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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    A Heartfelt post from a True Blue,,thanks Hm. BUT...we won't let that happen will we...from us Old Geezers to CarefreeM .....a bad week and we are all despondent and/or angry. This too shall it always does eventually. I'm sure if you and I had crossed paths at SB back in the bad old days (and we probably did!) we would have been saying the same things as we are now!...WE remember when youngsters came into the side because there were no real alternatives and few enough of them really broke through long term...different times of course but throwing youngsters into a title was... can be harmful to the challenge and the youngster.
  2. Chelsea's forward issues

    Chelsea have no "natural" goal scorers....there are players who score goals....not the same thing...I don't need to list the "natural" scorers...from in my memory Greaves to know they will score..blank week? game locked on. Kova scored a great goal as did the Z man today....(bounce beat the keeper as well as pure shock at a shot from Chelsea that far out!).....few and far between.....Lukaku is not in the list...a scorer of goals but as ever....two against a lower league side ain't a goal scorer to fear...Havertz scored a fabled goal....but scrapes around for goals as do they all.....Guddy?..where are you?.. Surely Hazard in his evening would still get goals ?...... couldn't be worse than what we are seeing......3-0 against Spurs on aggregate...two circus goals and a strange collision and goal......looks good on scoreline but.....
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Confession...I switched off ten minutes into second half. I looked at it all and asked myself if this wasn't a Chelsea game would I still be watching it?,,,answer was off it all on here I suspect I knew what was going to unfold. I have followed Chelsea for a long long time but never left a game before the final whistle and watched some abysmal sides and games but some of the stuff this season has been appalling.....the early season games seem to be a different world. As ever interspersed have been enjoyable results if not football treasures.....watching Silva in any game is a joy but that is not enough. All the reasons given or suggested here are valid but not the whole story.......... pick your own scapegoat in any game and probably you are justified but what is the answer? An expensive striker who doesn't strike...a disruption to a burgeoning system...knackered players..Mount has played too much football without a proper break,,amongst others...and on.... I really don't blame proven players but surely a club with the purchasing power of Chelsea can come up with a deeper quality squad than the present one....key injuries and covid have decimated any challenge that may have been.
  4. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    Hmm...more likely Roman is waiting for DWMH to call him with the update so he can give permission for a public announcement...(smile)
  5. Hard to see from the outside but is there any sign of Lukaku being a disruptive presence in the dressing room?..... genuine agenda. Taking aside the transfer fee is he really worth a place at Chelsea?...... Tammy was eased out but had he been a costly import would he have been cast aside? Seems at some level Lukaku is being given leeway because of the massive fee and the "well we paid out a lot so guess he has to feature" approach. The theory reason for his arrival was good but the reality is far more mundane.....wrong skill set and no flexibility..... goodness knows Chelsea need a better goal return but Lukaku doesn't seem to be the answer at SB.... he will score goals and is not a bad player...just not the top drawer striker Chelsea..or any club...need. Not comparing players but scoring against Chesterfield or the Final goal against Citeh..... one goal priceless... the others ?
  6. Now now must have been reading those old Charles Buchan books!....the very idea...this is the Modern Game...cast aside such old fashioned tactics...embrace the Brave New World.
  7. Media / Press

    Gold........Rudi is said to have it but likens it to.."Just a scratch" and will feature.
  8. Chelsea's forward issues

    I consider Jorginho a recycler not a playmaker as such...very good at what he does but never quite the killer pass in his tool box. The problem is still not Jorginho in front of goal..or rather the taking of I mentioned somewhere else,,great goal from Kova,,,but when did he last contribute with a goal? one is racking up any sort of total...... No one is frightening the defenses....the "keeping them honest" scenario.. I get a split screen image of two games.. Hazard on one side.and Lukaku on the other...Hazard is having one of his less attentive games..a "Did I turn off the iron?..and what was it the missus asked me to pick up on the way home?" left wing wandering....on the other Lukaku is forever pointing but not moving and laying off the odd ball that comes to him...meanwhile the oppo defence is watching Hazard like chickens watch circling hawks whilst Lukaku's lot are getting on with the main business waiting for him to turn up in their area of responsibility before worrying about him....Eden settles his questions..realises he is on the pitch...picks up a wayward pass...bursts along the edge of the area..plants the ball in the bottom left corner and Chelsea are one up........Lukaku finally sees the ball where he has pointed to...he lumbers forward...the nearest defender strolls over and claims the ball...knocks a long ball forward that bounces cruelly for the Chelsea defence and a non scoring long term player pounces on the ball and Chelsea go 0-1 after 79% of the ball. An Old Geezer's ramblings?.....let me know how many of you can relate to the above!
  9. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    As good an analysis as any. Now....a thought from me that I am sure will bring a reaction..which is not why I am suggesting it... _....everywhere except in goal".......I really like Mendy his contribution and his approach to the position..the " They shall not pass..even if I get hurt..: attitude...... for whatever reason..and I hope I am wrong..I am somewhat nervous that there may be a tail off in his contribution as we go forward... To sum up I think we just may finish up with two different type of keepers both a little above average over a season..not a disaster but not PC in his prime or TC when he bothered at Chelsea. Not written to get a response just a gut feeling that may just be that. Although waaay past expiration date I am still a member of the Goal Keepers Union and do not attack or criticise keepers just for the sake of it. (There is a very good article somewhere in The Guardian archives covering the " Keepers Union" phenomena for those who care for some insight.)
  10. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0 wasn't meant to be this season.....the players unavailable, whatever the cause, were not really "system" replaceable because often the alternative players were out as well. I believe we have an unbalanced squad but even taking that into account if all players are available for selection it's hard not to agree with Ham. I still think the squad needs "culling" and any incoming players should be in accord with a long term policy as envisioned by TT.
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Best thing about Everton is they are not the "other" club in the City!
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    It's not losing to Citeh 1-0 1-0 that concerns me....those results plus the two draws with Liverpool are about right....all four games probably could have gone the either way justified or not for all involved. It's the Everton et al dropped points when Chelsea should have walked away with three points. I was truly amazed at the Leicester game and thought "wow" we are on our way....a glimpse of what might be but circumstances have derailed any progress or cementing of style. The Chelsea optimist in me says a run now against lesser opponents (than the scousers/Citeh) will get Chelsea nicely tucked into the top three and comfortably into Europe next season...the tired Chelsea veteran in me says a scramble at the last knockings again will get us 3rd/4 th after another less than inspiring run...not a bad stretch just blah.....
  13. He's just not good enough..... bit above "average" for his "type" of player... being kind.... will not improve or ease into a more mellow veteran and influence games as he ages. Watch Carroll or the guy at Palace....same level....make a living good enough....carry a Title winning/challenging side good enough?..... Brings little to the team and not a player to build a foundation on. Joins the long list of "Great Goal Machine" hopes......... Torres Morata Higuin and the sainted Demba Ba......Crespo where are you?...and Ossie..JFH.....and on. Take the loss and move on....
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh No he can't..!!!
  15. So many words about the player....some say go, some say stay, some say wait and see. Lets have a straight one word survey..... Go....Stay.......No ifs buts maybes ........ OK? Me....GO