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    I know this is the Villa thread, but I managed to get tickets for the Liverpool game yesterday :D So excited. I have been checking the Ticket Exchange for literally a month non-stop, nothing has ever come up, returns came on sale but I am nowhere near the loyalty points. Last night I just took a stab in the dark after getting home from the cinema and there was one in the MHL and then refreshed and another seat right next to it came up. I imagine the person selling their tickets literally was doing it at the same time as I clicked on the site. Christmas miracle.
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    I really like Tuchel. He seems a genuine person, serious work ethic, handles media brilliantly...oh and won CL! But then so did Roberto Di Mateo I fear for him. That performance stunk out the joint and it followed on from some other very poor performances that have taken us from top of the league title contenders to long shots for top 4 in a pretty short period. And I say long shots because the consensus seems to be that injuries and fatigue are the main cuprits. Well here's a newsflash. We are still in January. We've got nearly 4 months of football to play and it's going to be busier than ever. We got FA Cup, CL, League Cup Final and a lot more Prem games all over this period ...and Chilwell and James ain't coming back anytime soon. If we are honestly physically knackered now then I'm afraid we are fckd. I'm hoping that's not the case because Tuchel needs to fix this. I've no idea how. He's the one earning millions a year at one of the world's biggest clubs. Lampard didn't have the goodwill of a CL behind him , but he had blue blood in his veins. When he got that prolonged bad spell ( and without a 100mill striker) he was gone. I'm hoping Tuchel has got a very dark bastard side to him because my feeling is that these players can do a lot better than they are doing and need to be told that in no uncertain terms.
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    I'm old school. I grew up in the sixties. At one stage there were no substitutes. Then one sub was only allowed for an injury. Players had to be adaptable and they were paid 2/6 and a packet of Woodbines. They went to the same pub as the supporters. Fast forward to today and our vision is clouded by computer games, FIFA and Football Manager. We place players on pedestals and nominally flag them as AML, MCR, ST, or (god help us) Regista as if it is literally impossible for them to play in any other position. This has all happened in a single lifetime. If you're a kid today, just imagine what the environment will be in another 50 years. The fact is we bought Lukaku, which was always a mistake for me. We knew what he lacked psychologically from first time round. His inclusion requires the entire club ethos to revolve around him. Then we get hit with a plethora of key injuries, and I mean KEY injuries. Arguably even if Lukaku had hit the ground running players like James and Chilwell would still have been more important to the success of the club. Now we're without them we have to adapt and surely it's not beyond the wit of man to expect professional footballers to play in more than one position? Lukaku needs to be taken into a room and have it explained to him that while the tactics are presently perhaps not what he expected when he signed up, there are extenuating circumstances and it behoves every single player to pull together and play for the club. If he is not able to do so then shake his hand and drive him to the airport. We have been duped into believing that a left back is born and that it is impossible to convert another player to that position. It really isn't. Even the most inept donkey in the squad (I'm looking at you Ross Barkley) is a superb athlete. We employ the absolute best coaches, specialist positional trainers, tacticians and support staff, surely to god they are capable of helping a professional football figure out the requirements for playing in a position they are not accustomed to? As TT has said, it's not rocket science. We need to take off the blinkers and expect more from the players and the players need to realise that this is exactly the situation where they earn their wages. They are supposed to be the best of the best? Well go out and show it to us and stop hiding behind their positional designation in the squad listing. They are footballers, end of story.
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    Here’s something you won’t hear the media talk much about if at all… Chelsea are letting 230 Chesterfield academy players from Under 8s & above come to Cobham and get academy coaching, along with taking them to Stamford Bridge to watch the game. Class.
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    Stolen from Facebook: With the opening of the January transfer window, Liverpool FC are pleased to announce the signing of Anthony Taylor. Manager Jurgen Klopp said, this is an important signing for us and we expect Anthony to make his debut for us against Chelsea, a team he has done consistently well against. When pressed about continued interest in Mike Dean, Kopp refused to comment further.
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    Not sure where the best place to post this is, but ... 2021, we won our second European Cup. We are multiple European Cup winners. Wow. Can you f**King imagine? Happy New Year, Khobar and CFCnet.
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    Ovrebo and Clattenberg are linesmen, I presume?
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    Gary was indeed a lovely bloke. He helped me and a mate gain access to the pre-season training camp in LA - on the USA tour when we played the newly-arrived Beckham’s LA Galaxy We had gate-crashed the team hotel and found Gary in the lobby with the newly-signed Malouda. We asked Gary if he could help and he willingly went and asked Kenyon who granted permission. The next day we watched the training and got to say hello to players and Mourinho during drinks breaks. Gary made two old Chelsea geezers very happy that day.
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    I will, next time I meet him in the office at the coffee machine :)
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    Hope people are paying close attention to Jorginho here. Such a terrible footballer.
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    Wonder if somehow Messi will still be winning awards after he retires. Seems to me nobody even bothers to check how and where he plays these days, they just name him.
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    When DWMH says "Sounds unlikely. I know he is training at Cobham, but can't find any Squad news." he means Roman hasn't personally phoned him yet, so all official announcements elsewhere are to be discounted. 😉
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    Why can you only blame the injuries for so long? Surely you can blame them for as long as we have an issue with them? Take TAA and Robertson out of that Liverpool team for a few months whilst asking them to constantly have to rotate the CBs week on week because of injuries and covid and then force their midfield 3 to play with injuries and not fully fit for about 2 months… how do you think they’d get on? And would that be Klopps fault? If you can’t see how well this team has done to get through this injury/covid crisis whilst remaining in all cup competitions and within the top 3, then I’m not sure you’ll ever understand why some of us are fully backing Tuchel.
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    I think once the dust settles on this season were going to find that we've had countless players playing carrying injury , coming back before fully recovered from injury and illness etc. I think Tuchel is doing the best he possibly can considering he's still not signed anyone , word is we're now trying to sign Perisic from Inter Milan who's 32 , I expect that ones down to Conte again.
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    Well said mate. Some people stun me with their attitude. They don't deserve this club, this coach, this owner or this team. Yes (before somebody tells me) everybody has a right to voice their opinion - but some opinions make me wonder why anybody bothers.
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    You admit they had far more chances. How is that reflected in your stats? It's not, so let's just ignore it shall we?. The game is played on the field Droy not on an Excel spreadsheet. Much as I'd like to ignore your meaningless drivel, it's hard when you're omnipresent and keep shouting everyone else down. Football must be like watching the matrix for you, a neverending waterfall or ones and zeros. It's a shame you can't assess a game with words without recourse to highly subjective quack stats and pass them off as the proof of your opinion.
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    I’m disappointed with the result today, but it is a ridiculously strong Man City side, so I’m not going to go over the top in my criticism of the team or some of the players. Thay said, Ziyech and a Pulisic were really poor today, Pulisic never got into the game and Ziyech was just really very poor. I said before the game it was the wrong selection and that they both had a big game ahead to prove the faith shown in them and unfortunately as they often do, they disappointed. Also, Ziyech seemed to lose all over today. Lukaku, I’ve no idea what we do with him to be honest. He is playing like I feared he would. His touch has not improved since when he was last in the PL, he is often static and when he does get the ball that he needs, it takes far too long for him to force the attack forward. He strikes me as a player who needs the perfect pass or it just won’t come off. Kepa I thought did well when needed, the goal I’m not sure he can be blamed for. Would Mendy have saved it? Maybe, we’ll never know, but KDB hits it so hard and true that Kepa had to try and anticipate to some extent… I’d KDB goes to the other corner, we’re celebrating a great Kepa save. Rudiger, good. Kova, good. Sarr, decent effort. Alonso, shaky start, recovered well, but we need someone competing with him for that role. Kante did ok, but was one of his more erratic games. Biggest disappointment for me was probably the manager. He got the team selection wrong and he took far too long to adjust it. Mount should have been on at HT and I’d have got Havertz on shortly after that too. Regardless of whether it was Lukaku being poor or the service not right, Havertz would have been a better option today. Anyway, we move on, plenty of games coming up and chances to win trophies.
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    Actually think Sarr has done well today
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    So, here's an interesting statistic. In the almost 12 months that TT has been in charge, he was won more away games at Spurs, than Spurs have at Stamford Bridge since 1986. Drink it in.
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    still waiting for the apology.
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    The game is on BBC Red Button, same as our 3rd and 4th round games last year. iPlayer will be better quality, but Red Button channel will be live whereas iPlayer will be 30-60 seconds behind. Unless you have Freesat which has Red Button in HD.
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    Agree all round. Thought Werner looked sharp on Wednesday. I'd stick him up top with Lukaku and try get a partnership going.
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    I'm not saying Bettenlli can't handle the fixture, I'm just suggesting Kepa could do with as many minutes under his belt as possible ahead of our bigger games, so he is as sharp and ready as possible. I'm not going to be distraught if Kepa doesn't play and I can understand why he wouldn't, but if I was making the call I would personally get Kepa his minutes in this one.
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    Maybe Azpi got it from Mane's forearm.
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    I'm happy with that. Let's move on. I don't want to see/hear any booing.
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    Yes. I think the idea that has taken hold among many that Lukaku is self-serving or egotistical cannot be entirely divorced from his race. Which is not to say anyone who thinks he has an ego is a racist, but to say it is interesting how strongly that belief takes hold when a black man presents or is presented as being outspoken as opposed to when a white man (Kane being a reasonable example) does.
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    Silva is one of the very best defenders we’ve had at this club, so pleased he’s signed for another year.
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    "Attacked"? Get over yourself. Such a victim despite being the centre of every argument on here, every year. I'm sure MT has you on your 73rd final warning. As for me not having a view, giving reasons, making counter claims, you wheel this crap out every time and it's BS. Total BS.
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    We did play a few balls over the Liverpool defence, but that didn't define our midfield. What defined our midfield was Kovacic and Kante winning their duels, running with the ball more often than they've done lately and connecting with the forwards. Kante played some beautiful stuff that I hadn't seen of him for a while and then the Kovacic goal. Liverpool high tempo typically subsides after 60 min, regardless. They were like that against West Ham, and against Spurs. They're like that in CL matches. Putting any extra CM of any shape or form was always going to make us tighter in the middle, but if the player is Jorginho, also slower. Basically Tuchel decided that the tempo was now okay for Jorginho to come on, as Liverpool were quickly running out of their high energy. He was probably now happy for us to slow down. That was the logic of the sub, imo. And Jorginho did slow us down, for our own good, some would say. But he couldn't possibly have slowed Liverpool down. He would have been the last Chelsea player to get near a Liverpool player once they start their attack. His first kick of the ball was an unexpected back pass which nearly, or did, catch Rudiger by surprise. His next was a 5yd ping pong, again with a central defender with Jorginho facing our goal. And so on...
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    That was more like Chelsea.
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    We didn't deserve to be two down when we were and were excellent throughout give or take the odd brain fart . They're targeting Alonso constantly so we need to think how to counter that , poor sod can't help being slow , we need to help him out .
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    Even if you take this position, you're divorcing the Abramovich takeover from the very important context it took place in. Who had won a PL before 2004? The dominance of Arsenal and Man Utd, two clubs instrumental to the PL breakaway instigated precisely because the then-elite clubs wanted to pull up the financial and sporting drawbridge, had been broken only by a club bankrolled from outside. Because that is the only way anyone outside of those in the elite in 1991 could do it. The idea that Abramovich's money was a death knell for competitiveness is so obviously a complete inversion of reality. Abramovich and Mansour are the direct result of that PL breakaway started by Arsenal, Utd and Liverpool. Who spends billions on winning a title if it doesn't take billions to do it? The idea that football is a "different financial ball game" to what it otherwise would have been because of Chelsea, City, Newcastle etc. is absolute nonsense. It's the exact same game, just with different players. It was always going to be the richest winning everything and doing their best to make sure no one else goy rich enough to challenger them. We've almost certainly had a greater breadth of title winners and challengers because of those owners than we would have seen without them. It's rare, in my experience, that you hear particularly strong emotions on Chelsea's or City's money from supporters of clubs lower down the table. The supporters most upset by it are those who felt most entitled to see their team win. There's good reason for that.
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    Absolutely , it's two camps the good Chelsea supporters of which you obviously are up there with Droy and the bad ones like anyone who doesn't agree with you .
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    Anders Frisk joins Kenny Dagleish's daughter and Graeme Souness in the studio .
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    He must have been carrying that injury for 3 years...
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    Got me juices flowing now…. Away to the Spuds (80s I think). Their keeper was Walker who was dating/married to a Page 3 model at the time. During a lull I shouted out “ Oi Walker I’ve had your missus” (I know it wouldn’t be PC now). After a short pause of childish giggles, a voice some 20 yards away piped up “So have I”, followed by another straight after. Within a few seconds there were a thousand or so all shouting out the same.!! To his credit Walker turned to us with grin and a wink as if to say “Yeah but look who’s taking her home tonight!”
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    Not true. The vaccination produces a much more consistent and predictable immune response than having simply had the virus. Vaccinated individuals are less than half as likely to contract the virus a second time compared to those who have not been vaccinated.
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    Didn't realise Brentford had basically everyone back. Easy to scoff at it when it's Chelsea against Brentford, but there is a massive issue of fairness and integrity here when one team has two games called off, allowing injured players to return back and reducing further infections, and another is made to play on. If this was a bigger competition, I'd be fuming.
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    I've just been informed that it was a hoax on twitter apparently
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    How much longer TT.? Ziyech OFF
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    Seems a shame that Son and Kane couldn't play.
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    Love a win of course, but with everything that's going on, just seeing every player giving their all will be enough for me today. 😊
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    Maybe they should look at their own board who try to do the PL on the cheap every time they come up.
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    So hyped for this. As I wrote in a previous post in the Villa thread, I've been trying to get tickets for this all month, constantly refreshing the ticket exchange and never seeing any tickets available, then on Christmas Eve I took a punt and there was 1 in the MHL, I refreshed the page hoping it was someone selling 2 seats together and the ticket next to it popped up as well. I made it a last minute Christmas present to my Dad, last game we went to together was the CL Final. Kai to score in a 1-0 win it is :) This is the first game where safe standing will officially be allowed, so looking forward to see if it gives the atmosphere an extra oomph. His moaning about the traditional 26th December and 28th December fixtures is awfully suspicious considering their Boxing Day game getting cancelled. We owe them a beating after they got away with it at Anfield. We are all over them that first half and should have been 2, maybe 3 up before the handball mayhem.
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    Remember that combination of the smell of Bovril and the men's urinal.
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    You were (and still are) baffled why the club only knocked down half of the old North Stand and left the other half standing forlornly, unused for a few more seasons.