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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lukaku season long loan to Everton :( https://twitter.com/RomeluLukaku9/status/374656289563217920
  2. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/8620633/
  3. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    13 goals now in 25 appearances (Only 13 of which have been starts)
  4. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Resigning myself to Benitez now, has to absolutely hammer Liverpool in April (If he makes it that long).
  5. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Absoloute joke! What the hell are the board playing at?
  6. Gerrard was playing our entire team onside lying there, in that case it was fair enough.
  7. And that's two, looking good.
  8. 4 minutes, go Nando.
  9. Didier Drogba

    In the BBC interview one of his best moments was when Jose left? Did I mishear that? Confused.
  10. If it comes to it and the club say they're going to move and get the plans in action regardless of holding the CPO shares, will the shareholders really vote for an option that will result in the club's name being changed?
  11. Am I right in saying past 4 starts he has four assists and three goals?
  12. Interesting article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2121774/Fernando-Torres-finally-finding-form-Chelsea.html
  13. What's with voting 1 for the performance against Napoli?

  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0ccgni8hVXE What a goal from Tim Howard, 100 yards out.