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  1. Chelsea 2 Tottenham 0 (Capital Cup Final 2015)

    I love the whole idea of there being a conspiracy going on, but I honestly think it's quite far fetched. I support Mourinho's own campaign of "the world against Chelsea" and it clearly works on the fans. I assume it has a positive effect on the player group, otherwise he wouldn't be going on with it. And the newspapers want readers so it's obvious that they're milking this controversy. The reason I don't buy into this conspiracy theory is because of basic statistics. Sure, we've had a lot of calls going against us this season, there's no denying that. But this is how statistics work, sometimes you get an unlikely long streak of events happening. And sometimes we get streaks of decisions going our way, but of course neither we nor the manager highlight these. Why would we? The previous 10 seasons we have on average been awarded 6.6 penalties per season. As things are going this season I'm guessing we'll end up with 4. This is below the average but completely within normality. 13/14 712/13 1111/12 510/11 809/10 1208/09 207/08 706/07 405/06 404/05 6 Things might be going against us this season and it's easy to blame the referees and FA for this, but to ignore the fact that deviations from the statistical mean occur, is to me naive. In any case I've got a feeling that this will stabilize over time and we will live to see a string of decisions going in our favor...