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  2. Coronavirus COVID-19

    @DWMH Glad to hear that you took the correct ‘turn’, the left hand turn into the cemetery clearly wasn’t the one for you. Would guess that with the stents in you’ll be feeling a touch better than you were. Although not the best way of finding out you needed them. There’s a great deal of negativity being spoken about our governments actions or inaction. On the flip side of the coin, a great deal of people have a lot to thank this government for - 80% of their wages for sitting at home doing nowt, deferred mortgages, loan repayments etc.
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yes, good to hear you've recovered so quickly. Sounds like you were incredibly fortunate.
  4. Top 5 drill tunes of all time

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  6. Coronavirus COVID-19

    That goes from me too of many voices and opinions I would miss very much on here......seize the day as they say.....
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Oh my goodness, the gods were smiling on you that night Droy. Do take care and stay well.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Not just any cyclist. An A&E registrar on his way to work. Better than before in fact. Very very lucky, but I count it is a bonus. The following week I was finally contracted to run some courses I had been waiting on for months. All is v good right now. (I'll catch up on the missing posts soon, promise).
  9. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Sorry to hear about that Droy. Thank god for that cyclist and Police Officer. Hope you're well now.
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Well, call a spade a spade!!!...but for all the seemingly "squirmy" words the true facts as they stand....can't avoid the reality by soft spoken easy words. Waay back as I remember when the polio scare hit us we as kids didn't go to the local swimming pool all summer..(Kingsbury pool now gone) and from an early age we lived there all summer...a swimming mother was a top swimmer in her day as is my sister's eldest..holds records in Scotland..sorry I digress ..the point was we kept away from something that was very important in our family life. FOR SAFETY REASONS. I believe the lockdown helped in many ways but mainly for those at risk....any policy does not fit all so it is up to the sensible ones to follow what works best for them. As a younger man and still immortal I would probably have had a far more cavalier approach to an at risk "older" person it would have been foolish to expose myself more than necessary.... JJust hope you all KEEP SAFE.
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Snipped, but very sorry to hear about your heart attack and very glad that you're still here and posting. Care homes are indeed complex, and it sounds like you understand much more of their inner workings than me. I suppose though that the big difference between the 'normal' policy and sending residents home to pass in their own surroundings is that ordinarily they aren't dying of highly infectious diseases known to be particularly dangerous to the elderly. It seems there are specifics we disagree on, but broadly I think I'm on a similar page to you. We ended up with a set of measures dictated by a spineless government and their focus on what you call the optics rather than what the, ahem, "science" suggested would work (either much lesser or much stricter measures). My big worry now is what happens to the NHS and social care provision (for adults, but also safeguarding for children). I fear there is a backlog of, for want of a better way of putting it, work heading their way that they will struggle to cope with.
  12. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I gave up on taking people at face value a long time ago - taking Boris or the current set up at face value is crazy. You might as well ask Conte if he knew who was arriving next week. I don't believe hospital crowding was ever the issue of concern (other than the optics). Frankly taking severely sick patients off ventilators is standard NHS policy (quite right too in most cases). My interpretation of events has been a leadership group that couldn't decide. Boris went for a Swedish approach (herd immunity = no policy or at least very little). Then found he couldn't sell it so got the worst of both worlds with a late lockdown policy. To do that a few scare tactics were employed to get the population on board. The media bought into them deeply (feeling themselves to be socially committed to the cause). And now when I'm sure Boris and Co would like to unlock quickly, that won't sell either largely because no one - media, naive public, experts and politicians - are able to reverse that quickly. Oh yes, taking kids out of school while ignoring the really vulnerable was daft and damaging. It has certainly distorted our death rates (my low hanging fruit remark). The political goal should have been minimum deaths with maximum infections - so precisely the opposite. But this was clearly a cock-up, not a deliberate policy. Also as I understand it, many care homes were actually happy to take patients - those without many private paying patients run on very narrow margins, and can't afford to have empty beds. Where patients were in care before hospital, it is I understand standard practice for them to return to their home to die I familiar surroundings - certainly that is what happened to my uncle last year when they turned his ventilator off and cut off his drip feed. Alert readers may have noticed my post count stall about a month ago for the 3 days I spent in an NHS hospital. Incredibly, out on a run and collapsed outside Falconwood Cemetery from a heart attack, a man on his bike stopped and applied cpr, assisted by someone flagging down a Police car which carried a defibrillator which he had to use. 2 and a half minutes later this guy was back on his bike and off to work and my heart was beating again. So I got into hospital the only way one can nowadays, in an ambulance with flashing lights. Like the best fights I met my assailant at A&E, where he admitted.... admitted me as the Registrar having just started his night shift. My ribs still hurt. After 2 days I was given 3 stents and out the next day much fitter than before. Anyway, my points being that 1. I can witness that non-covid NHS is enjoying a very relaxed time of not being overworked. 2. A fully working NHS does wonders for everyone's health. My man from A&E 100% saved (retrieved) my life and the consultant gave me hopefully another 20 years. Nobody seems to be counting the cost of extending the curve beyond a few months Care homes are a very complex matter - quite brutal if we add the very useful unit of QALYs too. Best not discussed on the forum (by all means pm me if you want to discuss it). All I will say is that care home staff are underpaid bloody heroes.
  13. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Of course not - and I suspect you already understand that. But Sweden has shown that its health services have not been overwhelmed. But there a lot of issues here. The biggest two being whether Covid deaths now will be offset by fewer deaths in a 2nd or 3rd or 4th wave. I think they will. So ask: Would we end up with equal deaths long term? And will the effects of an extended lock down on ordinary health services lead to more deaths too? And will the economic effects of the extended and deeper lockdown lead to worse health and more deaths including suicide? Come the Caldicott equivalent Inquiry into Covid I predict the big criticism will be the failure to openly discuss QALYs with the publc. [The basic unit of health policy is QALY. Anyone heard it being used?]
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Except the Conservative government have hardly tried to conceal the fact that lockdown was never, ever about preventing deaths. It was always about limiting ICU admissions and related strain on public resources for people who, to be blunt, weren't going to die but were going to cost quite a lot of money and political capital while in the process of not dying. The moment we decided to stick with the standard procedure of bouncing patients between hospital and care home beds (two warring factions who desperately try to protect their own budgets but in their silo thinking undoubtedly cost the state far more money than they would if health and social care were genuinely one and the same), we effectively and knowingly sentenced elderly and disabled care home residents to death. I don't think it's even a slight exaggeration to call it corporate murder. Lockdown was never about their wellbeing. I completely agree this Government have totally and utterly f**ked up, mind.
  15. Coronavirus COVID-19

    So you genuinely believe that if our population was asked to just "be sensible", the NHS wouldn't have been overwhelmed and we'd have had less deaths?
  16. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Yeah, I am not a fan of individual touch clips either but that is a good one owing to the position Billy plays. When you play No.4/DM then the most important qualities a player has to have are: decision making, positional discipline, reading of the game, high pass completion and being prepared to put your foot in. What is impressive with this game is that Billy showed pretty much all of those qualities. Further, the one thing I look for most in youth players is composure (as I really think it is the one thing that will determine if you can play men's football from a young age) and he has that also. So, all in all, yes Billy looks like one of our best, if not best prospects of the U20 lot - Gilmour, Gallagher, Amapdu, Maatsen, Broja, Anjorin - although I do have high hopes for Ampadu, Gallagher and Maatsen too.
  17. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Sweden. No lockdown and moderate advice about keeping distances and protecting the elderly. Broadly speaking it depends if you think Covid will kill 3% of infected people (early models, Neil Ferguson/Imperial College), 1% or substantially less than 1%. The advice to hospitals from the US CDC a week ago says (implicitly) that their best estimate is 0.26%. Chosen deliberately to counter the common myth that we are all randomly at risk to the virus, rather than it mostly speeding some on their way.
  18. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Just out of interest, what was the right policy in place of lockdown?
  19. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Oh dear. Such a way with words :-(
  20. Waarom doen Belgische clubs niet aan hippe shirts als merchandise? Gewoon elk jaar eentje als derde tenue. Kleine o…

  21. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I think the "policy" has been decided, it is a return to work as soon as possible with 2 caveats. One is to encourage people to return cautiously. The other is to not admit that we are going back because lockdown was the wrong policy in the first place. (And a late lockdown the worst of all) Essentially policy is determined not by science but by Overton's window (the range of policies that would be acceptable to the electorate). With Boris/government/Ferguson having moved the window far enough for lockdown to be acceptable (with no challenge from the media) they now have the much harder problem of moving it back for unlockdown. I doubt there will be a spike in deaths even with a 3/4 week lag. The grim reaper has taken much of the low hanging fruit. Like Sweden we seem to be much further through this than most countries.
  22. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    In contrast, the Semi vs Spurs was a brilliant game and afternoon. Watched it in a pub near my house that was (oddly) absolutely full of Spurs fans. My mate and I were about the only Chelsea fans in there. They were so cocky that they’d win and go on to beat us to the title. It was brilliant watching them go into collective meltdown when Hazard came on and scored. And then piling out en masse as my mate absolutely roared “What a F**king Goal!” as Matic’s piledriver screamed past Lloris Great fun all round really.
  23. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Personally, I’m pretty intent on keeping a low profile over the next couple of weeks (at least in terms of being out in public). It feels like good weather is being prioritised over sensible behaviour, social distancing, staying at home and minimising risk to yourself and others. I know the general public only has a certain length of attention span, but it really feels that the combination of Boris’s bumbling “Stay Alert” announcement and the Cummings’ debacle has just led to people ignoring the deadly virus in the room and focusing on how quickly they can get to Hyde Park for cans with their friends In the sunshine instead. Pains me to admit it, but I think we’re in for a large spike in cases & deaths over the next few weeks in England.
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  25. @TownsendTye @astro_timpeake @Joey7Barton @Space_Station @SpaceX I saw it too lad!! Mental

  26. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Yeah, we were sh*te that game, ref had little to do with that. Was sat in a really horrible bunch of our supporters who kicked off and physically fought each other throughout the game. Crap day.
  27. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree I like to see a number of big players for set pieces ideally not less than four. For me currently we have Rudiger, Cristensen, Zouma, Alonso, Tammy.
  28. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    @Droy was my hero Thanks Droy. Just watched the Billy Gilmour every touch one. Never seen one of those before actually. Such a talent. Lots to look forward to :-)
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