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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lukaku could have been very good here. Think its clear that he doesn't get on very well with Tuchel. None of our attackers have done well under Tuchel. Our best attackers currently are Marcos Alonso and Reece James - says a whole lot! When changing jobs, it's always a good idea to get a good feel for your potential new employers before you jump ship. I've got personal experience of that. Sometimes the fit just isn't "right". Lukaku left an organisation and a fanbase that adored him for a club who just didn't.. I completely understand why he'd want to go back. He seems like a very intelligent guy. The concept of "stay and fight for my place", when has that ever worked out?
  2. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    It's the quality of football really. It is (subjectively of course) the worst I have seen while supporting Chelsea. It is tough to watch. I understand we won two trophies this season but we look so clueless at times it really is hard to watch. We had 700 passes today during the game and its like our only mode of attack was a cross into box after the ball predictably got to either James or Alonso. It is painful to see how much Pulisic has regressed after looking so good under SFL. Werner, Ziyech, Havertz, CHO, Lukaku... they all are at their lowest points in their careers at the moment too. There is no speed, urgency, athleticism, belief, edge or incisiveness about this team. You look at the speed, movement and inter-play between City and Liverpool and you can see we are stuck playing Serie A football at Chelsea. Would Mane and Salah be great under Tuchel? I do wonder.
  3. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

    Wolves looked fitter, stronger, moved the ball quicker and created some good chances. Noone can dare claim that we looked comfortable. Chelsea don't look like we have the stomach for a fight and we aren't fit enough to compete either.
  4. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    There's room to increase in value but I wouldn't say by much. In anycase, I don't think these guys are after money. You buy a club like Newcastle or Man City before 2007 if you're looking to grow financially. I think Boehly seems like a real competitor. I suspect this move is about getting more involved in sports in general. He was a wrestler if I remember correctly... he does have competitive edge. I genuinely like the terms surrounding commitment to invest in the club. Contrary to what's written about him in the press - RA is a brilliant businessman and its because he builds his foundation on value creation and delivery.
  5. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Tuchel has had a long time with this group. This is as fit and as aggressive and as drilled as we will see them under Tuchel. Secondly, even when it was Lukaku, Conte still got the best out of him. Costa, Lukaku, Kane.... Lukaku suddenly looks like a clueless, unfit rookie under Tuchel. The problem isn't solely down to the strikers. The team simply doesn't move the ball quickly enough. Guys aren't moving to receive the ball, and the crossing into the box strategy - we aren't suited to that. Those are coaching issues.
  6. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Is he? The way we play, its for Serie A - not the Premier League. Keeping clean sheets and nicking a goal - that's Serie A. We've been playing like this since day 1 under Tuchel. There's little to no variation in the pattern of play under Tuchel. It is get the ball out wide, put in a cross, rinse and repeat x 1000.. None of our attackers are being utilized properly. Lukaku has been completely sidelined and nobody else is getting the job done. I reckon the new owners are going to want to move away from Tuchel soon after catching on. Klopp and Guardiola play such intense football with multiple methods of attack.. Chelsea on the other hand has been the dullest of all the managers under Abramovich I would argue. Look at how fit and athletic Spurs are beginning to look under Conte. There's just no intensity under Tuchel.
  7. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Mine as well and I absolutely LOVE Lampard. I watched his interview. The least he could have done was play it like someone who had a good relationship with a man who clearly had a close relationship with him. He could have acknowledged that at least - that Roman at the least authorized his hiring when some would say he didn't deserve it. He even had something good to say about Mel Morris when asked recently.. but RA - apparently he only saw him less than a handful of times. Wow.
  8. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I don't think I ever thought I would see the day that the UK government would suddenly sanction a club and basically bully its shareholders into doing what it (the UK goverment) wanted it to do. It seems surreal. I wish there was legal recourse available to Roman. I can understand if he had been charged with something.. but other than the claims made against him, he has been thoroughly thrown out. This is such a shameful disgrace. And for PR purposes, everyone attached the club can't say a word about it either! Its painful. We are supposed to pretend we hate Roman Abramovich and are ungrateful for everything he helped us accomplish! I really do feel bad for the Ukraine. I follow the news twice a day to see what's going on with them - but it just doesn't sit well what's being done to Roman Abramovich. And I have to say that Pat Nevin and Frank Lampard have disappointed me as well. Is it suddenly illegal to say something pleasant about Roman? Is he suddenly a proven war criminal? City and Newcastle are backed by billionaires who dish out millions and Chelsea are being forced to sell to guys with not nearly as much financial backing and may not serve our best interests and make us unable to compete! This is a heartbreaking situation IMO. Pep Guardiola was very strong in his backing of City when they were recently accused a year or two ago.. Thomas Tuchel isn't able to say a word about Abramovich!
  9. Thank You Roman

    I think what's really impressive are the memories of how things were when he just took over and really until we won that UCL in 2012. I mean, everyday it was almost an article about Chelsea in a negative light and how he would: 1. Shaft us with debt when he chooses to leave. 2. Never win the UCL like a "big club" 3. Never build a functioning academy 4. Never blood homegrown players into the club And remarkably he has accomplished everything he set out to do - and multiple times! He really is a brilliant strategist IMO! He has proved them all wrong. He really was a remarkable owner. I really wish this war didn't happen and obviously the situation has been so difficult to stomach but losing Abramovich under these terms really is a punch to the gut. This was a guy who prioritized WINNING. He put his money where his mouth was. A truly determined person. He will be missed. The one constant at the club has been his dogged determination. He instilled such a culture of success at the club. It is impossible to put a financial value on that culture. Thank you so much Roman Abramovich. This 86 year old guy seems so utterly bland. He doesn't seem to have Roman's vibe about him. I think its going to be a new era at Chelsea. It possibly wont be as successful but I suppose it doesn't have to be worse either. I think keeping us successful would be easier than making us successful like Roman did.
  10. Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 1

    Tuchel needs to watch more Premier league football. He would soon realize that this isn't Premier leagur football. Premier league teams are very quick to reset into defensive positions. You simply cannot afford to be messing about with the ball for long periods horizontally. The only chances we created all game was a Rudiger attempt first half and a Kante chance through Sarr. It is embarrassing.
  11. Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 1

    This team just looks so lethargic. He's got a huge squad too. Everything is a horizontal pass. The attackers barely see the ball and when they do they dribble away from goal! It really is painful to watch. No verticality. No impetus. It just doesn't seem like Premier League football. Lukaku never gets the ball. Its frustrating. You look at Liverpool, City, Arsenal and the style of football is so energetic and vertical.
  12. Typical garbage response. Nothing of substance just emotional garbage. Congrats. Wouldn't it have been better if you could actually defend this fatigue nonsense claim with something of substance instead of this emotional crap?
  13. Who was tired? Lukaku's had a long period out with his ankle injury and covid, Ziyech's not played a lot, Havertz has been out of the team for a while, Mount was rested against City, Callum's not played a lot recently, Jorginho's gotten rest, Kante was out with his knee, Ruben is on the bench, Werner as well, Pulisic hasn't been racking up the appearances, Kepa should be fresh, Thiago and Rudiger look great and they've been playing frequently.. Why don't you name who is supposedly too tired to perform? Absolute rubbish. These guys simply don't look like a well-coached team. Have we been hit by Covid? Yes. Have other teams been hit by Covid? Yes. We have a manager who has failed to sidestep questions about our star striker repeatedly. The guy's confidence looks shot. If you were a top striker, and regardless of what anyone here says Lukaku prior to coming to us had become a top striker, would you want to continue playing for a guy who doesn't know how to use you and isn't able to put together a team that can even hold on to top 4? A guy who takes shots at you in the press...? A guy who blames fatigue mid-season when everyone else seems to be getting results..? You guys are having a laugh.
  14. I can't remember a single Chelsea coach in the last 20 years almost (other than AVB) who made as many excuses as Tuchel. "Physically and mentally tired" eh? No "joy"? He's got the most balanced Chelsea squad I can remember since maybe 2014 under Mourinho and its just a huge pile of excuses one after another. Its never his fault. It is never his tactics. He complains about everything and everyone. Talks about Man City having a week off before playing Chelsea. Talks about Brighton having a week off as well. Well, maybe he doesn't belong in top level management? Because the Premier League is the highest level. Managing a squad and fatigue is what he's being paid to do! The fact is, we have looked like rubbish for almost two months now. Numerous players look awful - Pulisic, Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Lukaku, Kante yesterday, Alonso, Azpili... you couldn't identify a single Chelsea player other than Rudiger and Silva having a good season! Shocking. He might as well throw in the towel IMO. Fatigue isn't going to magically disappear and this isn't the part of the season where you rest players. This isn't the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 where the UCL means everything. Joy isn't going to magically return either. His only solution would be to write off the entire Club World Cup. Give the players a week to rest. Man City players look fit and sharp and motivated and that's driven by their manager who looks like a man constantly driven to win. Chelsea... well... our coach looks like he just wants to go to bed and take a week off tbh. Totally messed up the Lukaku situation as well as Lukaku's confidence looks shot to pieces. It looks like we reduced one of the best strikers in the world to Morata Mk II! Awful management all around.
  15. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    A striker being asked to play with his back to goal when that was arguably his biggest weakness. Strange is the word. The ball is literally played to him and he's facing the midfield with noone near him... great strategy tbh. At least Anelka kicked up a stink when Scolari didn't know what he was doing.