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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Same physique, both very good with the ball at their feet, good movement off the ball... laid back style of play. "Supremely" skilled? Did you ever actually watch Ozil play at Real Madrid or did you just listen to Ian Wright describe him after he moved to Arsenal? Ozil lost out to supremely talented players for a place in a squad that would go on to win 4 champions league titles with actually supremely talented footballers. Havertz is only 23. Obviously he doesn't look too promising at the moment but clearly he would do well to peak at a point further down the road in his career than the supposedly "supremely" talented Ozil who peaked for a whole 18 months under Mourinho somewhere around age 21.. Havertz also showed up in the biggest game of his young career thus far to be decisive in a major game to win a trophy Ozil could only dream of winning at club level. You're being harsh on Havertz but only because who you're comparing him to is a guy you never saw play apparently and have put him on a pedestal it seems based on some Talksport pundit's analysis.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chilwell, to me, when fit is a far superior player to Cucurella. The club needs to focus on targets for the forward line IMO. A right-sided forward to help Reece James would add a lot of balance to the team. Sterling and Chilwell/Alonso should be good on the left. Kai Havertz in the CF role could end up harming his career as well. He's being turned into a guy who has to hold the play up and work on winning headers.. shift him out to the right side and target a CF IMO. Kai isn't a natural finisher and, in spite of his physique, isn't very strong physically either. He has to be used making runs off the ball and also with the ball at his feet to engineer attacks. I compared him to Mesut Ozil earlier in his career and a lot of people got their knickers in a twist. The club needs to sort out the forward line. We've invested badly there over the years. Boehly inherited that problem and signing Sterling was a good move in beginning to sort it. We should start looking at more forward players from the Premier League IMO - known quantities. Harvey Barnes IMO would be someone to consider. Quick, strong, direct but still raw with upside potential.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    There's a huge drop off in pace and dynamism from Reece James to the likes of Hudson Odoi, Ruben Loftus Cheek and Pulisic. Whereas on the left we have Alonso who can at least overlap and get into some dangerous positions... if Reece James gets injured, our goose is cooked. Reece James is an integral part of our pattern of play under Tuchel. If Reece has a bad game, we generally are far less dangerous. Players like Reece, Kova, Kante and Ben are key to Tuchel's system - players able to carry the ball and create openings. We have noone for the right side. Azpili can barely overlap these days...
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    We struggled last year when Reece James was out. For the right price he'd be a good option IMO. He's not perfect but he would definitely be a better option at RWB than CHO or RLC or Pulisic.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its likely that they get more money upfront and simultaneously satisfy the player's own personal ambitions as well. Have to say, I imagine Xavi played a big part in convincing Kounde to wait. I don't imagine Tuchel commands that same respect. Managers like Pep and Klopp and Simeone command so much respect and admiration from players.. Conte, Allegri, Zidane, Ancelotti, Mourinho and Deschamps as well.... I'm not sure it helps us in negotiations to have someone as bland as Tuchel.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's the vibe I got. He seemed like our third choice this window. No doubt he has talent but I can't say I am gutted about this like when we missed out on Dani Alves in 2007 tbh. Dani Alves was an obviously brilliant player. Kounde.. well he looks like a talent... but I doubt he can fit into a back 4 in England. He looks small.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think its their attitudes to blame alone. I mean, they look dejected right now but after watching Tuchel's press conference last night I suspect he's difficult to be around and he didn't hold back on criticizing the players in the squad - their quality, their physicality, their commitment, their focus... None of them are particularly blessed in terms of athleticism and they're all technically standard at best too but they should still be supported more by the manager and quietly sold off if he wants to get rid of them that badly. Werner for instance has a lot to work with for another non-top club to pursue. He could become a real cult figure for Newcastle or Leicester I feel for example.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can't get the praise for good work if the organization you play a part in running hasn't generally done good work. We haven't been as successful as City, Liverpool, Bayern or Real Madrid and we have been barely cracking the top 4 a number of years now while spending a load of money. I would rather give someone with a proven track record a chance like Boehly. People want him to clean up the club's poor work in 1 transfer window. Not gonna happen. We have actually targeted good footballers this transfer window - that's why we have lost out. De Ligt (Bayern), Raphina (Barca), Kounde (Barca).. yes, we've still been able to sign the less in-demand players like Sterling and Kalidou but we've actually targeted top players who were chased by great clubs. Marina signed players very few clubs were in for (werner, pulisic, ziyech, havertz, kepa) and lost out on great ones (like allisson, van dijk, would have lost out on haaland). Todd may be learning the ropes but he's an intelligent guy with a lot of room to grow into the role. Marina was basically an Abramovich pawn operating the club via endless loans from the owner and was seemingly never set any KPIs to be measured against. She never demonstrated any innovation and what can you really claim was her legacy? By the time Peter Kenyon was done Chelsea were established as Man Utd's main rival and a main-stay as a member of the UCL latter stages. Under Marina, we were always under threat from Tottenham, Arsenal, United and Leicester and very rarely ever in contention for first or second place. Only 1 UCL win as well. Not great.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because she did such good work right? Pulisic, Ziyech, Werner, Havertz, Morata, Lukaku, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Kepa - Boehly would be better off burning his cash in the back yard. Boehly is going to need 2 or 3 transfer windows to fix this mess and possibly a new coach listening to Tuchel last night in his post-match.
  10. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    I feel sorry for those fans. Ticket prices were high for this match I heard. I get it that Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Pulisic, Michy etc are rubbish I really do. It is just worrying that we are walking into a season without investment there. Cristiano Ronaldo is there for the taking and at least he would score goals.
  11. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    If you add Gabriel Jesus to our team we immediately become a better side. We have noone to drop in and receive the ball.
  12. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    What I don't get is that after almost 2 seasons these guys only have 1 repetitive pattern of play 9 times out of 10. I mean, Arsenal are killing us with unpredictable interplay between odegaard, martinelli, saka and jesus whilst Chelsea... all we do is mendy plays it into the middle, they kick it out wide to Reece James, and James puts a cross in... repeat x infinity. Its so slow. So lethargic. So boring. I really can't remember a Chelsea coach under RA being so one dimensional. The top ones - Jose, Carlo, Conte - found different ways to hurt you.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd move him on. I like Boehly so far. He's been vibrant and seems hands-on and he's got a lot of experience in the sporting world. These new owners haven't been afraid to spend money either and they seemed to have made the coach heavily involved in recruitment. We are a very attractive club to come to at the moment IMO. We don't really need the negativity. The best years of Azpili are behind him. And he's been an absolute pro. But I wouldn't run the risk of souring his relationship with the club by standing in his way. Realistically, if we get Kounde, Azpili wont be playing much IMO.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why keep Azpili around to make the squad uncomfortable? It is better to remove negative energy from the squad. Tuchel must be joking if he thinks Azpili is worth more than they are offering. Azpili has served us very well and won everything at Chelsea and I hugely respect him but let's be honest his best work came as a utility player - LB or RCB - and he is well past his prime. Take the money and move on IMO. Chelsea have made a number of bad transfer decisions in the recent past but granting Azpili an exit wont be one of them. A player should earn the right sometimes to be treated with respect and Azpili has definitely earned that IMO. He's played a very long time and looks like he has maybe 2 more years of use in the tank. The club should be considerate and grant him his wish. With Reece James and CHO the RWB role is covered and we've got Thiago, Kalidou, possibly Kounde, Chalobah and Ampadu available... that's more than enough.
  15. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    Perhaps it made Tuchel more cranky as well because he certainly seemed displeased? I'm not sure what you think is going to change when the season gets underway? Like I said, I watched both games and maybe you're right and Sterling is going to drastically improve this team but, on the likelihood that you are horrendously wrong, we are in for a really tough year. I even looked at the Arsenal game yesterday as well afterwards and when G Jesus came on in H2 they looked very good. We all just want what's best for the club and it just seems to me that the club needs a right forward and a CF. I am not sure why that's so outrageous to say?
  16. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    Watched both games against Club America and this latest one against Charlotte. Gallagher, Mount and Ampadu looked good both games. Sterling with some bright moments in this one as well. Otherwise, its been same old Chelsea. Needed a worldie to beat Club America and rightfully drew this game against Charlotte. It is very obvious that Ziyech, Werner, Havertz, Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic are average players - they look just as average in pre-season as the actual season.. the question is why isn't the club doing more in terms of attackers. City signed Haaland, Liverpool went after Nunez, Arsenal got Gabriel Jesus, Tottenham's got Kane... I mean, are Chelsea really going to head into the season with Michy, Havertz and Broja?? Based on what I'm seeing from us in pre-season and how Spurs, Arsenal and United look so far as well this could be a long long season for this football club.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lukaku could have been very good here. Think its clear that he doesn't get on very well with Tuchel. None of our attackers have done well under Tuchel. Our best attackers currently are Marcos Alonso and Reece James - says a whole lot! When changing jobs, it's always a good idea to get a good feel for your potential new employers before you jump ship. I've got personal experience of that. Sometimes the fit just isn't "right". Lukaku left an organisation and a fanbase that adored him for a club who just didn't.. I completely understand why he'd want to go back. He seems like a very intelligent guy. The concept of "stay and fight for my place", when has that ever worked out?
  18. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    It's the quality of football really. It is (subjectively of course) the worst I have seen while supporting Chelsea. It is tough to watch. I understand we won two trophies this season but we look so clueless at times it really is hard to watch. We had 700 passes today during the game and its like our only mode of attack was a cross into box after the ball predictably got to either James or Alonso. It is painful to see how much Pulisic has regressed after looking so good under SFL. Werner, Ziyech, Havertz, CHO, Lukaku... they all are at their lowest points in their careers at the moment too. There is no speed, urgency, athleticism, belief, edge or incisiveness about this team. You look at the speed, movement and inter-play between City and Liverpool and you can see we are stuck playing Serie A football at Chelsea. Would Mane and Salah be great under Tuchel? I do wonder.
  19. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

    Wolves looked fitter, stronger, moved the ball quicker and created some good chances. Noone can dare claim that we looked comfortable. Chelsea don't look like we have the stomach for a fight and we aren't fit enough to compete either.
  20. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    There's room to increase in value but I wouldn't say by much. In anycase, I don't think these guys are after money. You buy a club like Newcastle or Man City before 2007 if you're looking to grow financially. I think Boehly seems like a real competitor. I suspect this move is about getting more involved in sports in general. He was a wrestler if I remember correctly... he does have competitive edge. I genuinely like the terms surrounding commitment to invest in the club. Contrary to what's written about him in the press - RA is a brilliant businessman and its because he builds his foundation on value creation and delivery.
  21. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Tuchel has had a long time with this group. This is as fit and as aggressive and as drilled as we will see them under Tuchel. Secondly, even when it was Lukaku, Conte still got the best out of him. Costa, Lukaku, Kane.... Lukaku suddenly looks like a clueless, unfit rookie under Tuchel. The problem isn't solely down to the strikers. The team simply doesn't move the ball quickly enough. Guys aren't moving to receive the ball, and the crossing into the box strategy - we aren't suited to that. Those are coaching issues.
  22. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Is he? The way we play, its for Serie A - not the Premier League. Keeping clean sheets and nicking a goal - that's Serie A. We've been playing like this since day 1 under Tuchel. There's little to no variation in the pattern of play under Tuchel. It is get the ball out wide, put in a cross, rinse and repeat x 1000.. None of our attackers are being utilized properly. Lukaku has been completely sidelined and nobody else is getting the job done. I reckon the new owners are going to want to move away from Tuchel soon after catching on. Klopp and Guardiola play such intense football with multiple methods of attack.. Chelsea on the other hand has been the dullest of all the managers under Abramovich I would argue. Look at how fit and athletic Spurs are beginning to look under Conte. There's just no intensity under Tuchel.
  23. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Mine as well and I absolutely LOVE Lampard. I watched his interview. The least he could have done was play it like someone who had a good relationship with a man who clearly had a close relationship with him. He could have acknowledged that at least - that Roman at the least authorized his hiring when some would say he didn't deserve it. He even had something good to say about Mel Morris when asked recently.. but RA - apparently he only saw him less than a handful of times. Wow.
  24. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I don't think I ever thought I would see the day that the UK government would suddenly sanction a club and basically bully its shareholders into doing what it (the UK goverment) wanted it to do. It seems surreal. I wish there was legal recourse available to Roman. I can understand if he had been charged with something.. but other than the claims made against him, he has been thoroughly thrown out. This is such a shameful disgrace. And for PR purposes, everyone attached the club can't say a word about it either! Its painful. We are supposed to pretend we hate Roman Abramovich and are ungrateful for everything he helped us accomplish! I really do feel bad for the Ukraine. I follow the news twice a day to see what's going on with them - but it just doesn't sit well what's being done to Roman Abramovich. And I have to say that Pat Nevin and Frank Lampard have disappointed me as well. Is it suddenly illegal to say something pleasant about Roman? Is he suddenly a proven war criminal? City and Newcastle are backed by billionaires who dish out millions and Chelsea are being forced to sell to guys with not nearly as much financial backing and may not serve our best interests and make us unable to compete! This is a heartbreaking situation IMO. Pep Guardiola was very strong in his backing of City when they were recently accused a year or two ago.. Thomas Tuchel isn't able to say a word about Abramovich!
  25. Thank You Roman

    I think what's really impressive are the memories of how things were when he just took over and really until we won that UCL in 2012. I mean, everyday it was almost an article about Chelsea in a negative light and how he would: 1. Shaft us with debt when he chooses to leave. 2. Never win the UCL like a "big club" 3. Never build a functioning academy 4. Never blood homegrown players into the club And remarkably he has accomplished everything he set out to do - and multiple times! He really is a brilliant strategist IMO! He has proved them all wrong. He really was a remarkable owner. I really wish this war didn't happen and obviously the situation has been so difficult to stomach but losing Abramovich under these terms really is a punch to the gut. This was a guy who prioritized WINNING. He put his money where his mouth was. A truly determined person. He will be missed. The one constant at the club has been his dogged determination. He instilled such a culture of success at the club. It is impossible to put a financial value on that culture. Thank you so much Roman Abramovich. This 86 year old guy seems so utterly bland. He doesn't seem to have Roman's vibe about him. I think its going to be a new era at Chelsea. It possibly wont be as successful but I suppose it doesn't have to be worse either. I think keeping us successful would be easier than making us successful like Roman did.