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  1. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Don't agree with this at all. It's just far too black and white way of looking at these signings, circumstances play a huge part and added to that , you have always been far more negative than positive. Pulisic - We have seen some very good spells where he was our best attacking player. Admittedly, it came in a short spell of 10-15 games, but he has also suffered from a number of injuries in recent months. That has killed his momentum . Havertz - He is still very much a work in progress. All the ingredients are there for sure, but he is still young and the best is certainly yet to come. To use a racing analogy, he is a backward 2 year old who has shown flashes of great ability, but not quite grown into himself yet to reach full his full potential. We purchased him for the long term and he is well on course to be a great asset for the club. Werner - Just a bad buy. The wrong player at the right time. Chilwell - Victim of formation change. Its as simple as that. Very good player, very good buy for what the manager was looking to implement. Unfortunately for him, a shift to a back three elevates the importance of Alonso and it really is as simple as that. If we want to go back to a four, he becomes the number one left back again. Ziyech - Maybe not lived up to expectations, but he is a very good squad player option to have around. We need options with quality who can step in and contribute over 20-25 games per season. He can do that and that is his role right now. Lukaku - I struggle to see the issue. Been brought in to score goals and done exactly that so far. Sure, he is a bit of a flat track bully. We knew that when we signed him and that is exactly what we needed. No doubts we could have found a more technically gifted striker, but finding one with the goal threat of Lukaku is the golden unicorn every clubs wants and very few have . If you know of any alternative who was available for this role, well your a better scout than many real scouts (I don't include mid 30s Messi, Ronaldo short term and probably unrealstic buys) It's far easier to moan and groan and not every single thing is rosy either. Lets face it though, we don't have a great deal to moan about really. We are Champions of Europe, we will be challenging for a title, we have some fantastic players representing the club, we have lost one game against one of the best teams in Europe. We have a manager who has done a great job and made us difficult to beat again. I would say we are quite spoilt right now.
  2. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    The lure of playing Werner was too strong for Tuchel to resist. It backfired. I can get why TT went with this selection. He’s got most decisions right since he came in, so can’t be too critical on what turned out to be a wrong call, as can see the reasoning behind it. We simply had no players in between the lines to receive the ball and link up play. Mount form not great, but we badly missed him. Havertz should have started with hindsight. These things happen. No real damage done, but no doubts TT will have learned a lot from how the game played out.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Strong 2nd half performance where we just completely bossed them. Sometimes its worth thinking objectively and appreciating the players we have and also the job the manager has done to turn them into the impressive outfit we are right now. Thiago Silva has long been one of my favourite defenders in the last decade in football. Regardless of him being mid thirties, he's up there with JT in the greatest defenders to pull on a Chelsea shirt. If I supported another club, I would be so jealous of this Chelsea team. Silva, Kovacic, Kante have long been favourite players of mine, so the have all three playing for the club at the same time is just fantastic. It's impossible for anyone not have the greatest respect for this beast mode version of Rudiger. The presence of Lukaku has just added extra pace, power and a clinical edge to the team. Then you have young homegrown talent sprinkled in there with Mount, James, Christensen (who in a back three is a different player altogether). The leadership and desire of Azpilicueta, a special teams player in Alonso who I don't think any other club in England has a player that can do what he does in his role. I am a big Chilwell fan, but right now Alonso is on another level for the role he is being asked to fulfill. Then the calmness and quality of Jorginho pulling the strings in midfield. I had severe doubts any manager could create a genuine title challenging team with Jorginho in England. The guile and elegance of Havertz who has so much room for improvement over the next 2-3 seasons. A keeper who looks as strong and confident as any other keeper out there right now. These are pretty special times when you take stock and look at things objectively. Sure, we need to maximise this squads potential with trophies. However, I for one won't be wasting time providing microanalysis of each players performance weekly or comparing them to another player who we haven't got. This just feels like the right team to sit back, appreciate and enjoy what we have got right now.
  4. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Don’t want to appear overconfident, but not been so confident that we just beat Spurs here. That’s the impact a top striker has in this team. Comfortably 5 years since I was so confident we just beat them. anything over than a win will feel a bit disappointing.
  5. Chelsea sign Saul Niguez on season long loan

    https://www.fotmob.com/news/uf2dduu1t5c810liqqbzcyuuk/atleti's-saul-reveals-gruesome-after-effects-of-kidney-injury Have to say I was not aware of this. Happened a few years ago, but its a story that passed me by. Whilst he has recovered some great form since this incident, does make you wonder if any lasting health affects has contributed to him seemingly losing his way and form in the last few months. Probably not that big an issue , as presume he passed a medical before joining. Interesting story though, plenty of other sites out there ref this. I just happen to come across and post this one.
  6. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Who said it was invalid? I said it was ridiculously early, not invalid. I also said Lukaku did ok yesterday, then explained a little on the circumstances. Pretty clear really.
  7. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    2 games….well done you were right all along ……worth it I hope
  8. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    It’s just such a ridiculously early position to take. He’s had two games. One game against a team who are easy to bully, we seen his impact. Then one against much stronger opposition when we played a full half against 10 men and he did ok. I don’t see what any critics(it’s a small handful of 3-4) have to gain from criticism this early. The only conclusion I can come to is faint praise of I told you so! I’m no fan of Werner and made my comments known. However, those comments were after about 15 -20 games playing for us, certainly not 2. I also acknowledged his plus points in terms of his running and work rate and positive impact it has on the team. I’d rather he be sold, but I don’t feel the need to slate him at any opportunity, because I’m not desperate to hear anyone on here say I was right all along. Maybe not you, but some of the negativity on Lukaku after this game. Well, it just smacks of desperation to be proven right. Its 2 fu**ing games! Get a grip!
  9. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Is this what we have to look forward to all season. One game with little influence , away from home when half the game against 10 men and you throw this one out. Then when’s he banging them in we’ll hear little praise I’m sure, until the next opportunity for a bit if I told you so rears it’s head. Can’t wait for more fabulous knee jerk insight in the weeks to come 😏
  10. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Great effort from the lads there. Relatively comfortable the last 25 mins . Defence very solid and ground that out. Midfield gave them good options, thought Alonso played a massive part in that second half performance. He used the ball well, great outlet and was often the key linking point between keeping the ball. He ended up having a better 2nd half than his 1st half when 11 a piece.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes very true. I’ve not see the lad from Monaco play, but at 21 it’s hard to see him being at a level high enough to displace who we have. He seems more one for the future. I’m a big fan of Rice, looks a perfect fit. Well over priced though, it’s clear they will be holding out for close to £100 million and no club pays that for him. . Bissouma would offer the best value for money and be of a level and experience to contribute now. For those reasons, he would be my personal preference.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep same here. Massive fan of this lad, I was talking him up on here last season for the January window. He has the lot for me, great engine and pace, fantastic ball recovery, very good technical ability, can also add creative elements to his game. Probably just lacks goals really. He would be a real coup for any of the bigger clubs who manage to get hold of him. The thought of seeing him arrive in that Liverpool midfield is a pretty horrible one. We still lack bite and aggression as a team. Take Rudiger out, the next spikiest team member is probably Mount! Bissouma adds extra physicality into the midfield area and additional pace and recovery. It might leave us for 4 very high level players for 2 positions, but his next move will be a big one and I think £40-£50 million is good value for money. You miss him now and he is gone for the best part of his career.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    CHO seems to have become a difficult puzzle to solve. I actually think he has looked pretty useful under Tuchel, he seems to have played quite well in the WB role, yet Tuchel does not seem keen to give him a run of games still. We are almost on our third manager in a row now, that does not see enough from him to warrant regular starts. I was quite critical of Sarri as I think he underused CHO in his season with us, with hindsight maybe I was a little harsh on that criticism as two managers later and he has still not really established himself any further forward (albeit he had a bad injury in between) I think we are at the point now where he needs a season away on loan and lets see how it works out for him. I'm not convinced abroad is quite right for him, he has so much talent that it makes you question if its how he applies himself as to why he has not progressed. Moving to Italy may prove to big a challenge. If we could get him out on loan at Villa, Southampton , Leeds type club for the season. I think it will really help him and the club in deciding what the future holds. I do think the club are a little scared to lose him and it coming back to haunt us, I just feel they believe his potential is so high and untapped, it would cost a fortune to bring it back further down the line , should it ever materialise.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I don't disagree based on his current performance levels. Azpi , James and Kounde just looks a bit of a luxury. Having said that , its unlikely Silva will go beyond this season with us and we still have Rudiger / AC contract situations and who knows what happens there. So maybe I am a bit premature with those comments on Azpilicueta. Though a combination of Azpilicueta and Kounde both in a 3 does make us look a little on the short side in defence.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not seen huge amount of him, but feels very much like the heir apparent to Azpilicueta from next season. RB in a four should we expand that way in the future, but with ability to play RCB in a back three . He appears to be strong in one on ones , decent on the ball and adds some additional pace to the back line. Offers more flexibility than Zouma whilst also being better on the ball . He looks like he would be quite an exciting signing. Feels like a done deal as nearly every other club who were linked have faded away, when that happens it is usually a sign its a done deal and all clubs know it. Just a case of waiting for the moving particles to fall into place. Sancho to Utd was another one of those type transfers, all other clubs moved on and a case of waiting for it to happen. I would expect this to be Azpilicueta's last season with Chelsea, off the back of this probable signing.