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    1) You're always the first to say "think about why things are done". Colin Wing back in his seat in the front row was never going to happen. They had to find a way to give him a lifetime ban. I would remind you that the CPS/police didn't conclude "We think he said it but can't prove it". The were advised by experts specifically that his tongue didn't make the movement needed to make the "L" sound in "black". They accepted that it was more likely that he said "Manc". Sorry to labour this point but it's very important. 2) Sterling, due to the fear felt by the press. 3) Are you agreeing with me that these racist tweets could possibly be from people other than fans of the clubs in question? 4) I'd rather discuss football and Chelsea in particular.
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  4. Tammy abuse

    Colin Wing has been banned by the club using a balance of probabilities basis for judgement. Which makes it, at least in the club's eyes, unlikely that he is innocent. Who achieved sainthood? Everything in the media is a false picture of something. That is how it is used - to manipulate ordinary folk. Twitter more than anything. At least this would be a distortion of something minor by some nameless idiots which is harmful in reality only to a few footballers. We should be far more concerned about the football fans that put bricks through the windscreen of visiting cars and coaches. Or we should be far more concerned about the false pictures we are given of HK and Paris.
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  6. Tammy abuse

    1) We get it. You're the most "woke" member on here and that's commendable but I don't accept that someone potentially attempting to engineer a false picture of racism in a particular fanbase would be a "petty business", whether that's Chelsea or otherwise. 2) Goes without saying unless one party was told by the media that he'd been racially abused and the other was Colin Wing. Whose life was destroyed and who achieved sainthood? It's important in these politically correct times that there is some scepticism and balance.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    PM would relieve the rest of us?
  8. Tammy abuse

    To you maybe, but not to me. I'm not at all bothered by what, if I'm honest, is to me the petty business of which fan base 'deserves' a reputation and who might try to engineer such a reputation taking hold. What does bother me is what it is like to be on the receiving end of abuse, whatever the motivation, inclination or identity of the abuser. My expectation is that it is fair more painful to be on the end of any racial abuse or discrimination than it is to have a load of idiots in a statium, pub or online forum assume you're a racist. The latter has only ever caused me the slightest and very easily ignored inconvenience.
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  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry Ham, if you really believe that Conte saying stuff is fact and that Conte doing stuff is opinion, you must really struggle with the big issues in the world. The events were clear.
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    ....and so it all begins again. Confusing your opinion with fact.
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    :) Trebly witty - Conte won't write his own autobiog, and no manager denies that he hires and fires his team except as a joke (least of all a ghost writer). And then given the Italian content of both the players he wanted and the players he actually bought, the story has been verified and put to bed already. I long for the window where who we might buy is actually more interesting than who we might get rid off. Plenty more to go for a year or two yet.
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    I pray for the day Conte makes a specific statement in his autobiography so that we can finally put this otherwise unverifiable argument to bed.
  14. Tammy abuse

    Biltmore said no
  15. Norwich City vs Chelsea

    Its fine margins. If Tammys shot that hit the post against United had gone in, we (and he) might be in a completely different place right now. As it is we got thumped 4-nil, and he misses the crucial pen in the Pool shoot out, and then is part of a poor and probably exhausted display against Leicester. Bats has none of those demons. He's fit, he's got stuff to prove and he's just banged in a couple for the B team. Lamps needs to be ruthless.
  16. Tammy abuse

    I don't doubt that. I googled 'Seagull eating Rabbit' the other day and there was a clip of that happening. The more interesting question is how often do fans racially abuse their own players? Knowing how that particular accusation will reinforce the popular notion that most Chelsea fans are racists, which if done on a regular basis might affect our overall image as a club and even make some black players think twice about signing for us, could it not be a "tactic"? Lamps has to stand there and say how much he deplores it, the club says they are doing their best to root it out and has to look very proactive (they banned a bunch of fans recently for shouting in a aggressive evidence of racism) and all the while a few blokes are tittering in the shadows at the reaction they managed to get.
  17. Tammy abuse

    Techcamp amongst others. They certainly took enough credit for it afterwards.
  18. Tammy abuse

    If not us, then surely the Russians or the conservatives.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    So no real answer to how the club shafted Conte then? Gotcha.
  20. Tammy abuse

    Was it Chelsea fans?
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe Tomori too. A lot of people forget he played quite a bit at RB during his development years.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Azpi is doing that all by himself. Still not the first time his pace has gone, maybe it will return again.
  23. Tammy abuse

    I think we all know who caused the Arab Spring.
  24. Tammy abuse

    It's not all happened in one week. It happens every week and it's got people's attention this week. I'd not advise you to Google racially abusive terms alongside black footballer's names because frankly it's depressing, but the results are there. If there is a 'conspiracy', or rather something oddly systematic about how this is being spoken about of late, it is precisely the 'how this is being spoken about' bit and not the 'it's happening' bit that's coordinated. :)
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    At least opens the door slightly for Reece James?
  26. Media / Press

    Terry Farley and Dave Jarvis DJs
  27. Tammy abuse

    Maybe, but it is almost impossible to tell the difference between coordination and uncoordinated actions. It might be the same people or some kind of copy-cat. But it could simply be the result of common causes without an explicit connection. Weyland argued that the Arab Spring or the 1848 revolutions were the consequences of what he calls ‘the cognitive heuristics of bounded rationality’. He is saying that in the event of common causes, common results can be seen even without an explicit connection between them.
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