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  1. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    A point made more accurately than mine, but it is precisely the point. Tbf we had the Hazard situation. I don't know what money he went for or what add ons were but we probably had 80/90 million sitting there that we couldn't spend. Lampard had done ok so they went a bit crazy and spunked away 200 mill plus on a title push. Then Giroud and Tammy went so they spunked another 100 mill on Lukaku. As you say 42 mill a point. I think we all know the players that have represented value. Mendy, Chilwel, Silva, Havertz...thats about it. Coaches are paid a lot of money to mould what they have. Lampard was clearly more comfortable with his first budget season but struggled with the influx. Tuchel has struggled for long sections too. We are a cup team, of that there is no doubt. CL winners, 2 FA cup finals and a League cup final, since the ban. Probably deserved all three domestic trophies. But I don't know what means in respect of our health as a club. I'm excited about the future but at the same time a bit anxious.
  2. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Embarrassingly his second name escaped me and couldn't be arsed to goggle it!!... and I guessed most knew who I meant. I could have said beard/white teeth and the penny would have dropped instantly! (he seems happy now bless him)
  3. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Well of course the name that springs to mind as a coach that would pathologically refuse to play Mount or James in "those circumstances" is of course Maurizio Sarri. He was after all the first coach under the Abramovich era that went an entire season without handing a first team debut to an academy star. And they were all around...Tammy, Mount, Tomorri, James etc. So what were "those circumstances" that left Lampard with such limited options that he had no choice but to play James and Mount? So here's another one of my hypotheticals (because you yourself are making one by suggesting no coach would have had any choice but to play Mount and James). My hypothetical is that at right back or wing back in Lampard season, Sarri would have gone with either Azpi, Zappacosta, Pedro or even Willian before he would have picked James. I'd also wager that he would have left Mount exactly where he was at Derby (he never watched him play in the flesh once) and chosen a midfield combo from Jorginho (first name on sheet) Drinkwater, Kante, Pulisic, Kovacic, Barkley, RLC and the versatile Willian and Pedro (if he didn't have one of them at right wing back). Mourinho famously sold and didn't rate De Bruyne and Salah, so the suggestion that good players just can't be overlooked is a bizarre one. So I think it's YOU that are making up hypotheticals just to diminish Lampards achievments actually? How so? So lets just have a look at this mans career. In 30 years of management he's won just one title (I shall come to that shortly) . In 30 years he's managed more than 20 clubs...those 20 clubs seem to have really treasured him don't they?. IMO his football was about the worst I've ever seen at Chelsea. He had his eleven starters and thats pretty much what he stuck with all season in the PL....that was his way. Our academy players were available so don't say they weren't. He never played them or brought them back from loans in his season and he wouldn't (I'd put my shirt on) have played them in Lampards seasons . It is bizarre I'll grant you but he has some form in this area doesn't he? Juve "poached" him from us and he won the title with a team that had just won the Serie was their 8th title on the trot. Sarri made it 9. I'm not sure what you do for a job but I'd like to guess that you or me could have won that title. However the love affair soon ended... , Juve were mortified with the kind of football he was playing (they wanted to win in style), then they were knocked out the CL embarrassingly to Lyon and 2 weeks after he won the title he was sacked. If the club went on a downward spiral it probably started with Sarri. He's had one year at Lazio and finished 5th...Whoopee! And lets not forget that he dumped us when he thought he had a better offer. Do you want him back here, because he'll be gone next season and we may have a vacancy. Disloyal, rude, unpleasant, tactically inept, over rated idiot.
  4. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    My bad. Amazed someone didn't spot that earlier! Apologies. We did however finish level points with 3rd place United and scored more goals than them I believe... a pretty good 69 goals but goals conceded put us in 4th. Top 4 for rookie and transfer ban and the loss of Hazard (without replacement) who almost single handedly got us top 4 the year before. That was very very good going.
  5. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    I'm on my phone now so can't highlight points individually but let me break my reply as best I can: I'm not getting silly. I'm highlighting the silliness. I have heard repeatedly on these pages that almost everything that went wrong ( not a mere contributing factor) was due to losing James and Chilwell. This was the single most important and significant factor. My point is that James came back for a decent spell but it didn't break our bad form , so if James didn't fix it then we assume Chilwell was the vital missing player that caused our collapse. My opinion is that this is not true or likely....there were many contributing factors one being the quality and consistency of at least half the team. We stunk the joint out on too many occasions for it to be due to Chilwells loss... As you pointed out Tuchel has rotated both left backs successfully so we should have coped not collapsed. I think our position was a bit flattering to start with. We played some lovely stuff at times but then started relying on defenders to score. And our home form over last 7 or 8 games was nothing short of shocking ..both in results and type of football.And we had almost a full squad. I didn't ignore CL win , I was comparing Lampards and Tuchels first seasons which were strikingly similar in points and position. If you want to talk about CL lets talk. Lampard got us in comp, he got us through group stages. Could he have won it if given a chance? Of course he could have! If Roberto di Mateo can win it then so can Lampard. Take nothing away from Tuchel because it was great achievement but always element of luck in any cup comp. How did Tuchel defend it this year...not that great tbh ...rather messed it up in home game to Real conceding three, then from a winning position in Spain conceded another two. Very depressing to defend it like that. This season was 7 out of 10 tops for me based purely on top 4 place. If we had done it stylishly I would have given an 8. If the league had been tough and the usual suspects around us had pushed us all the way , I'd have also given an 8. FA cup win I'd have given an 8 . Pushed the teams above us plus all of the above I'd have given a 9. You are trying to spin a silk purse out of a sows ear ( and trying pretty hard) . I am being far more generous to Tuchel than you ever were to Lampard. He was classed as utterly clueless and useless at the end . Out of his depth. He'd been given a "potentially league winning squad" . Bollocks had he.That much is at least clear now... So I simply compare his only full season with Tuchels only full season... 72 points to 74. Both 3rd place. Still just saying.
  6. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Not a genius, but brave and astute. I'm more saying that Sarri was a blinkered idiot of a coach who has since been proved to be so.
  7. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    My argument is no it doesn't, and it certainly shouldn't. My evidence is that when Kante played he was widely critised and many wanted him dropped. He was responsible for some huge clangers leading to vital goals against us and in the end was best left out (giving ball away cost us...nothing to do with an injury I think his powers are just waning). James came back and did well but we were still dropping points everywhere. So we are back to Chilwell. Is this really your primary excuse for this season. Have you seen some of the defeats and lack lustre performances? Do you not think it may go a little deeper than Chilwel? Do you think the new owner is looking at our squad and thinking "Just get Chilly back and we will push for title no problem". Yes lets...It was. Just as awful as Tuchels "bad moment". But we knew by then thankfully that it wasn't all Tuchels fault. We knew that Werner couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo. We knew Zyech had one move. But that Tuchel had a decent Havertz without covid. And Tuchel had our 90 million pound striker. Yet still Tuchel came out of his bad moment the same amount of points away from the top as Lampard did was when he was fired The wide players particularly had injury after injury. I'm not saying it was worse or better . I'm saying Tuchel had a lot more quality players at his disposal than Lampard did. Chilwell should not be the be all and end all. He's not Pele. Lampard did without him for whole season and still finished 3rd. Well Tuchel had the option of worlds most expensive keeper in the world warming the bench (a keeper I know you highly rate) so why didn't he use him? Mistake from Tuchel perhaps Paul? Lampard had a 38 year old journey man as back up. And yet one of Tuchels first jobs at Chelsea was to drop Chilwel and replace with Alonso for quite some time. I'm not sure but I think Chilwel got back in through an Alonso injury. And I definitely recall how people were calling this a stroke of genius by Tuchel as Alonso started playing well scoring great goals and making assists immediately. Chilwel was not happy but folks were saying how can you drop Alonso? Its not like we didn't have any cover for Chilwell or that the cover was useless. I'm counting major cups which is why I said major cups. The Worthless cup is no more than a bonus to a season. Thats how I view it anyway. I'd rather we threw it first round tbh. And go back and rewatch that refs performance in Lampards FA cup final. Nothing compares in sheer outrageousness. And maybe ...just maybe if Tuchel hadn't decided to be clever and bring on Kepa for the pens during League Cup final , it may have turned out differently. Damn straight it was. And you were one of the chief grave diggers. Don't recall a single compliment at the time. Tuchel 74 points. Lampard 72.... different hurdles, different challenges, two very different coaches (one highly experienced and one a rookie). Happy to call them both remarkable achievements...but you can't have one without the other. Just saying.
  8. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Clearly would have won the league.
  9. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    That Sarri would have ignored.
  10. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    I think you have misread my post or not understood it entirely. I'm comparing Tuchel first season with Lampards. Perhaps read my reply to Paul. I'm not critising Tuchel as much as questioning the players purchased. You do realise our complete attacking force shouldn't be two full backs and a central defender? I was saying that till I was blue in the face, and everyone was saying " who cares who scores and who doesn't as long as someone does". Well they cared when they got wasn't their primary job to score goals and we were very lucky that they did, but wheels should not have fallen off the way they did. Tbh I'm getting a bit tired of that excuse along with the fatigue one. I have very rarely directly criticised Tuchel this season. Its not been great to be fair and I'm glad its ended. I certainly feel let down by certain players.... the coach also at times got things wrong and maybe failed to motivate. But generally I like him. He handled that crises with RA brilliantly. As you say a marriage break up in middle of it is distracting to say the least ( kids involved too). It took Kepa best part of year to get over that his girlfriend had left him, and I'm reminded of the tv presenter ( Rylan bloke?) who split up with his husband recently and took 4 months off work to recover his mental health ( he was offered a year). Tuchel didn't get 4 minutes. I also recall Lampards mum dying and days later Lampard banging in a vital CL pen while still deep in grief. Some people just crack on. So again Holy, just comparing seasons. Maybe worth noting that Tuchel had James and Mason because Lamps gave them a chance. And just think what wonders Lamps could have achieved if he had had Chilwell at left back for his first season!
  11. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    You seem to think that Tuchel had some unique set of problems that no coach has ever had to face? It was in fact Lampard who had the unique set of problems with a transfer ban. He also had unique covid problems at the start of his second season, trying to bed in a new glut of players all at once ( due to previous transfer ban) and trying to settle/integrate them into club/teammates/ England with covid lockdown drama. Many caught Covid. Some say Havertz had long covid. I know I'm moving onto the second season now but Lamps was sacked because he failed to get a tune out of £200 million of "title winning" new recruits. Tuchel has failed to come even close to winning title and that with the addition of our £100 million dollar man ( and actually our leading scorer). I'm not saying Tuchels a bad coach ( but they both made mistakes for sure) , but I'm saying both Lampard and Tuchel were given an extremely inconsistent bunch of players. Tuchel had the benefit of confirming could feel is anger with players after some games. But back to Lamps first season ( which is what I'm comparing) .Do you think Lampard didn't have some chronic injuries problems ( especially around Xmas period). He had loads. Spoke about it many times. He also had Keppa in the worst form of his life and often resorted to journey man keeper on the last legs of his career. I'm not buying this argument that Chilwell in particular was the key to all our success and losing him caused our decline into mediocrity. He's a good player but Chelsea are in big trouble if we are relying on a left back to save our season. And I could argue that Alonso has been our biggest goal threat and actually played pretty well. James came back and played well ( our best player many games) but still couldn't stop the rot. The comparison is pretty straightforward, but its one that the critics of Lampard don't like to recognise. In their first full season both coaches got about same number of points and finished in same position. Both got to major cup final and in particular Lampard was robbed of the cup by appalling officiating ( including a ridiculous sending off). Tuchel had Chilwell for half the season, Lampard had Chilwell for none of his season so lucky Tuchel. If you think what Tuchel did this season was remarkable then I won't argue with you long as you confirm that what Lampard achieved in his first season( in truly unique circumstances) was a little bit more remarkable.
  12. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Tuchel should get another season. I think he deserves that. But lets do a comparison of Tuchels first full season with Lampards . Bear in mind that Lampard was a rookie with a transfer ban and lots if untried untested academy products. Tuchel had all the new additions plus Lukaku. Oddly top 5 placing for both seasons were identical : City, Liverpool, Chelsea , Spurs, Arsenal ( in that order) Under Lampard we got 72 points. Under Tuchel 74 points. Lampard lost FA cup final to Arsenal , Tuchel lost both domestic cups to Liverpool. Lampards top scorer Tammy with 15. Tuchels was £100 million of Lukaku with 15. We are a bit closer to Pool and City this time but still a long way off. All this indicates is that if new owners are anything like Roman, Tuchel is on thin ice. With that squad, 74 points was not really good enough.
  13. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Giroud is better than Lukaku , Tomorri is better than AC and Tammy a very decent second string striker.
  14. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    We should never have let Giroud or Tomori go.
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    Well we won I suppose!
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    Liverpool, many of your supporters deserve nothing but contempt. We can only imagine for how many years we would have been hearing about the "Quad season." As it stands you squeaked two domestic cup finals through dodgy decisions you often do. Real will hopefully beat you on pens after the ref cancels your perfectly good winning goal. You gloated and spouted venom at our situation this season, but we are still here and we are rebuilding with a new owner. just watching City lift the trophies so take your moaning arses off somewhere and calm down.
  17. Khobar's Legacy

    It looked dodgy at one point but my God that was a beautiful relief.
  18. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Off to Khobar thread as we speak!
  19. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Back to us. Glad this season is over. But not only this season is over but an era is over. But what a Roman era it has been. We really can't complain...the players, the trophies the sheer joy of having my team on top of the world. Thank you again Roman. And so a new era begins. Maybe an exciting one . Work to do, players to buy, a stadium to build. We will be ok. Oh and fck off Dippers. Quad??? You're avin a laugh. The refs cheated you two domestic cups and Real will spank you in the final. Up the Chels!
  20. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Once a slippy G always a slippy G
  21. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    ...and all is right with world
  22. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    I'm a nervous wreck!
  23. Chelsea 2 Watford 1 ...or