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  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Problem is though, in terms of winning or even challenging for the title, it's no longer actually working for us anymore. Up until Conte won the league, it always felt like we were capable of winning or at the very least challenge for it. If not with the current manager of that season, then the next one would do it. Five years since the last title and not close to a challenge since we won it. City and Liverpool have stolen a march on us with stability and long-term planning. There is no quick fix to winning another title. Roman and the board have got to start showing patience and give the manager a proper amount of time to sort this team and squad out. Stick by TT, even if we fail to get top four this season.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    A Heartfelt post from a True Blue,,thanks Hm. BUT...we won't let that happen will we...from us Old Geezers to CarefreeM .....a bad week and we are all despondent and/or angry. This too shall it always does eventually. I'm sure if you and I had crossed paths at SB back in the bad old days (and we probably did!) we would have been saying the same things as we are now!...WE remember when youngsters came into the side because there were no real alternatives and few enough of them really broke through long term...different times of course but throwing youngsters into a title was... can be harmful to the challenge and the youngster.
  4. Chelsea vs Plymouth Argyle

    My mate's marital Derby this one ! There will be much crowing in his household if they were to upset us.
  5. Chelsea Women

    Cracking performance. A joy to have them back!
  6. Chelsea Women

    Back in form in the League Cup - WHU 2 - CFC 4
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I think that is a criticism of every single manager at every club in the country over the last 20 years, SAF aside. Here at CFC we've been pleading with managers to make more use of the Academy since Josh McEachran but because of Roman's twitchy trigger finger managers have all known there is no point playing the long game. It just so happens it's a policy that has worked for us, and continues to work for us. What puts the lie to your point however is that replace the manager and I can almost guarantee that the players will start playing again. It's happened time and time again. What's frustrating though is that it's a win/win for most concerned. If the manager get's sacked, ca-ching it's a nice pay day. The players continue to get paid their obscene wages that preclude the opportunity to offload them and the owner has a fair chance of the club returning to winning ways. Unfortunately it's us the poor dumb supporters, the only ones that truly love the club, that have to watch the the heart and soul of CFC wither away into just another football club.
  8. Chelsea vs Plymouth Argyle

    I said to myself I'll go to this if I can get restricted view tickets and I did. £17 can't go wrong. The view against Spurs was fine and this is 2 rows forward. Yes. Will have to be, as it's the weekend before the Club World Cup week. Everyone else will need to rest up.
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  10. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Petr Cech did raise the question but no reply.
  11. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Here's a question. Both Leicester and Spurs had no game at the weekend, so why didn't they play Tuesday and us tonight?
  12. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Well that was literally sickening to watch. Was enjoying it so much until the end.
  13. Chelsea's forward issues

    Going right back to the signing of Sheva, the board have gone over the heads of the manager and signed a player they wanted. Jose even admitted they signed players that were not his choice Sheva looked shot at the World Cup. Never the managers signing in a million years. Torres was clearly in decline when we signed him. Again, never a managers signing. The Lukaku fee and wages made zero sense to any manager with any sense.Quite obvious Lukaku would be a ball and chain around the neck of the manager if he didn't score tons of goals. Not good enough but still has to play him. Can't move him on because nobody would be stupid enough to pay such ridiculous wages. Countless fans from many different clubs knew all this the moment he we signed him. Are all those fans smarter about football than TT? Obviously not!
  14. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    They were suicidal. Pushing for a 3rd in injury time but with wild first time hopeful balls instead of controlled possession. Amateurs.
  15. Chelsea's forward issues

    No need to apologise. You're free to interpret the numbers however you wish, as I will. Combined mins and total goals speak volumes. We have an unproductive group of forwards. Huge amounts of money has been misspent on acquiring 'boringly normal' footballers.
  16. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Leicester defending was unbelievable. 2-1 up with a few mins to go and spurs find them four against two and that was on a couple of occasions. Utd rubbish in first half and find themselves 2 up. We better start winning from Sunday onwards!
  17. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Wish it had spurs now only 8 pts behind 4 games in hand
  18. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Spurs 2-1 down after 94 minutes score 2 goals in 2 minutes to win it Good thing they were well rested.
  19. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Mendy Trev Thiago Rudi Reece Kante Jorgi Chilwell Havertz/Mount Lukaku Werner subs Kepa mount/havertz azpilicueta CHO Ziyech Kovacic Pulisic, Christensen Alonso/Loftus Cheek That is a strong squad and next year could add Gallagher & Broja plan for defensive changes and maybe get someone like Rice
  20. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Two major schools of attacking football have evolved in Europe since the 80's - the Arrigo Sacchi school, and the Dutch total football school. The Sacchi method is highly prescriptive in terms of the distance you must maintain from key opponent players at the point of transition. When you see Conte gesticulating like a maniac, he is telling his forwards to keep that distance. It allows you to exploit the space behind the defenders. It is a defence + counterattack school on which Italian football since the 80's is based. The Dutch total football, which Pep exemplifies is 100% about space, wherever it pops up (rather than your opponents) Your system is a moving jigsaw and you conquer the space and receive the ball. To me, it is the more logical and more natural of the two schools. The person with the ball and the person due to receive it quickky spot the same space, and a pass is executed without delay. No second guessing required. You can apply this in defence, midfield, and attack. Positional discipline is It's difficult to tell what Tuchel's attacking philosophy is. Last night, you could hear the pundits were puzzled why there were no movements upfront when a player has the ball. You'd think, next time, we will play the ball out quicker, and there will be lots of movement up front. I doubt it. It looked like some players have already downed tools.
  21. Chelsea's forward issues

    Despite not yet scoring Kane has done more in twenty minutes against Leicester than Lukaku has in December and January .
  22. Chelsea's forward issues

    Pompous, obnoxious perhaps. But I do understand what I am talking about. You should listen.
  23. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    We have to use Wild Park to park the car, nearest spot to the ground where you don't run the risk of a ticket. By the time we'd walked back there after the game and driven the few miles from there back to the A27/A23 roundabout, the team buses had got to that same place. That meant following the final whistle blowing and them leaving the ground wouldn't have been much more than 25 minutes maximum. No post match niceties, they would have struggled to run through the shower and get a change of gear.
  24. Lukaku messed up the Lukaku situation , deciding that appeasing Inters ultras was more important than impressing his new employers with his professionalism . We have replaced a fleet footed pair of wing backs through which ninety percent of our attacking football is played with a painfully slow Alonso and a clearly knacked. Azpillicueta and had to chop and change personnel due to injury and illness plus having to move players around to cover for the lack of physicality of the incoming players . Fatigue and injury are the factors not Tuchel If you seriously think otherwise then I despair . Man City looked fit and sharp and only had two shots on goal against us despite having eight days rest and fourteen days between Premier League games before they'd played a Chelsea side who'd played twice a week including two London derbys. We played Liverpool after they had a week rest We played Brighton after they had a weeks rest We played City after they had a weeks rest We had no rest . It's fatigue , mentally and physically .
  25. What an absolutely stupid post! You're better than that. I could understand if this was an anti Tuchel post from a Dipper or Spud but not from a Chelsea fan. You know full well the issues we've had and totally discounted them. Like I said, you're much better than this.
  26. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I don't live far from Brightons ground....where on earth did they park you that was 30 mins away??? Must have been nearly in Worthing!
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