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  1. Timo Werner returns to RB Leipzig

    Can very nearly say that he at least always tried and got stuck in, but sadly (and to some degree understandably, in fairness to him) this stopped being the case in the last few months of last season. He had his moments and occasional strategic uses but in the final reckoning, he was a pretty disastrous signing who came nowhere near to achieving even the most basic expectations. Never a character I felt any ill will for, though. Good luck to him. We'll surely draw Leipzig in Europe this season and concede a few to him.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I strike medals players get when they leave half way through the season from memory, kinda get why but can't shake the belief that you need to be part of the business end to deserve it. I am genuinely interested in how Werner does from here. My opinion of German football will absolutely plummet if he bangs goals in.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, and as much of a loss as it may seem he represents quite an improvement on what we usually get back on failed big money attackers. Think only Morata was better in that sense, but he didn't contribute to any actual football successes like Werner did with the CL in 2021. This is going to be a rocky season, I think, but I do think we're being positioned well for the future in somewhat clearing the decks.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Timo officially gone.
  5. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Had a dream Chuk came off the bench to score the winner, last night. I wouldn't look up odds ... My 6 month old son got the assist.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Could be worse, we could be after Arnautovic!
  7. I'm not really understanding this. The club captains meeting and making certain decisions about player conduct is a fairly well established thing, I think. Goes back a fair few years. They decided it was "required" (I mean, obviously no one can make it a "requirement", club captains or PL, but I'd accept very few players would feel able to say no to it ... Even though some demonstrably did, one of our own included) or at least something they were going to do. I agree entirely the PL wouldn't want to make this sort of decision, but I can't see that their spinelessness has anything to do with it. When players stand up just isn't their decision to make. I'm not really following why taking the knee would be a problem for the World Cup in Qatar, nor why what PL sides do has an implications for what international sides decide to do while there, anyway. Or why anyone in Qatar would care ... Why would they see taking the knee as some kind of sleight against them? This really looks as simple as individual players thinking taking the knee doesn't serve much of a purpose so finding what they think is a PR-friendly way to get out of it. But then this has nothing to do with Boehly, so I'll stop there.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fair enough, I'm not wanting to come off as a Zaha fan! I'd not really want him here and think there's no chance if it happening. It is rare, but I do think once every so often a player ends up staying at a club below their level. Lukaku spared Grealish's blushes last year.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    The reason he is still at Palace is that it has been prohibitively expensive to sign him. There seems to have been plenty of interest in him. And I don't think the rest of what you say is true ... Do you think, idk, Burnley or West Brom have been launching themselves full-throttle at Palace in relegation dogfights? Palace will have come up against deep defences fairly often, even we've been conservative against them at times. And, for comparison, Pulisic and Werner have both regularly looked poor against even more open teams ... It's not like either especially excelled in the last two years against, say, City or Liverpool. I could equally say that Zaha has never come close to playing with teammates the likes of Pulisic and Werner have. Some recent Palace teams have been utterly dreadful and basically kept up by Zaha. I don't think Zaha is brilliant, and I certainly don't think he's coming here or that we should push for that, but I'm pretty confident in debating that he is better than some of what we've got.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Personally think Zaha is a fair bit better than what we currently have (Pulisic, Werner) but wouldn't be advocating for signing him, would involve huge expenses that I don't think he'd justify.
  11. I'm not really following the notion, just pointing out that club captains (presumably after speaking with their team mates) got together and made the decision. It wasn't made by the Premier League as an organisation. I can't imagine anyone senior in that organisation would want to have anything to do with that decision, precisely because they're utterly spineless. I don't know that it is necessarily hypocritical to make a symbolic gesture about anti-black racism but participate in a sports washing exercise for a regime that habitually abuses human rights. Certainly it's not ethically coherent, but then that is an impossibly high bar to set for any individual to meet. I personally don't think it is always a big issue for people's actions or beliefs to be somewhat hypocritical because I'm not sure anything different is possible. I guess it's a matter of how glaring the hypocrisy is, or what happens as a result of it. I just wouldn't credit the Premier League has having the guts to make much of a decision about anything.
  12. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    I could certainly imagine someone taking a look at our history of signing strikers and advising Abramovich "don't spend hundreds of milions of pounds signing this striker who seems to struggle with injury and is currently playing in Germany, and who you'll definitely have to enter a bidding war with richer clubs to get" but that isn't the same advice as "don't sign him because he's not good enough". For what it's worth, Lukaku looked incredible on his (second) debut for us.
  13. The Premier League didn't decide, the club captains did.
  14. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Blows my mind that anyone believed and still believes that story. We didn't sign him for the most obvious, simple reason. The same obvious, simple reason that every other one of the top 20 or so biggest, richest clubs in world football bar Man City didn't; it was not an option.