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  1. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    Two of the worst decisions I have ever seen at a live game and my view wasn't the best for either. The Rudiger one started so far outside the box it was laughable. The time it took for VAR to make a decision was a joke, I can only imagine they were desperate to find some contact inside the box even though it was clear in real time there was none. I'm not even sure, after not seeing it back that it was even a foul. And as for where the ref allowed the free kick to be taken from, blatant cheating.My understanding was always that if the initial contact was outside the box it would be a free kick anyway and not a penalty which made it even stranger. Although I could be wrong with that. As for the Kepa one, great save, great piece of goalkeeping and even more obviously not a foul at all. Shambolic decision. The only conclusion I can come to is that the ref was happy to take a chance and potentially be overruled knowing full well if there was even the slightest chance of it not being a clear and obvious error it would have stood. And there in lies the biggest problem with VAR. It encourages corruption for the teams the refs do not like and the other way round if you like. It's impossible for them to be impartial. On a side note little mention to Malang Sarr, he's proven to be a very good, very reliable addition to the squad. I can't remember him putting a foot wrong at all this season and he's only 22. He had a good battle with the disgraceful Lo Celso and comfortably came out on top. There was one moment where Lo Celso got in his face and he looked and him as if to say ' Go on then' and then laughed at him. He seems like he may have a bit of Rudiger in him and that's an attribute in itself. Very interested to see how he progresses in the next few years. Could become a real gem.
  2. Khobar's Legacy

  3. Khobar's Legacy

    I was of the understanding that false positives were very rare, I know silly amounts of people that have had false negatives but none that have had a false positive. Pretty sure the government changed the guidelines recently that if you test positive on a lateral flow there is no longer the need for a PCR as if you test positive, you've quite simple tested positive yet Liverpool Football Club seem to have had a number of false positives all at the same time. This is an absolute scandal of the highest order, they have clearly found a way to manipulate the situation. If investigated and found guilty the only suitable punishment would be to banish them from the football league.
  4. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    Personally I think it will be a walk in the park and we will , once again for the third time this season, beat them comfortably. They are rubbish, worst they have been in years and we are miles better than them.
  5. Maybe give him a chance then? He has only played against Arsenal, City and Tottenham this season. He was very good, man of the match if I remember rightly and scored against Arsenal, played well enough against Tottenham but had very little service and City, is well City. It's easy to say he hasn't done it against the top sides but in fact he's hardly played any and when he has he's been pretty good overall. And his tally to be fair to him is very good he's averaging a goal or assist every 134 minutes. Not sure what more people want. The craziest thing for me, the thing I really struggle to get my head around is how quick some have been to judge him. He's started 13 games FFS, played a grand total of 1200 minutes and his record in that time is very good bordering on excellent. Whatever people want to say about him he is a man that has played over 600 games and averaged a goal every other game throughout that time. That's an incredible achievement over 600 games. And unsurprisingly he's doing that here too. A goal every 170 minutes in his first season back in the league.
  6. You started with the stats by bringing up the fact that he has only scored 20+ goals once in the premier league. And I'm pretty sure no one has claimed he is better than Drogba, Salah or anyone in fact The fact is we desperately needed a striker in the summer and bought the best one available. You don't rate him, that's fine but I think everyone would rather get past this obsession some have with trying to prove how right they were about him, especially when you take into account he has only started 13 games for us this season, one of which he came off injured in the first half. I don't think any player has had so much grief after 13 starts, although it only seems to come from a very small, tiny even amount of people on places like this. It's pretty bizarre, even more so when you consider he has scored 7 goals in those 13 starts and is averaging a goal every other game, something he has done for nearly 600 games during his career and is the exact thing we bought him for. Lukaku is literally doing the job we bought him for and yet still gets grief. I bet your one of those that moans about Kante for not being Fabregas with the ball and used to moan at Fabregas for not being Kante without it.
  7. Drogba did it twice.
  8. Don't think we will. Everyone I know didn't care about this at all. Can see us bellowing out his song for a big chunk of the game tomorrow night, a lot of us feel we've been tucked up by the media over this, amongst other things. If there is any booing, I think the we will drown it out with the singing.
  9. My take on it Didn't care when it happened, care even less now, all a bit if nothingness and will be completely forgotten about in a week's time, apart from those that like sticking the boot in
  10. So you think he should be under pressure from the board?
  11. Lol. The only pressure on Tuchel is coming from a random few people using made up names on social media. He is under zero pressure from the club.
  12. Depends how we payed them. Very much doubt we just gave them £100m straight up. Or we just let them have him and we take Martinez or Barella in exchange.
  13. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Think it's worth reading this before jumping to any conclusions.
  14. Not sure Tuchel would have dropped him due to pressure form Sky sports or any other media source. It obviously pissed him off or if the interview itself didn't, any conversation he had with Lukaku afterwards. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sold straight back to Inter this month.
  15. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    It started long before Abramovich bought us. Does my head in when the media talk about us and our money but neglect to ever mention Liverpool in the 80's, its even worse hearing it from our own.