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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wasn't there a bunch more 'hidden payments' like for his agent and his dad
  2. Think you are just projecting your own insecurity on the players. Yes Ederson will easily save Jorginhos penalty, a man who has scored 29 from 33. If it was so easy why is he so prolific?
  3. European Super League

    Errr? The same org that made us play a Europa league final in Baku, A country where one of the teams players couldn't play as it would be unsafe to enter?
  4. European Super League

    I dunno what the ECA even is but all the clubs resigning from it is a big move is it not?
  5. European Super League

    I have run the UEFA statement through google translate and it reads ' **** you we won't let you devalue our cash cow, we will pretend to care about supporters and leagues til the threat is gone then we will see you in qatar in the middle of the season for the FIFA World Cup(tm) '
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Martin 'mute the tv' Tyler
  7. Media / Press

    Grant or Sarri I know who I'd pick
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Wouldn't that be something. Reaction would be... interesting to say the least. Side note, sounds like Werner nicked a forum members GF or something.
  9. Tammy Abraham

    You are either world class or dog ****. And yet another mark in the book of how 'I'd take winning nothing if it meant playing the youth more' is utter bullshit. (Not saying anyone here is of that opinion, but its remarkable how quickly sentiment turns on our own and the level of patience shown to others)
  10. Media / Press

    arsenal have been quite disgusting. Sacking workers and the bloody mascot like they are skint but at the same time giving Auba a fat contract, and willian, and spending 45 mill on that athetlico guy and giving him a huge contract too. Those workers salaries are a drop in the bucket compared to that. Glad ozil is fleecing them and making them look stupid.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    They won't pay our wages
  12. Media / Press

    So not that shocking a decision to let him go
  13. New Kits

    In the past they have allowed people to exchange their shirts for free innit