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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Firstly I haven't dismissed/mocked anyone as "lower class" or "uneducated fools" and secondly, what is your obsession with KT10? You've brought that up several times, now. It's a postcode I recognise, but not one I've ever lived in.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I did bother reading your posts. In spite of what you say above (and indeed you contradict yourself almost immediately) you clearly prefer the signing of journeymen who can do a job than players who can elevate the team. I'm done discussing this further with you, because dozens of your past posts suggest I am correct in my assertion.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    So a defence made up of Silva, Chalobah, Chilwell, James and Azpilicueta would have sufficed in your mind? Would you have kept Sarr "because he can do a job"? Would you have refused Alonso the chance to go back home? For me, Chalobah is the 'lowest level' we should be prepared to accept for the squad. Many of the other names I've seen touted (such as Coady and Tarkowski) are way below his level. We shouldn't be looking at them, even if they "only" cost £12-£15m. The club has resolutely targeted players at least as good if not better than those from last year's squad. Not everything has come off, sadly. Raphinha would have been great but he'd already agreed to go to Barca last winter. I really don't get this negativity from you (and others). The only way to improve a squad is not by bringing in journeymen, but by bringing in upgrades on what you have (or recently lost).
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Funny you see it that way. I see the club (board and/or manager and/or whoever) recruiting players who are at least as good as those we've lost (or are still here) rather than recruiting back-ups. Koulibaly is as good as (some might argue better than) Rudiger Cucurella is a significant upgrade on Alonso (and I was a fan of Alonso) Sterling is a significant upgrade on any of the many attackers we used last season As for those we seem to be chasing; Fofana would be an upgrade on Christensen and de Jong an upgrade on Jorginho We've also been recruiting some of best young talent to add to those already coming through our academy. I've yet to see any player come in to "bulk up" the squad - like a Tarkowski, who some seemed to favour - but to improve it. Surely that's the direction we should be travelling in?
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    With Alonso, Werner and Sarr gone, that leaves us 21 outfield players. If CHO goes too, which has been suggested, then I very much doubt - even before we take into account what Tuchel said about him during pre-season - that Gallagher also leaves. We need players in now; not out.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Byebye Timo... we'll miss those 4 goals you could have got for us again this season
  7. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    He trained with the rest of the Chelsea squad earlier (picture of him with Cucerella on TOCWS) then apparently said his goodbyes to everyone and headed off to the airport. Sad to see him go. He had his limitations, but I rarely felt he let us down by not giving his all or being lazy. Great goals, too. Happy for him that he gets his 'dream' of ending his playing days back home in Spain close to his family.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Another one gone. No longer listed anywhere on TOCWS (was, for some reason, listed in the 'development squad' section until recently) Never understood why we bought him. Never understood why we kept extending his contract and loaning him out. Could only have been for some dodgy accounting reasons, surely?
  9. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2022/23

    They've not hung about
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry... couldn't help myself (from the Quick Jokes thread)
  11. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2022/23

    That's odd... I use a password generator that stores (in encrypted format) all my passwords on my laptop. It doesn't, however, use 'special characters' as some sites don't allow them, but I often add one manually before 'saving' and see what happens. When I tried that a while back it wouldn't accept it, but once removed it did. Anyway, glad you got back in.
  12. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2022/23

    I was just about to say that I've sent them a message via the 'contact us' page to highlight the problems. So what are the "new rules" when you reset the password?
  13. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2022/23

    Are you all getting the same "invalid log in details" type message? If so, it's either a site problem (corrupted coding somewhere during an update?) or it's hackers attempting to get personal details and phishing for passwords they can try to reuse with the other log-in details on other sites (eg ebay, Amazon, Paypal, etc) EDIT: Just to say that once I logged in with Facebook (other options are available) with "keep me logged in" activated, I've not had a problem logging in, doing last minute tweaks, etc. Hope you manage to get in and good luck for the season.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    It is indeed. Let's hope he and/or his advisors have noticed!
  15. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2022/23

    If I try to log in with my email and password I get told one of them is wrong and to either try again or do a password reset. Given I know both are correct, I've not tried the reset (Hackers after passwords?) If I click "log in with Facebook" I have no problem. Wanted to change my line-up as I have Sterling, James, Alonso* and Cucurella in my team and one will have to go. (* Originally had Chilwell, but he's clearly not ready to start yet)