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  1. Happy Bitthday THB!

    Have a good'un mate!

  2. John Terry

    Birthday goal would be nice , hope its the opener too as I have £5 on him at 16-1.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Football these days eh ? One of the worlds most feared strikers singing at the Albert Hall. What next Sheva on the X-Factor trying to forge a new career.
  4. Musical Tastes

    I agree, nothing will beat 'The College Dropout', I played that to death ! It is his worst album of the three I have to say, which is disapointing but he is only human.
  5. Musical Tastes

    Kanye Wests new album ayone ?
  6. John Terry

    Is this not abuse ?? You sound about 9 years old saying this, it was only his opinion , it's fine when you post yours though isn't it ? If you are fed up of abuse etc don't do it yourself and maybe others will follow.
  7. John Terry

    Very harsh, no need to post this. If you don't have anything to add to the topic then don't post. It seems every post I see from you is either negative or slating what someone has said.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Ha ha , could very well be.
  9. Ashley Cole

    I grew to like him alot quicker than I thought, but I do like Wayne Bridge alot and as someone mentioned earlier Bridgey's crossing is quality compared to his.
  10. New Kits

    Just noticed that shirt is actually in my home town of Beverley , weird as it is a tiny place with not many people about.
  11. New Kits

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BNWT-Chelsea-Away-Sh...1QQcmdZViewItem Do you mean one of these ? Defo a fake ! Look at the badge and also it has last seasons Adidas tags, the new tags are thinner.
  12. New Kits

    I can't see why we need a third kit , we used to for teams like Blackburn etc , but who the hell has a blue and electric yellow home shirt ? I like the look of the new 3rd shirt and will be buying it.
  13. New Kits

    No worries will let you know as soon as !
  14. New Kits

    Yet to receive ! Have contacted them and they state a maximum of 28 days delivery which is an age really , they did say it is usually 7-12 days but I have been waiting for around 20 !! Will let you know when I get them if you like .