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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Given how tight a budget of 200m actually is given the amount of rebuilding needed, we’re going to have to be creative. I think sorting out the defence is going to be fairly straightforward as we’ve got plenty of vacancies and there are lots of good options out there including Kounde, Koulibaly, Perisic. Of those only Kounde would command a fee. We can also bring in Colwill and Ampadu from the academy. Midfield would likely be recalling Gallagher, Gilmour and a big slice of our budget going on Rice with Jorginho sadly leaving. It’s upfront where the real problems are. It’s going to be very hard to move on Werner or Lukaku given the huge wages they’re on. Which makes it more likely we’ll offload Ziyech or Broja as they’re the only realistic options. We can bring in Nkunku as our other major signing and Dembele on a free. So my transfer suggestions are: DEFENCE Kounde 60m Koulibaly Free Perisic Free Back from Loan: Colwill Ampadu MIDFIELD Rice 100m Back from Loan: Gilmour Gallagher FORWARDS Dembele Free Nkunku 60m. Total spend 220m. We’d get some fees selling on Alonso, Jorginho, Ziyech and Broja for maybe 70m. So total spend would be around 150m. We could also sell Kepa for a decent fee and bring in a back up to Mendy for a tidy profit.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wish I had faith in us being able to spend 200m wisely.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tchouameni signing for Real Madrid. We dodged a bullet there. We got Saul.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ziyech and Alonso to be allowed to leave apparently…
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I didn’t know this…
  6. Latest from the FT… (paywall removed) https://www.ft.com/content/b72d9946-de2a-450d-906c-9d9ad7d786d3 Chelsea sale set for approval after Abramovich meets ‘red lines’ Roman Abramovich’s £4.25bn sale of Chelsea Football Club to a consortium spearheaded by US financier Todd Boehly is expected to be signed off by British ministers on Monday night after weeks of tense negotiations to ensure the oligarch does not benefit from the sale. But British officials said the deal has not yet been given the green light by the European Commission or by the Portuguese government: Abramovich is an EU citizen via his Portugal passport. UK officials close to the talks said the deal still has “major hurdles to overcome”, but that Abramovich had met ministers’ “red lines” over the sale and that they expect it to be approved in London overnight. The main issue was Britain’s insistence that neither Abramovich, a sanctioned Russian oligarch, nor people connected to him would benefit from proceeds of the sale. Abramovich’s advisers and the government have been locked in talks for weeks over how to handle the proceeds and the £1.5bn debt owed by Chelsea to an offshore vehicle connected to the oligarch. The deal, if finally approved, would signal an end to Abramovich’s two decade-long stint bankrolling a club that he transformed into world-beaters. In his time the west London club has won five Premier League titles and two Uefa Champions League trophies. A British official close to the process said talks were now ‘frantic’ between Chelsea, Abramovich, the European Commission and Portugal to push the deal over the line. Nonstop work had been done last weekend, but one official working on the deal said it had been like “whack a mole”, with new issues arising just as old ones were resolved. One Whitehall source said: “Everyone wants to get the deal done, but with the complicated nature of the Chelsea ownership structures, nothing is simple. We are working hard to assure our international partners who rightly want their own assurances on this deal and — of course — how the proceeds will eventually be spent.” British officials say timing is tight and that Chelsea’s future will be at risk if administrative deadlines for the club participating in the Premier League and Uefa Champions League next season are not met. Boehly, who owns stakes in the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and LA Dodgers baseball side, is leading a takeover backed by California-based investment firm Clearlake Capital, Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss and Guggenheim Partners chief executive Mark Walter. The group still requires final approval from the English Premier League. Following completion, American investors would control four of the so-called Big Six clubs in the League, the richest domestic competition in Europe. Arsenal is owned by Stan Kroenke, the Glazer family controls Manchester United, and John Henry’s Fenway Sports Group owns Liverpool. Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale just days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. He was subsequently involved in failed peace between the two sides. But the UK government sanctioned the oligarch on March 10. While technically subject to an asset freeze as a result of the sanctions, Chelsea was able to fulfil its fixture commitments and continue operating thanks to a special UK government licence that expires on May 31. The auction for the club attracted interest from billionaires, institutional investors and star athletes including racing driver Lewis Hamilton and tennis champion Serena Williams, who backed a group led by private equity tycoons Josh Harris and David Blitzer, shareholders in rival Premier League side Crystal Palace. Boehly won with an offer to acquire Chelsea for £2.5bn. He also committed to invest a further £1.75bn in the club’s stadium, facilities and playing squad in the coming years. His group agreed to tough restrictions on dividends, management fees and debt, agreements designed to safeguard the future of the club. It was the second time lucky for Boehly, former president of investment manager Guggenheim Partners, who fell short of Abramovich’s £3bn asking price in 2019. US merchant bank Raine Group ran the auction on behalf of Abramovich. US investment bank Goldman Sachs and boutique advisory Robey Warshaw advised Boehly.
  7. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Congratulations to Serie A winners Tomori and Giroud. And er… Bakayoko.
  8. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    So reading between the lines can we take it that Tuchel was today giving Sarr, Barklay, Saul, Azpi and Kenedy a fond farewell?
  9. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    At least the curse of Boehly has been lifted.
  10. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    And we stumble over the line.
  11. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    City are going to bottle, aren’t they?
  12. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Today will be a bit odd regarding players who might be leaving. Apart from Rudiger and Christensen, all sorts of rumours are going around regarding Azpi, Alonso, Jorginho, and that’s before you get to bit players like Saul, Barklay, Sarr. While Lukaku and Werner, have also been suggested as exit candidates. I remember a while back when the policy was two or three reinforcements per season. Looks like this time it’s going to be five or six. That’s a big upheaval. How do we even start with goodbyes to Alonso, Azpi and Jorginho who may or not all be leaving, but who’ve been great servants for the club? It’s pretty weird. I find it hard to believe we’re going to just dispense with so much experience in one go.
  13. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    By my calculation that’s 54 days until the next Chelsea match. Blimey. At least the transfer window should keep us busy.
  14. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    So, when do the pre-season friendlies start?
  15. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Liverpool and City are far away the most consistent and ruthless sides out there. If that was them playing Leicester tonight they’d have found a way to win. We just managed to find a way to draw. Unless this rebuild improves our attacking options we’re going to be fighting for a top four finish again next season.
  16. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    I think I was watching the wrong game.
  17. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Is Pulisic the new Timo Werner?
  18. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Azpi for Pulisic. Is that an attacking move?
  19. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Lukaku with a free header. Poor miss. Then Pulisic misses an absolute sitter. Poor stuff.
  20. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    So we just have to stop them getting another goal and we clinch third place. Sounds easy enough.
  21. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Kante just seems so off the pace, off the boil. Very strange from him.
  22. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Say what you like about Alonso, he’s got a hell of a finish on him.
  23. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Some of that defending was dreadful.
  24. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Difficult to predict a line up for this one. Other than Christensen will likely not be starting. And others might not be fit: Havertz, Kovacic, Kante. Or just knackered from Saturday: Silva, Mount, Pulisic. I just hope that Tuchel puts out a strong line up and we end the season in style.
  25. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    That’s a relief. Well done to Tuchel and the players. At least it didn’t go to the last match like last season where we conspired to lose the game but still qualify. Our new owners will be pleased too.