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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    My concern in attack is not necessarily the players leaving, but more the real lack of quality players on the market (apparently) to replace them. We’re investing huge money in the defence which has been a big plus, but then shopping in the bargain basement at the end of the window for the attack!! I’m really not sure that Aubameyang, Depay, Zaha or even Ronaldo are the answer. All big egos at the wrong end of their career. If given the choice, my preference would be to stick with the likes of Havertz, Broja, Pulisic and Ziyech and get by until January / the summer, or failing that, we go for a totally different profile ie Toney, Bamford, Bowen or Calvert-Lewin - younger, lower wages but with more to prove. (only examples before anyone hones in on one in particular)
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^ Would be another good deal for us that if it goes through. You'd have to think we must be pretty comfortable about getting a defender in given we're allowing Colwill and Sarr to leave. I suppose we do have Ampadu, but he wasn't even given a squad number!
  3. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Looking like Werner is gone then. Rumoured fee around £25m - £30m and a big earner off the wage bill. It got me thinking, between Rudiger, Christensen, Saul, Werner, Lukaku and Alonso (who’s as good as gone) we have probably lost about £40m - £50m per annum in salaries. If you add in Kepa, CHO, Sarr, Barkley, Michy, Emerson etc then this could easily top £75m. Before transfer or loan fees! Add on the £8m loan fee for Lukaku, £25m for Werner, £5m for Alonso and already that’s a £100m positive impact on this year’s P&L (pretty conservatively). That makes a huge impact and is basically what’s allowing us to spend big bucks on the likes of Fofana and FDJ (potentially) as their fees are spread over the duration of their contract. For example, if Fofana was £80m and came on a 6 year deal on £130k per week, he would ‘only’ cost us £20m this year. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the confirmed or close departures so far are Lukaku, Werner, Alonso, Kepa (?) Hudson-Odoi (?) - much more beneficial than say Gilmour, Ampadu or Kennedy. Despite getting a bit of stick in the media, I’m sure this is actually pretty shrewd business so far.
  4. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Really good to get the win there. As many others have said, I thought the new signings were brilliant. Silva continues to ooze quality too. Everyone else, James, Mount, Havertz, Chilly etc look like they need a few more games. Was surprised that Gallagher came on before Kovacic at the end. I’m sure it’s not too significant, just thought it was interesting. Broja didn’t do himself any harm when he came on also. Spurs next week will be tougher again, but so far, so good.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I guess there’s some negatives in this! But all facetiousness aside, I know it’s only a YouTube compilation but it does show that he’s not the finished article, and probably not where you would expect an £80m player to be. It’s not like this compilation has been put together over a decade, the guys only been in the prem for about 2 years and he spent most of last season injured!
  6. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    As it stands then, the 25-man squad is currently shaping up to be something like: Mendy, Kepa, Bettinelli (3) Azpi, Chalobah, Silva, Koulibaly, James, Chilwell, Cucerella, Sarr (8) Jorginho, RLC, Kante, Kovacic, Gallagher, Chukwuemeka (6) Werner, Sterling, Ziyech, Pulisic, Mount, Havertz, Broja, Hudson-Odoi (8) I've excluded anyone not given a squad number (I.e. Gilmour, Barkley, Kennedy) and also Alonso/Emerson because I can't see either being involved now Cucerella is on board. No idea who would replace Kepa if he does get loaned out. Would it simply be that Bettinelli becomes second choice and we promote an academy goalie to third choice until January where Slonina could come in? Albeit he is only 18 himself. Signing another CB allows Sarr to leave and I wouldn't be surprised to see Werner or Ziyech go. If both depart, I think we need to sign someone though. I'm not expecting this to happen, but IF we managed to sign Frenkie De Jong, I could see Jorginho heading back to Italy. Just can't see room otherwise.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Couldn't agree more. I saw some nonsense online yesterday where every BBC pundit had to predict the top 4, and out of about 20 pundits, only 3 or 4 had us coming third and only about half had us in the top 4 at all.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mad how quickly things can change in a week! There was a lot of negativity around our transfer window, and then suddenly we have signed one of the best LWB's in the league (who can also play LCB) and is absolutely ideal for our system, Carney Chuk who is arguably the most sought after English u20 player in the country, extended Azpi's deal for another 2 years and loaned Colwill to Brighton (a great club for his development and even better it wasn't a purchase). Broja looks to be sticking around too. No signs of stopping there either. Things are certainly swinging in our favour.
  9. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Be really surprised if Chilwell starts. I expect it to be this.... Mendy Azpi Silva KK James Kante Jorginho Alonso Mount Havertz Sterling
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    When this is done, it potentially allows us to shift Alonso, Emerson, Kennedy and arguably even Sarr in one fell swoop. I genuinely believe it will be £50m very well spent in the long term.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    News from this evening in this ever-evolving crazy transfer window is that we are now considering Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang!! No doubting he’s a goal scorer and we definitely lack goals but not for me that one. Reports also suggesting that we have opened the bidding at £75m for Fofana which Leicester have turned down! Yikes. I’d imagine we must be confident of someone coming in if we are letting Colwill and seemingly Sarr leave
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We get them off the wage bill for a season. I don’t believe for one second we are covering 75% of Kepa’s wages for starters, but conservatively if we said we had 8 first teamers out on loan, and we saved £50k a week wages on each, we would save almost £21million per year. Given that some of them wouldn’t even be able to be registered, let alone play, it’s not to be sniffed at…
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Eh? I’m talking about the player’s profile ie his characteristics, his attributes. IMO he plays like Robertson - pacy, up and down, likes to run with the ball etc. Nothing to do with money or his previous club.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don’t think any of them reported that he had physically signed, I think they said that a deal had been agreed, which their president later confirmed was the case. By the way, when I say I think there is mileage in this one, I’m not saying it’s a done deal!! But do I think the clubs are talking? Yes….
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    As a more general point on Cucurella - whilst another left back for £50m wouldn’t have been anywhere near the top end of priorities for me this summer - he is super talented. What I particularly like about him is that he is more of a marauding LWB who can create counter attacks by going around players (like Raphinha is on the other side I guess) - I suppose the most similar in terms of profile would be Andy Robertson, and I don’t think this is a coincidence. Chilwell on the other hand is defensively very sound and protects the ball well when in possession but doesn’t add too much to the attacking build up. (Albeit with a tendency to arrive in the box to good effect however) Could Chilwell play LCB with Cucurella in front of him?