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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    We played 4 at the back today Dingy 😕
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Very true. I'm looking at City. Foden, Grealish, Bernardo, Mahrez. All very similar players. Chelsea..... We have more Raheem Sterling types in Ziyech, Pulisic, Werner.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Kepa's looked like he's had a pulse I guess.
  4. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I would like just one season without worrying about top 4.
  5. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Jorginho is lucky Maupay has two left feet, so so sloppy.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    He cleared the corner away at least
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Priority has to be getting it on target first and foremost, make the keeper work. Dont need to hit it so hard all the time.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Seemed he hit it out of sheer frustration.
  9. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    There's that moment of quality. I missed the strike haha.
  10. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Brighton are in a mentally better place than we are right now. Sharper all over the pitch at the moment. Coaching or tactics aren't going to win us this game. It'll be have to be a moment of quality.
  11. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I was in the camp of not wanting Eden back but looking at the wide options we have.... wouldn't be any worse.
  12. Because there is no one else fit naturally to play that position. We were out of fullbacks at one stage.
  13. There's still a role for him in the side but it's not against the likes of Liverpool and Man City. Can't bring a muscle car to a f1 race.
  14. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    You get the feeling that no player is bought unless Pep wants him personally. At Chelsea, I feel like there are more fingers in the pies.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Raphinha... That lad is too good for Leeds. Surely a step up from Ziyech and Pulisic too.