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  1. New Kits

    New away kit looks nice, could be different in the flesh though.
  2. John Terry

    Link is broken, but in reply to CfcPrideofLDN - Frank is very much the Vice Captain...,27032,12016_6192365,00.html
  3. New Kits

    That is disgusting, looks more like a dodgy goal keeper's kit.
  4. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well, actually we drew, but yes we were knocked out due to the away goals rule. My point was that Arsenal's performance, or lack of, helped Messi's performance. Take a look at the goals, just ridiculous defending, and it hasn't (and imo wouldn't) happened against us.
  5. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    As good as Messi is and was last night, just look at the defending for each goal, absolutely abysmal. We've shown the world how you play against Barcelona and yet no one tries to replicate our approach because it's 'not football' or whatever people call it. We should offer a consultancy service on how to play against Barcelona. If Inter have all their players fit, then I quite fancy them.
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Rumours that Iniesta may well start for Barca tonight, that would be a huge boost for them.
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League Haha.
  8. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I'd like to see CSKA win it, very unlikely though.
  9. John Terry

    Something I don't quite get is that if your going to take away the captain's arm band, then Capello may as well never call him up to the squad again and/or JT may as well retire from International football. My understanding is that Capello feels JT doesn't/won't have the respect of his players because of these allegations and it will cause problems amongst the squad. However, that's not going to change just because he isn't the captain, it will still cause problems amongst the squad if he's in it. Personally I think Capello has made a mistake and if he gives the Captaincy to Gerrard or Rio then that would just be outrageous.
  10. Gael Kakuta

    I see, thanks.
  11. Gael Kakuta

    Fantastic news. Any way in which FIFA can challenge the ruling? You know they'll want to..
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    You have to wonder exactly how he didn't see it? Did he have his eyes closed or something?
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Wouldn't be the worst decision, there's quite a few decent managers out there who may be tempted. It is a Premiership job and they have a good chance of staying up, so I can't imagine they'll have trouble getting decent candidates.
  14. Movies

    Watched The Hurt Locker the other day, brilliant film. Also watched The Taking of Pelham 123, was good, but was just a predictable hostage film - you knew what was going to happen.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Nope, Drogba won't play against Fulham. We will have just Sturridge and Borini as our striking options because Anelka won't return for the game and Kalou will leave with Drogba.