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  1. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    Couldn't watch or follow live, so have just watched highlights knowing only the score and none of the detail. What on Earth. Is Andre Marriner a literal idiot? Two of the worst penalty decisions I have ever seen.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bloody hell, forgot Baba Rahman existed!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    The fact that we have players of Champions League winning standard is exactly why that is the profile of player we're looking at. You can have only so many £60m FBs, and if we genuinely needed an upgrade I'm confident we'd be spending that money and be linked with players of that quality. But we don't, because we have those players already. If we need anything, it's a survival strategy for about 4 months.
  4. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    I suppose talking short bollocks has its merits. Ridiculously rude response, pack it in.
  5. Weird, because I'm reading a lot of scrutiny of him. I've just quoted some.
  6. Is this satire? When has he ever avoided scrutiny?!
  7. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    No, they aren't. Doherty is absolutely useless according to every Spurs supporters I know. They are starting more of their usual starters than we are, though.
  8. Feels a bit cringe worthy to me that needed to make an apology, but if that helps this pathetic episode come to a close then I can cope with it.
  9. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    I think you need to ask yourself what this list is meant to prove in relation to my post (it appears to be "some white people have been criticised and some black people are held by many in high regard", which is obvious and a bit odd), and why you felt the need to post it and make an unnecessary defence of yourself.
  10. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Yes. I think the idea that has taken hold among many that Lukaku is self-serving or egotistical cannot be entirely divorced from his race. Which is not to say anyone who thinks he has an ego is a racist, but to say it is interesting how strongly that belief takes hold when a black man presents or is presented as being outspoken as opposed to when a white man (Kane being a reasonable example) does.
  11. Chris Sutton is at least paid to be an idiot about Chelsea. I'm not sure what anyone else's excuse is! Shock horror, Tuchel doesn't care that much and we'll be moving on. I imagine some here are more devastated by that than they were by the interview.
  12. First bold ... What you could do is just read my post, which helpfully includes a quote to give you some direction. Your own replies might just improve. Second bold, I think you'll find I'm the one suggesting Tim Howard isn't really much of a friend to Lukaku. You're the one suggesting texting someone you've played with is more likely part of a deliberate brand-elevating strategy than it is just ... texting someone you know a reply when they've texted you. A reply saying he wasn't going to say anything. Strange that Lukaku would feel confident giving an unauthorised TV interview to send a direct message (that he apparently is happy to not be heard for close to a month) ... and then several weeks later text a low level pundit to send a cryptic one. There are things to question Lukaku on here, criticisms to be made. PR Machiavelli isn't among them.
  13. The idea that Lukaku deliberately and callously said things to hurt Chelsea fans or the club is insane. The idea that what he said "came from the heart" is genuinely laughable, teenage girls wouldn't react like this. Do people genuinely think he gave a calculated interview designed to engineer an escape ... And then did nothing with it for 3 weeks? To what end? I don't like being rude, but some of these takes are deranged. Object to talking to the media, especially without club permission, sure. Be annoyed at him wheeling out the PR fluff for his previous club's fans, fine, whatever. Think he has unhelpfully disrupted preparations for a big game? Eminently sensible. But this stuff is crazy and says a lot more about people's bizarre sensitivities and existing opinions than it does Lukaku.
  14. I mean ... This is an absolutely wild, insane take. It's literally a text to a mate (though I'd hope Lukaku is smart enough to be reconsidering that friendship given Howard had no problems passing it on to a journalist) to say "now isn't a good time to talk" in response to being asked to talk. Which is literally what anyone feeling sensibly critical of Lukaku would prefer he had said in the first instance. Responding to a mate texting you is only evidence of egomania if you've decided someone is a egomaniac. This is an even more insane take. Has the whole interview even been released yet?! Is there anyone here who genuinely thinks this ends any other way than Lukaku being back in the team within the next few games?
  15. Media / Press

    Had two different people tell me that sending Mane off ruins the game so surely it's for thr best the ref didn't. Personally thinking physically assaulting players ruins the game more, but what do I know.