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  1. A yes vote could still mean that Chelsea Football Club stay at Stamford Bridge, but without the protection of the Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) Plus after (And possibly including the year 2020) it would mean that the club could move *anywhere* The CPO were originally put in place to save Stamford Bridge from redevelopment by previous owner Ken Bates in the early 90's. (However, the redevelopment legal battle to save the Bridge started in the 80's) there are a few sites that the club could move to, if they get enough yes votes on October 27. However, due to limited space in and around the area, the club, could move, for example, to White City (Near Queens Park Rangers),_London or south of the Thames to SW8 in Wandsworth my own personal choice, should the club move, would be to the site at Earls Court. Although you may have never been to Stamford Bridge, fans of the club love the location and if you were ever to go, I think that you would understand why. Yes, the club need to grow and for that, the move may have to happen at some point, but it's not as easy as saying yes, this is due to the legal battles in the 80's, which is why the CPO were set up. Without certain assurances from the club, then my vote will be no until there is an agreement between the club and the people who are doing their utmost to fight for assurances from the club Personally, I hope that there is a satisfactory outcome to all of this before the day of the EGM.
  2. Firstly I want to say, that I am not against a move from Stamford Bridge in the future, however, there are ways to do it and consultation with fans would be a huge step forward. I would find it extremely difficult to vote yes at this current time. I find it difficult to understand the clubs stance at this moment in time too. If anybody has read the Fans Forum minutes (And I urge people to read them) the club stated that there were no plans for redevelopment, or for moving. This, at the time of the FF, was the perfect time to let fans know that they had something in mind and they would keep the fans on the forum updated. I’m also of the feeling that, like many others, there has been a rush into this. The club has pointed out that three weeks legally, is more than enough time for a vote, but if they knew about buying CPO shares prior to the FF, which they did clearly due to Mr Buck’s letter being dated September 22, then why the sudden rush and why the sudden expectancy of a vote? As a fan I want what is best for Chelsea Football Club, I also want the truth from my Football Club. There are certain clouded issues, which make no sense. If I were to vote yes and the club do not find a site before 2020, what happens? Do we all up sticks and move to Glasgow, or Asia? Okay, these areas might be exaggerated, but where would we actually play football? We’re also getting talk of we may not move anyway, so if that were to happen, why do the club want to buy the shares now? It appears as though the left doesn’t know what the right is doing. Unless something drastic happens between now and October 25 (When my proxy vote needs to be sent in) I will continue to have a no stance toward selling my one share to the Football Club. I am not against change, but what I am against is change for changes sake. What will I really be voting for? Where will I be voting the club to go to? There are enough politicians out there who tell lies and are deceitful; I really don’t want my Football Club to be the same. Please respect us as fans; we do not want to end up in the same boat as what happened during the 80’s fearing that we might not even have a ground to play football in. Give me some concrete plans to get my vote, not just wishy-washy politics, with the possibility of a ground at Wormwood Scrubs, White City, or Wandsworth. Where do the club plan to build a new stadium, have plans really been exhausted for Stamford Bridge, if so, can we see them? I am positive that if the club gave us assurances that we could, for example, move to Earls Court with the CPO shares being transferred, then my vote would be assured. At the moment however, it’s like the blind leading the blind . SayNoCPO
  3. Didier Drogba

    It looks like he'll be starting full training in about three weeks time after having surgery on his groin. More Here
  4. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well done José and Inter on a fantastic achievement - Portugal conquered, England conquered, Italy conquered. Next up, Spain. The guy is unique in every way. Some say that he's arrogant, but the truth is, he's a born winner, a special one for sure. Football is a game, if you can't win then you're not going to be recognised. José does everything in his power to get recognised, to protect his players during nine months of a football season, knows how to get his particular team to beat another. In Italy they are jealous of his power, he doesn't care about the authorities, he doesn't care what other managers think of him, and if he upsets them in the same breath along the way. How many friends did he have in English football? You can't say he was a friend of Wenger or Benitez. In Italy everyone hated him apart from those at Inter - now José is King of Italy and Europe, he's shown that he cannot be beaten.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    I'm still not properly convinced by Kalou, but in saying that he has scored some important goals this season, which highlights that he is improving. All in all he scored twelve this season, which, compared to his other seasons at Chelsea show an improvement. In his first two seasons he scored nine and last season he scored ten. I think that it was easier to score on Saturday than to miss though, so he really should have tucked away the cross by Ash instead of hitting the bar. You could tell by Ash's annoyance that Kalou should have scored as well - these things happen though, although he wasn't under a great deal of pressure. At 24 he can still improve, when he played for Feyenoord he scored a considerable amount of goals, but I don't think that you can compare the Dutch league to the Premiership. So, if he can get more than twelve next season in all competitions he may start getting the recognition. However, as I say, I'm still not convinced by him.
  6. Quick Jokes

    Which ship has never docked at Liverpool? The Premiership!
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well done to the youth lads last night for the 2-1 win over a stubborn Villa team. I thought that we produced some high quality football and other opponents may have folded earlier than Villa did, given the pressure that we put them under. I was very worried when Villa went 0-1 up - it really was against the run of play and as time was going on I thought perhaps their goal was leading a bit of a charmed life, however, once we got our first goal, it looked like we were the only ones that would get the second. When we did the get the second, thanks to Connor Clifford, it was a great moment and a very good goal as well. We do have some very good young players, I like Gokhan Tore, Jeffrey Bruma and Kaby Djalo. Long may we find and keep these type of players. Following their careers either at Chelsea, or elsewhere will be good as the years progress. Congratulations to Dermot Drummy and Neil Bath too.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Unfortunately, Liverpool.
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Portsmouth have been denied their licence to play in the Europa League next season. It was decided jointly by the FA and Premier League. That means that the team finishing seventh will go into the Europa League instead. Portsmouth have also declared close to £120m worth of debts, which includes 20p to Qatar Airways, £40.00 to Pukka Pies and 1p to Proton Southern Limited. All of their debts are listed here in a 70 page dossier.
  10. Quick Jokes

    I went into B&Q today, a guy came up to me in an orange apron and said .... "Do you need decking?" Luckily I was the one to get the first punch in.
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    There's a bit of good news to help our campaign and especially the game against Liverpool - Fernando Torres has been ruled out for the rest of the season and perhaps could miss the World Cup too. This is according to Sky Sports News. Torres is having knee surgery this evening and is going to be ruled out for six weeks.
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    He did play very well, although Gomes was equal to him on occasions with a couple of magnificent saves. That's one half of the job done, now it'll be good to see how City perform against United on Saturday. If we can go to Spurs knowing that we can extend our lead further, then that could be the time to start really believing. I still think it's great that the Manchester derby kicks off before our game - that is pivotal.
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I think City have pretty much got fourth place in the bag. I can't see Spurs doing it and Liverpool are too far behind, IMO. Rafa guaranteed Liverpool Champions League football, but has not lived up to that guarantee and will probably pay the price. Even if Spurs do make fourth then they'll probably fail to get past the pre-qualifier for the Champions League next season, so it really is wasted on them As for Spurs - Arsenal tonight, I personally think it'll be a draw. In ten games between the two sides at Spurs there have been three Arsenal wins and seven draws. I think Spurs won their last in 1999. The game I'm looking forward to most (Apart from our game against Spurs) on Saturday, is the Manchester derby. United may have to really go for it, which will mean that they could leave space for City to counter - imagine a draw/Spurs win tonight and a City win on Saturday, could it be too much to ask for? What I like about Saturday and the fixture between City and United, is that United kick-off first, so we'll know what the result is prior to our kick-off. This has to be great for us and the final push towards the title. On the same subject of kick-off times, the only game out of the four now where we kick-off before United is at Anfield on Sunday May 2 - Advantage us? Saturday 24 April Manchester United - Spurs 12.45 Sunday 25 April Chelsea - Stoke 16.00
  14. New Kits

    I think I need to get a magnifying glass out to see the pictures above. It looks like Thursday is the day that all will be revealed regarding the new home shirt. I've looked at some of the pictures on here, some are good and some aren't, but I certainly like the old school Adidas logo should it be on the new home shirt. I read one of the posts on this thread by someone saying that they wouldn't like the lace up front bit. We had that on an old shirt back in the early 90's, the shirt was in Red and White. I don't think I'd like that either, just a plain round neck is good by me - let's hope the shirt looks good no matter.