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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    It was, but he had ironed most of them out to become one of the most feared in Europe by the time he reached Lukaku's age. Sadly, the signs were there with Lukaku when he played for Utd and Everton that the PL was just too quick and his time at Inters showed the slower pace suits him.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's our way. A young KDB was not given a chance and Guehi, Timori, Abraham had scant chances, so Broja, Gallagher and Gilmour will probably follow suit. Unless TT will be given more time to include them, play them and develop them in a way no other manager, except maybe Frank's short tenure would allow?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Probably, just wait to see how much Timori and Guehi are going to be worth. I think Abraham's value has risen in the short while he has been at Roma, so don't think it will be any different with Broja and Gallagher if we sell.
  4. New Stadium Plans

    Yes it did. If you scroll down on some of the articles they show close ups of the arches which are holding up the silver beams on top. They would have been brick as this headline from 2018 describes. Chelsea FC shelves plans for Herzog & de Meuron ... › 2018/05/31 › chelsea-fc-shel... 31 May 2018 — The defining feature of the design was the addition of 264 brick piers, which would enclose the existing stadium to create a covered walkway
  5. Agreed and many players much older than him have had worse first seasonsm, though he did cost a packet so hope there is much more to come from him.
  6. Havertz was definately a signing for the future and having to often play up top on his own was not ideal or best use of his talent. He has scored some great goals for a 21 year old.
  7. R.I.P. Tributes

    Quality actor. Unfortunately for him he had to pose as a Fulham supporter in Minder. No idea why!!
  8. From that list I only regret that we bought Pulisic, Kepa and Lukaku. Think the rest have or will prove to be ok signings.
  9. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    if only jelly legs pulisic had taken one of those four chances
  10. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    dont think weve passed the ball yet
  11. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 3

    We gifted it to them.
  12. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 3

    A draw please
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Gallagher will definately come back this year and give MM and Jorginho some creative competition. Kocavic is a must keep. I would rather focus on the attack and defence.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pulisic did do this initially running at defenders (remember his blistering start and goal in the FA Cup final against Arsenal) then he got injured in that match and hasn't been the same player.