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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure why you keep bringing up my suggestion of SMS. As my posts indicated, he was/is a player I like but he wasn't someone I was hammering on about and saying he was some sort of sure fire hit, like you thought Lukaku was going to be. As I indicated, I had worries about him in regard to the pace of the league and his stamina and that he may not even be necessary. My principal reason for suggesting him was that CM didn't get goals from open play and that against weaker sides like WBA we could do with a bigger body in there who could score. I made no suggestion of switching away from the 3atb, as I have been going on since 2016 that it is our best formation. Hence, the SMS suggestion was a as a player who could play in the pivot and rotate with Kante/Jorgi/Kova in games where we would have a lot of possession and less defending to do. Additionally, during that time also I suggested Rice, Nditi and even Goeretka at one point (as at that point he was down to one year) so he wasn't even a player I was saying was a clear choice to go and get, but rather one that may be one that could work but even then would come with caveats. Inter are getting the same sort of play out of an ancient Dzeko so saying Lukaku lead them to that is pushing it. Additionally, they lost Conte and Hakimi and are currently top of the league. My only agenda is highlighting that you clearly don't know what you're talking about and making sure everyone else knows about it. Since the start of last year, you've got into multiple heated debates with other posters on here and written as if what you post is 100% accurate. Unfortunately for you, you went out and back Lukaku as some sort of transformed player, whereas I said he was the same player as the one we saw before and would be a bad fit for us; this seemed to rile you and then you started getting on my back about how he would be a fantastic singing due to all his new qualities that there is no evidence of in Italy or we have seen in a Chelsea shirt. I am just calling you out on this. As for the performances, yes I do see a massive change when Lukaku is on the pitch as I said would happen prior to his signing. The problem is because he doesn't press and his technical deficiencies are still clearly present, which means he is a passenger for most of the game. This is why our chance creation dips massively when he is on the pitch. I get he is a decent finisher (although not a WC one), but what is the point of a decent finisher if having said finisher on the pitch means you can't create? That is what I said would happen and is happening, so not sure how this is an 'agenda'. I am just dismayed that people couldn't see this prior to his signing. As for SMS, I have covered that above partly, but just to reiterate. I had him down as a player who could be used against the weaker teams and give us a bit more of a goal threat against them but also add a bit more muscle to set pieces and in the middle against them too. At no point was I banging on about him being an absolute must buy (or even an sure fire hit of a signing as I indicated causes for concern if he would possibly have with the league.) So, not sure why you twist what I was saying by going on about me wanting to change formations (I don't) or that he was someone I wanted at all costs.
  2. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    Let's be real, Cafu is just the Brazilian Reece James 😂.
  3. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    I am one of the biggest supporters of Alonso as whilst I recognise his limitations, I also highly appreciate his offensive play. That said, under no circumstances would I have him starting up against players with the speed of Sancho or Rashford, that is a recipe for disaster. Personally, as much as I would hate to do it, have Dave there to start the game and take some of the pace out of their legs before putting Alonso in.
  4. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    He could've just opened it up. Very painful and a doubt for Sunday but won't be out for too long if that is the case.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    So, you're really expecting 38+ year old Zlatan, who only has one knee now, or Immobile, who plays for Lazio, to lead their teams to the title? Ok. I mean, what was Immobile meant to do in that 2019/20 season? Score 50+ league goals and maybe help out on defense while he was at it? Again, any examples other than your say so? Mate, we could've kept Giroud and had pretty much the same output. I even suggested washed up Kun (prior to his dodgy ticker going down on him) as he he is a better interlinking CF and even now still has better movement than Lukaku. No playing Fifa on my part. As I said prior to his signing, Lukaku is the same player as before he left Utd everything we've seen has shown that and without him with been a much more fluid and congruent attack. Additionally, my objection was that not only was he still the same flawed player from Utd but he was an absolutely insane purchase at £90m+ and will be a milstone round our necks when someone else comes up in the next 1-3 years as no decent team is insane enough to go in for him with his combo of age/ability/wages/fee. As I've said, will he score 15-20 goals a season, probably/maybe but it will be by beating up on the garbage. Reaching. 1) The club was looking to get a CM and settled on Saul (which is ok, with the loan deal we got.) 2) SMS play style means he can play in a team that plays with a 3. If you have been around here long enough would would know I have been the biggest proponent of a back 3. Had arguments with people all through the Sarri/Lampard years' about it and last season when people wanted to go back to a 4. 3) SMS isn't just a goal scoring mid. 4) Didn't even suggest that SMS come in and be an automatic starter, had him as a option to rotate with Kante/Kova/Jorgi to help ease the workload as I wasn't expecting RLC and Barkley to be retained. That said, being as I can actually admit when I am wrong, I am glad we didn't purchase a CM/SMS. I say this as RLC is now starting to put in decent cameos and Gallagher is tearing it up for Palace. Two things I admit I didn't see at the time; RLC being able to step up or Gallagher's rapid progression. 🙄. On a purely stat basis Lukaku looks great, when you actually watch him play and/or break down who he scores against, when he scores etc, that is where it all falls down. I mean, let's just look at tonight's performance vs. the one in Turin, night and day in how we pulled their defensive line about and it is largely down to Lukaku standing around like a statue pointing to where he wants the ball and not being able to trap it properly. As I said yesterday, so glad he didn't play and hope you were taking notes. Yes buddy, because I suggested that SMS play CF or that he even come in a be a first name on the team sheet...
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wait a minute, I thought he had improved so much in Serie A that he was now worthy of a £90m+ deal and mega wages? If that was the case then surely he can take on the likes of Juve/Dippers/City? So, not seeing how you can let him off there considering he is not the same player that left Utd; you know the one that would stat pad against the low-mid ranked sides then disappeared in the games against the high-mid ranked sides because of his technical limitations? So, how has he made us better when he has played? Serious question. At the moment, he has scored in a similar pattern as he did at Utd (actually he is started off slower with us compared to his first season there) and I don't see that much improvement from what Giroud would do in his hold up play (although give credit where due, he can get through more minutes.) Onto his goal scoring record in Italy. Seriously DF you're a funny guy 🤣, as you've obviously not followed the league to see how other CF's get on there. In his two seasons there he achieved the following: Lukaku 20/21 36 games (2887 mins) 24 goals (6 pens.) A goal every 120 mins or 160 mins for non-pens 19/20 36 games (2984 mins) 23 goals (6 pens.) A goal every 130 mins or 176 for non-pen goals 18/19 - last season at Utd (this is context) 32 games (2130 mins) 12 goals (0 pens.) A goal every 178 mins Lets compare this two other CF's in Serie A. Muriel (Atalanta) 20/21 - 36 games (1434 mins) 22 goals (2 pens.) A goal every 65 mins or 72 mins for non-pens 19/20 - 34 games (1244 mins) 18 goals (6 pens.) A goal every 69 mins or 104 mins for non-pens. Immobile 20/21 - 35 games (2866 mins) 20 goals (no pens.) A goal every 144 mins 19/20 - 37 games (3176 mins.) 36 goals (14 pens.) A goal every 88 mins or 144 mins for non-pens. Zapata 20/21 - 37 games (2397 mins.) 15 goals (1 pen.) A goal every 160 mins or 171 for non-pens. 19/20 - 28 games (2037 mins.) 18 goals (1 pen.) A goal every 113 mins or 120 mins non-pens. Zlatan (who is ancient now) 20/21 - 19 games (1498 mins) 15 goals (3 pens.) A goal every 100 mins or 125 mins for non-pens. 19/20 - 18 games (1365 mins) 10 goals (2 pens.) A goal every 137 mins or 171 mins for non-pens. Now let's compare to Giroud in Serie A this season. Giroud 21/22 - 8 games (492 mins) 4 goals (1 pen.) A goal every 123 mins or 164 (non-pens.) So, when talking about his goal scoring exploits in Serie A, you need to put this in context to what other CF's are doing over there and the level they're at as of 2018-21 (Zlatan was obviously world class in his prime.) Nothing he did put him above them in statistical terms to deserve all this praise he gets from you about being worthy of such a transfer or how he scored at such a rate that it was exceptional. Furthermore, look at the level of those players? Any you see as being world class or deserving of a £90m+ fee? I will also add I have been kind of nice to him here as I have not gone into assists or CL goals (where it is possible to draw comparisons) as it isn't flattering/much different. Additionally, I haven't compared him to CR7 as that just wouldn't be fair to him at this point even through CR7 was between 35-36 during this period (even through they both have the same sort of desire to press.) This is also before we get to Vlahovic who is tearing up Serie A at 20-21. Another point, you take away his penos during his seasons in Serie A were not that much more impressive than his last Utd season on a goal/minute ratio considering the gulf in class between the two leagues. I mean, let's be real this before we get to the fact that he was playing at Inter who finished 2nd then 1st in his two seasons vs. his last season at Utd where he was managed during a Jose meltdown/having Ole installed and that team was inconsistent all year. So, I have got to say I am really struggling to see how his goal scoring record was so great. As shown, they're not proven in the stats, while now your excusing him for not performing in the big games and you've still not been able to provide any evidence of his so called improvements with video evidence to counter (I imagine this is because you cannot find it and/or because you know full well that Serie A defending leaves a bit to be desired.) So, as I said in the Summer, he isn't of good enough quality and he hasn't improved in Serie A via either the eye test or via stats. Yes, hilarious. Point is Lukaku only stat pads against the poorer to mid rank teams and we can pretty much do that without him. Additionally, we play better against decent teams without him (as proven from last seasons performances against the big teams after TT took over.) I just hope to god he is on the bench for Juve so you can see an example this year. If anyone has had their time in the Sun it is you buddy. You went out on a limb for Lukaku with nothing to back it up and also acted like a idiot by announcing how much you earn on other occasions. As I said, I just needed time to do it's stuff as Lukaku isn't going to suddenly improve. So yeah, he may get 15-20 goals a season by beating up on the riff raff, but at what cost? Poorer performances against the bigger sides because of his technical limitations? Add it all together and it isn't any real difference from what we had last season when all is said and done, as for the points he potentially wins us in those games he plays well in, he costs us in others'. Most concerning is that in the league it is one thing, when you get to the latter stages of the CL it is another. I mean, he hasn't even been able to prove it in the best International side for the past five years' when it has mattered at tournaments. Most concerning is that I thought that I may have to wait a while to do this to you as he normally starts off strong (by that I mean by more than 4-5 games, which seemed to be enough for you to name check me after the Villa game 😂.) Because he doesn't miss great chances 3 yards out against a team like Soton...oh, wait. That said, beating up on teams like Burnley is his sort of level so I can see why you would think that. I mean you're so enamored by his goal scoring exploits for Inter in a weak Serie A, it makes sense.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mate, I have watched Lukaku extensively since he came to England and continued to watch him in Italy and he is still the same player as he was since he got to Utd, thus the 800 minutes isn't relevant. He is just continuing to perform at the level that he always has. As I outlined when he was being linked, I don't bang on about people unless I have genuinely watched them for a significant period. Hence, why I had to give Kepa time when we signed him. Yeah, he is injured, but let's be real, he hasn't been missed which was my point when he was being linked. Only unfortunate thing about his injury is that it prevents you to continue to stand by your assertion that he is a top CF by just pointing to pure stats and go 'oH My GoD A 2o+ GoAl ScOrInG CeTrE fOwArD!' completely ignoring that he achieves this by principally stat padding against the riff raff as he 95% of the times gets completely neutralised by any good CB. Not a rock mate, just biding my time as all I had to do was wait rather than go back and forth. Btw, I am still waiting for the examples you've got for all his improvements that you saw from him in Italy.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I knew this was going to prove to be comedy gold in time however, I didn't realise that it would only take for the first few months for it to get there. What is particularly funny about all of this it is that you either didn't watch him, after claiming you did, or you just simply looked at stats/highlights. Just out of interest any examples yet of these new found skills of his since he left for Inter or since he has been here? I ask because I genuinely watched him in Italy I.e. numerous 90+ minute games and just saw him taking advantage of the higher lines and less physical nature of Serie A rather than any real improvement. As I was saying prior to the signing, 20+ goals/his stats in Serie A isn't that impressive when you take everything into context I.e. the quality of the league, its phsyical make up etc. I mean if you care to look, you'll see that one knee Zlatan at 39/40 is posting similar in a weaker Milan side, whilst if you want to look at this season Giroud is outscoring him on either of his seasons' in Serie A on a minute to goal ratio if you take away penalties (actually Giroud may be outperforming him even with his penos.) Hence, that is the problem with stats, you can slice them how you want, however you cannot look at them in isolation like you must've done (unless you know absolutely nothing about football) as anyone that genuinely watched him in Serie A would've seen the same techincally limited player as the one from Utd. Yeah, of course buddy, I am the one influenced by meme/internet banter. How is your £100k+ a year job going by the way? As for my Kun comment, firstly that was initially a flippant comment to another post, secondly I'll still stand by my follow up comment that putting him on a 12 month contract for £10m, whixh meant you could quickly relegate him to CF2 was still more logical that buying the technically limited Lukaku for insane figures. I say this as now we have Lukaku picking up (reportedly) £18m-£23m a season for five years, with a £97m fee down the drain. For sure, Kun is bust (and just to be clear he wasn't someone that I was genuinely suggesting as a upgrade, but rather damage limitation to the Lukaku transfer) but being the pragmatist I am I'd prefer a one year bust than some bloke that is going to stink it up for years because of his fee and contract. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You actually called me out on this as I was taking a break from all your nonsense about all his improvements in Serie A? Hilarious, you're really the gift that keeps on giving. As for calling him a Donkey, unfortunately that is what he is, a very technically limited player who should be nowhere near a £97m fee and £350-£450k wage transfer. Going even further, what I would say is most scary is that I was still expecting a 20+ goal season off of him by beating up on the riff raff like Malmo, Norwich and Newcastle, however he has even managed to miss those games to pad out his stats so even that is looking unlikely now.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I value technical ability highly, Lukaku's first touch is woeful and I am never impressed with just looking at goal scoring stats in isolation as context needs to be given. If you do that you can end up with Batsh*t's, Kezman's and Piatek's. Kun may not be the player he was but if we just want a player in the box to finish off chances he is a lot safer of a play as you can relegate him to CF2 after 6-12 months. Lukaku you're committing to him for 4 years+. Additionally, last time Lukaku was seen in the PL where he was told to play with his back to goal he looked very average at best. Whenever I have seen him since there has been no suggestion this has changed (Benavento isn't a good barometer) as he still goes disappearing when the quality of competition steps up. As for my suggestion of SMS, it was just that, a suggestion. I wasn't saying lets go blow £70m+ on him while I also said 'a player like' him so it didn't even have to be him as I would want him at a reduced rate as he may struggle with the leagues pace. Furthermore, I was thinking of him/that type of player as a CM3/4 thus not an automatic first name on the team sheet. The idea was to get a threat from midfield when we control the play as outside of Jorgi's pens we have virtually no goal threat from that area. Additionally, we are also very small in stature and lightweight (particularly when Kante isn't playing.) Just out of interest as you seem like a massive Lukaku fan, with in-depth knowledge of how he has performed in games for Inter. What qualities has he improved since being in Italy? Any examples (bar black and white stats) of stand out games where you can support this?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Better than signing Lukaku for £110m and on £250k+ a week.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anyone know how the club can get hold of an R2D2? If we can get hold of one we can get Jane to record a holographic message to tell Messi he is our only hope against Lukaku.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Laporte has since come and said it is impossible. Said they made a €487m loss last year and expect a €500m loss this coming year.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    FFP never really existed for those that were willing to put it through courts (Man City) it was just a cartel system to keep the big clubs safe. Anyway, it got 'relaxed' so they can do what they want at the moment.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    They are owned by a Trillionaire family, €100m a year to them is peanuts. To put it into context if they are only worth £1tn (it is more but using this for arguments sake) then Messi's yearly cost to them is 0.001% of their wealth. That is equivalent to 50p for someone who earns £50k a year.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic