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  1. IMO it will be insane to sack Mourinho. We have all prayed for his return to the club he loves. Like someone said he is one of us. We did realise in the past that there is no one else who can get trophies and win games like Mourinho. All the managers we have had were no better than him and I believe there is still no one better than him. He needed players as a backup to some of our old guards and that didn't happen. The board failed to get him what he wanted and now we are seeing the results of that. We should stand by our favourite manager at this time and I am sure he will turn it around. He as a manager is standing by his players and we should offer all the support we can to them as well. This is the team that got us glory and this team will redeem itself.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wouldn't mind Hernandez (chicharito) added to this. He's young, very good finisher, pacy and scores goals.
  3. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Gutted! Absolutely Gutted! I wonder what Roman wants and what is in his mind. To sack a manager after a run of defeats isn't the solution. Is the manager the only person who is responsible for poor performances? Is he a magician or a wizard who shall wave his magic wand and make a disinterested Torres score Goals or turn every player into a Ronaldo/Messi. We have to give him at least one chance, he deserves it! Can't fathom this decision at all. RDM you are a champion and wish you all the luck!