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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Couldn't have put it better than the man himself...
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    How do you put someone on ignore? His 9 year old bed-wetting is beyond tiresome
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wouldn't that be the case for any team who's (arguably) best three players left?
  4. Well yes, I don't think anyone, pro or anti Jose can say he isn't a hypocrite, far to many very obvious example to argue otherwise.
  5. Exactly. Is it not plausible Jose has been saying it to Shaw every day at Training without effect and so gone public - which appear to have yielded results? I know it's fashionable to call Jose the Antichrist now but when Balotelli is used as an example of a unfairly treated scapegoat you really need to end the discussion there.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    I may be wrong but I seem to remember a lot of games going on general sale which almost never happened during my time going to the Bridge, especially in the Roman years. These games may have gone on to sell out but I thought there was a noticeable change in usual appetite from STH/members.
  7. I don't agree Droy. Jose knew exactly what he was doing by not covering his mouth with his hand - as everyone seems to do nowadays. He wanted to make it a story. I'm a Jose fan but he has always been pretty blatant at contracting himself as Exiled mentions above.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    I read somewhere that a section of Liverpool fans were polled (it may even have been Hillsborough families) and they were overwhelmingly in favour, which was quite refreshing.
  9. New Stadium Plans

    Well the Club released a statement on the website to say that they were still on scheduled. Though I believe the schedule was to start work during the close season just gone so who knows.
  10. John Terry

    totally forgot about that 'reduced role' Nobbly! good shout
  11. Willian

    We have much bigger things to think about than replacing Willian. Glad he's signed on for another 4 years. He started to work on his attacking output last season, let's hope it continues.
  12. Quite excited by this signing, eager to see what he can do for us.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've always found it strange reading stories of Clubs offering their players to another Club. Make it known in circles that they would welcome offers sure, but always get the image of officials knocking on the door of Madrid/whoever and saying 'excuse me sir, do you want to buy our player' randomly out of the blue. That wasn't a challenge to what you posted Bob, just the scenario. RE Pedro, I had really high hopes for him last season, thought he would be one of the signings of the summer. It hasn't gone quite as expected but then again I would imagine he would have performed better if the team in general had. Hope he stays this season and settles in a bit more
  14. I'll prefix this by saying that Jose was at fault for commenting on it in the PC, he could easily have batted away the question and read the riot act behind the scenes and all this could have been avoided. However, I would like to have seen the details come out, as others have mentioned. Both sides made some pretty big claims against each other which raise their own questions. For the Club to say she was briefing the press against us, they must have had something concrete to go on to disclose it in the tribunal. Likewise her claims that she suffered sexual comments during her employment - why wouldn't/didn't she raise these concerns at the time? And failure to be provided a club suit? Come on.
  15. The context I was referring to is that without doubt, footballers do feign injury (to varying degrees) which a medical professional in a different industry would not encounter (on such a regular basis), I don't think anyone can dispute that and this is what Jose was referring to why talking about understanding the game. I didn't think I needed to explicitly state that I didn't think Hazard was comparable to Pepe and he was used merely as an example of a footballer who was not actually hurt, but seems like I need to for your benefit - noted for next time. I accept that she has a duty of care but I don't think you can consider this whole issue purely from a medical point of view.