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  1. Great point, but it also shows how far behind we could potentially be. Imagine having to sign 15 players before getting to their level, that's at least 3 to 4 heavy spending transfer windows(or summers) while basically forcing players out on the cheap.
  2. Chelsea's forward issues

    If I tried to point out individuals to place the 'blame' at I honestly can't. I know Jorginho gets stick on this forum but even when he's not playing there's no improvement, if anything we end up less effective because even though Jorginho doesn't urge us forward with pace his timing of a pass gives others more time on the ball. Also when he's not part of the build up we're still too slow. Werner can take players on and has done but there's no point when there's no one around to support him, he doesn't get 1v1s because there's always another 1 or 2 opposition players around. So it ends up with him just running down the wing. Lukaku is a prime example of the tactics/system or lack of one, a lot of the crosses across the 6 yard box are always far too early and are just smashed with no real meaning; for example De Bruyne today played a ball and measured it, we just smash it at full pelt every time. Our passing in the final third is just straight up poor when it comes to finding key passes. Havertz is definitely a quality player with a quality touch but he's not the type of player you leave isolated, and that's what we do with all our forwards, plus although he played as a striker for his previous club it was more as cover or in a partnership, his best position is Del Piero type of position which is just off the main striker; but we continue to shove him in a lone striker position, Lamps preferred him as a number 10 so who's right between Lamps and Tuchel? I'm guessing it's somewhere in between, a position that is no longer played in today's game. Do we need a better quality striker? I'm not so sure, I don't think someone like Kane, Ronaldo or Jota gets 20 goals in this team. We've been spoiled by Drogba and then Costa into believing that a lone striker can do it all alone; even they had the likes of Lamps, Ballack, Guddy, Robben, Duff, Hazard, Cesc, Willian. At the moment we've got Mount who is a move finisher more than supplier, Pulisic who has never fully (will probably never) recovered from his hamstring injury, Ziyech who has pretty much 1 move, cut in and cross/shoot to the back post. CHO who we simply haven't seen enough of, but his best games were at RWB. Not even going to bother with RLC or Barkley. None of our central mids can do what someone like Cesc could do, or Lamps, and even if they could they're played too far away from the striker to help out. Man City haven't played a striker but 3 interchanging forwards with 2 creative midfields behind them all season. Liverpool have 3 forwards with two wingbacks and 1 creative midfielder. These teams are set up to make sure goals are scored, but more so that relentless pressure is applied to the opposition. We set up totally negative, it's all about defence first, then keeping the ball with our team, then keeping the ball just to stop the other team, we defend with 5 defenders and 2 holding midfielders, we then defend by keeping the ball. Lastly we try and get the odd goal, and if we score early we try to shut up shop with just a 1 goal difference; there's something seriously wrong with the mentality around that. I'm a fan of Tuchel but his setup is so negative at times, I can partly understand because he inherited the team and has had to put players in certain positions but there has to be more. Our strikers haven't really missed clear cut chances to the point where we need a better finisher, the team simply hasn't been good enough to supply 1 striker. Whenever Tuchel had Havertz and Lukaku available he should have thrown them both on, the only thing I can think of is he was reluctant to do it because we need 9 players to defend; better defenders may mean pushing more players forward and a more proactive style where we're not scared to lose the ball.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks the insight. I'd agree that Gallagher is the one I'd like to see make the squad next season, I'm hoping Tuchel goes to a back 4 and a holding midfielder, with Gallagher and Mount in front of a holding midfielder. I often think while some players benefit from loans there are cases like we've seen with Ampadu and Gilmour where sometimes they're better off improving where they are. I think early and planned loans are the best way and very rarely does a rushed last minute loan deal ever go well; we've had a fair few of our own come in over the years that have failed, Saul the latest. In all fairness I think Ampadu/Gilmour would have learnt more here and also been more usable than Saul turned out to be.
  4. Chelsea's forward issues

    I think it's our style of play in that we are far too indirect in our overall play. When bringing the ball out from the back we're too slow, we pass the ball at a slow speed, and it enables the opposition to not only get back into position but also shift from left to right in time to block us off in wider areas. We don't have a central playmaker who's given the responsibility of stringing probing passes together, instead we opt to just keep the ball; to the point that we end up getting into advanced areas and then returning it all the way back to our defence, and in some case back to our goalie. There's a fixation on us keeping the ball, and it has become unhealthy because we don't actually try to do something with it, we just recycle possession as if we're scared to defend (the if we have the ball the opposition can't score to the extreme). The striker ends up either pointing to where they want the ball played in a congested area, or get the ball so late that they're offside or have moved again, they come deep or out wide for a pointless touch that means nothing just because they're frustrated at not having touched the ball. When counterattacking, the striker or attacking mid is isolated with no overlaps, we simply don't sprint up the pitch and take opposition players away from the guy on the ball by making them track our runners/movements, the striker ends up isolated on the ball, and when on the odd occasion he manages to hold the ball up while up against 2-3 players it's taken so long for the rest of the team to join the attack that the ball has to go backwards. I'm not implying that we don't need better players, but the system really goes against helping them when we're trying to break a team down. Even our wingbacks very rarely get the ball while they're on the run down the wing, most of the time it's played to their feet and they have to go backwards or sideways. It defeats the object of having wingbacks, their aim to provide width, service and try to get in around the back, but also provide 'false support', meaning they attract opposition players away from central areas for the creative players to take advantage of; but again because we're so slow in the transition between defence and attack this doesn't happen anywhere near regularly as it should, and in some games not at all. We're not set up to help the striker score, and I don't think it matters who the striker is: Havertz - silky touch, great movement off the ball and link up play. Lukaku - great movement, physical presence and finishes well. Werner - pace, skill and channel runner who can beat anyone for pace. 3 different styles, all don't work, we have some success at the odd time here and there during a game, but there's no sustained threat or success for large periods; let alone over a couple of games. We need to be more adventurous in our play to begin with, once the ball is in a dangerous area we need to whip the ball in or cut it back to the edge of the area, there needs to be a pattern of 1 player running towards the goals and 1 hanging back, 1 arriving late (just for example, just some sort of understanding tactically). The midfield needs to know where to put the ball once they have got it in dangerous areas. We get the ball in an advanced area and then the player on the ball doesn't know what's expected from them, and the players' off the ball don't know what the player on the ball wants to do. We always look lost and not sure what each other is doing or wants. When watching other top teams in the league they have a certain style in attack, for Man City once the ball goes in an advanced area they look to play the ball beyond the opposition's backline, and if the defence backs off then they're looking to cut back and shoot. Liverpool when out wide have their forwards run into the box ready for a ball to be whipped in with speed, and if not that movement of 3 players in their box opens up a space at the edge of the opposition's box to exploit. We have nothing of the kind, no style and no system, it's just makeshift and very much 'we will see what to do when the time comes'. Most of all what Man City and Liverpool do so well is they make the opposition defence work hard by getting that ball as close to the opposition goals as possible, and they keep probing and getting the ball into dangerous areas, what that does is fatigue the opposition and it shows because teams make more and more mistakes against them as the game goes on; with us the opposition defence watches us go from the edge of their box back to our defence for no particular reason other than to just keep the ball; this keeps them fresh for most of the game. One of the reasons I think Lukaku is so important for us is because his mere presence puts the opposition on edge, because if they don't concentrate his power alone can cause them huge issues and cost them a goal; unfortunately we're yet to see what Lukaku and Havertz could do on the pitch together, but surely it can only improve on what we have now. But most of all our system/style needs changing asap.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I haven't kept up with our players out on loan as well as I'd have liked this season, but I'm guessing Ampadu and Gilmour can be used next season, and definitely Gallagher; I also think Broja has done well enough in his loan to be given a chance in our first team. The rest I'm not sure of, but I think Emerson can be backup to Chilly if Alonso moves on. I think this summer we need to use as many young players to fill the less used spots in the squad and invest in the first 16-18 players likely to be used during the season. Has anyone been keeping a closer eye on our on-loan players and have an idea on who can either make the step up or do a job for a year?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think people underestimate how much Liverpool and in particular Klopp has spent, NET spend is just a cover up of the real money spent; not everyone has a Coutinho to sell. It's still over £500m, and we've got many more places to fill in a shorter time than 5 years. I don't mind us going long term but unless we do spent serious money then we simply won't close the gap, a mixture of a transfer ban and some poor recruitment has set us back; and it's made far worse by players leaving in the summer who are vital members at the club. We can't really complain about the club not doing it like Man City or Liverpool, simply because we've still won silverware on a regular basis doing it the way we have done so far; having said that even though I wouldn't give a 6 year contract out to Tuchel I'd certainly give him 3 years to see what he can do.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Honestly no idea, I actually think he's a top manager. What he isn't is a Jose or Conte, a type of manager who just makes do with what they have(but then who is), but he's far better at doing so than Pep or Klopp are; managers nowadays require many years to implement their own ideas. Tuchel is a balance between the two, but even he has limits with what he's able to work with and more so our players are far more limited than Tuchel's ideas are. I'd be happy for Tuchel to stay, but if we're looking at replacing him in a year or 2 just because that's what we normally do, then we might as well just do it now; it'll save both parties a falling out and dressing room issues in the future.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's a bit like the relationship between speed and BHP, to get from 90mph to 100mph it takes far less bhp than it does to go from 190mph to 200mph; the 10mph difference is the same but air force causes major issues, for us to break the barrier it'll take a huge step up in terms of the overall 25 man squad and not just the starting lineup. We're looking to lose quite a few players who have played quite a lot for us this season, meaning not only do we have the job of replacing and improving upon core players but also needing to desperately improve upon our bench and backups. A few too many players are out of contract, in their final year, or just haven't settled and don't look like they ever will; and then some look like they'll never be good enough. The thing that goes against us is that even the fringe players would probably be happy leaving to get game time elsewhere, so anyone who starts for us won't accept dropping to the bench. If we take this into account the following players would be moving on (for some they probably won't but if our overall situation was better then they'd probably be leaving too, but we just wouldn't be able to let so many players leave and replace them; but I'll still put them in for the sake of the point): Kepa, Rudi, Chris, Dave, Emerson, Alonso, Jorg, Kante, Saul, RLC, Barkley, CHO, Ziyech, Werner. That's 14 players, so we could name a starting team of players who could/should be moving on with 3 subs. Edit: I'm still undecided about Tuchel, but he has got square pegs for round holes to work with. I do think he's capable of making something big at the club given the right resources, but I just don't think we're the type of club to give a manager that type of trust/support. Edit 2: Newcastle just gave us top 4.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd much prefer us to go down the long term route and build a team for sustained success that has a certain way of playing, because it just makes recruitment so much more easier. The reason Klopp is able to get players like Jota and Diaz to work is because the whole team knows a certain style and each player has a job to do, Pep has gone almost a whole season without a recognised striker on the pitch because everyone knows their role in the team; but also what's expected from each other's roles, the players at both clubs are only there because they match the manager's thinking and vision for the future. To break that mould of Pep and Klopp being given such luxury, and having 25 players all fitting their system, it'll take us breaking the bank on some crazy top level quality; or we give Tuchel(or someone else) a few years to put their own stamp on the club.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd only take Jesus and Kane, I don't think the rest improve us but are more sideways steps(due to age or not good enough). We'd be better off keeping what we have and concentrate in buying some top level quality.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    If that's the case then the new owner(s) better have deep pockets and be willing to dig very deep. If they're looking for short term success and to sustain it onwards then we'd be looking at £500m this summer and another £500m next summer; because reality is we're a lot further behind than we realise. If we don't have a long term plan then we'll have to rely on individual ability rather than team spirit to see us be successful.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    The style/tactical setup is vital when recruiting players. We've never really had the luxury of long term recruitment under one style as we've moved our managers on quicker than our players; not knocking our decisions but it is what it is. We play out from the back at a slow pace, we use our wingbacks to keep possession of the ball more than we use them to get in around the back of the opposition; this shows by us playing the ball to their feet more than just in their path and also we play the ball to them very early in the build). Our centre mids are used to keep possession and not leave their post, which is why Kante has struggled at times positionally under Tuchel as he likes to push high on a press which leaves gaps; being naturally quick too and a sprinter he finds himself too far forward compared to the rest of our play. Our AMs are used to picking the ball up with their back to goal and play the ball off so we bring the ball up the pitch as a whole unit (which slows our game down somewhat). Our striker finds the ball out wide more but too far from goal, but if they find it in a more central area they tend to be isolated. For example: Man City prefer to play build up football with lots of possession, turn the match into a box to box game and they're for the taking. Liverpool need to be moving at 100mph, slow the game down for them like we did and then hit them on the break with speed and they're vulnerable in wide positions. Both teams fighting for the title but very different styles, the key thing they have in common is their most used players fit the style/tactic. The club need to decide on if Tuchel will be our manager for the next 3-4 years and then let him build a team. Unless Tuchel is massively changing his way for the players we currently have, then a Man City type of player would suit us far more than a Liverpool type of player.
  13. This game showed that we can set up to go toe to toe with anyone, but we lack key ingredients to come out the other side with a victory. We beat a very nervous City team in the CL final and I think it papered over the cracks; sometimes short term success can lead to long term issues. It will be a very difficult summer for our recruitment team, it would have been difficult without having players wanting to leave but now we have to be preplanning before our normal preplanning. Very difficult to get it right and it may take us 2 summers to start moving forwards, regardless of the quality we bring in because of where we find ourselves currently; we could potentially lose most of our senior/experienced players all in one month, in terms of the dressing room dynamics and teamwork they'll both take a hit. This will all depend on our system for next season, do we stick to 343(351/541) or do we go 4:2:3:1(433). Either way we need at least 2 CBs, 2 FBs(WGs), 2 CMs, 2 AMs, 1 FW. We can't do the above in 1 window, so I'm thinking we'll address the defence this summer and the rest next summer. However we can fix 1 CM with Gallagher, and 1 FW with Broja. Personally the system all depends on the quality, if we had top quality forwards then I'd like to stick with the wingback system, but we simply don't so I think we should fix the defence and get an extra man forward; I'd aim for a starting lineup of: GK: Mendy CB: ?, ?, FB: James, Chilly DM: Kova CM: Gallagher, Mount WG: Pulisic, Havertz(more free role) FW: Lukaku
  14. It is what it is, we played well in spells but our indecisiveness cost us. Dave didn't belong anywhere near the top 5 pen takers from our choices. Mount never had the confidence in himself, just put it in the perfect place for the keeper. The difference is all in confidence, some of their pens were just too high for Mendy to get to, we didn't have any confidence to even attempt to shoot that high. Overall, we wasted our chance to win the game with our wasted chances to score within 90mins. We've got a lot of work to do over the summer, either these players step up or we've got to get more quality in, but the main thing we need to sort is our style of play; we're a reactive team and won't progressively pin a team back and bombard them with an onslaught, we just wait and wait until the opposition make a mistake and it allows us to attack. We only attack when the opposition does something to allow us, but we can't force them into making mistakes and just attack at will. That's either a tactical or quality issues...or both.
  15. So apparently you can now push players over, as long as you're a Liverpool player that is.