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  1. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    I won’t comment on the mickeys this time. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of moments in the upcoming season. What did we think of the actual game?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    great post, if its not 'they're too old' its they're too inexperienced, or they play in a mickey mouse league. I know all clubs have a section of fans who are doom and gloom and get frustrated , but all clubs go through stages where wrong decisions were made. there's a habit on here and other sites of writing players off before they've kicked a ball in anger for this club, and the sense of entitlement that some fans on social media express (imo) about not winning the title since 2017!, so! we don't have a divine right to anything (only liverpool have! lol)like any chelsea person I would love us to be competitive and closer to the big two, but a combination of young and old isn't a deal breaker.
  3. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    clearly you dont know all Arsenal supporters. the ones I know have never let me forget that we 'stole their thunder' from 05 onwards. after beating us this season they (the ones I know ) said they were gonna finish third. And like Liverpool fans they also have a sense of entitlement,
  4. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    Arsenal fans are running their mouths but if their squad had just played their 61st game then I might agree with you, but they’ve only played 43 (ota) so that needs to be acknowledged.
  5. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    It’s looking like we’ll make at least one major signing.whether that will broaden our horizons only time will tell.for me there needs to be a plan b whoever we bring in. We looked fantastic against the gift that was Southampton,but as we know teams know we have players of quality and invariably park the bus.if we are gonna tip tap outside the box at least the passes have to be quicker. I couldn’t believe my eyes when lukaku out jumped their CB a few times. Route one works for Liverpool, so why not give that a go sometimes. The club is starting a new chapter, and I’m very curious about what’s to come.
  6. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 3

    for you maybe not me
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is that why we had to rely on Leicester losing their final game last season? We need to recruit and utilise wisely or we will struggle to make top four in my opinion.
  8. Real Madrid 2 Chelsea 3 (5 - 4 on aggregate)

    100% that has been an issue with other Chelsea sides imo
  9. Southampton 0 Chelsea 6

    Totally! Villa fans were mouthing off as well when they won a couple on the bounce. Another ‘big club’ with Chelsea envy and bitterness.
  10. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    the mickeys made it through as we all thought they would, however not one of those 'great Anfield nights' though eh?
  11. Thank You Roman

    Droy would love to be in on all of this wouldnt he?
  12. Chelsea 2 Lille 0

    I agree with that. Way back I used to get wound up by a forum member who often sounded off like some old school thug, but I'm still here
  13. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    Who would have thought eh? Three trophies for me!
  14. Which team do you truly dislike?

    I know some Celtic boys from Glasgow that like Chelsea in spite of all the so called 'Blues Brothers'...stuff.
  15. Which team do you truly dislike?

    Liverpool, Arsenal,(easy) Glasgow Rangers, (never did and why should I?) starting to dislike City a bit too. Being a West London lad would like to like QPR but their hatred for us is inexplicable, Everton's sense of entitlement, its actually more than Liverpool's! They hate us with a passion as well. Goodison Park is a seething mass of howling ferals when we go there. Players I couldnt stand for them: Tony Hibbert, David Unsworth, and kin Seamus Coleman jesus!. They've got another one coming up, now that Godfrey geezer. I have feeling if they start to mouth off (well they already do, but if they actually start winning stuff) Newcastle will join this list.... oh and Leeds, there finished.