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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Love the man Jane and don't think he gets anywhere near the recognition he deserves from us fans. Arguably our best player in the year we won our first ever European cup and one of the most naturally talented players I have ever seen play for the club.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree. 100% This summer should have been all about tactical signings. I mean instead of buying Koulibaly, Sterling and the best left back in the league we should have been far more tactical and bought Tarkowski, Connor Cody and Cavani.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think he watches any football. Just moans, about everything, all the time.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, yes, yes. Would absolutely love to see him back one day, in any capacity he wants. Legend.
  5. I've got the beginning of a great song. Kalidou, dou, dou.......... To the the tune of Agadoo.
  6. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Literally nobody anywhere thought he wasn't good enough.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Forgot about Pulisic, which is ironic as although I'm in the minority he's the one I'd keep, 100%. Still only 23, people seem to forget how young he and Havertz are, can play right across the front three and has shown his level is very high when he's at his best, certainly much higher than the others in the premier league. He also has a goal or assist every 160 minutes and that's with him being played all over the place.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    With Werner and CHO seemingly off we must have someone lined up, no way we go into the season with Broja and Ziyech as back ups.
  9. Cucurella

    He eats paella, he drinks Estrella, his hairs ****ing massive.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's not the ball juggling bits I'm talking about. It's his touch, his awareness and his technique in general. He's just so silky and maybe that's where it ends but I genuinely think he will reach a very high level. Downside for him is for me he's a proper number 10, a build your team around player but sadly that position barely exists anymore and that may be his problem. He's definitely not a striker but I can see why Tuchel would play him there in our system, especially with the lack of alternatives.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Time will tell I suppose. Our left hand side with Chilwell/Cucurella and Sterling is basically completely changed from last season and that in itself will change everything about how we attack. I still think Havertz has bundles of ability and potential but can see how in the minority I am. I do not want to sound condescending but seeing him in the flesh is just different. He is so silky and I can't believe a player with his technique will not improve and reach a very high level.
  12. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    I've decided to not read anything on the match day thread until the day after the game so haven't seen any previous comments, so apologies if I repeat anything. Far, far more positives that negatives from that game. We were very good defensively, Silva gets all the plaudits but I thought Azpilicueta was immense. It's easy to forget just how good he is at RCB when other than Conte's first season he's never really played their consistently for a whole season, which is criminal when he is so good there. Jorginho is so important to this side. Not just on the pitch but he's one of those characters that you can guarantee every manager loves and wants in the dressing room. He's a winner, a leader and a huge influence. No wonder it's always him plus one other. Kante looked pretty much back to his best which is a scary thought, especially for all the Tottenham and Arsenal fans who are getting a bit ahead of themselves for this coming season. Mount and James both looked a bit leggy, as did Chilwell but that was to be expected. Havertz I thought played his role very well and there is definitely more to come from him. Then there is the new three. Koulibaly was quite simply Koulibaly. Just outstanding. Sterling will add a new dimension to our attack which in turn will change how the other two play and Cucurella just oozes class. He's one of those players that is so easy on the eye and a joy to watch. Not sure where we go with both him and Chilwell but it's a good problem to have. Horrible place to go, our record there is terrible, so a brilliant three points and start to the season. Onto next week and an absolutely huge game so early in the season. Because of everything it could well be the biggest game we have ever played so early. Loosing in quite simply unthinkable.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    For all the talk of us needing a number 9 I'm not sure the manager agrees. We spent £100m on one of the best available last season and look what happened. Mad to think that it's all I'm hearing at the moment from media and fans alike. It's so obvious Tuchel wants a fluid front three where all three players are interchangeable. Sterling is absolutely perfect for this, hence he was our number one target. You can see why he would stick with Havertz, as much as he wants them to all interchange you still need one of them to have a bit of physical presence through the middle at times. It needs a bit of time and work but I'm fairly happy with a forward line of Sterling, Havertz, Mount. I mean we wouldn't swap Mount for anyone in the world, Sterling is a stupidly good signing and Havertz for all his critics has only just turned 23 and has all the attributes to play the role Tuchel wants. Without Lukaku around Tuchel can do some serious work on how he wants the front three to play, it would have been impossible to do when he was here as it just wasn't something he was capable of doing. Bit of time, work and patience and let's see where we are before going out and spunking yet more money on a forward that is not what the manager wants.
  14. Media / Press

    What did I miss? Tottenham are title contenders, Arsenal are guaranteed top 4 and we will be fighting it out with United and West Ham for best of the rest. Got to love the English Football media. We are literally being given no chance this season and I love it when it's like that and will absolutely love destroying all Tottenham fans when we comfortably finish above them.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's made himself sound like a right tool there. Very jealous and bitter. I wonder if you offered him Koulibaly, Sterling and Cucurella at United what he would say.