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  1. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    Really? Ferguson's United blew the title with only 6 games to go and 8 point lead. Let's be reasonable here, there is still LOTS of football left to play.
  2. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    Yes , I posted similar thoughts before Hull CIty game, that string of 3 wins (Hull, Stoke, QPR) will pretty much win us the league. While not mathematically ( that is only possibly usually by the very very end of the season) but practically for sure. Add beating Man Utd at Stamford Bridge and that's that chaps. Now can we do it? QPR is scoring and playing well (for the first time in the whole season!), it will be a dangerous game. Let's keep believing. We achieved a lot this season. Oscar will be dropped and replaced by Ramires, you don't need a fortuneteller. Can Cech come in? Courtois looked shaky over past few games with mistakes. Predicted line up: Cech-Ivan-Gaz-JT-Azpi-Matic-Fabregas-Hazard-Ramires-Willian-Remy I am dreaming of 2-0 or 3-0 for us!.my heart can't take this 0-1 , 2-3. 2-1s anymore
  3. 14/15 Premiership Champions

  4. Chelsea 2 Stoke City 1

    Finally some sense. Chels vs Stoke can't come soon enough.
  5. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    That's because his goals and influence dried up over past few months.... Hope it stays that way.
  6. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Hah! Looks fantastic but unfortunately a bit too far from reality. Winning next two game ( Stoke, QPR ) is doable and crucial.
  7. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    We wont score another even if we have another 90 min.
  8. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    That went well. Absolute capitulation and embarrassment.
  9. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    Of course Ramires for away game. Mourinho is bit predictable and tad bit boring. We should be all out against teams like Hull.
  10. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    Tell this to Jose please. P.S. I miss Mata. Great player.
  11. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    No I meant managing expectations when West Brom playing 10 men at Etihad. :)
  12. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    It's only West Brom afterall. 10 men too.
  13. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Not possible today.
  14. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    We can't expect CIty to lose points in every single remaining game of the season, for all we know they might go on a winning streak. Let's just win all of our games and get that title. Unless there is uncertainty that we are actually capable of doing that.
  15. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Hope nobody excepted West Brom to beat City at Etihad.
  16. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    Some desperate ideas here. Remy AND Costa upfront in away game ( not that home game would make much difference)? Not in a million years with Jose. Remy does not provide defensive stability Oscar/Willian/Ramires are capable off. Mourinho will be playing safe for the remaining 10 games. Predicted line up TC- Ivan- Cahill-JT-Cahill-Matic-Fabregas-Hazard-Oscar-Willian-Costa. Not rulling out Zouma instead of either Cahil or Matic.
  17. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    We are probably nicest team ever. Giving so many chances to CIty to come back from their (awful) slump. If somebody thinks that us drawing with Sotton at home is a positive result, needs to think again because this is simply a let off for City.We could have ended title race right there. Now while I think extra rest might (not 100 percent sure) help us to prepare for PL games , with the way we play I am not convinced that we can win it. We can make as many positive predictions as we like, but I will not be too shocked if we lose to Hull next week with the way we played our last 5-6 games. Now I can see us winning title only in one case. If we put a run of at least 4 wins ,even better 5. This should not be too much to ask from a side who wants to win the big title in the end. I am sorry to be buzz killer but let's not ignore how poor we played so far. Also listen to Cahill recent interview, team is not so happy with them-self either.
  18. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Cuadrado is terrible. Here I said it.
  19. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Enter Ramirez
  20. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Rotation ...not with Jose!
  21. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Must win. I would like to see. Petr-Ivan-JT-Zouma-Luis-Matic-Fabregas-Hazard-Oscar-Cuadrado-Costa
  22. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Whoever wants to get their hopes up, Burnley just scored. Waiting for Lamps and Bony to save them.
  23. Media / Press

    Yes, very true. But while I generally agree with you , style of football helps to win over neutrals. Look at the beginning of the season , where all papers were signing praises to the new look Chelsea with Fabregas and Costa. Generally we were ....liked in a way? What changed since than is , Mourinho's pragmatism in big games and overall uninspired performances. Don't get me wrong, they love to hate us, but they were much quieter than we used full potential of our players without Mourinho's cynical approach.
  24. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    We got really tough games coming up and first 11 looks knackered. Man Utd at home, game vs in form Liverpool and Derby with Arsenal. Not even talking about potential banana skin fixtures. Worst thing is that we are in pretty bad place in regards to form and Man City will be out of CL too.
  25. He defiantly talks the talk,doesn't he.... Hope performances improve so does squad rotation , otherwise we will face similar results in coming weeks.