the European top 12 or 15, have to miss out.
  9. Media / Press

    Well they'd have nothing else on other than going out nicking cars.
  10. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    We will be so, so lucky if we ever again have a central defender at our club who wins a CL and two PLs. Huge player for us whose worst crime is aging. Deserves more respect.
  11. Yes, you're right......he will need a bigger squad too. What he has achieved so far on a shoestring is simply remarkable. Genius
  12. Give him a chance , he needs to recruit some players and put his stamp on the side first.
  13. If City fail to win the league, Pep's 3 year reign can only be classed as failure.
  14. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Try telling anyone that was in Munich that Garry Cahill was average and see what sort of response you get. As you say a wonderful defender and club servant that will rightly go down in our clubs history as a legend
  15. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I don't see Cahill getting a start tonight, firstly because Franco said he may make the bench, so if he's only a maybe for the bench when we only have 2 other fit CBs then it's very unlikely he'll start and secondly, to throw him in to what is a very important game against an energetic side after him not played for months, just seems crazy! I expect we'll see: Kepa Azpilicueta Christensen Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pedro Giroud Willian Subs: Caballero, Cahill, Barkley, RLC, CHO, Hazard, Higuain I really hope we don't have to bring on Hazard this time and I actually don't think we will - a nice early goal from Giroud and then just control the game. I also hope Giroud does enough (again) to show the manager why he should be starting ahead of Higuain in the league... doubt Sarri will take much notice though.
  16. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Well ham if it happens it happens no big lose for me or anyone else.
  17. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Yeah but they've got Messi.
  18. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Not always been Cahill's biggest fan when in possession under pressure but you're both being massively disrespectful to a wonderful defender and club servant. Kev, you seem to be trying your best to get a ban.
  19. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    I remember being banned for a few months because I told a poster who claimed they did not understand why any Chelsea fans still held sentiment for Mourinho that they were too smart to not get it so must be lying. Just a website and I know MT has a tough job of it so it isn't of any real consequence, but sometimes I read posts on here and do find myself wondering just what the threshold for banning is. At a wedding today so can't watch the game. Spurs picked up an injury or two in a real humdinger yesterday, so for me the most important thing tonight is that we are contained and exert as little energy as possible. Getting the worst result that gets us throw will be enough. With Arsenal's away form and Spurs's injuries and CL focus, we must leave enough in the tank for the PL.
  20. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    It's not really about who Sarri plays. Cahill has always been an average player. The most noticeable thing about a winning manager is how he breathes life into old players, improves average players, and take star players to new level. Conte did that in his first season with Victor Moses, Cahill and Alonso, to name but a few. If you need any prove of how abjectly poor Sarri is, just look at the performance of individual players. Not a single player in the entire squad is playing anywhere near their best. Unless you believe they are all conspiring to play poorly, you have to accept that Sarri is a poor manager. We can't even get the basics right.
  21. @candundaradasi hala o afislerin durdugu yerleri gordm bu sabah, hala kendilerini avutuyorlar!

  22. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    But it's what you want him to do to Jorginho. I also doubt him playing Cahill would merit him any favours, as Conte was already getting stick for playing Cahill. It was the right thing to do to use Christensen in the backup CB role. Playing the youth and all that.
  23. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    Disgraceful misuse of an average player by a dick head manager.
  24. Chelsea vs Slavia Prague

    ZOLA ON CAHILL: ‘Gary is in the squad for tomorrow,’ reported Zola. ‘I still do not know whether he will be on the bench but there is a strong possibility. Gary has been exceptional as a professional, he has always been training very well and so I would be very happy to see him back in the team. ‘It has been a tough year for him because a manager came with different ideas and Toni Rudiger and David Luiz have done so well together, so he found himself in this position, but I can only speak very well about him because in his position considering the type of player he is, he has always been training and behaving perfectly, so he has my respect.’
  25. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Liverpool to win their 6th UCL crown then. We all know that Tottenham are gonna choke and, well, if it’s Liverpool-Barca I reckon Liverpool are going to destroy that Barca defense. Barca were made to look exceptional by that poor, lethargic United side.
  26. It’s funny because Ole clearly set out to kiss as much arse as possible. Nauseatingly as well. I disliked him from day 1. Flattering the fans, flattering the players, flattering the board, bringing SAF in for validation. No doubt Jose made as many enemies at United as Conte did at Chelsea, but its better to stick to your principles like Jose did rather than just throw yourself at everyone and everything in order to get a job IMO.
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  28. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well yes, most of the goals seemed to be looked at, and play was held up at other times. Amazes that they only gave 5 mins of added time H2, and played 6. As well as all the earlier VAR, Rose took a minute to get off the pitch after the 5 mins was raised, and VAR for the non-goal took an age. (An absolute beauty it was too, all those nerves and the City players just looked up and made delicate short passes, and finally the scorer let it run across him to score instead of thumping it at the first chance). This VAR system is a beaut for any ref wanting to fix a game. You just pick and choose the decisions you want to review and guess the others. There is always 3 or 4 penalty claims that a close VAR look would give, but no ref based on one view wouldn't dare give without back up. Just ask about the ones that are in the box where you want the goals. The man in the tin can can play this game as well.
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