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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    It stink that Lampard is playing for a team that challenges us? Yes. But he is Chelsea. He was with Chelsea for 13 years. He won everything there is to win. He will be remembered as Chelsea and only Chelsea. His most significant achievements came with Chelsea. He didn't leave for City at his best, he didn't leave in bad circumstances. Celebrate the fact that he did great things and it was with Chelsea. I would happily applaud him were I at the match Saturday. He was a player I grew up watching. And I regard him as one of the best athletes ever.
  2. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I was sitting in a bar near my place when we beat Barca in 2012. I was talking to this Barcelona fan, and the subject of Lampard came up, he said to me, "One of the finest central midfielders to play the game and the best English footballer I've ever seen." High praise. I follow a lot of sports, and Lampard is an athlete everyone should respect. One of my favorite Lampard goals was the one against Bayern in 2005. Where he chested it, turned, and hit it on the volley with his left foot. Incredible and a work of art, that was a goal. The technique involved, that was a goal that only the best can do. And Frank made it look easy. We were privileged to have such a great player as Lampard. 11 million, when at his best, he'd break the transfer record.
  3. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

  4. Salomon Kalou

    I think he can, despite his age. The most frustrating thing about Kalou is that he can get in some great positions only to screw it up or do something great with it. When Kalou was younger I always kept thinking "if he could get a brain" he'd be great. If anything, I think Kalou is perfect as a sub. I'm of the mindset that teams should have a player who doesn't mind being a sub most of the time and is useful when needed. He does it well. For all of the frustration he tends to be, there has been times where he's bailed us out.
  5. Non Chelsea: International Football

    England weren't good enough against Germany and to argue otherwise is foolish. Doesn't help when one of your best strikers for England is Emile Heskey. Doesn't help that there's a shallow talent pool for England right now at the moment as well. Or lack a decent DM.
  6. Ashley Cole

    Because Kaka has had injury problems and hasn't exactly been at his best for a while now. Besides, we have the best LB in the world, don't want to exactly get rid of him.
  7. Ashley Cole

    Didn't he sue the Sun a while ago? Also, those rumors of him going to Madrid prop up every year. They were happening last year as well.
  8. Didier Drogba

    Not bad for Didier.
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Rivaldo would be proud.
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I'll be honest, Kalou isn't starter material in my opinion, but he's great as a squad player and he's doing something right to get in double figures. Yes he ruins a lot of chances or attacks but he's saved our skins often (Crossed ball from in the left...) He's just frustrating but my goodness the effort he puts in is great.
  11. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    A lame argument. He was starting for the then CL winners at the time at 19, that's not an easy feat. He's been atrocious for Argentina for the last two years, even before Maradona was their manager. Bad logic. No one has said or implied that Messi struggling against us means he's crap. He's a damn good footballer but guess what? He has struggled against us. That doesn't equal to"ROFL Messi struggles against us, that means he's crap." FFS we managed to contain him with a RB playing at LB in the first leg. Ronaldo (Captain Hairgel) has struggled against us, Ronaldinho at his best struggled against us. That doesn't mean that they're crap, it just means that when they come up against sides that know how to defend they struggle.
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Crap ref decisions and all, even a few Barca fans I know admit that Messi struggles against us. First season we had Ashley Cole he was kept quiet to the point that he actually switched sides at the half.
  13. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Ibrahimovic had two incredibly easy chances, one of them was due to Almunia being Almunia and another was an easy tap in.
  14. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Heh, really glad that those *****ers are down a man and getting a taste of their own medicine.
  15. Didier Drogba

    This was from another board, oddly he didn't have Rooney in there but Drogba's numbers are a lot better in the CL and UEFA Cup to other strikers who'd be in this debate. Drogba 34 in 65 (23 in 49 for Chelsea) Ibrahimovic 18 in 68 (9 in 41 for Inter) Torres 10 in 26 (8 in 21 for Liverpool) Villa 15 in 35 (12 in 25 for Valencia) Eto'o 25 in 62 (18 in 41 for Barcelona) Fabiano 17 in 36 (all with Sevilla) Kanoute 23 in 51 (20 in 36 for Sevilla) He then sums up Drogba quite well with this: What Drogba offers is a combination of strength (allthough sometimes you might doubt that), speed and skill. He's good with his feet and his head, can lead the line or drop deep. What he lacks for me is consistancy - if you could guarantee him being on top form then he's as good as anyone. His problem is that when he's not at his best he offers less than the other top strikers. For these reasons I would struggle to call him the outright best striker, but he is certainly worth inclusion in a group of 5-10 at the top.