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  1. Chelsea's forward issues

    Totally, Hazard had many of those kind of afternoons, and yes we gave away one goal leads back then too. this season a few too many times for comfort. Getting that killer second goal is and always was important
  2. IF ONLY,,a chara whimsical forum for 2022

    yes just looked back at that season on the excellent bounder friardale site and he was a huge loss. He got injured on Boxing day and wasnt back until march and in that time we lost 1-0 at arsenal (which could have happened anyway tbf) and at home to west ham plus drew a few. You would have fancied him to have contributed at least another goal or two and assisted in that time. Given that we fell just 4 points short I dont think its an exaguration to say we may well have won it.
  3. IF ONLY,,a chara whimsical forum for 2022

    Good one with Poyet, I'm certain we would have won the league that season
  4. IF ONLY,,a chara whimsical forum for 2022

    If only Mourinho hadn't got the hump with Robbens frequent injuries/recovery time
  5. IF ONLY,,a chara whimsical forum for 2022

    If only my namesake had stayed to be part of the 83/84 promotion team
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    And just like that...the bbc is now banging the Liverpool comes ex player Danny Murphy to loudly proclaim its a two horse race and liverpool have the ability to go long unbeaten..blah blah...what they wanted all along...City need to win 11 top win the title...I'm counting them down
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    I think we have a better defensive unit and midfield for that matter, its just their forwards who are better as a unit than any of our combinations
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Kai Havertz

    I think he has all of those in his locker just perhaps not as consitently as we would want just yet. The lad is a player alright thats without doubt in my mind and lets not forget he has scored a winner in a champions league final
  9. The Way We Were..a chara sslt..series 2

    There is a huge difference, I played in teams with ex pros and they make the whole thing look easy. Played against Clive walker once and he was jet quick even at the age of 50 plus and his touch and use of the ball superb.
  10. Official: Chelsea Sign Thiago Silva

    absolutely, he rarely misplaces a pass in fact it is a huge surprise when he does. He made one such mistake on sunday but immediately he reverted to type
  11. Official: Chelsea Sign Kai Havertz

    I think he is an excellent young player, his movement is excellent. He was dragging van dijk and his co defenders well out of position on sunday including for the second goal. He does have games where you would perhaps want him to be more visible but others where he is outstanding. I think some dont notice what he does unless he scores or makes a direct assist
  12. Romelu Lukaku returns to Chelsea on a 5 year deal

    They have allies in the media its pretty transparent, I have little doubt they saw the opportunity here and seized it. Prior to that they had the Chelsea record losses demotivator piece ready. Also notice how late the news of no klopp plus 3 players was released and given little prominence, they are protected
  13. Official: Chelsea Sign Thiago Silva

    Wonderful player, great news just think how much our youngsters will learn from this guy. Was very interesting to compare him to the much lauded Van Dijk on sunday, Silva kept the teams shape and looked in control virtually all the time. It took a worldie and a mistake to concede against two of the worlds best forwards. Meanwhile Liverpool were pulled all over the shop as was their free man Van Dijk, one of the reasons Pullisic had a free run on goal for the equaliser
  14. Romelu Lukaku returns to Chelsea on a 5 year deal

    So basically the whole thing was hikjacked by the media and blown up in order to disrupt Chelseas preparation for the match against Liverpool
  15. Media / Press

    So quick as a flash Slysports get Dermot Gallagher to come out and say Mane deserved a yellow not a red, no half a weeks replaying of the incident with various ex players stating it was a red. Protecting their team...