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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    You may be right. I know the links to him existed before JM was manager, but still think he would have had the option to approve or veto his signing in some capacity. I can't think of Utd ever really acting in this way ie: signing a player without the managers approval. If anything , recent stories claim the opposite. Mhkitarayan by all accounts was being closely looked at by Utd when LVG was the manager, but LVG vetoed it as he didn't believe he had the attributes to be succesful in English football. Can only presume JM was happy to proceed on that deal. We may sign a player as a club as he fits a certain criteria, but can't ever recall Utd taking this approach, so he may not have been top of JM's wish list, but I still think he had a voice in any deal for Lindelof.
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The points you raise about Woodward might well be bang on. Question marks have been raised against him for the last 4-5 years now, so very likely something in that. However, I think the job Mourinho has done, for the money he has been given has been very average at best. I agree with the sentiments that if you are going to give your manager a new contract, then you have to back them when the time lapse between the contract and not backing him is only 7/8 months and 2 of those months with no games played, so I have some sympathy with Mourinho there. Lets look at his achievements since he has been there in more detail though. When he joined the club the two prized outfield assets were undoubtedly Martial and Rashford, both have gone backwards under his management.They have both probably held their value as players, but that is down to the potential of both players and the consensus in football that both are still very good forwards.Then lets look at who has he actually improved, possibles in Young and Valencia , though I am generally on the fence either way to say he has improved them. I think its more likely that they have maintained a level, but definite improvement on Lingard and Rojo has played well at times, though his style of management was always going to suit a tough versatile like Rojo. It was obvious that the likes of Fellaini and Rojo would fit very well as Mourinho type squad players. I think of those players listed, the only genuie improvement that can be attributed to Mourinho is Lingard. Now look at who has declined under him, Rashford,Martial,Pogba for sure. Whilst its likely that the likes of Smalling,Jones,Herrera are probably of a very similar level to when he arrived at the club. Then look at the money he has spent. It can be dressed up a number of ways, but the reality is he has spent a fortune and two years down the line they are no closer to their major rivals now than before he arrived, arguably they are further behind. Lukaku - Reasonable success but is always going to score goals. His improvement as a player came under Martinez and Koeman to some degree. Bailly - Reasonable defender but Mourinho don't seem happy with him. Pogba - Looked a rolls royce at Juve, looked good in WC, looks average under JM Mkhitarayan - Disastrous signing under him Lindelof - Zero evidence that he is a £40 million centre half. Disastrous signing under him. Sanchez - Gone backwards, no strategy behind this signing other than throw big money at a big player and get one over your rival. I don't believe he was ever on their radar as a player they wanted in the months before he was available.Offers zero resale value and can only be justified with instant success in 1-2 season. Matic - Done ok. Again no resale value and only justification for his signing is instant success in 1-2 seasons. Fred - Early days for him, needs time but early signs are £60 million looks a hell of a lot for him. Dalot - Unknown. I suspect football has evolved and he has not adjusted with it over the last 4-5 years. His style of football is the same now as it was from his days at Porto, but football generally speaking is not played the same now as it was then. The only synopsis that can be made for Mourinho at Utd is key players have gone backwards under him whilst players he has improved is very questionable, other than one. He has been given very large funds, yet his signings on the whole have been very poor. The style of football under his reign is predictably not great to watch and he has won one trophy (the most minor one possible) in his time there so far. Woodward might be an issue, but far more evidence that points to the issues being the direction of their current manager than Ed Woodward.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah my thoughts too. He was also pretty good at Stoke early on. He just not good enough without time on the ball. Serie A will suit him far better, the less frenetic pace of their league means he won’t be as hassled on the ball as much as here. I would have much rather kept Chalobah and said at the time, but Bakayoko became a bit of a scapegoat at times,though the Watford game will live long in the memory as one of the worst performances ever in a Chelsea shirt.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I have not read page after page on here, so if this point has been raised by others then apologies. I think there is a real key element that people are forgetting with Dzeko and his lack of goals this season. That key element is a little Eygptian fella who has disappeared from that Roma team and is now ripping up the PL. As things stand, Salah looks one of the best wide forwards in world football and if you have been playing up along side him for the last 2 years and he leaves, then good chance that is going to have some impact on your game. I wouldn't say its an impact in terms of assist as such, but most certainly an impact in terms of space and in terms of how often you are actually in an attacking area of the pitch. The pace and direct nature of Salah is obviously going to affect how threatening Roma are as a team and certainly in counter attack situations. So whilst Dzeko numbers are disappointing on the face of things, if you look at the bigger picture then its likely its partly down to Roma losing their best and most dangerous player. My own view on Dzeko, I didn't think too much of him at City, but I think he has improved at Roma and playing in a more tactical league has improved his game. I am not really too bothered by his age, ideally he would be younger, but he has never really had much pace and the role I suspect we are looking for is for a target man who we can hit earlier and more directly if required. Also, someone who can act as a foil for the likes of Hazard, Willian, Pedro etc and offer another option to Morata and chip in with some goals. I think at the right price, it could be a decent signing and whilst he is 31, I see no reason why he can't play his type of game until he is 34/35 and still be effective.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just can’t see it. Surely all these links are just the football media having a bit of a laugh at our expense. I give it 24hrs before Fellaini emerges as the latest link. They have to be putting 2 + 2 together off the back of Carroll link.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    It must be a lonely place in that fan club these days, you and one other and the two of you don't get along lol ;)
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly. Why more can't see this is beyond me. This Sanchez to Utd deal is just so embarrassing and is pure desperation, I am actually shocked the Utd board are sanctioning this deal. Yes we know they can afford it due to their huge revenues and you have to respect them on that front, whilst City don't create such revenues, but you could argue their is a least a strategy coming through at City over the last 2/3 years. Utd have no strategy at all and it genuinely staggers me they are going along this road that JM is leading them. Zlatan, Matic, Sanchez and Lukaku have all been huge money deals and they are all pure desperation requests from a manager who is looking for the shortest term fix to instant major trophies. He simply has to deliver a league title or CL title in the next 18 months, otherwise his reputation will take a major hit , he knows that full well and its why you are seeing that club make some of these decisions.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its this kinda bollox why I rarely post on here anymore. I have to bite my lip to avoid getting banned.........sometimes I think it would be easier to say what I want , get MT to ban me and avoid any temptation to post and get involved on here !
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    This Andy Carroll potential transfer has to be one of the weirdest paths the club has gone down for many years. Firstly, I actually think he is a bit underrated as a player and could do alright. However, it still does not make sense in the slightest. The general consensus seems to be that Conte will not be here next season, yet this deal strikes me as a deal to get a Conte player and keep him happy. Its obvious that like previous managers at the club, Conte has not picked all the players we have signed in his reign, but I do genuinely believe this is his decision and I find it really weird that out of all the players he was likely requested, this is the one we are going to potentially make happen. It does not align with club strategy for buying players over the last decade. Its certainly not money you will recoup, unless he does great off the bench and our fantastic medical team keep him fitter than he has ever been before (not unlikely that they could improve his injury record) Every now and then this club just does something incredibly bizarre, it looks like we are approaching one of those scenarios very shortly!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not saying we would be getting done over. I was using that as an analogy of selling a player below their value, to explain that all football fans (including you) care about the finances in some capacity. I have said I think he is a fantastic player and judged just as a player he is a clear improvement on the majority of what we have. It's not the only factor you have to consider though. Like it or not, football is big business and the days of just acquiring top players because he is available and you can have gone. They have definitely gone at Chelsea, even city for their wealth and willingness to spend crazy amount of money of player deals are drawing a line at this deal. This is a club who have based a relatively long term plan around getting this player are now looking at the deal and saying its not a good deal. We have not competed on the same level as City for the last 5 years. So where is the logic to step in and run with a deal that even they deem too risky. There is one desperate manager and one desperate club who are prepared to run with this deal. That tells you all you need to know.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because its natural to care about what your club pays and sells players for. If you don't care about the finances, I take it you would not be bothered if we sold say Christensen for £20 million as long as we spent big to replace him? Of course you would, because you know your selling at the wrong price and getting done over. It works both ways. Yes, their are potential negatives about every transfer, but clubs have to make transfers in/out. Its a case of working to a strategy identified by the club to try and reduce bad decisions where possible. You may want to argue with the specific strategy and pro's and cons to both sides on that. I think he is a fantastic player, but he is a fantastic player we should have been looking at when he left Barcelona and maybe Udinese (though we would have struggled to compete with Barca at that time). I think the deal now has way too many potential downsides.
  12. Yeah you called it in the summer. I was also in the negative camp and argued no better than Chalobah. To be fair, he impressed me early on and I am still not giving up on him though. I still feel their is a good player in him. I think he is much more raw than his age suggests and I think he probably just needs to sit out a run of games and get a bit of a break. I think the pace of our league has really caught him out , more so in the time (or lack of compared to France) he has on the ball than the actual speed. Concentration also seems to be an issue, he switches off and gets careless in possession. I do genuinely think he will be much better next season, he has shown flashes of being a good player for the future. I hope we dont come down too hard on the guy and ruin his confidence, I would almost write off this season and judge him next season when I am convinced we will see a better player. I just don't think he is this world beating monster central midfielder some thought he would be.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Number of ways of looking at Sanchez though. If you are just looking at the player, then yes he is fantastic. However, you have to factor in other things in this deal. For me, Sanchez is a little similar to Rooney in some ways. He is 29 in actual age, but you could argue he is closer to 31 in footballing age. I say this because the guy has played a huge amount of football for a number of years now, its always very hard for the star man of a small footballing nation to miss a game for his country. Chile have been non stop with qualifiers, Copa America, World Cups, Confed Cups for a long time now, plus PL league schedule for the last 3-4 years. Throughout this period he has been the number 1 man for club and country, he plays a non stop intense style of football too. Then taking the finances of the deal into consideration, not so much his fee but if the reported wage is true then I think your asking for trouble with other squad members if we give him that. Then you do also have to question the long term strategy of the club, its a type of transfer we have not made in a long time (ie big money for a player of his age), it goes against the whole strategy we have been working under for the last decade . Fantastic player, but too many potential negatives from the deal. Utd entering this race is pure desperation from their manager to get back on the major trophy trail, if his club want to back that then let them. I don't think we need to be competing with it.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not that we are necessarily in the market for central midfielders after adding a couple. I have happened to catch two Newcastle games this season at Swansea and Brighton yesterday. What a good young player this Mikel Merino looks. Typically brilliant Spanish midfielder. If anyone not had chance to watch him then look out for him when you get chance. Fantastic technical ability, rarely gives the ball away, skilfull and always seems to have time on the ball, but also very good when he has the ball in tight spaces. Very classy player, I really can't see why Dortmund have let him go. Its an area we are quite well stocked in now, but he could cut it at a much higher standing than Newcastle from what I have seen.
  15. indifferent performance from Bakayoko on Saturday. Good powerful run to start off the first goal, good pressing which led to the third goal I think it was. The negatives are all things that are down to not being used to the pace of our league yet. First half, he was caught on the ball 3/4 occasions where he just wanted more time than he was allowed. He will get used to this though the more he plays, away from home he needs to have that greater awareness and decisiveness to his play. Impressed by him so far, I can't say I ever really noticed him that much in the Monaco team from last year, maybe due to having some many good players around him. Pleasantly surprised by him so far.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I would take him all day. Always been a fan of him, gets stick for missing chances, but I don't really mind that. His movement is so good that he will always get chances, someone I wish we would have looked at when he left Palermo a few years back. Despite his age, I would quite happily give him a 3 year contract if you could get him for say £30-£40 million
  17. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Sweet Tooth and Amsterdam are sat on my shelf , I'm waiting to get around to them sometime soon.
  18. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Recently finished Nutshell by Ian McEwan which is an alternative take on Hamlet from position of an unborn foetus. Sounds ridiculous and it is really, but it don't pretend to be anything else and is a very enjoyable read. For music fans - Enjoyed Riots, Raves and Running a Label which is tales from Alan Mghee running Creation Records. Also about three quarters of the way through The Big Midweek which recalls Steve Hanley's 20 years as bassist in The Fall. That is also very good read so far. You don't have to be a fan of the band to enjoy the book.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    I emailed a colleague of mine who is a Torino season ticket holder ref Zappacosta. He was sad to see him leave, described him as a good solid player who is very committed and professional. Not top class and definitely more attack minded than defensive. He drew comparisons with Darmian and said he is a player of very similar level. Doesn't sound too bad as a squad option.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    I watched a handful of Torino games first half of last season. It was where Belotti came on my radar, however, can't say that I noticed this lad in any capacity, or if he even played. Not that that means anything. Guy from Sky Italia did say earlier he can play on the left as well as right,but he did also seem genuinely surprised he was coming to Chelsea. Not sure what the context of his surprise was though, I.e. Out of the blue transfer or out of his depth signing. Guess we are all waiting to see on this one. I have a colleague who is a Torino season ticket holder, will send him an email for a review.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    It doesn't have to be all or nothing though.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whilst we can all have some sympathy with him, he just has to get on with things and not be a quitter because it dont work out how he/we wanted. He has a very talented small squad to work with, is very well paid and did a very good job last season. Just get your head down and get on with the job, show the resilience he had as a player and work with what you have. If it goes tits up , it wont harm his reputation and he will get paid off handsomely. Quitting because things don't go your way (again) is more damaging to his reputation.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good for you.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    I mentioned Kevin Kampl on here a few weeks back, would have been a good squad addition for the AM areas and now gone to RB Leipzeig on four year deal. £20 million Euros would have been good price in this market for another option and he can make impact off bench.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    They are really well stocked in centre mid even without Drinkwater. Ndidi, Amartey, James, Iborra, King , Mendy So yeah I think they are trying to extract every last penny and fair play to them. It's a deal that is very likely to happen though, my guess would be £34 million area in the end.