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  1. Timo Werner returns to RB Leipzig

    Disappointed things didn't work out, for me a very likeable lad and one that for the most part continued to toil away despite not always getting the reward at the end. Quite possibly also one of the most unluckiest players I think I've ever seen as well. Had he got the rub of the green a little more than maybe that would've helped with confidence at times. Don't think he was at all helped by our inability to reward his off ball movement time and time again. That said, he still managed to find a way to contribute during his time here. Wish him nothing but the best back in the Bundesliga. I do think had he played for a Liverpool, Man City or even more counter-attacking side like Leicester then he'd have faired a lot better, but it is what it is at the end of the day. I imagine he'll get a warm reception back at the Bridge upon his next return.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's definitely an impact sub, the type of impact you get from him through differs however. Not really a trustable player, which has been a wider issue overall. Also his contract runs until 2024 meaning we're approaching a period where we either sell him now for what we can, or he's allowed to enter the final year of his contract next summer and his value decreases further as does our leverage. Alternatively, we undeservingly extend his deal during the season. The issue here of course is that he doesn't provide enough worth at his current £150k pw terms and it's hard to see him taking a pay cut to make keeping him more viable.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Azpi isn't going to play on the left often, it'll be Chilwell and Cucurella. That was sort of the point in bringing the latter in, a more dynamic alternative to either Alonso or Emerson. We're not "stacked" at CB at all. We've got Thiago Silva, Koulibaly, Azpilicueta and Chalobah as our four primary options, while Cucurella will slot in at LCB when needed - providing of course Chilwell holds up okay. Adding Fofana provides us with far more quality in depth. You have to consider that Thiago Silva is 38 next month and won't play near as much football as he did last season. Azpilicueta is also 32 and will have more periods of rest than what he's traditionally had. If we stuck with what we have one or two injuries more or less has us floating down you know what creek without a paddle. Fofana also adds extra size, physicality and speed down back. That's going to be super important depending on the combinations we go with.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    There's also a touch of Dele Alli about him though, minus the attitude issues.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not every signing needs to grow or be "one for the future" either. We've got an immediate need for a bit of potency in our attack, it just so happens that Zaha is a name (not as random as you believe, he's popped up a couple times as an option before) that could fill a current role. While there's a need to challenge for the title it's not a matter of going from 0-100 either, there is however a need to show progression and that requires players who can immediately add to the side in areas lacking to set us up for that eventual title push. Zaha may not be the solution for 4 or 5 years time, but he's certainly capable enough to be a contributing player over the next 1, 2 or even 3 years. Simultaneously he doesn't prevent upgrading on the position in due course when hopefully the talent pool expands beyond the crumbs that are out there now. As originally said, Zaha ticks enough boxes of need. He's in the upper percentiles when it comes to shots on target, passes and crosses into the penalty area, successful dribbles that lead to shots, fouls drawn that lead to shots, successful dribbles that lead to goals, players dribbled passed, dribbles completed, carries, progressive carries, carries into the penalty area and final third, fouls drawn, ball recoveries, pressures opponents, tackles won, etc. That's just as a winger/attacking midfielder, when compared to a lot of strikers some of these and more are even more impressively ranked. Not to say he doesn't have his shortcomings either of course. Now, don't get me wrong stats aren't always everything, but just a quick glance of the above highlights the player he is and a lot of what we lack. He can dribble, propels the ball forward, beat his man, get in behind, gets the ball into the box, has good technical qualities, presses and so on. On top of this he's capable of playing across the entire frontline and that includes upfront as a CF. To me that sounds like a handy player to have given our current predicament and options at hand. Again, not the end game solution, but a damn sight more encouraging than several already on the books who've founded year on end. Of course, if you've got other alternative names to put forward that'll be realistically obtainable in this window be my guest.
  6. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    It feels familiar, however what seems more plausible was just his general fit in our side. Our inability to properly service and play to the strengths of either Werner or Lukaku previously, two similar players in the sense of thriving in space and by getting in behind. Haaland is no different in this regard. Talent was less the issue, although injury concerns I could see. He fits Man City like a glove though because they have the supporting qualities to maximise his best attributes.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd take him here IF the price itself was reasonable. Given his worth to Palace though that's probably unlikely, but in terms of profile he ticks a few of the need boxes and would arguably be our third best attacker behind Mount and Sterling.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    What an absolute joke of a club.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's also capable of being taken in different ways, evidently. His minutes at RWB were minimal, so much so they're not even worth mentioning (like less than 200 minutes total I believe I saw someone work it out as). Since we're talking abut stats, we earn less Points Per Game when Pulisic players compared to any other attacker. He ranks in some of the lowest percentiles for key passes, passes into the penalty area, final third and progressive passes, successful dribbles and shot-creating actions, and so on. End of the day he's not good enough no matter how you spin it. At best he's an unreliable squad player, be it through form or fitness.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    That wasn't want you initially said, all good though. Not that it really changes the bigger picture anyway.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    £25m basically covers his remaining book value I believe, or near abouts. Part of me's a bit sad about Timo leaving as I do like the lad and he had some horrendous luck at times, however this is definitely for the best for both parties short and long term. I believe we didn't lose a single Champions League game in which Werner played in. An interesting nugget if nothing else. Good luck back in Germany, where I have no doubts he'll find his form again in a more open and favourable league.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mount, Lukaku and Havertz all scored more. While 2 more than both Ziyech and Werner respectively. Let's not big it up like some sort of actual achievement.
  13. Marc Cucurella has signed for Chelsea on a six-year contract from Brighton & Hove Albion.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Which is when exactly? Three years ago during a unique period in time where he was still relatively unknown to the Premier League and sides hadn't worked him out? Outside of that he's maybe sniffed that sort of level a handful of times since. If anything he's severely stagnated, if not regressed, since arriving. His goals/assists ratio is massively inflated courtesy of that restart period where he netted 9 and picked up 6 assists. You look at his remaining body of work and he's snagged 10 goals and 4 assists in 49 league appearances, or 3020 minutes (this excludes the Everton game for this season). With only 2 of those 10 goals coming against sides that were inside the top 10 at the time (Liverpool and West Ham in 2021/22). He's a bang average player that's incredibly one dimensional in the way he plays, doesn't improve those around him, and when he isn't having a good individual performance generally brings little else to the party. On top of this he's been here longer than anyone else within the attacking group outside of Mount, still can't nail down a place in the side, and has a contract that'll be entering it's final year come next summer where he steals a £150k pw living for maybe a quarter of a seasons worth of work. Still don't understand why people like him as a player? He wasn't even special at Dortmund to begin with and is a prime candidate to be a success as the "big fish small pond" type.
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    And ironically or not these same shortcomings extend further up the pitch with our supporting cast. We've managed to assemble a group of players with identical on ball limitations and then wonder why everything is such a graft when we enter the final third of the pitch. Edit: The glimpse of what we saw from Sterling was such a breath of fresh air, hopefully we'll add one or two more craftier attackers before the window closes. One can certainly see why Tuchel wanted Raphinha, he would've been a great fit.
  16. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Our approach is equally as hampered by the personnel on hand. Pretty evident that a lot of them aren't doing what Tuchel wants exactly, you only need to look back at the Everton game to see the "sleeping" gesture Tuchel directed at the players several times. Heck, even go back to last season where he spoke about them not doing what he wanted. Well isn't that the underlying trait of limited and inconsistent players? Something we've managed to do a great job of procuring and then hoarding in the hope they'll come "right".
  17. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Football was vastly different when Wenger first arrived at Arsenal. Even when Klopp arrived at Liverpool the expectations weren't the same as when Tuchel took over here. He got this own players in and things begun to transform into what we've seen now. Until this summer the only player that's arrived since Tuchel signed on that's played a relevant first team role was Lukaku, everyone else had arrived prior. We've made three big signings so far and they were arguably the brightest players on the pitch vs Everton. Maybe once we're able to amend the personnel limitations we've got in other important areas our football will actually improve. Also, is there anything you're not dissatisfied with?
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seem to be a bit of noise coming out that Hudson-Odoi is set to leave in search of first team football. Travelled for the Everton game apparently but wasn't part of the team nor was he injured, so there might be some legs here.
  19. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Good to get three points from a tricky opener. Still a lot of work needed (including some familiar issues), but immediate positives were Koulibaly, Sterling and Cucurella. All three showed their quality and glimpse of what they'll add to this side moving forward.
  20. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    This ain't it I'm afraid. Where's Pulisic meant to play exactly then? At Dortmund the bulk of his football came playing off the right, while he also spent periods through the middle and out on the left. He's come here and more or less floated between the very same positions with the addition of some stop-gap minutes at RWB and CF. The reality is that he's simply a rather limited player overall that has a playing style which is very individually focused, thus his ability to improve or make those around him better is non-existent. It took a whole 5 minutes to see the gulf in quality and intelligence between Sterling and himself. Havertz is a more complex one in that he has general well-rounded qualities without necessarily excelling in any one or two particular areas. He's also a player that's difficult to find a position for because of the manner in which he plays. He's not a winger, he's not a true #10 because he's not much of a passer or creator, nor does he look like a more traditional #8 that can keep up with the end-to-end play and physicality seen in the Premier League. Now he's sort of landed upfront where he's arguably looked his best since arriving but it's still a far cry from the sort of level we're needing. He's too easily worked over physically and just doesn't have much in the way of cutting edge to spearhead an attack on his own - hence the regularity in which he has those anonymous type performances. He excelled in the Bundesliga because of the time, space and attacking freedoms the league as a whole provides. Not really aspects you get a lot of here in the Premier League. For me I think he'd be a bit more serviceable as a second-striker type playing just off a proper CF - an aspect we under-utilised imo when we had Lukaku last season. However, that's a hard role to find him in right now because we don't have that CF on hand and he's not going to play ahead of Sterling in any sort of two-man partnership. Hudson-Odoi has his own limitations and looks nothing like the player that was developing pre-injury. Shifting around hasn't helped him I agree, but again he's had ample opportunity either on the left or right his two more preferred positions. Just when you think he's turning a corner he either breaks down or shows his inconsistent nature. Truthfully, he needs a loan where he can go and play week in, week out, to build continuity and confidence. That's not a luxury he'll be afforded here though. While all reasonable enough players in their own regard, they're all equally littered with limitations and aren't good enough individually to be build around and accommodated for.
  21. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Good to be kicking off another season. Keen to see some of our new faces in action and hopefully pick up a win at what is generally a tough place for us to visit. Less thrilled about the 2:30am kick-off though, might have to settle for the full replay in the morning.
  22. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Certainly looking a lot healthier now in defence and with some real quality across the board. As you said, another quality CB really sorts us, not just for this season but also beyond. The midfield is still a bit iffy and not as balanced as it could be, but it's manageable should everyone stay fit and healthy. If Koulibaly's little slip of the tongue is to be true and 352 is what we're looking at possibly going with more this season, then I'd like to see a CM with a bit more creativity and passing range add - the dream would be SMS for my liking. Looking at the attack I'm still of the opinion it's our weakest area. Sterling is a great snare, Mount should hopefully kick on a bit himself, but other than that I'm struggling to see where we're going to get enough potency from. We're likely not going to have Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi for periods of the season if history is anything to go by, and when they do play they're both hella inconsistent anyway. Werner is looking like he'll be gone, which leaved Ziyech and Havertz. Both would need to step up massively, particularly Havertz who is going to be tasked with leading the line. Not sure how that'll fair, or how comfortable I am in believing he'll get a minimum of 10-15 goals in the league. Leaving Broja as the only alternative is risky, he's super raw and I'm not of the opinion he can be relied upon in any sort of significant manner just yet. CB, CM/AM and CF I would say are the big three to four areas - depending on how things pan out a little. A backup GK as well if we're going to let Kepa join Napoli for the season, maybe Ben Foster on a free is about the best of what we can get for minimal outlay.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    He was a revenue maker. Low cost to obtain and keep around, manageable wages for other clubs to take on, and we've been able to loan him out each season for a fee that likely ends up as being straight profit. With the loan crack down though it's put an end to using the loan system as a profit making avenue. Probably for the best given some of the dross we've kept around and been stuck with.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure it really has that much of an impact to be fair. Both play different positions for one, the only real reason why Leicester wouldn't want to sell Fofana is they'll not want to lose one of their best defenders, which is more or less the same situation as it is now anyway. Leicester would be foolish to turn down the sort of money we're offering for Fofana though when you break down their situation right now. They're one of the clubs that haven't spent in the transfer window thus far, they've lost Schmeichel in goal and now Pereira to injury. Their talisman upfront in Vardy is 35 (36 in January), there's 34 year old Evans in defence, with 33 year old Bertrand as well. They'll likely lose Tielemans for peanuts if he's either not sold before the window shuts, or doesn't re-sign during the season with his contract expiring at the end of 2023. It's a huge gamble to turn that sort of cash down.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. Big news that for me. Don't think he's the best option at RWB given he's a bit leggier these days, but in terms of being a RCB he'll still prove to be more than just useful. Keeping his experience and leadership around is also huge, particularly with Rudiger gone and the unknown futures of Thiago Silva, Jorginho and Kante beyond this season.