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  1. Didier Drogba

    I'm pretty sure AVB wanted to give young Lukaku a fair chance. I'm sure Drogba will play against Swansea.
  2. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    I think there's a good and bad side about David Luiz. Whenever he goes forward there's a big chance he's going to score but things can go bad if our opponent attempts to run their way into the penalty box. However, I've seen that Luiz has improved his defensive work over these past few games.
  3. Hopefully he can turn his fortune a.s.a.p or AVB might consider to loan him back to Spain........
  4. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Once again, thank you Owen Coyle.......
  5. Torres was a premiership player who hasn't shine since the World Cup in 2010, at Liverpool after the WC and now currently in Chelsea. My argument would be why the board or Roman decided to spent a big amount of money for a striker that has not been himself for two years? We have a choice right?
  6. Torres £50 - 2 league goals Aguero £39m - 8 league goals I mean WTF was Roman thinking?
  7. Sorry mods, can you transfer my posting above to the Chelsea vs Fulham thread? Wrong section. Thanks!
  8. I think we need to balance up players with the same speed. If we line up Ramires, make sure we must have the same midfielders that possessed similar speed to him. If we line up Lampard, make sure we line up the same midfielders with the same speed. Just like United both right and left wingers, Nani, Rooney and A.Young almost has the same speed when they move forward. My point is balance up players in the same line of duty with the same speed...... Thoughts?
  9. Interesting facts:
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQN8XssRF_M&NR=1 A stroke of genius!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH5Jcv-9f1E A stroke of madness!!! There are two options now. "Bring back Shevchenko!" or "Torres - Keep The Faith!".
  11. The worst thing was when he's blaming his team mates rather than himself. I can hardly see Drogba would tell that in public....If Torres was feeling there's some bad politics in the club, he should tell that privately to AVB not the medias. It baffles me as well when you said he's lacking of services! Did you see how Mata scored? Did you see how Ramires and David Luiz scored last season? Do you know why they can score? It's because they were willing to chase the ball and set their sights to score when opportunity arises! I can't see the same Torres as I did while he was playing for Liverpool. We are buying a marquee flop but this time it's worst than Shevchenko because of the absurd amount we paid for! He's got substituted for every 90 minutes he played except for the Sunderland game because AVB has seen it enough. Excuse me, are you suggesting we are joining the media to criticise him? I though he was with the media to criticise his older team mates?
  12. I think he's telling the truth about the condition of the team which I won't disagree with his opinion. Some of our players were slow but he shouldn't be telling to the medias when he himself is not in a good condition either. I think AVB felt Torres were too honest about expressing his opinion in public. I mean what would all your team mates think of Torres now? Try asking Kalou.....
  13. So Torres needs Mata all the time? No, a Torres/Sturridge front pairing is not the way forward. A Lukaku/Sturridge frontline is the way forward. That's what I see! More than agreed! I also would love to suggest this thread to be renamed 'Torres - Keep The Faith!' You certainly gave your opinion based on your imagination. In reality, he sucks!!! We're talking about bad moments since last January...... How much did we get back on Shevchenko? I heard that Torres has a release clause too. Damn it!!! I agree with you! I think only he is still unable to accept the reality of Torres being a total flop! It will be our problem if we keep on playing him regularly and he still can't find the net. It will also be AVB's problem regarding his future in the club. Look at Ancelotti! This is what I think about the amount we spent on Torres! We could have had Aguero or probably we should get Aguero!!! That's why I'm frustrated that Lukaku was not on the bench against Sunderland! Getting Zola out of retirement and have him replace Torres would do us good but of course I'm joking! Sums up the feelings I've had for a long time!
  14. 4 appearances 0 goals. He should not be on the bench at all. We don't Torres at all!
  15. Fernando Torres played a little part on the future of Carlo Ancelotti by not scoring enough goal for Chelsea. I hope AVB can realise the risk of playing him often or he could choose other striking option..... You decide AVB!